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2020 World Championship Knockouts #Worlds2020
DAMWON Gaming vs. G2 Esports
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Patrick Severich
Patrick Severich Hace 7 días
Ideias radicais
A Khun
A Khun Hace 27 días
Dam they won
Kams Gaming
Kams Gaming Hace 27 días
Why G2 lose
윤성호 Hace 27 días
이게 담원이고 LCK다 이새끼들아
Γιαννης Βουδιωτης
Γιαννης Βουδιωτης Hace 28 días
Drakos if g2 is the best team that your region is produced, why they didn't win yet worlds???
Walid Rek
Walid Rek Hace 29 días
hi my name is kira yoshikage and i love hands
Chang Márk
Chang Márk Hace un mes
Sok veréb kínai
Jay Hace un mes
I like how EU fans in comment section are justifying bad casters by saying "But Korean casters are biased too". Do you know Korean? How are you so sure? Or you are just justifying it using whataboutism and arguing in bad faith? I am so glad their team is out of finals. Most toxic fans.
오정빈 Hace 29 días
Yeah. Actually korean casters on this match said that g2 is great team and although they lost, we should respect them
Alejandro Melguizo
Alejandro Melguizo Hace un mes
G2 look like they don’t even care
GasBalla Hace un mes
3:58:32 team mites
TIME CAPSULE Hace un mes
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋG2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ CUT
jp realcubo
jp realcubo Hace un mes
MID GAP ^~^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
응 노잼이야
응 노잼이야 Hace un mes
Casters were so awful lmao
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing Hace un mes
2:19:42 Seems personal for you too, loser.
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing Hace un mes
Caster crying at end btw, annoying
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing Hace un mes
5:00:55 "they can look for a second tower" little did they know it was the game winning push lmao
Dongseop Lee
Dongseop Lee Hace un mes
I see few Korean comments being rude and immature trying to tease G2 and Eu. As a Korean, let me apologize for them being like baby sh**. I am sorry, and please dont assume all Koreans are like them. Thanks for the great game G2. GG
TonRminSky Hace 29 días
Alejandro Melguizo
Alejandro Melguizo Hace un mes
1:28:47 what headset is that?
gulaschgeneral Hace un mes
srsly who likes G2? such an arrogant team, especially caps and perks. i watch every LEC game but i cheered for DWG
N Bridgeman
N Bridgeman Hace un mes
TES v SN be like *hello SwordArt my old friend...* *I've come to play with you again...*
Capital ism
Capital ism Hace un mes
dwg >>>> gap >>>>>> all
Pearce Hace un mes
명승민 Hace un mes
I think T1 overrated
Huh Hace un mes
kono giorno giovanna have a dream
Matt Sweeney
Matt Sweeney Hace un mes
I'm disappointed. I was hoping to watch G2 go 0-3 in the finals again.
다패는사람 Hace un mes
Lamba YLD
Lamba YLD Hace un mes
When the bottom text is the same
Amber Dai
Amber Dai Hace un mes
Amber Dai
Amber Dai Hace un mes
G2, our LPL friend lost. We'll win the final
Adam Kołodziejczyk
Adam Kołodziejczyk Hace un mes
I had better game on saturday with silver players than last one from here. Worlds this year is far worse than year ago.
aphrex Hace un mes
1:56:50 Shortcut to game 1
띠요오옹 Hace un mes
Navi Hace un mes
5:08:56 Back to you G2!
Phan The Trung Nguyen
Phan The Trung Nguyen Hace un mes
Didn't know Kindred ult can make herald survive his charge
Shawn McLean
Shawn McLean Hace un mes
Is there a tool you can run videos through which removes dialect and speech sounds based on gender?
Jed Caasi
Jed Caasi Hace un mes
Frosk, I don''t think Drakos isn't any excited for Damwon to ascend as you are because he is a salty EU fan and it shows on cast. So disappointing. Lacks professionalism.
reesse k
reesse k Hace un mes
this is the best seeing g2 loss. coz im tired with the g2 fans yapping about g2 will be the champs
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Hace un mes
2:11:15 sexually powerful
Raphael Schmidt
Raphael Schmidt Hace un mes
Everyone complaining about biased casting. Disagreed
Raphael Schmidt
Raphael Schmidt Hace un mes
@Kaia LeeI lol am lol not
Kaia Lee
Kaia Lee Hace un mes
if you're an eu fan that's expected lol
choi 1234
choi 1234 Hace un mes
After ruining worlds final by getting 0-3ed evrytime LEC is back in its place.
Muhammad Adam
Muhammad Adam Hace un mes
letsss see how damwon mess SN noww LOL XD
Happy Poop
Happy Poop Hace 27 días
well xD its messed af at last game
Vitrio Wibisono
Vitrio Wibisono Hace un mes
Yesss bye2 caps and g2
Emmanuel Nuevo
Emmanuel Nuevo Hace un mes
Can we please request atleast lck or lpl casters in finals, at least???
