1 HOUR of Amazing Football Games

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What was your favorite game?

Vanemas Hace 7 meses
0:00 Hungary vs Portugal (EURO 2016) 1:56 Tottenham vs Man City (CL) 4:59 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2017 6:44 Liverpool vs Arsenal (League Cup) 10:08 AC Milan vs Liverpool 2005 12:43 Spain vs Netherlands (World Cup 2014) 14:18 Barcelona vs Liverpool Home and Away 17:15 Sweden vs England (Zlatan) 19:10 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2014 21:15 Reading vs Arsenal (Comeback) 24:24 PSG vs Barcelona Home and Away (CL) 27:46 Norwich vs Liverpool 2016 30:12 Man City vs Monaco Home and Away (CL) 33:45 Villarreal vs Barcelona 2019 36:16 Tottenham vs Ajax Home and Away (CL) 37:58 Netherlands vs Germany 39:34 Germany vs Netherland (Nations League) 41:01 Wolves vs Man City 2019 43:23 Barcelona vs Sevilla (UEFA Super Cup) 46:07 Chelsea vs Bradford (FA Cup) 47:54 Sheffield Utd vs Man Utd 2019 49:29 Wales vs Belgium (EURO 2016) 51:02 France vs Argentina (World Cup 2018) 53:06 Liverpool vs Atletico 2020 55:02 Man City vs QPR 2011 58:36 Man Utd vs Arsenal 2004/05
Minhnguyet Duong
Minhnguyet Duong Hace un mes
Where Totenham vs Reading
Lionel Hassan
Lionel Hassan Hace un mes
Marco Agazzi
Marco Agazzi Hace un mes
Io Io a
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Hace 4 meses
After real vs barca 2014 none of these time links is right
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Hace 4 meses
Liverpool vs Atletico is actually 52:45
Magic_YT Hace 2 días
insane video
Jordan The Goat
Jordan The Goat Hace 2 días
its not football idiot its socer
Oliver Borch Nielsen
Oliver Borch Nielsen Hace 3 días
I swear more than 50% of all viewers, are watching this in school ahah
Alma Chavez
Alma Chavez Hace 4 días
Origi is a goat every moment liverpool needs him he score
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Hace 5 días
I miss football so much...
pennie schirz
pennie schirz Hace 7 días
23:47 There are two kind of public: those who trust in you and those who aren't sure until the ball is inside.
いい Hace 7 días
Barnett Torelli
Barnett Torelli Hace 11 días
20:19 Amazing game indeed but that's a disgusting dive by Neymar...
Taslimaakter Sobornae
Taslimaakter Sobornae Hace 11 días
16:15 Man’s wearing a Barcelona cap while celebrating a Liverpool goal absolute plastic
Tage Kristensson Sånnaskolan 4B
Tage Kristensson Sånnaskolan 4B Hace 28 días
16:56 oops he taken the wrong cap😂😂
Crankyfox123 Hace 29 días
vanrmas i love u great great vid
stuart jambo
stuart jambo Hace 29 días
How did magisterial make it into commentry twice in the one game , I think that Welshman had been reading a thesaurus while traveling.
Adam Haile
Adam Haile Hace un mes
Man City robbed big time vs Tottenham
Crìs Tóne
Crìs Tóne Hace un mes
Champions league is love ❤️
Eitan Lupu
Eitan Lupu Hace un mes
BuT bUt FoOtBaLl'S jUsT a GaMe
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez Hace un mes
I really appreciate how you put the time of each one. Thank You!
