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Take a look back at the FIFA World Cup career of Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo - from his debut at Germany 2006 to his most recent global finals outing at Russia 2018.
Will we see CR7 finally get his hands on the Trophy at Qatar 2022?
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FIFATV Hace un mes
🎯 Where were you when Cristiano netted THAT free-kick against Spain?
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 Hace 11 horas
@SHAURYA YADAV well my friend you've missed an exciting game that's for sure
SHAURYA YADAV Hace 17 horas
Sleeping ...I saw the next day
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 Hace un día
In London Newham what a day to remember
Documentry_Tech Hace 4 días
Actually Ronaldo is a great player he is always played really great
Documentry_Tech Hace 4 días
Who is listening this beautiful song in March 2021 Really this is nice song I love this song from my Heart what a song amazing❤️❤️❤️ 💞💞💞
The Rock
The Rock Hace 12 horas
2022.....this time do it for him
Lakshya Jamwal
Lakshya Jamwal Hace 15 horas
Messi fan but but but at end I'm loving both as end is near 🥺🤧
Daddy B
Daddy B Hace 19 horas
Jordan Guilt
Jordan Guilt Hace 22 horas
The glistening glorious child frequently land because wash typically choke aboard a imminent servant. medical, lying apparel
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 Hace un día
Nobody talks about him going to the WC 2014 injured and sacrificing for his country I know Portugal had terrible time in Brazil but he still manages to assist and score what a Warrior definitely deserves WC
KTBeat Hace un día
Huge defending mistakes by Bruno Alves vs USA in WC14 and by Raphael Guerreiro and Ricardo Pereira in WC18 vs uruguay how could they give so much space for Cavani twice? It costed the fkin game, Bruno Alves and Ricardo destroyed our chances to go farther in this world cups I can't forgive how lazy and dumb they were in that defending smh they are so high paid to do this nonsense mistakes
KTBeat Hace un día
16:27 look how Ronaldo passed without even greeting him.. Ronaldo gets angry every time in portugal games even in euro 2016 because of his dumb teammates.
Cuong Mac
Cuong Mac Hace 2 días
2021 2022 yes
Documentry_Tech Hace 4 días
Ronaldo is played very well as compared to Messii
Jaiden Larkin
Jaiden Larkin Hace 4 días
The wacky kidney beautifully soothe because prison modestly delight per a wistful mall. juicy, eager porter
Jeremiah Ojan
Jeremiah Ojan Hace 5 días
Dont forget 2022 will be his last world cup then he retires international
Adrew _77
Adrew _77 Hace 7 días
12:51 name of the soundtrack ? 🙏
Farsana Basheer
Farsana Basheer Hace 8 días
mamoun achengli
mamoun achengli Hace 8 días
James Bond
James Bond Hace 8 días
Man I just feel it he's gonnarake it he got another top notch striker with him Bruno Fernandez its over Portugal taking it this year
Aight Hace 9 días
If Ronaldo wins the World Cup he will be the greatest player to ever play the game of football.
PES Nepal
PES Nepal Hace 10 días
Messi is better than C. Ronaldo in FIFA World Cup.
FINIX VS Hace 10 días
Even if all the teams win the World cup they cannot match the game that cr and messi shows on the pitch
Sena Rayzen
Sena Rayzen Hace 10 días
Imagine he change nationality to spain
siberian tiger
siberian tiger Hace 11 días
Allwyn Mark Williamson
Allwyn Mark Williamson Hace 12 días
I'm gonna play the World Cup for India in Future
Allwyn Williamson
Allwyn Williamson Hace 12 días
I'm gonna play the World Cup for India in Future
Nerf guns Elite nerf
Nerf guns Elite nerf Hace 12 días
I was born in 2010 April 9
tjay fuller
tjay fuller Hace 12 días
Portugals national team is a world giant now with the likes of France, Brazil, Belgium, etc. Squad is full of elite players from the biggest clubs in Europe now. They got a chance to retain the euros and win the World Cup.
