Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 6th Mini Album [Dystopia : Road to Utopia] Highlight Medley

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Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 6th Mini Album [Dystopia : Road to Utopia] Highlight Medley
2021. 01. 26 PM 18:00
Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 6th Mini Album [Dystopia : Road to Utopia] Release.
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Lyla 12
Lyla 12 Hace un día
Cant get you out of my mind and 4memory always had a special place in my heart even after all these bops came out💜💜🖤🖤
gabriela a
gabriela a Hace 6 días
album of the year 😩😩
Kpop Lover ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭
Kpop Lover ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭ Hace 7 días
성이름 Hace 12 días
컴백시기.....잘 좀 맞춰주라........하루뒤에 아이유는 심했지
Røes Øasis
Røes Øasis Hace 18 días
This is materpiece
Raiz Hamzah
Raiz Hamzah Hace un mes
This is such an AMAZING album. AOTY🔥
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hace un mes
You’re not gonna want to be late for this masterpiece!! 🖤❤️💛
Hamzah 8000
Hamzah 8000 Hace un mes
LEEZ and OLLOUNDER are doing such a great job like 😍
Hamzah 8000
Hamzah 8000 Hace un mes
This is such an AWESOME ALBUM
Saad Suod
Saad Suod Hace un mes
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hace un mes
They deserve more😭💜
angel number 13
angel number 13 Hace un mes
lemme just give an award to their producers for making these songs and dreamcatcher many many awards🏆🏆🏆💖
armeena Hace un mes
nice 400k views
Zyan NZ
Zyan NZ Hace un mes
The instrumental is a must have/listen
Emma Windflower
Emma Windflower Hace un mes
I don't wanna be mean, dreamcatcher is my favourite groups, but don't some of their b-sides sound way too similar to b-sides from previous albums ?
Dreamcatcher is My world
Dreamcatcher is My world Hace 11 días
their albums have the most versatile songs imo
Dreamcatcher is My world
Dreamcatcher is My world Hace 11 días
Whatever the melody or anything else, some do resemble their older songs like the structure of song or have some same background instrumentals but that doesn't mean they sound similar, they just resemble
armeena Hace un mes
@Emma Windflower what song
Emma Windflower
Emma Windflower Hace un mes
@armeena by melody... The melody sounds really similar...
armeena Hace un mes
maybe its the genres (?)
layla A
layla A Hace un mes
How kpop only wants pop songs and girly vibes .... When this Vibe and IS MADE BY GIRLS ? like please give them the first win!!! Show those people rock can take a win as well.
Dongsoosookie Hace un mes
I love dami bruh like i don’t what she did to me but I cant get over her, nor Dreamcatcher like this god damn group as a whole is powerful I have no idea how they haven’t gotten their first win yet
نور عدنان
نور عدنان Hace un mes
wow girl wow so cool
drunk croissant
drunk croissant Hace un mes
so much musical flexibility! love the concept.
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
but every comeback makes me feel like it's my first comeback with them.
I Sha
I Sha Hace un mes
They deserve to win!!!! There is no skip button for their songs!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Glad to learn about them
Jono DiStefano
Jono DiStefano Hace un mes
The intro is the most famous one if all
Darkside Hace un mes
Why am i here after the album release!!
armeena Hace un mes
road to utopia aoty
armeena Hace un mes
odd eye soty
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
poison love soty
Dani el
Dani el Hace un mes
The audacity of this highlight medley to surprise us with the abundant of Handong's lines
Anjana Hace un mes
They deserve more😭💜
alexita girl flow
alexita girl flow Hace un mes
Dreamcatcher Reynas 2021 de Dreamcatcher
Cho_ SooYon
Cho_ SooYon Hace un mes
Cho_ SooYon
Cho_ SooYon Hace un mes
DHnimm Hace un mes
Zenur is the person who worked with Woong (ab6ix) for "Moondance" I think
Kpop Love_Forever
Kpop Love_Forever Hace un mes
좋다 좋아!!