thu le
thu le Hace un mes
53:17 we won we won🥳 53:18 oh sh*t😤 😂😂😂
Merna Isaac
Merna Isaac Hace un mes
LJB Terry
LJB Terry Hace un mes
Danic Yung
Danic Yung Hace un mes
my guy baptized this video why so much ads
Sportly United
Sportly United Hace un mes
Juventus vs atlatico
Ishaan Udeshi
Ishaan Udeshi Hace un mes
Ishaan Udeshi
Ishaan Udeshi Hace un mes
Man city vs Tottenham. Dude HOW is that and fricking OFFSIDE MY GOD
Peter Hace un mes
where is the slovakia vs italy game
Matej Jelenko
Matej Jelenko Hace un mes
59.39 lol
pablo peñaloza
pablo peñaloza Hace un mes
I don't like man city but that goal was epic, they deserved it
ツFXRY Hace un mes
Is it only me but in the Man city vs Spurs in the champions league the lion king song was playing
Dale Holder
Dale Holder Hace un mes
Aye bro there’s a video in your ads
Adrian Amundsen
Adrian Amundsen Hace un mes
funny thing about Liverpool's comeback is its based on a clear dive from Gerrard
Chris Mwaura
Chris Mwaura Hace un mes
1k dislikes why??
Johnboki Siguenza
Johnboki Siguenza Hace un mes
Me to
Pronto The Don
Pronto The Don Hace un mes
liverpool vs barcelona will always be the most iconic game
Max TheAxe
Max TheAxe Hace un mes
You can never beat Suarez and Messi together that is a fact
Kc Multi Teknik
Kc Multi Teknik Hace un mes
Real z Ibrahimmovic
sashamane sashamane
sashamane sashamane Hace un mes
36:06 haha
Ethan Bult
Ethan Bult Hace un mes
35:32 my man the commentator gonna have a heart attack 😂
GT TOKYO Hace un mes
this is clickbait , its only 59 mins bruh
Francisca50wh Pena155li
Francisca50wh Pena155li Hace un mes
J Fit
J Fit Hace un mes
Coronahoax stopping this.
Lisiane Bembom
Lisiane Bembom Hace un mes
¥£€₩ wtf
Lisiane Bembom
Lisiane Bembom Hace un mes
King D official
King D official Hace un mes
Fun fact nobody watched the video all
Scandinavian Football Highlights HD
Scandinavian Football Highlights HD Hace un mes
Hey guys, please head over to my channel to watch highlights for all the scandinavian games including the famous 2020 team Bodø/Glimt from Norway. If you like my highlights i would appreciate a subscribe:)
3 playerz HD
3 playerz HD Hace un mes
5:55 it wasn’t supposed to be a red
FM Listeners
FM Listeners Hace un mes
Woow check mine
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas Hace un mes
That 16/17 Monaco team.... Mbappe: psg Silva: city Fabinho: Liverpool Bakayoko: Chelsea (well he’s irrelevant now) Falcao (damn he’s REALLY irrelevant now....) Seems like a decade ago....
Kimani McEwen-Haworth
Kimani McEwen-Haworth Hace 2 meses
lol im ni love
Kimani McEwen-Haworth
Kimani McEwen-Haworth Hace 2 meses
i love it
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas Hace 2 meses
Ozil is brilliant with that pass against Liverpool
Watching Youtube
Watching Youtube Hace 2 meses
this is incredible ❤️
YouLiveByTheSword NowYouDieByTheSword
YouLiveByTheSword NowYouDieByTheSword Hace 2 meses
This is soccer not football
sakshi maharaj
sakshi maharaj Hace 2 meses
Rewatching these matches is 🔥🔥🔥 nostalgic
Kanishk Khemani
Kanishk Khemani Hace 2 meses
This guy is a pure barca fan that he did not even put amazing real madrid matches WTF!!!!!
jessica Rivera
jessica Rivera Hace 2 meses
This is the best hour of my life
Padiiie Hace 2 meses
Lol don’t you mean 59 minutes and 39 seconds
Xin-Xauci Hace 2 meses
You know it’s an old game when salad still plays for Chelsea
victoria helburn
victoria helburn Hace 2 meses
Thomas Barrick
Thomas Barrick Hace 2 meses
1:31 when Ronaldo finds out that messi won the ballon d’or
Fenerbahçe Altyapı
Fenerbahçe Altyapı Hace 2 meses
besiktas 3 3 fenerbahçe ?
