Crowd ERUPTS Spectating Mongraal DESTROYING Pros! (Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals - Game 4)

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The crowd erupted at the Fortnite World Cup when Mongraal went on a spree taking out tons of top pros.
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This video includes:
Crowd Erupts as Mongraal Destroys Tfue
Crowd Erupts Spectating Mongraal Destroying Pros
Crowd Goes Crazy Spectating Mongraal
Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals
Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals Game 4
Fortnite Battle Royale

ShadowD7 Hace un día
I did a clutch as well
Tank Man
Tank Man Hace 2 días
Camper: Camper is defined as someone who kills nobody and waits until the last moment to swoop in for the win. An example of a camper is Psalm
eaglefan0710 Hace 2 días
22:41 Mongraal does not look happy lol. He did play well though.
K D Hace 7 días
Cikzs Hace 11 días
They r jst so good bro like oys the truth
fortnite player
fortnite player Hace 11 días
Omg skailer kto pozná like
G i n t a m a
G i n t a m a Hace 17 días
If mongraal had Mats he would won
Epix Games
Epix Games Hace 17 días
Bugha went from 0 to 3,000,000
Eugene Millermolml
Eugene Millermolml Hace 18 días
No it takes 1 year for him to get the money
Iñakï Vïtzzhëń
Iñakï Vïtzzhëń Hace 24 días
Psalm big rat 🧀
Glitcher_on_Gfuel Hace 25 días
00:19 No
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski Hace 28 días
0:38 subtitles: P***
Konrad Ravn
Konrad Ravn Hace un mes
World Cup
יונתן אביבי
יונתן אביבי Hace un mes
Remember when this game was good. Good times
Caroline Marten
Caroline Marten Hace un mes
hes utter crap hes utter crap
peni milona
peni milona Hace un mes
Og season 😣😖😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shrinkers - Roblox
Shrinkers - Roblox Hace un mes
13:20 “Pushing that player in uncomfortable ways” 😑
Βασιλης Σαλιαρης
Βασιλης Σαλιαρης Hace un mes
NeoViny Hace un mes
Funny how psalm celebrates his one kill win... knowing that he ain’t had done much in this round ...
Jayden Reynolds
Jayden Reynolds Hace un mes
Bugha is so good. How much money did he win?A lot of money in one game
Dinozor夢 Hace un mes
Kinda annoys me how psalm was so hyped lmfao
Robert Grant
Robert Grant Hace un mes
Us controller players out there all cheere on Issa or UnknownxArmy
David Colin
David Colin Hace un mes
The person who killed mongrel he is not a better player than him he just got lucky
Rüzgar Erdal
Rüzgar Erdal Hace un mes
were is mongrall
evoid AcE
evoid AcE Hace un mes
0:11 Everyone in 2020 be like:
javad same
javad same Hace un mes
Mongeral is god
Taelin Cusic
Taelin Cusic Hace un mes
fortnite kaos
fortnite kaos Hace un mes
Only 3 mil dude
Kateřina Skoumalová
Kateřina Skoumalová Hace un mes
Skailer merteen best cz plast
Tesi Trolls
Tesi Trolls Hace un mes
For everyone here for mongraal his time starts 22:40
SMS_LIAM Hace un mes
Took 23 mins to get into the vid
Ignelis Hace un mes
Man this vid brang back the memories of snobby shores..
matability Hace 2 meses
Plenty of fighting going on and we’re watching the campers.. great job
Kwijt Naar lobby land
Kwijt Naar lobby land Hace 2 meses
Dru Bennett
Dru Bennett Hace 2 meses
Man I miss chapter 1 of Fortnite
evan seacatt
evan seacatt Hace 2 meses
imagine skybasing in the World Cup? 🤔
Jc C
Jc C Hace 2 meses
I hate sceptic
Ivan 22
Ivan 22 Hace 2 meses
Not gonna lie mongraal got lucky right there Tfue would of won but mongraal had to 3rd party
Ivan 22
Ivan 22 Hace 2 meses
Rhux has straight airboat in this game
Eazy klappz
Eazy klappz Hace 2 meses
The game that made all the popular streamers quit fortnite 😂🤣😭
Poké Kam
Poké Kam Hace 2 meses
Sick nice
collin boroughs
collin boroughs Hace 2 meses
Bibb bx
Snappy Plays Shorts
Snappy Plays Shorts Hace 2 meses
Any one want to 1v1 Fortnite comment your ID in the comment
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki Hace 2 meses
I wish mongraal won caise that guy had one kill and that's it
NotherTend Hace 2 meses
Skailereu And marteeneu Is from czech republic
siddeeq savage
siddeeq savage Hace 2 meses
Holly shit mongrall take a chill pill
link apii
link apii Hace 2 meses
:-) :-) :-)
Samuel Morales
Samuel Morales Hace 2 meses
Goku le gana
chrisdubya1 Hace 3 meses
18:17 did anyone see the gnome in the brick wall?
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 3 meses
90% other people 9% intro 1% mongraal
Eggnernest Hace 3 meses
Flash Dalsu
Flash Dalsu Hace 3 meses
so basically the dude who won just built up to that point without even trying to fight someone ? xD and after eliminating one opponent with luck because he had no mats he celebrated like he did something amazing ? damn. he still won but *thumbs down*
Dragos Coman
Dragos Coman Hace 3 meses
psalm didn't deserve to win there...
