39 Kill Solo Trio Arena World Record 🏆 | Faze Mongraal

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Mongraal Hace 2 meses
most craziest game i ever played. watch til end to see how it could of been :( also subscribe if you haven't so close to 4 MILLION
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez Hace 6 horas
@Spider me
EZ AZIZ Hace un día
Bro on one standed a chance bro
Ali Aldafaai
Ali Aldafaai Hace un día
You did not reboot x8 or mitro because you new they were going to steel kills lol 😂
كلاسَتروھ -
كلاسَتروھ - Hace un día
انادي سباي يجي يلعب فيك لعب
Jan Foolen
Jan Foolen Hace 2 días
i subscribe a minute ago road to 4 mil wzz
Julie Farrelly
Julie Farrelly Hace un hora
You are the best youtuber your so funny Mitro sucks you are 10 times better in him
DogsGoWoof Hace 2 horas
mongraal needs no shield he has enough siphon
gcs Hace 2 horas
14:46 @Chica will be dead
Mint. Hace 3 horas
4:04 :/ Was A Blank Shot With A Sniper To The Shouler :/ He Could Of Died. :I
Ace Kim
Ace Kim Hace 3 horas
His teammates be chillin while the points roll in 🤩
Enzyme Hace 8 horas
Best in the world not even fair
Alpha _26
Alpha _26 Hace 8 horas
Play cod
Luxal 00
Luxal 00 Hace 9 horas
theguack bro
theguack bro Hace 10 horas
i love the moment where mongraal is fighting
Silvally27 Hace 12 horas
this is why the pump is vaulted
Ubaid Mahmood
Ubaid Mahmood Hace 12 horas
You are soooooooooooooo good man how
TheOgKidthatsOg Hace 12 horas
I be the 5.5k people that disliked all died to him 😂
OZChicken25 Hace 14 horas
Nicolas Talluto
Nicolas Talluto Hace 14 horas
This is how much people were in his lobby | V
SaltyKiwi Hace 14 horas
i look up to you and just asking but can you frend me if you see this my name is SaltyKiwi cap K and S
Yegor Dolinskiy
Yegor Dolinskiy Hace 15 horas
I am pretty sure that his teamates are really jealous how good mongraal is. Mongraal you are the best player in my opinion nice Job. :)
Bobby Norman
Bobby Norman Hace 16 horas
Most epicentre game I’ve ever seen
Goku ultraistinto
Goku ultraistinto Hace 16 horas
In mi récord 43 kills
Brock Noy
Brock Noy Hace 17 horas
Add me og_swetyboy3 I’m cract
Gaming Boi -_-
Gaming Boi -_- Hace 18 horas
SoNotDerp :p
SoNotDerp :p Hace 18 horas
Fortnite is dead catch up bot
Young Goat
Young Goat Hace 18 horas
Faze sway has the world record with 69
Mo3taz Hace 19 horas
Broooo that is insane you make fortnite look so easy 👏👏💥💥❤❤
c00chie Man
c00chie Man Hace 19 horas
Obviously your amazing but idk if you can beat justin or piece control kyle?
Whitney Oakley
Whitney Oakley Hace 19 horas
Me: how does he do that. Him 360 220 pump that was easy
MG 12
MG 12 Hace 19 horas
your shit
Whitney Oakley
Whitney Oakley Hace 19 horas
Idk if you can beat that sike I know you can beat it
ابو محمد
ابو محمد Hace 20 horas
Huseyin Acikan
Huseyin Acikan Hace 22 horas
I can listen to his keyboard for hours
あいうえお Hace un día
quaxyfn Hace un día
Yo are such a beast
stinky Poopy
stinky Poopy Hace un día
Bruh I'm thinking right now wow he pressed a and d at the same time and thats how he just f****** did that
Atlas Clan
Atlas Clan Hace un día
Who else watched him play the tries to recreate them in a game and it actually improved your skill
Infinite Feet
Infinite Feet Hace un día
title: 39 Kill Solo Trio Arena World Record 🏆 | Faze Mongraal me at the end of the video: "bro he lied, he got 38 kills, not 39" whole world: meh he's just one off
ROMAIN PLAYS Hace un día
I get you could win a 50 v 1 50 pros and you the insane guy
ROMAIN PLAYS Hace un día
Yo mongraal your the best player i have ever seen
Jonathan Ernesto
Jonathan Ernesto Hace un día
jelty beats you :)
Paintrain Kk
Paintrain Kk Hace un día
Wow good jod
Abraham Valenzuela
Abraham Valenzuela Hace un día
GG Bro
VZL Phantom
VZL Phantom Hace un día
I think I was 4 millonth sub ngl
Darryl Patterson
Darryl Patterson Hace un día
Best player alive
[OP] DENIZ Hace un día
maZz Hace un día
Jo kyle you could do a 5 to 10 minutes fortnite montage in one game my yt: maZz
DaRealTomber Hace un día
all u do is scream
Ush1 jiima
Ush1 jiima Hace un día
How can someone be this good😭👋🏻
Henry Hace un día
Trio, yo there is a guy there should we push? Trio: yea sure lets get some points *5 seconds later* Trio: *dies by solo*, BRUH WHY DID WE PUSH
dogeking30 Hace un día
Ayyyyy I was his 4 mill sub!!!!