Frandahab Hace un mes
Please no, get unbiased ppl, put flowers there
liverpool리버풀 Hace un mes
kage grandchase
kage grandchase Hace un mes
Game 4 is speed run
김대현 Hace un mes
"Caps lock"
서현준 Hace un mes
2:19:44 showmaker!!
hao chen
hao chen Hace un mes
I feel like...it’s not a S10 game, it’s a normal rank game...that u play at home..
J L Hace un mes
EU casters are the worst. So biased.
wolfemcbane Hace un mes
you ain’t seen nothing yet /r/leagueoflegends save us festpars
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
1:33:12 this aged well
Hamlet Knight
Hamlet Knight Hace un mes
It's disappointing how far the casting has fallen for league...
황대일 Hace un mes
so where is the highlight? i need a time list.
Alexander Malone
Alexander Malone Hace un mes
g2 picking sylas in game 4 is literally them bashing their head against a wall repeatedly hoping something different will happen each time
Ondra Suchomel
Ondra Suchomel Hace un mes
Start to play 3rd place match pleeeease !! 😬😬😬
박지우 Hace un mes
im so proud of dwg. our boys very good gamer. g2 was good player too! Last game is LEGEND, my eyes blessed
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
53:45 need the name of this theme please
johnlloyd hatico
johnlloyd hatico Hace un mes
I really hope nuguri lifts the cup i can see in his eyes he has the potentiaol
Eduardo J López Morin
Eduardo J López Morin Hace un mes
Who are the person's behind the players? Coach?
ᄒᄉᄒ Hace un mes
김정우 Hace un mes
g2 1903
Tomek Madera
Tomek Madera Hace un mes
Funny how G2 fans never hate other teams or fans but there's a lot ppl just hating G2. Time to learn something guys. Enjoy the game. Don't make hate.
박지우 Hace un mes
@Tomek Madera i wish u read comments and feel something for your social life.. Seriously, No one wants friends that not enjoying. haha little boy :) I can hear u very upset and destroying your pillow until kr. keke ke ! XP
Tomek Madera
Tomek Madera Hace un mes
@박지우 You see that is what im trying to point. Your comment is cynical, almost close to toxic. It's huge difference between making jokes and hate speech. Try to understand my friend. You will be happier and your life will be better.
박지우 Hace un mes
How fun
박지우 Hace un mes
you should go to see how g2 tell lck and other teams on Twitter. oh my.. you really dont know that?
Khánh Ngô
Khánh Ngô Hace un mes
SN 3 0 DAM
Liz Villegas
Liz Villegas Hace un mes
Watched this as a neutral and I feel like the casting kind of ruined the experience. Drakos more so than Frosk. I get having a region bias, but not to the point that you sound like a dejected anchor reporting bad news, and can't be hyped for the winning team who are playing beautifully.
pepega clapper
pepega clapper Hace 29 días
I would have liked Yamato on the casting team or any LCK person so that there would be one LEC and one LCK caster. Even if he doesn't have proper casting experience, he would have been miles better than whatever Drakos and Frosk showed up with. And he's used to "casting" games on his personal stream anyways. Plus he has scrimmed DWG in LCK, so he knows what he's working with. Riot has to use their own assets, so fat chance unfortunately.
Louis Misson
Louis Misson Hace un mes
He looked like he was trying not to cry after getting return bm-ed
Syned Hace un mes
totally agree, didnt feel like a "worlds 2020 SEMI FINALS series", felt like LEC first match of the spring
Red Hiding Hood
Red Hiding Hood Hace un mes
Thank god we won't have another 3-0 finals. Korea can actually challenge china unlike europe
김관무 Hace un mes
Europe teams 🍴😋
Boom Chun
Boom Chun Hace un mes
2:19:43 급발진ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Der Fliegende Mocca
Der Fliegende Mocca Hace un mes
2:00:35 omega flash
Jennyrelax Hace un mes
kelvin delallana
kelvin delallana Hace un mes
If only CaptainFlowers and Kobe casted this game ...
임채빈 Hace un mes
Caps Lock
Camille's Thighs
Camille's Thighs Hace un mes
1:02:12 *Who tf is this mannequin*
Asaad Aljaroudi
Asaad Aljaroudi Hace un mes
Whats the song 5:16:20
ENT Hace un mes
Let me know if you find it, i am searching for it as well :(
Satsuma Hace un mes
Damwon's dominance reminds me alot of the former greatness of SKT.
도와줘 Hace un mes
18 루키
더듬어만진당 Hace un mes
game2 nuguri wrong pick
jh k
jh k Hace un mes
just 'MID GAP' ^^
Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills Hace un mes
Not a fan of vedius. He’s so biased and annoying to listen to.
Oscar Larsen
Oscar Larsen Hace un mes
@Nasir Jones i love Quickshot. I don't watch LCK, so i don't know much about Atlus
GZaGS Hace un mes
@Nasir Jones nope. Papasmithy. Atlus and flowers are good. All of lpl are terrible and only half the games are in english. Yamato is a good analyst, and frosk isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, she just gets hated on cause she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But substantively she is alright. Kobe I can stand on occasion, and the Korean guy in lck would be better if his English were better. Everyone else is terrible
Nasir Jones
Nasir Jones Hace un mes
@Oscar Larsen I believe that the best casters are by far Atlus and Quickshot
Justin Witte
Justin Witte Hace un mes
Muted the whole time. I agree completely
What is up Y’all
What is up Y’all Hace un mes
They are both american (drakos and frosk) and vedius is from uk lol . not even from eu
Joseph Wong
Joseph Wong Hace un mes
looking back at the early analysis how they hype Caps sylas and how not to give Sylas to caps.... but that's not against Showmaker and the whole DWG.