Damien Lovato
Damien Lovato Hace 3 meses
Idk how many times i watch the world cups game play but it has to be more then 10 times😂😂💯
Prosper Hace 3 meses
U know what I hate about this channel is that they don’t even focus on the person who popped of until the last minute and a half
Tapa Tap
Tapa Tap Hace 3 meses
8:00 free fire copied that sound effect of fortnight (red zone)
gega guchmanidze
gega guchmanidze Hace 4 meses
tfue is so trash he is hater, toxic and trash and bot
IAmJay Hace 4 meses
It just pisses me off that Psalm acted as if he did everything.
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia Hace 3 meses
Ok didn’t ask
Paulo Patricio 7 Escandón
Paulo Patricio 7 Escandón Hace 4 meses
Bryan Combs
Bryan Combs Hace 4 meses
TheMCSavage Hace 4 meses
Psalm dancing around like he's top dog, like, homie, you had one kill the entire game and kills Mongraal who had like 20 HP OMEGALUL. Mongraal clapped 3-4 kids back to back in the span of 2 minutes.
King Oz
King Oz Hace 4 meses
you win an BONUS for a dub so IDK what you mean and also man got 2nd place and bagged a check my guy
E1ECTRIC_ LUKY Hace 4 meses
noooooooooo mongral
Scooter Xavier
Scooter Xavier Hace 5 meses
So when did they start spectating mograal
Orange Katana
Orange Katana Hace 5 meses
Loncy Hace 5 meses
Letw1k3 is russian player
CloudPVP Hace 6 meses
Bro mongraal had 7 kills and got killed by psalm who only got his 1st kill on mongraal lIke BRUH
Fayiz Alharby
Fayiz Alharby Hace 6 meses
I vote for benjefishy
Blade Hace 6 meses
you could see all the determination on mongraals face
iDiegol Hace 6 meses
Psalm only placement
EnEs EnsY
EnEs EnsY Hace 6 meses
23:48 When bugha se that guy flexing :Bugha be like :hold on my drink 😂
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Hace 6 meses
Nice bro 😒😒
duejen Hace 6 meses
datdude Hace 7 meses
i just realized if mongraal won the game he would have came in 6th and psalm would come in 5th
YouYou Tube
YouYou Tube Hace 7 meses
23:00 😮😮
Jaime -1114 ツ
Jaime -1114 ツ Hace 7 meses
1 year after and I still think mongraal deserved that victory royal
Lucas Dadalto
Lucas Dadalto Hace 7 meses
Psalm fez uma kill e ficou feliz
Potted Plant
Potted Plant Hace 7 meses
WhiteShot Hace 7 meses
ahhhh I hate Psalm so much
100 Subscribers For No Reason
100 Subscribers For No Reason Hace 7 meses
anyone in 2020? only me i guess
Santi Peralta
Santi Peralta Hace 7 meses
Ronnie Hipplewith
Ronnie Hipplewith Hace 7 meses
And my epic user name is aydeen5
Ronnie Hipplewith
Ronnie Hipplewith Hace 7 meses
I like and use cool in the item shop
S3NDP13 Hace 7 meses
Psalm dosent deserve 2nd place with his bitchass camping the whole time...
hoopdreams34 Hace 7 meses
Imagine the combat was in the game during world cup 😃
Felix Mortimer
Felix Mortimer Hace 7 meses
hoopdreams34 it was
CarlPlay Gamez
CarlPlay Gamez Hace 7 meses
imagine joining fortnite focus
Austin Hace 7 meses
man i miss these days😢now back to getting spammed by marauders and body slammed by a shark
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia Hace 3 meses
That doesent happpen anymore no maradurs
Joshua Michael
Joshua Michael Hace 7 meses
he shouldve won
Juan Rafael Figueredo Ravira
Juan Rafael Figueredo Ravira Hace 7 meses
El comentario español que esperabais
CupcakeFN Hace 7 meses
Skailereu and marteen on Best cz/sk fortnite gameplay
cafer Hace 7 meses
so many kids
AirMario Hace 7 meses
3:19 more calvo please
Cole Clarkson
Cole Clarkson Hace 7 meses
The only such thing is winning the lottery. I’m sure bugha put in more than enough time to grind the game, more than anyone else
Sc0p3 Nounou
Sc0p3 Nounou Hace 7 meses
who’s watching this in 2021?
Mary Juarez
Mary Juarez Hace 7 meses
I’m a god at fort nite I shud be there
Actor Raptor
Actor Raptor Hace 7 meses
Someone definitely used the stupid psn code
きりまる君 Hace 7 meses
3分35~ まうひぃん登場
Busted IFJ
Busted IFJ Hace 7 meses
He did not kill him because tfue is not tfue
Jac0b ._
Jac0b ._ Hace 7 meses
*0:11** school in 2020 be like...*
Alhan Jeewani
Alhan Jeewani Hace 11 días
Jxe Lads
Jxe Lads Hace 12 días
Abram Savage gamer
Abram Savage gamer Hace 27 días
Ace_Vision Hace 27 días
Straight fax
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Hace 29 días
Scourge FN
Scourge FN Hace 7 meses
Bruh he fr posted a 23 minute long for a 2 minute clip
Jacob Bertrand
Jacob Bertrand Hace 7 meses
Megga look so young
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