Kpop Love_Forever
Kpop Love_Forever Hace un mes
Insomnia, let's go for the first win by DREAMCATCHER
dream Catcher
dream Catcher Hace un mes
Last 3 mins
BobCaterpillar Hace un mes
Si Tua Teratas
Si Tua Teratas Hace un mes
Less than 20 minutes more #InSomnia RAWR!!! Here's some stats to get you motivated, uber hyped and ready to fight:- [HANTEO] Dreamcatcher is now occupying the 1st and 2nd place on the Hanteo Chart! They are reflecting 22,636 sales so far! (59 minutes ago). [GAON] Dreamcatcher remaining at #1 on the Gaon Retail Album Chart but has jumped again to 10,265 sales ahead of their album release!!!! (2 hours ago] Source:- @7_DREAMERS twitter (search and follow!) So we're doing good so far on the albums' front. Now we need to bring in the muscle to our digitals' battle. Don't forget about GENIE MUSIC's utube channel YES WE NEED ODD EYE MV THERE TO BE ALMOST OR EQUAL TO this official channel's numbers remember. Those who're already on Bugs and Melon teams can proceed whenever you want/can after the drop + showcase. Those who can and have the time, join this don't slack off don't give up never surrender. LET'S BRING IT FOR OUR QUEENS!!! #드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher #Dystopia #Road_to_Utopia #오드아이 #Odd_Eye #Malaysia #Deukae #MV #teaser02 #JIU #SUA #SIYEON #HANDONG #YOOHYEON #DAMI #GAHYEON
Ai Ling Teoh
Ai Ling Teoh Hace un mes
Seriously as long as the girls make money and become financially ok I don' t care if they have a win. A win would be a feather on their cap. They are the only GG who can compete in dance moves with BG. Cannot think of any other GG who have the energy and presence.
jisoolands Hace un mes
their discography NEVER disappoints
jisoolands Hace un mes
this album AOTY
jisoolands Hace un mes
poison love soty
jisoolands Hace un mes
wind blows sounds so good
Nurul Fatihah Mohd Sapuan
Nurul Fatihah Mohd Sapuan Hace un mes
The ultimate mv is coming guysss
Si Tua Teratas
Si Tua Teratas Hace un mes
Less than 2 hours away #InSomnia so get your shit together and let's FIGHT this right. Please please PLEASE look for @7_DREAMERS on twitter and follow for support guides, let's get this win for our queens HWAITING!!! #드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher #Deukae #Dystopia #Road_to_Utopia #오드아이 #album #Odd_Eye #OddEyeIsComing #world #JIU #SUA #SIYEON #HANDONG #YOOHYEON #DAMI #GAHYEON #music #pop #rock #kpop #stream
ry like ryebread
ry like ryebread Hace un mes
were almost there!!! so excited!!!!!!!
JAYZER KIM Hace un mes
Neverland here to support comeback of dreamcatcher guysss fighting stream hard INSOMNIALAND FOREVER
Ro j1702
Ro j1702 Hace un mes
handong baby so cute we miss u omg im not prepared this gonna be legendary
fire4wd Hace un mes
A big round of applause to Leez ad Ollounder, 8th and 9th member of Dreamcatcher!!! Another amazing job!
Blah Nana
Blah Nana Hace un mes
Dreamcatcher should be in jail because they stole my breath away AGAIN
은아루 Hace un mes
동이도 합류한 드캐 완전체! 기대기대. 😉
Stan Dreamcatcher, StanTalent
Stan Dreamcatcher, StanTalent Hace un mes
One thing: *S O T Y*
kimaaashfloss Hace un mes
Finally We Saw Handong
EvilTauro Hace un mes
guys lets get them their win chall we? They deserve it ..... They have work hard not only the working part but their songs are actualy realy cachi an beautiful... simple as this for the people who are thinking of geting in to dreamcacher if you love rock, kpop, as i do then start right now waching their MV you are missing out big time go right now an comeback here an tell me what you fell waching them sing,dance, an ofcourse they have a Plus funny as hell jaja
Erdy Jan Medrano
Erdy Jan Medrano Hace un mes
Can't get enough of Siyeon's high note 😭😍
UsedTampon Hace un mes
the servery that is coming... im not ready
Maya_ Littleloona
Maya_ Littleloona Hace un mes
Dreamcatcher wish is to have their first win let’s make it happen!