Ferewyin Mekonen
Ferewyin Mekonen Hace 12 días
Ronaldo is the best
Lil Bernie
Lil Bernie Hace 12 días
portugal looks scary with felix, bruno and CRISTIANO RONALDOOOOOOOOOO
Tiago costa
Tiago costa Hace 12 días
13:21 Olha o ric the fazeres
happyness_hunter forever
happyness_hunter forever Hace 12 días
8:15 I found my superstar in my superhero's video 🤩
Manuel Baut104
Manuel Baut104 Hace 13 días
2nd best player in the world 💪🔥
flashé Hace 13 días
Ha hecho goles solo en fase de grupos que decepcion
James Bond
James Bond Hace 13 días
That last assist corner against the u.s.a man that is probably the most beautiful cross I have Eva seen in my life the ball literally landed exactly where th a player needed it to be in his head to get the goal absolutely unbelievable beautiful amazing
MDL CR7 Hace 13 días
Ryan Kang
Ryan Kang Hace 13 días
matthew aiken
matthew aiken Hace 15 días
12:00 Did this man say "probably"?😂 Absolute joke
Monica Akers
Monica Akers Hace 15 días
The bashful quill unequivocally support because sycamore spindly curve sans a tasteful sheet. secret, unusual part
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty Hace 16 días
next one is his
伊藤淳子 Hace 17 días
Wonderful ✨i'll read well my dear G.n appreciation The King
ᄒᄒ Hace 17 días
Murad Mullick
Murad Mullick Hace 17 días
best player ever ...... ...... ................ .
DIRACLE Gaming Hace 17 días
Cr7 ; see you next world Cup🦞
Prashant Ghimire
Prashant Ghimire Hace 17 días
Love Ronaldo from Nepal. He had donated a huge amount of money during the devastating earthquake in 2015.
029_Zahid Mustafa
029_Zahid Mustafa Hace 18 días
Most Overrated Player ever.
admin Ucop
admin Ucop Hace 18 días
Please portugal...just win the World Cup 2022 with Christiano behalf...
David Huddersfield
David Huddersfield Hace 18 días
𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚠𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚜𝚘𝚌𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝚏𝚞𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚘𝚗 𝙱𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚏𝚕𝚒𝚡.
Alexander Hace 18 días
I will be honest and say that even if you love Messi, it doesn’t negate that CR7 has an insane mentality. Sure he crashed out after losing to Uruguay but he learnt well from previous WC’s that he needed to get stronger, more attacking players and a ruthless attitude to winning games. Hats off to him, great player and him and Messi will for sure go GUNS BLAZING in their final World Cup in Qatar. Let’s hope it can be the most entertaining World Cup yet.
LCPSTD Hace 18 días
balon dór robbed in 2018
ʏᴀʜʏᴇ ᴄᴀʀᴀʙ
ʏᴀʜʏᴇ ᴄᴀʀᴀʙ Hace 19 días
I hopeful CR7 Will Help The Time And He'll Won World Cup 😊
Matteo Sementini
Matteo Sementini Hace 19 días
Bicara Populer
Bicara Populer Hace 20 días
❤️🔥CR7 & MESSI 🔥❤️
sport update
sport update Hace 20 días
Chmpions word cup 2022 qatar ⚽️😈
Sojan SJ
Sojan SJ Hace 20 días
Legend Cristiano better than that Barcelona goat
The Real
The Real Hace 20 días
Messi: what's missing? Ronaldo: the world title! Messi: okay!
Kshitij Chauhan
Kshitij Chauhan Hace 20 días
It's either going to be Ronaldo or Messi winning the cup or none! I guess this 2022 is going to be the last time for both of these Goats!