SS4 Dr
SS4 Dr Hace un mes
he looks so sad 5:03:46
Alden Audric Matondo
Alden Audric Matondo Hace un mes
Nuguri flash shield lmao
ZookaPlays Hace un mes
What more is there to say, *"REGION GAP"*
dsa ds
dsa ds Hace 27 días
He if kor
Malek Mahadeen
Malek Mahadeen Hace 28 días
dradamov Hace un mes
"Region diff, gg"
Raven Sanchez
Raven Sanchez Hace un mes
20 19: 0-3 Wow the message HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Rees Silver
Rees Silver Hace un mes
5:02:29 K-Dab
Nine Orchid
Nine Orchid Hace un mes
What did I say? Almost perfect pick'ems!
뚱이 Hace un mes
Have G2 ever won a world? Answer: No
??? Hace un mes
Are G2 nerds ever going to win? Answer:Never
쩝쩝쩝 Hace un mes
The casters are madly biased duh
Jimmy jim
Jimmy jim Hace un mes
Looks like the only thing NA has on the other regions are the casters
허기영 Hace un mes
Don't get angry, G2 fans. It is natural for the weak team to lose to the strong team. 😜
허기영 Hace un mes
@김병현 내알아할게 병헌아
김병현 Hace un mes
기영아 좀 .. 나대지마.. 가만히 있으면 반이라도 간다
7mean7bunny7 Hace un mes
The thing I absolutely love about DWG and G2 is their fighting spirit. I know this is just speculation, but I still choose to believe this. It has been a trait of the very best to want to go next once you know a game is lost and since you can't surrender, and because surrendering is for cowards, they just run at the enemy, going down in a blaze of glory. You really think Nuguri was just "getting caught" in that Fiora game over and over? I disagree, I think he was wanting to go next, maybe his team disagreed, but Nuguri personally wanted to go next. Because he was already burning to have the opportunity to destroy his opponent again. Why is he so eager to go next? Because he is confident. Confidence is something G2 brought to the LEC and Western esports and recently Fnatic has joined in as well. G2 in my opinion is one of the first teams in history to open mid on stage without actually opening mid. Not because they are bad, but because they are so confident in their abilities, they know the next game will be won. It is such a pleasure to get to witness the best of the West clash with the best from the East. It really shows you even though there is a language barrier, there is so much we have in common. We all love League of Legends and we all have that pride and fighting spirit. Yet at the end of the day, it is all fun and games while getting paid. Nobody at Worlds is losing in my personal opinion. How many years until Braum gets a Worlds skin? That is the real question, Ladies and Gentleman.
Lotus Shadow
Lotus Shadow Hace 27 días
They know the next game will be won.... uh no
K 14 02 03
K 14 02 03 Hace un mes
G2, aka “Gold 2”, named after their players average skill level. They are currently the best team in EU and are best known for their inting midlaner, CRAPS, and their inability to defeat PVB, Vietnam’s worst team.
Lawrence Ly
Lawrence Ly Hace un mes
It's kinda annoying how the casters mentioned how great g2 was in game 2 and only really talked about damwons bm and that g2 underperformed. They did mention that damwon did great, obviously cuz they won so hard but I feel like they talked more about caps than any other player.
reesse k
reesse k Hace un mes
you know it english "Analyst" = bias
Mark Walden
Mark Walden Hace un mes
Didnt the girl praise DWG constantly in game 3?
Hitesh Rajput
Hitesh Rajput Hace un mes
G2 was a little fish for DWG ! DWG is World Championship in Advance
jonathan maynez
jonathan maynez Hace un mes
tagal naman
Baygee Bob
Baygee Bob Hace un mes
g2 is boosted lmao
임윤건 Hace un mes
Now Lck will be the first league
Kosuke Baruch
Kosuke Baruch Hace un mes
*G* arbage *G* one
Hardish Panesar
Hardish Panesar Hace un mes
Fastest game in worlds history!!!!
파샤샥 Hace un mes
2:19:40 Lol
yuk h
yuk h Hace un mes
If you have a low level of skill, even if t1 comes, g2 is 3:0 Because Genji has a win rate of less than 10% for t1.
브렛앤더슨 Hace un mes
브렛앤더슨 Hace un mes
@헥창늬달리 싸가지 없다는 은어입니다...장난으로 쓰기도 하는데 문제는 캐스터가 흥분하며 길게 설명했고 실제로 1셋 끝나고 그 발언한 분은 2셋부터 해설 중지되었습니다.
이욱호 Hace un mes
bad manner 인듯하네요 느낌상 아니면 죄송
헥창늬달리 Hace un mes
That is bm???? 이게 뭔뜻인가요???
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