Jale Loiti
Jale Loiti Hace 2 meses
if neymar had abit of humility to stay at barca, then they would have been unstoppable
Tristo Ooo
Tristo Ooo Hace 3 meses
imagine leaving the arsenal vs reading game early just to wake up knowing you missed one of the best games in history
Daniel draws
Daniel draws Hace 3 meses
Actually this is 59 minutes and 38 secs
Martin Schmiedt
Martin Schmiedt Hace 3 meses
I remember when the Hungary-Portugal match happened,i was actually travelling through all of Hungary basically,i had buses to catch and trains to arrive to and yet my eye was glued to the screen of my phone in glory and disbelief.We were celebrating on the train with fellow passengers when Dzsudzsák scored that freekick,it was absolutely unbelievable.
Osti x
Osti x Hace 3 meses
can the fucking barcelona fanboy commentator say anything other than MAGESTIRIAL AAAAAA
RMOG Hace 3 meses
lololololololo lollololololo lolollolololo lolololololol ololololollolol ololololooooooooooolllllllllllll ollllllloooooooooooooll
Elis Weineholm
Elis Weineholm Hace 3 meses
2:46 Nice assist
g _sonez
g _sonez Hace 3 meses
next year euro
George Lukas
George Lukas Hace 3 meses
great vid!
TCW StrikeZ
TCW StrikeZ Hace 3 meses
My grandchildren: wow soccer sounds fun Me: Back in my day football was amazing Evidence: this video
TCW StrikeZ
TCW StrikeZ Hace 3 meses
Is this man a Barcelona fan, this hurts.
faris angga
faris angga Hace 3 meses
Yes its true lol
Soni Gaming
Soni Gaming Hace 3 meses
you hate cr7 bro, juventus vs atl madrid. he score 3 goals and you didnt put in a video
S B Hace 3 meses
Video was clearly put together by a Liverpool fan!
Operation Arsenal
Operation Arsenal Hace 3 meses
Football existed before 2015
Legotube Hace 3 meses
commentary makes this video legendary
steph Hace 3 meses
Fucking Spuds! So lucky against a much better team, Ajax. They spoiled us of what would have been a great final!
steph Hace 3 meses
steph Hace 3 meses
PSG vs Barca CL 2016/17.: when the whole world could have a laugh about this small shitty Qatari football club! What a bunch of next to nothing! Even worse than Spurs, which is an exceptional achievement
steph Hace 3 meses
That cheeky goal to make it 4-3 on aggregate against barca. You don't often see those at the highest level....
steph Hace 3 meses
What a header from VP against Spain! Amazing.
steph Hace 3 meses
Man city in that CL game robbed so many times!
Ville Fagerlund
Ville Fagerlund Hace 3 meses
Tnx 4 de vidio
Elias Hidvi
Elias Hidvi Hace 3 meses
Why does barca have the refs in their favor every game
breakinggood Hace 3 meses
England vs Sweden was a friendly.not very impressive
Beki James
Beki James Hace 4 meses
Messi is trash
Beki James
Beki James Hace 4 meses
Juventus is the best
LethalBR Hace 4 meses
u lot need to watch santos vs flamengo lol
The Golden Ninja
The Golden Ninja Hace 4 meses
14 ads
Harry St
Harry St Hace 4 meses
holy shit i watched all of it
A k
A k Hace 4 meses
25:22 i didn't know Jim Jefferies did soccer commentary
IGCSE A-Level Physics Lessons & Pastpapers
IGCSE A-Level Physics Lessons & Pastpapers Hace 4 meses
That looks like a fun game ngl lol
Nicolas Benitez
Nicolas Benitez Hace 4 meses
Mucha premier para mis ojos
Dawit Araya 8B
Dawit Araya 8B Hace 4 meses
why are you lying it was 59 min and 38 secs
woogi You
woogi You Hace 4 meses
I see you tried to get past the 10 min mark
S K1
S K1 Hace 4 meses
No love for the defensive highlights?
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Hace 4 meses
"Wait, this is soccer!"
josh taylor
josh taylor Hace 4 meses
where is Chelsea vs ajax champions league (4-4) score
karthick sachin
karthick sachin Hace 4 meses
messi fanboy for a reason
André Almeida
André Almeida Hace 4 meses
YoungBeastKiller Hace 4 meses
9:29 Music?
Hamed Mohamed
Hamed Mohamed Hace 4 meses
Thank you vanemas
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