5 Feel Good Moments in Imola | Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

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Hace 28 días

As we verge closer to the second race of the season at the famed Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, we look back at five of our favourite feelgood moments from Emilia Romagna.
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John Paul Dorado
John Paul Dorado Hace 11 días
Kvyat was stormin' on that race.
1NF3RNO 2004
1NF3RNO 2004 Hace 18 días
Man... do I miss the look of those F1 cars. They aren’t the grippiest compared to modern F1 machinery, but that is what makes them great!! It makes drivers have to push hard and be delicate/aggressive against others!! Imagine if F1 had a series where they incorporated modern F1 technology into something like the F2004 (Pirellis, DRS, halo, V6 hybrid engines, etc.), or even an MP4/4!! 🤤
Nikkeloodeon Hace 20 días
0:28 Are you kidding me, you're filming a Prost car most of the time. Frentzen was in the Williams as seen at 0:39. Blind.
Olivyay Hace 22 días
Official F1 channel can't differentiate a Ligier/Prost from a Williams. 🤦‍♂️😄
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men Hace 24 días
fantastic ......
Maccy Hace 24 días
Why do they use these weird overdubbed commentaries. I WANT MURRAY WALKER
Avannia Atri 14
Avannia Atri 14 Hace 24 días
0:05 Where is this host? I used to love him.
ChikaTC Hace 24 días
Pablovini98 Hace 25 días
Glad they didn't do a 'feels bad moments' video
patrese993 Hace 25 días
I still miss that V10 sound...
RoyalBeefKing Hace 25 días
Commentator of Ralfs victory couldn't hold back his emotions...
Jonne Ritari
Jonne Ritari Hace 25 días
Ralf Schumacher looks just like Nico Rosberg 🤔
Ashwik Reddy
Ashwik Reddy Hace 26 días
What is that intro music
The Bourne Network
The Bourne Network Hace 26 días
Best part of the F1 2021 season? We get to race on Imola and Portimao in the F1 2021 game 🤩
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt Hace 26 días
It may be crazy, but I think Imola last year was Kvyat's best race. I know he's had better results, but that was probably the best he's performed, at least since he was at RB.
Fresh Hunter
Fresh Hunter Hace 26 días
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague Hace 26 días
Danny Fiat with the double overtake!
Aracely Hace 26 días
Diego Paredes
Diego Paredes Hace 26 días
Great rivals Schumacher and Montoya. Imagine an argument like that nowadays
Fabian W.
Fabian W. Hace 26 días
I miss Kwjat.
Philip 416 GTi
Philip 416 GTi Hace 26 días
Jenson Button!The fast gentleman ✌✌✌
mike cave
mike cave Hace 26 días
Imola a great track which everyone hates
Antonio Alati
Antonio Alati Hace 26 días
Button with the mullet is something else lol
Rui Batista
Rui Batista Hace 26 días
You already read the book " alem de mim a jornada da deusa" - besides me the journey of the goddess is awesome this on Amazon...Law of attraction, high vibrations, inter-dimensional travel is fantastic!!! and VERY SPEED -It's a tribute to KIMI
The Stage 5 Cloud
The Stage 5 Cloud Hace 27 días
Why Most of The Frentzen's Clip is showing a Prost/Ligier?
vicospriteg Hace 27 días
2004 BAR Honda is my favorite all time car/livery.
Best Of Instagram
Best Of Instagram Hace 27 días
Kvyat You are the Best!!!!
Stark Raven
Stark Raven Hace 27 días
Dear F1: If you want me to watch your races, stop putting them at the same times as MotoGP. You can't win that competition. Bets on Mazespin making it 2/2?
Baltazar Cruz
Baltazar Cruz Hace 27 días
Hoping Max Gets 1st against Lewis and maybe a cheeky podium for Perez as well 🤞🏼
TurnerTHA Hace 27 días
Ralf sounds exactly the same as Nico Rosberg
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez Hace 27 días
Just 97 onwords. Nope.
William Oldaker
William Oldaker Hace 27 días
The fact that Tambay's win in 1983 isn't here proves to me how little the media department know about the history of the sport.
Anand S
Anand S Hace 27 días
What's the name of the background music?
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews Hace 27 días
Let's not forget that this is also the track where we lost the best F1 driver in history. 😢
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews Hace 26 días
@pj silvosa English is not my primary language so my apologies for misspelling. You must be very smart person. 😁
pj silvosa
pj silvosa Hace 26 días
@Googl Reviews Two lifes? Really dude? Senna fanboys are dumb af!