Triplet Hace un mes
Memory and New Day are gonna slap hard
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
Y’all I’m so excited yet scared idk why scared I just am
주네 Hace un mes
이번 타이틀곡 너무 좋다..... 취적ㅠㅠㅠ
InSomnia YAH
InSomnia YAH Hace un mes
InSomnias, here's a str3m!ng guide by 7Dreamers. DO •make sure you're logged in on your youtube account, manually search the mv, watch it, like, and comment •make sure to watch the mv in full. you can watch the ads or skip them as you prefer (but i recommend not to skip ads uwu) •make sure you're watching the mv at 480p or higher •make sure to watch 2-3 other videos from different channels between each view •if you use different browsers to str3am, make sure you are logged in on different accounts on each browsers DON'T •don't use a playlist to str3am the mv for at least the first 24 hours •don't fast forward nor skip ahead, don't mute the video •don't use multiple tabs, use different browsers, don't use too many accounts on one ip •comment but don't spam, avoid using the words 'str3am' and v!ews' •don't repeat the video right after it ends nor set it to loop as this won't count let's try to reach at least 8-10m v!ews in 24 hours and, we can do this! please do remember to also str3am on GENIE's channel
Jan Brianna Buan
Jan Brianna Buan Hace un mes
Hi there..I think I'm a new insomnia? I still need to learn how to differentiate each member with the other better but for know I know that I love them and their music! Fighting to these girls right here and to us as well, Let's give them their first win! ps: can someone tell me why....was it..Handong? that isn't here, why is she not here and in boca as well? (+ scream I think but I'm not so sure?) edit: my dubass didn't see her here lmaooo, hooray this is my first comeback and it's OT7 great!
now lomme
now lomme Hace un mes
Welcomeeeeee! Im happy to have you hereee❤️❤️
Chloe B
Chloe B Hace un mes
Ooh welcome fellow InSomnia ♡♡
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
First welcome to the dream world and handong wasn’t present for scream and Boca because she was competing in youth with you two (the show that Lisa from Blackpink help mentor in) but she is finally back! I would recommend checking out insomnicy’s This is: series to better get to know the members and their personalities. If you want I could link it for you
İnSomnıa Hace un mes
I can't for Dami and Gahyeon's rap verses
rosie`_suzume Hace un mes
We made 900k subbies!! wooo dreamcatcher!!
Sheza Chowdhury (STUDENT)
Sheza Chowdhury (STUDENT) Hace un mes
Highlight Medley 0:12: 01. Intro 0:22: 02. Odd Eye (Title) 0:48: 03. Wind Blows 1:11: 04. Poison Love 1:28: 05. 4 Memory 1:58: 06. New Days 2:16: 07. Odd Eye (Inst.)
Ryujin's Trash
Ryujin's Trash Hace un mes
I'm ready!!
Rafaela Silva
Rafaela Silva Hace un mes
I'm already in love with every song 😍
hiddenmoomoo 1
hiddenmoomoo 1 Hace un mes
Amei poison love!^^ Acho que vai ser 1° das preferidas
* clapeyon
* clapeyon Hace un mes
노래가 다 좋네요
somniarmy Hace un mes
If y'all are new to voting and getting them their first win check out @7_dreamers InSomnia fanbase twitter account they have guides to help you with different music shows/apps
somniarmy Hace un mes
Remember: Mv: 6pm kst (around 11 hrs from now) Showcase: 7pm kst on the mmt website
shelterd Newb
shelterd Newb Hace un mes
Can't wait for Odd Eye! And Poison Love sounds lit
Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666
Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666 Hace un mes
Otro album de buena calidad. YAS DC
정파랑 Hace un mes
미쳤나봐 진짜 ㅠ ㅠ 빨리 나와♡
David Hace un mes
New Days sounds a lot like R.o.S.E. Blue
radim Hace un mes
mini album of the year
Demi Pride
Demi Pride Hace un mes
Can't wait for it!!
sofia gilardi
sofia gilardi Hace un mes
INSOMNIAS. Don't be disrespectful to other artist just to let Dreamcatcher stand out. I've seen so many comments from insomnias saying cuestionable things about Rose's solo, Bobby and IU's comeback. We don't need disrespectful, mean, inmature and toxic fans herr. We know that our girls are amazing, and all of us want them to finally have their first win, but it is not a good way to promote them. Be humble and don't try to sabotagge other artists. If you see a post of Rose's solo or another notice, just support it or shut up your BOCA. Thank you 🖤
sofia gilardi
sofia gilardi Hace un mes
@Jeana Bradbury i was talking about fans or trolls who says that are insomnias, who find a post about another artist (not Dreamcatcher) and saying bad things or bringing Dreamcatcher out of context in the comment section. I've seen a lot of them.
Jeana Bradbury
Jeana Bradbury Hace un mes
When I posted about Rose I was not being disrespectful. But if they’re are heavy hitter performing we need to step up our game. I now know “ The Show” is the name of Black Pink’s personal show.
Gary R.