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Hace un día
The vast crocus qualitatively coach because grease symptomatically sniff beyond a frequent blow. elated, wonderful neon
Outlaws Voxify
Outlaws Voxify Hace un día
Typical Gamer went in solo squads and got a 59 kill game
Delivios Hace un día
My record is 33 in arena solo
Nikki Marais
Nikki Marais Hace un día
He's on X games mode
Nikki Marais
Nikki Marais Hace un día
Pees control mongraal
Benedict Haslinger
Benedict Haslinger Hace un día
who else noticed how he suddenly in the middle of a game switched from a gold scar to a purple scar
Spez Hace un día
thats clickbate! he did 38 kills not 39! he is sooooo bad! (of course im joking)
foley haze
foley haze Hace un día
38 kill no 39
كلاسَتروھ -
كلاسَتروھ - Hace un día
انادي سباي صح ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
dilaflane2019 Hace un día
i love you
Regxn Hace un día
thats not human
Mateusz Kaliciak
Mateusz Kaliciak Hace un día
you are fucking amazing
Hamza Tuqan
Hamza Tuqan Hace 2 días
BriSaDo Hace 2 días
wtfffffffffffffff YOU ARE INSANE BRO WTF IS THAT
QLS Pascal
QLS Pascal Hace 2 días
caleb bates
caleb bates Hace 2 días
New world record:not seeing the sun for 8 years
caleb bates
caleb bates Hace 2 días
I love how the music and profile pictures are so emotional but the video is just someone who injects redbull into their wrists
Lachlan Bray
Lachlan Bray Hace 2 días
Mongraal comin' at you at supersonic speed!
Mitchell howes
Mitchell howes Hace 2 días
yo you are a beast
rosemary pacheco
rosemary pacheco Hace 2 días
Cedric Allen Villanueva
Cedric Allen Villanueva Hace 2 días
bruh scream like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after dyeing by i like ya cut g
HeyM4n Hace 2 días
Ree Ree
Ree Ree Hace 2 días
Your edits 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯my edits 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Matthew Hajj
Matthew Hajj Hace 2 días
yo i subbed to ur channel. u make the best content😉
Abdu albari
Abdu albari Hace 2 días
Such people like mongral made Diquan, Tifo and other OG Fortnite players leave the game because they spoiled it, nobody can get a chance with them.
Real Clan
Real Clan Hace 2 días
Help Me Reach 10K With 2 Vids Plz
Help Me Reach 10K With 2 Vids Plz Hace 2 días
I Pray Anyone That Sees This Is Successful In Life 🙏❤️
Steve Fares
Steve Fares Hace 2 días
My guy is cracked at FORTNITE
Debora Hace 2 días
Bro I just wished I just could be so good at the game and get tuns of points each game but you though!!!
Klippzy Hace 2 días
Quick peek at the points
Klippzy Hace 2 días
Quick peek at the pouts
Abde Samed Semin
Abde Samed Semin Hace 2 días
one time i hat 99 Kills
Abde Samed Semin
Abde Samed Semin Hace 2 días
ich hatte mal in einer Runde 99 Kills 💪🏻
Toasted Toast
Toasted Toast Hace 2 días
we all know mangraal has the loudest fuxkin keyboard
Aayan Shahid
Aayan Shahid Hace 2 días
FaZe Mongraal are you muslim!?
Zakz Hace 2 días
ur trashs kid literally dog water noob
Plt Let’s play
Plt Let’s play Hace 2 días
Omg mongraal is better then clix definitely after that smart play
Malik Bislimi
Malik Bislimi Hace 2 días
Kän you accept me
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Hace 2 días
He makes his opponents on nearly 50k Arena Points look like shit 😱
Sütlacımı İsterim
Sütlacımı İsterim Hace 2 días
Adamın canı bile düşmedi aq
stan spams LT
stan spams LT Hace 2 días
I Subbed ur so close to 4 mill good luck hopefully u get to it
ZLIX FN Hace 2 días
I want to know why his intro is so nice but his gameplay is : shit ooooonnnnn bitch dickhead
TheGamer Bros
TheGamer Bros Hace 2 días
Nächstes Mal länger auf
200kyxツ Hace 2 días
wait he had 38? 😂
zRG Tquex
zRG Tquex Hace 2 días
Your Edit is good bro and your Video is good by me good Video and not likes
zRG Tquex
zRG Tquex Hace 2 días
Nice Video bro
No_noob 632
No_noob 632 Hace 3 días
On the front page that I clicked on it said 39 but you actually got 38
Max Edström
Max Edström Hace 3 días
Ali Der Gamer
Ali Der Gamer Hace 3 días
Wer ist deutsch der Liket 👇
ömer koç
ömer koç Hace 3 días
Aramızda türk yokmu be aga
enxrgy Hace 3 días
Mongraal ur my fav streamer can you comment on my vid
Notiam Tristan
Notiam Tristan Hace 3 días
Why is there no arena points on the screen if it’s aena
Hghj Hhhk
Hghj Hhhk Hace 3 días
Ahhh r u blind kid? It is either that or that u watch from 30m distance
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