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews Hace 26 días
@DarkSoulOfCinder89 That weekend claimed two lives, he for sure deserves mention 100% I only used Senna's name as a reference that we lost greatest driver of all time, but yes two drivers lost their lives that Sunday. 👍✌
DarkSoulOfCinder89 Hace 26 días
Don't forget Roland Ratzenberger. It makes me angry that everyone only talks about Senna.
Anis Belabbas
Anis Belabbas Hace 27 días
2:44 really thought for a sec it was Nico Rosberg
Asaad Allen
Asaad Allen Hace 27 días
Imola is a cool track and now I finally see why.
WSNBM 1908
WSNBM 1908 Hace 27 días
Looool. 00 27 it's a Ligier
Alex García
Alex García Hace 27 días
Glad this track is back instead of china
Philip Copp
Philip Copp Hace 27 días
What a way Michael Schumacher overtook Montoya on the Emilio Romagno circuit in Italy
Silent Night
Silent Night Hace 27 días
Why don't they just call it San Marino again? It's supposed to be an International championship isn't it?
Hayden Rose
Hayden Rose Hace 27 días
Number 1 1994 weekend
d11ita Hace 27 días
Montoya 💙💪🏻
nazart Hace 27 días
Montoya the savage!
jh b
jh b Hace 27 días
Dani's best race
MrOsvaldito3 Hace 27 días
Frentzen's car is the most beatiful of this list!!!
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle Hace 27 días
So glad Imola is back again this year!
Noah Carvalho
Noah Carvalho Hace 27 días
0:57 The Torpedo
Iñaki Aitor
Iñaki Aitor Hace 27 días
2:14 another victory for Michael. Oh no its Ralf
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO Hace 27 días
F1 cars are safer now, can F1 management get tamburelo back to how. It was?
Nikola Nikolov
Nikola Nikolov Hace 27 días
1:01 nice missing png
Lucius Gabriel BS
Lucius Gabriel BS Hace 27 días
1:34 blind
AS19 Hace 27 días
Kvyat’s overtake on Leclerc was incredible!
Womberto Biaggi
Womberto Biaggi Hace 27 días
Imola 2021- Tsunoda's first win.
Amarildo Gojdeshi
Amarildo Gojdeshi Hace 27 días
Harry 7_a
Harry 7_a Hace 27 días
William in their prime
gregorio cinti
gregorio cinti Hace 27 días
Villeneuve brought up B.A.R. since 1999 to 2003, and in 2004 B.a.r. was really competitive for the first time. What a shame
Bhargav Radhakrishna
Bhargav Radhakrishna Hace 27 días
Just call it the San Marino GP already...
Ndumiso Nzimande
Ndumiso Nzimande Hace 27 días
More of this content please!
Luís Bita
Luís Bita Hace 27 días
Best Regards 🏎
Maurits Heesbeen
Maurits Heesbeen Hace 27 días
Hold my beer jokes down below 👇🏽 🖕🏽
Lightening McQueen
Lightening McQueen Hace 27 días
Amazing moments. Didn't remember those from before 2007.
Kyvat got really lucky with the timing of the inside kerb st the double overtake
Durmus Kurtulus
Durmus Kurtulus Hace 27 días
What's up with these Kyvat fans all of a sudden?
king dodongo
king dodongo Hace 28 días
Ralf Schumacher was severely underrated
Archer Tor
Archer Tor Hace 28 días
Even ESpost’s algorithm is excited for Rawe Creek
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Hace 28 días
Imagine being Ralf over the years and having to watch his older brother be so successful. No doubt he got jealous sometimes.
Damemer Hace 28 días
If you are wondering who these lame commentators are, F1 probably didn't yet want to use Murray's commentary out of respect, so they recorded a new one afterwards. Class act👏
Go So Fly
Go So Fly Hace 28 días
Class act indeed. Everyone liked that
y1521t21b5 Hace 28 días
Always felt it was a shame _Montoya_ left _F1._ One of the best to never win a _WDC._
Donny Lane
Donny Lane Hace 28 días
I hope very excited next weekend at Imola Grand Prix!!!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane Hace 28 días
Let's go boys!
