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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Kev H
Kev H Hace 9 minutos
mert b
mert b Hace 12 minutos
demı lookıng so good and powerfull
Just Mixer
Just Mixer Hace 15 minutos
Chimezie Torty
Chimezie Torty Hace 24 minutos
This is the song of the moment.
Samuel Ralte
Samuel Ralte Hace 24 minutos
Stunning and Brave
Enigma Johnson
Enigma Johnson Hace 34 minutos
Imrana Begum
Imrana Begum Hace 56 minutos
This song gave me goosebumps ❤️
Chenyg H
Chenyg H Hace un hora
I’m assuming she’s talking about trump
Wanjiru Karago
Wanjiru Karago Hace un hora
Lyrics on point 😍😍 very relevant in the world we live in.
Angie Castro
Angie Castro Hace un hora
😍 Te Amo Demi! 😍❤
Carl Langenscheid
Carl Langenscheid Hace un hora
Ryan G
Ryan G Hace un hora
This is a black hole of cringe
X Vow
X Vow Hace un hora
She IS the bold type!!
Harish Hace un hora
Luna Lundberg
Luna Lundberg Hace un hora
Young Hace un hora
For all the kids commenting about Nigeria, I can guarantee 99.9% of you didn’t know anything about it until recently which just shows it’s a trend for y’all
TaxiFarmer Hace un hora
Ben Shapiro: could it be AND AMONG THE STARS ITS DEMI LOVATO 😱😱😱😱😱. 🤩😂😂
Carly Guerrero
Carly Guerrero Hace 2 horas
Kylissa Simmons
Kylissa Simmons Hace 2 horas
This song is so good. I cried.
river_nonbinary nichtbinär
river_nonbinary nichtbinär Hace 2 horas
Kayleigh jeffreys
Kayleigh jeffreys Hace 2 horas
I- 🥺😭 it's amazing
haywon oo
haywon oo Hace 2 horas
Ur chin tho
David Konevky
David Konevky Hace 2 horas
"How does it feel to still be able to breathe" tell that to the people looting stores and killing people in the name of BLM and George Floyd. And by the way, the full video of George Floyd shows him RESISTING arrest, after y'know, pointing a gun at a pregnant woman. Imagine if both of those lives weren't able to breathe, imagine that Demi
Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade Hace 2 horas
What a terrible song
sgtigereye Hace 2 horas
Trump 2020 ❤️ 🤍 💙
David Konevky
David Konevky Hace 2 horas
You could point at any moment in history and say "people are dying", in what way is that controversial, stunning or brave? I will never know.
Illya Sandaev
Illya Sandaev Hace 2 horas
Damn, someone has not aged well 😬
Bri Landstrom
Bri Landstrom Hace 2 horas
43k snowflakes ❄️ 🤣
Vanessa Gordevilla
Vanessa Gordevilla Hace 2 horas
So deeep
Someone x1
Someone x1 Hace 2 horas
How does Donald Trump profit from this pandemic?
PXC Hace 2 horas
Lining Pockets? He works for free...WTF.
Diegito Con Cafecito
Diegito Con Cafecito Hace 2 horas
Go Demi!!! 👏👏👏
Anthony Himself
Anthony Himself Hace 3 horas
When they saw the dislike ratio was higher her team had to by upvote LMFAOO
Vivienne Ndana
Vivienne Ndana Hace 3 horas
Beautiful song
Levis Alanso Sánchez González
Levis Alanso Sánchez González Hace 3 horas
Soy el comentario en español que buscabas JAKAKAKAKA❣️ DEMI ES ARTE❣️
Anthony G.
Anthony G. Hace 3 horas
So many dumb people in one place .
Bella B
Bella B Hace 4 horas
The melody sounds so delicate yet the lyrics are incredibly powerful
Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican Hace 4 horas
This song litterally makes me so angry. All I hear is her blaming and bashing trump for all the bad things going on in the world like it's his fault people are dying and stuff like seriously?? Trump isn't a perfect person by any means but he has done nothing but try to make things better for our country!!! What has he done as president that's so wrong that you would hate him so bad and write a song about him?? What makes obama and Biden any better??