Gary R. Hace un mes
BP's online concert is called "The Show"
Chloe B
Chloe B Hace un mes
Of course, only immature fans and trolls would do this
Mariam fdn
Mariam fdn Hace un mes
@sofia gilardi so it wont effect us i hope so
Mike DeLaire
Mike DeLaire Hace un mes
I feel like I did as a kid on December 24th! Gonna be hard to get to sleep tonight. Lol
헛차 Hace un mes
나 설레서 잠이 안 와 얼른 풀곡 듣고싶다
now lomme
now lomme Hace un mes
*_* Corumeach
*_* Corumeach Hace un mes
Pre-ordered and waiting in excitement now.
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
@*_* Corumeach cool I got that one and r version
*_* Corumeach
*_* Corumeach Hace un mes
@Chark Jake Limited
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
What version(s)?
Si Tua Teratas
Si Tua Teratas Hace un mes
We gonna get our queens that win. [KTOWN4U] Road to Utopia has exceeded 33,000 sales on Ktown4u daily chart!!!! Source : 7_DREAMERS Twitter So tomorrow don't forget to s3am here in the official Deukae AND on Genie chan's full Odd Eye MV uploads. Break BOCA MV 1st day views by breaking this internet if we must! Get on twitter and look for how to help with digital s3ams like Bugs or Melon. Collect voting tokens on voting apps. #Dreamcatcher #드림캐쳐 #Dystopia #Road_to_Utopia
Rena T.
Rena T. Hace un mes
Poison love sounds such a hot vibee
nAd Hace un mes
Nobody ganna talk about the pictures in here tho? Like dang 😳
Trisha Hemor
Trisha Hemor Hace un mes
miriam nurr
miriam nurr Hace un mes
Hepsi şaheser
miriam nurr
miriam nurr Hace un mes
Less than 24hr
Dreamcatcher_world_domination Hace un mes
한국팬들은 디지털 스코어, 지니, 버그, 멜론, 그리고 투표하는 것을 도와주세요! 정말 감사합니다, 화이팅! 💕
ಥ‿ಥ Tiarra
ಥ‿ಥ Tiarra Hace un mes
OMG! poison love ಥ‿ಥ
Philou 🇫🇷
Philou 🇫🇷 Hace un mes
Poison Love is going to be THAT bside song
Айдана Ибраим
Айдана Ибраим Hace un mes
Если дримкэтчер не возьмут свою первую награду, то можно смело говорить что этот мир прогнил, и ничего не осталось кроме страданий
Amanda M
Amanda M Hace un mes
Ok, but despite the immaculate discography, they always have such beautiful photo books, like??? Stan or die dude, Dreamcatcher is serving!
Boostrap Hace un mes
Break kpop stereotype
Konoton Hace un mes
now lomme
now lomme Hace un mes
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
Happy belated(?) birthday
InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER Hace un mes
@Chloe B I hope he/she would tell me that DC already got first win 😂
Chloe B
Chloe B Hace un mes
@InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER homeboi/girl is back from the futureeee
Konoton Hace un mes
@InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER i guess so but like I wanted to boost this by commenting and this teaser was actually released on my bday and I am also so hyped for dreamcatcher, so you could take this as a past- present tense post :V
Starlighteyes Hace un mes
aaaah so close to the release
Giedre .G
Giedre .G Hace un mes
They're definitely unique and I love it (just like OnlyOneOf that is also wonderful group).
aprillia shanesia
aprillia shanesia Hace un mes
First win coming soon 😍
now lomme
now lomme Hace un mes
precious gahyeonnie
precious gahyeonnie Hace un mes
*immediatley pre-ordered*
??? Hace un mes
New days is a bit like tension
Alex Armanto Hoe behavior
Alex Armanto Hoe behavior Hace un mes
All the ppl saying they should get a win and liking those comments. Yall better b voting as enthusiastically as ur commenting.
Débora Ferreira
Débora Ferreira Hace un mes
And most important: streaming
- マチルデ.
- マチルデ. Hace un mes
is it me or wind blows sounds like a song that would be in h20? (that series of girls that become mermaids if u don't know)
Chark Jake
Chark Jake Hace un mes
I can kinda see it
은하아수우 Hace un mes
드캐 컴백 한다아 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏
주운'Joowoon Hace un mes
올만에 완전체 기대된당 울 드캐짱!!
23 1
23 1 Hace un mes
시간의틈 너무 듣고싶다ㅠㅠ
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✩‧₊ dreamcatcher playlist ☾
Naim Darrechi - Topic
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Blue Side by j-hope
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