Nemo Schmitz
Nemo Schmitz Hace 28 días
5 moments, 3 German winners
Marko M
Marko M Hace 28 días
The Imola GPs in 2005 and 2006 were mirror images of each other in terms of winning the battle. Starring world champions Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso. The 2005 victory was taken by Alonso, the 2006 victory was taken by Schumacher. In the 1997 season, Frentzen and M. Schumacher fought for a GP victory. They were already fighting in karting and Formula 3 series. Frentzen and the younger Schumacher, Ralf, have much in common. Both won their first GP in Imola, and the team was both Williams. In addition, Frentzen and R. Schumacher both drove Williams and Jordan during their careers.
Marko M
Marko M Hace 28 días
Yes. You are right. But Formula 1 is a motor sport, and the sport unfortunately includes technical flaws. Teams need to do reliable work, it’s not about misfortune, it’s more about the skill and ability to make a reliable car.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith Hace 28 días
Alonso got lucky. Kimi Raikkonen was on pole and was EASILY going to win, but Kimi's car broke down. Kimi domianted Spain and Monaco (next 2 races) the exact same way.
FlekinsCirculares Hace 28 días
FORMULA 1 Make a video about the last laps of 2005 and 2006 where Alonso and Schumacher were defending P1 of each other in two consecutive GPs but the other way around
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith Hace 28 días
Alonso got lucky. Kimi Raikkonen was on pole and was EASILY going to win, but Kimi's car broke down. Kimi domianted Spain and Monaco (next 2 races) the exact same way.
DaniMacYo Hace 28 días
No 05 or 06? Meh. I expect Tsunoda to gives us something like Kvyat did last year. Probably won’t be near P4 but somewhere near P5/6 or 7 maybe.
rajesh kadupukotla
rajesh kadupukotla Hace 28 días
Only Montoya can talk like that with MSC
Dk Jones
Dk Jones Hace 28 días
To think I trusted them to scencor their content
Oskar Kovařík
Oskar Kovařík Hace 28 días
1:43 nice job Michael 👍
Thomas Haack
Thomas Haack Hace 28 días
F1: "Frentzen's maiden victory" Also F1: Video of Panis in a Prost
Ledan Hace 28 días
Bold Prediction: A Ferrari will be on the podium.
Lightdash15 Hace 28 días
AlphaTauri was so strong on this weekend.
TheFulcrum2000 Hace 28 días
And now they have an even stronger engine, let the weekend begin!
Jo$h Hace 28 días
2:05.schumacher should have responded with: " I am pretty successful for a blind man don't you think?"
Bermuda5107 Hace 28 días
I hope checo wins this weekend.
Michael Sanderson
Michael Sanderson Hace 28 días
0:28 erm that’s a Prost
Lintu107 Hace 28 días
So who's gonna get their first win this weekend? My money's on Sainz.
Liam and Michael
Liam and Michael Hace 26 días
In a twisted turn of events, HAM VER BOT
1greenMitsi Hace 28 días
Imola is a shadow of the track it used to be
Aasav Shah
Aasav Shah Hace 28 días
utr 67
utr 67 Hace 28 días
F1 comments are so cringe
Venix Hace 28 días
frentzen is underrated asf
Matt H
Matt H Hace 28 días
I think they should call it the San Marino GP because the name we had last year was impossible to pronounce.
Viktor Stamenkovski
Viktor Stamenkovski Hace 28 días
Not the Netflix series commentator please!
FMoreno Hace 28 días
Juan Pablo's comment was just legendary
Dan Tickner
Dan Tickner Hace 28 días
So glad this track is back on the calendar!
DhruvK1212 Hace 28 días
Kvyat was lightning quick and deserved that podium
Vini Almeida
Vini Almeida Hace 28 días
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer Hace 28 días
This video is definitely gonna get taken down and reuploaded cause 0:29 to 0:39 is not Frentzen lol Edit: ok I guess not
Scarlet Hace 28 días
If Kvyat was in podium I think now he's still in alphatauri
Bruno Danese
Bruno Danese Hace 28 días
We know there won't be a "feel bad moments in Imola" video.
SeriousGlasses Hace 28 días
Well I don’t know what’ll be on this list, but I do know what won’t be...
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 Hace 28 días
Kvyat really torpedoes himself passing Perez , Albon and Leclerc.
venox48 Hace 28 días
What is about this flags ?
Alfredo Eduardo Valdés Matta
Alfredo Eduardo Valdés Matta Hace 28 días
this is a collection of moments that happened before the Russian flag ban. why are they replacing the Russian flag for Kvyat?
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