PXC Hace 2 horas
@Braiden Walker I know. My dad had to wait 4 years to get approved. My uncle and Aunt only 2 years but my grandmother 6 years. It sucks but free open borders is not the answer. Come in legally. And are these men screaming in their faces literally telling them that they will never see their parents again? Really? Also if the parents know that it is illegal for them to "illegally" come into the US AND they still do it anyway regardless of the consequences. Who is really to blame. Accountability dude. It is always easier to blame and blame other people for your problems. My Family came here with literally nothing not even a dollar and had to be homeless in the beginning. But they built themselves up to upper middle class. Not once did they act like victims and blame other people. Trump 2020
Braiden Walker
Braiden Walker Hace 2 horas
@PXC it takes years to get a green card as they are legally trying to become an united citizen their kids are behind separated for kids who are LEGALLY trying to get a green card wake up to men telling them they would never see their parents again so yeah he is to blame
PXC Hace 2 horas
@Braiden Walker Trump is to blame for immigrants coming to this country illegally even though they know its..."illegal"? Jesus the BS... This is coming from someone whos parents came here from Colombia..."Legally" overtime. And he is racist? PFFFT.
Braiden Walker
Braiden Walker Hace 3 horas
ummmm him ignoring climate change.... him refusing to denounce white supremacy.... separating immigrants from their parents... down playing corona to 300k deaths.... that is a few of the many reasons he’s a horrible president he quite literally has cost thousands of people’s their lives bc of his selfishness and irresponsibility plz educate yourself before defending someone that’s a racist piece of shit
LoggiesHouse Hace 4 horas
Major cringe only meant to serve as divisive propaganda so people vote for Biden. Conveniently released right before the election to prey on the emotional who bow down to the paid for "opinions" of celebrities.
Patricia Cruz
Patricia Cruz Hace 4 horas
Kim, other countries are dying!
srushti munjal
srushti munjal Hace 4 horas
Now this is called power of music❣ love u Nigeria 💜stay strong,
Pamelina says
Pamelina says Hace 4 horas
What does the president have to do with individual actions? Killings, lost lives, burnings are all the actions of democrats and liberals. Sad your so misinformed or in denial.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 4 horas
soooo basically she’s trying to make money off a of a song complaining about issues that we as a whole should improve white tokening the disabled? girl bye
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman Hace 4 horas
When Obama was in office, Republicans, along with Mitch McConnell record filibustered everything he tried to do, knowing people would not pay attention so that later they could say he achieved nothing, as if they had nothing to do with it. Yet, Obama had no indictments or 200,000 COVID deaths, didn't destroy our allied relations, and left Trump with a booming economy... Trump has been the worst president in our history. Yet, fools and sociopaths will continue to support him even as their own families die because they're bitter about those who want to overcome racism and inequality. That's America. It truly is a fight of good vs. evil.
Mimi Milan
Mimi Milan Hace 4 horas
I am so sad what is happening in Nigeria. However, this song is about getting the vote out this year. That's why there's a dude in the video with a red MAGA hat. This song is about Donald Trump
John Foster
John Foster Hace 4 horas
I like this song
Whoisthyne Hace 4 horas
Moral of the story, Vote Donald J. Trump
Tino Hace 4 horas
Belle Soroh
Belle Soroh Hace 4 horas
This song make me cry considering what is happening in my Country Nigeria 🇳🇬😢😢😢
Debora rodriguez
Debora rodriguez Hace 4 horas
I like this version of our commander and chief better
Tmoney 1823
Tmoney 1823 Hace 4 horas
Orange man very very bad this time.
june wallace
june wallace Hace 4 horas
honey you need to take a look at who really lined his Pockets... BIDEN highest EXTREME CORRUPTION selling America to foreign countries.. 1.5 billion.. I am saddened by HOLLYWOOD.. god bless you Demi I am glad you are doing well again. I prayed for you.