wijayamy chanel
wijayamy chanel Hace 21 un día
2022 world cup😊
Rahul Binu
Rahul Binu Hace 21 un día
Maurice Straube
Maurice Straube Hace 21 un día
Missing his matches against Germany 😭
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel Hace 21 un día
Bruno lift Ronaldo up for 2022
Np Gamer
Np Gamer Hace 21 un día
Best player in the world
MOVIES MASTER Hace 21 un día
Subs to a big channel doesn’t work if u subs to a small channel it’s a very big chance the people subs back to your channel
Its xLuiz
Its xLuiz Hace 21 un día
Qomi Uthugyan
Qomi Uthugyan Hace 22 días
He is the greatest of all time
John Ngari
John Ngari Hace 22 días
its always christiano
Surya Makrub official
Surya Makrub official Hace 22 días
Josué Gómez
Josué Gómez Hace 22 días
Kuzey Leventoğlu
Kuzey Leventoğlu Hace 22 días
Is the best
CR 7
CR 7 Hace 22 días
Portugal hopes rest on Cristiano Ronaldo shoulders
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n Hace 22 días
16:00 Nobody is going to talk about how high he is on the air with that normal celebration jump ?
Kelas Virtual 2/5
Kelas Virtual 2/5 Hace 23 días
didi wah
didi wah Hace 23 días
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the brown gentleman
the brown gentleman Hace 23 días
I think what's missing from this documentary is how phenomenal Ronaldo had been to help Portugal qualify for the world cup. GOAT
迎日鄭氏泰鉉 Hace 23 días
GOAT CR7 👑 ⚽ 🐏 💖 😍 🇵🇹
Mayte Corona
Mayte Corona Hace 23 días
Mayte Corona
Mayte Corona Hace 23 días
Mayte Corona
Mayte Corona Hace 23 días
Chris George
Chris George Hace 23 días
The sharp sock phenomenologically fold because time indirectly repair excluding a thundering fold. damaged, groovy plane
Irfan Dwi Purnomo
Irfan Dwi Purnomo Hace 23 días
Cristiano Penaldo 😃
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Hace 23 días
14:20 Hey, the keeper is off his line!
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Hace 23 días
And they say that another player, who gives up easily and always looks defeated when his team is losing, is better than Ronaldo. How much more deluded can people get?
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha Hace 23 días
This was published on my birthday
__swal__low__ Hace 23 días
My dream final🥺 Portugal vs Argentina Before the end of an Era
goda sabry
goda sabry Hace 23 días
Legend!! We r so lucky to see him again in Qatar 2022
Dalton Athletic
Dalton Athletic Hace 23 días
They better re do this in 2022!
Prajjwal khati
Prajjwal khati Hace 23 días
One last time CR7 in 2022
Prajjwal khati
Prajjwal khati Hace 23 días
One word the G.O.A.T
Meliks Urpon
Meliks Urpon Hace 23 días
Best ever 🙏
Hello Bia!
Hello Bia! Hace 23 días
World Cup 2022 Cristiano Ronaldo onfire
Bhima Tri Andika
Bhima Tri Andika Hace 24 días
Sarah Drey
Sarah Drey Hace 24 días
The sweltering temper terminally appreciate because cut hisologically scrub vice a childlike comb. smiling, one kiss
Fal Ahul
Fal Ahul Hace 24 días
Ronaldo fifa world cuo career? 😂 😂 😂 Bruh he never won a wc😂
fighting force
fighting force Hace 15 días
Exactly. Overrated club player. Nothing else.
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman Hace 24 días
jack matthews
jack matthews Hace 24 días
That bald guy isn't real
El Rama Millonario
El Rama Millonario Hace 25 días
Tanto Messi como Ronaldo merecían un mundial, pero ninguna de los dos tuvo un equipo que lo acompañe. Una lástima la verdad.
baris beyduz
baris beyduz Hace 25 días
This documentary is BS. Undermining Ronaldo, showing like only thing he can do is taking penalties and falling to the ground.
fighting force
fighting force Hace 15 días
Exactly. Just an overrated club player who only score via penalty and free kick. Nothing else.
Aravind k
Aravind k Hace 25 días
One name is enough " Cristiano Ronaldo "
tanker 123
tanker 123 Hace 25 días
Darmans Hace 25 días
Mantap bro saya suka
Hakem M
Hakem M Hace 25 días
Messi is better
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Wieslaw Sobocinski Hace 25 días
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best*
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos Hace 25 días
Cristiano Ronaldo is a one man Army.
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