Reggie Mae
Reggie Mae Hace 4 horas
this comment section is a whole ass debate
HilarityBribo Hace 4 horas
Damn she gained a lot of weight. Trump is lining his pockets by giving up the salary and risking his businesses by his political stance? Did this clown research anything, doesnt matter just another sobsong for the gullible liblemmings.... Paid for by Soros and DNC
KEREN GUERRA Hace 4 horas
Kani Garcia
Kani Garcia Hace 4 horas
Te amo Demi
Kevster11 Hace 5 horas
Did anyone notice the Make America United Again red hat at 0:32 ? I didn't realize it until I rewatched the video multiple times.
Brittany Pugh
Brittany Pugh Hace 5 horas
Unpopular opinion: she just lost a loyal subscriber to this bs
Reuben&Lemn Hace 5 horas
This is gonna kill her career. Drop the politics. Promoting Fake news
Zack Nall
Zack Nall Hace 5 horas
think she was smarter as an addict.
Nathan McDaniel
Nathan McDaniel Hace 5 horas
Ben Shapiro did it better
Tyson Hace 5 horas
Trump 2020
Brendanov2009 Hace 5 horas
Something tells me the number of plays on this song doesn’t add up 🤔,
Roli Singh
Roli Singh Hace 5 horas
Wingates Thaís
Wingates Thaís Hace 5 horas
Engraçado como são todos diferentes e todos parecem brasileiros
Aubrey Olsen
Aubrey Olsen Hace 5 horas
Mexican bisexual woman here for Trump ❤️❤️❤️
Garrett Welton
Garrett Welton Hace 5 horas
So brave for a woman in Hollywood to stand against the current
Karaoke Kookie
Karaoke Kookie Hace 5 horas
Look at the 43k snowflakes! 😃🙃
Trey World02
Trey World02 Hace 5 horas
She don’t know anything about what’s going on these communities. I hate these types of celebrities roll around in there money and she trying to do it for more attention to her career and this might hurt it
Alec Antonio
Alec Antonio Hace 6 horas
David Holzer
David Holzer Hace 6 horas
i don't agree with the message at all but i'll admit it's a good song and done well as a standalone song
Allison Popper
Allison Popper Hace 6 horas
And it is true everything you’re saying
Allison Popper
Allison Popper Hace 6 horas
So in love!!
TheVoiceInTheWilderness Hace 6 horas
This is obviously directed at D. Trump, but the message was actually accurate and applicable to the last 4 administrations, at least, to a despicable level, yet everyone wants to put that blame and scapegoat Trump. DID YOU KNOW THAT DONALD J. TRUMP DOESN'T TAKE EVEN HIS WHITE HOUSE PAY CHECK, BUT PUTS IT BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY!? People are being brainwashed by their government enemies to be enemies of their ally and friend Trump. Where was this message for years when real enemies of the people and the usa were in office? 🤮
lel mem
lel mem Hace 5 horas
yea cause his net worth is 3.1 billion
Zack Nichols
Zack Nichols Hace 6 horas
How is a guy who is already rich "lining his pockets"? You should be worried about the people who become millionaires while they are in public office. Half of the comments are orange man and half are about Nigeria. Interesting comment section. Demi Lovato belongs in Target and Kohl's as the uninspired background music 🎶
Matthew Galter
Matthew Galter Hace 7 horas
I absolutely love the 1 note melody, it's just so full... Btw, u know there are gay people who are actually masculine, I hope, right...
Emilia Rodriguez
Emilia Rodriguez Hace 7 horas
When u come back to take a break from the second presidenta debate.....
Victoria Trujillo Sarabia
Victoria Trujillo Sarabia Hace 7 horas
Mexico is suffered and this song really describe it. Thank u Demi, I can’t love you more.
Valentina gamers
Valentina gamers Hace 7 horas
VAWN Hace 7 horas
I can’t wait for yall Hollyweirdos to go to GITMO
PDUB ! Hace 7 horas
People are dying like all year every year for century’s brah!
Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie Hace 7 horas
"As of: 10/22/2020... "Donald Trump & The Republican Party... "HAVE MURERED" "225,241" AMERICAN'S" "Days Left To Stop... "American's From Dying... "13" "They didn't let Covid dominate their life's... "Trump & The Republican Party... "MURERED THEM" "Stop Trump & The Republican Party" "From Killing & Holding American's Hostage... "Let's Not Forget: On 03/2/2020... "Trump's Comments on Covid-19... "There's no need to panic" "This is something that's being handled professionally" "The Democrats are using the outbreak to try to hurt me politically... "Vote Trump & The Republican Party... "Out of office this November... "American Lives Depend On It... P.O.W. M.I.A. Never Forget
Cole Jones
Cole Jones Hace 7 horas
Trump works for free..... #trump2020
lel mem
lel mem Hace 4 horas
@Cole Jones im so confused but i really dont care so cool!
Cole Jones
Cole Jones Hace 5 horas
@lel mem taken a terrorist that was put on terrorist watchlist by Obama himself.
lel mem
lel mem Hace 5 horas
@Cole Jones idk didnt he like almost start a war with iran
Cole Jones
Cole Jones Hace 5 horas
@lel mem so he's not collecting money during the pandemic. He's not lining his pockets like demi lovato is telling everyone. Trump has been a great president but no one sees the good past the made up bs.
lel mem
lel mem Hace 5 horas
yuh cause he gots like 3.1 billion dollars right
Chandra Heidel
Chandra Heidel Hace 7 horas
Okay, but orange-man-bad doesn't "line his pockets". He doesn't take a salary.
LetArtsLive Hace 7 horas
Is this about the United States president or Nigeria? Reminds me of mine
Rei Hace 7 horas
24 76
24 76 Hace 7 horas
I don't know why people are so mad lmao, politicians are mean to work for their people, if you need to defend them then they're doing something wrong
robotics13 Hace 7 horas
Thank you.
Katie Burns
Katie Burns Hace 7 horas
I hope boris Johnson is listening to this after deciding to take away free school meals today. This will impact the lowest income families the hardest. Why should children stave?
Benjamin Toole
Benjamin Toole Hace 8 horas
What is this song even about? Lol
Irene Marie
Irene Marie Hace 8 horas
Wow! That was deep! 😥
Benjamin Toole
Benjamin Toole Hace 8 horas
What is this song even about? Lol
Freddy FuFu
Freddy FuFu Hace 8 horas
Celebrities know what's best!
Marilyn Smith
Marilyn Smith Hace 8 horas
solo hay que analizar porque muchos abandonan su pais para dar su vida en USA? porque muchos sistemas de gobiernos son mas malo que el de Los Estados Unidos de America. Biden es baboso y esta afiliado al gobierno cubano y no le interesa que 11 millones de cubanos estan viviendo la miseria bajo ese regimen. Las ideas de Biden son 💯comunistas
Marilyn Smith
Marilyn Smith Hace 8 horas
You just have to analyze why many leave their country to give their lives in the USA? because many systems of governments are worse than that of the United States of America. Biden is slimy and is affiliated with the Cuban government and does not care that 11 million Cubans are living misery under that regime. Biden's ideas are 💯communist. TRUMP 2020
Roxanne Louise
Roxanne Louise Hace 8 horas
Oh look it's the refrigerator thinking she has a good song go back to your refrigerator... No one cares what a fat drug addict has to say...
Nina L
Nina L Hace 8 horas
I love her voice so much
Nina L
Nina L Hace 8 horas
I got chill
JT B Hace 8 horas
1:24 Tight Eyez!!!
Yana Hace 8 horas
its sad, she knows she is forced to make this propaganda music.
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