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Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time.
Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links:
English Only:
English + Chinese Translation:
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R. S.
R. S. Hace un hora
Take me 6 months to understand what he's saying!
Canal Italianizando
Canal Italianizando Hace un hora
Yeezy 700
Yeezy 700 Hace 2 horas
The valuable goose neurobiologically waste because cent biomechanically sniff round a holistic period. fuzzy , impartial popcorn
Krasivaya Maria
Krasivaya Maria Hace 9 horas
I'm learning Russian very slowly. Я не понимаю Русский.
Anh Andy
Anh Andy Hace 11 horas
I like how ESpost suggested me this video after 7 years; however, I just have a question: how can I find myself language parents, or an environment where I can use Japanese or English to communicate? I'm Vietnamese and living in Vietnam, I've study English for a couple of years and I've just started learning Japanese by Duolingo for 3 days. I utterly want to master a new language fast.
Oh Hansel
Oh Hansel Hace 12 horas
As a man finally starting to truly see the light at the end of the tunnel after 4 years of scary depression, this excites the heck out of me as I am so ready to find the diamond within. I've been learning guitar and to draw, both being so healing. Finally learning to speak a second language would take things to a whole new level for me. This is truly one of the most eye-opening presentations. World here I come.
Rodney Wollam
Rodney Wollam Hace 15 horas
Getting a parent is not under my control as a learner. I give up.
Melih Can Şahin
Melih Can Şahin Hace 19 horas
Turkish language is melody, mathematics and language of nature. Turkish voice is nice. I suggest Turkish.
Melih Can Şahin
Melih Can Şahin Hace 19 horas
Turkish language is melody, mathematics and language of nature. Turkish voice is nice. I suggest Turkish.
Melih Can Şahin
Melih Can Şahin Hace 19 horas
Turkish language is melody, mathematics and language of nature. Turkish voice is nice. I suggest Turkish.
Melih Can Şahin
Melih Can Şahin Hace 19 horas
Turkish language is melody, mathematics and language of nature. Turkish voice is nice. I suggest Turkish.
bob Hace 20 horas
Loved this guy what a legend thank you
PM- ALPHA 1 -004 ARFA SAJJAD Hace 22 horas
I am learning mandarin
Pınar Kaya
Pınar Kaya Hace 23 horas
Does anyone know about this man's Instagram account?
Theodora Delanaira
Theodora Delanaira Hace un día
very very cool
عبدالهادي بهوتي
عبدالهادي بهوتي Hace un día
it's a thriller movie , مرئي مثير
selina mo
selina mo Hace un día
I think the master key to learn anything is confidence. Tell yourself that you can actually make it even if you don't believe it ( fake it til you make it). I can speak english correctly , I am still not fluent but at least I can handle long conversations and write essays, however it took me too long to be able to do so and that because I was focusing too much on the grammar part which is a mistake. Now that I learned Turkish without actually willing to ( through movies and series), I realized it , so I am not going to make the same mistake while learning Spanish.
Asif Ahmad
Asif Ahmad Hace un día
Today is Jan 16 2021 I'll be back in July 16 2021 I'll tell you about my experience by learning Mandarins (Chinese). Actually I am currently living in China since 2019. & I don't know much about Chinese language and characters (jokes apart i have passed HSK 1 by cheating). Wish me luck
Huynhnguyen Nghi
Huynhnguyen Nghi Hace un día
Love you.
Dilara Baş
Dilara Baş Hace un día
Note to me: Every month the 15. day I am going to write my process (15.01.21)
Arn Todd
Arn Todd Hace un día
Time for chinese.
Alpha Beta Search
Alpha Beta Search Hace un día
The moment i realise that i don't have any "parent" 🙈🙈🙈
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Hace un día
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Mithrahee Zor-El
Mithrahee Zor-El Hace un día
Ja bei uns auch ...
May Velma
May Velma Hace un día
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Lena Stewart
Lena Stewart Hace un día
Very nice….
HAPPY GIRLS Hace un día
Thank you very mach! You help me!
REYHAN GEZER Hace un día
Kingston Hammerton
Kingston Hammerton Hace 2 días
bruh i can learn python in just 3 months.
Miller's Language School
Miller's Language School Hace 2 días
*Vidéo très utile. Apprenez l'anglais dans notre école!*
Kimberly Cullen
Kimberly Cullen Hace 2 días
The inquisitive begonia nally produce because smoke unquestionably guide including a subsequent hole. kindly, unnatural grey
thun glor
thun glor Hace 2 días
We could understand him even we don't speak english
메르메로 Hace 2 días
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RebeccaSummers Summers
RebeccaSummers Summers Hace 2 días
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Ba Ma
Ba Ma Hace 2 días
0:22 my love video :X.
good good
good good Hace 2 días
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Eka Ese O.
Eka Ese O. Hace 17 horas
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through Jesus.
Linda Becker
Linda Becker Hace 2 días
Good luck with Learning Hungarian in 6 months.
Fiorelo Junior
Fiorelo Junior Hace 2 días
me: why is he yelling like that?
Elina Milanova
Elina Milanova Hace 6 horas
He’s just passionate
Aqilla Syakirin
Aqilla Syakirin Hace 10 horas
he is not yelling actually, he is just speak fast
쉐리마마 Hace 2 días
저도 영상의 방법을 그대로 따라해 6개월 이내에 영어를 유창하게 해볼게요. 잘하게 된다면 후기를 이 댓글에 영어로 달겠습니다. 최선을 다해보고 안된다면 욕을 찰지게 남기겠습니다. 응원해주세요 ㅎ 시작 : 2021-01-15 목표 : 2021-06-15
Leonardo Orma
Leonardo Orma Hace 2 días
Hello, I'm a Mexican 20 years old college student and I'm looking for a native English speaker interested in learning Spanish, to speak frequently via Discord, Skype, or other, to have conversations in both languages so we can practice our speaking ability. It must be overage.
Leonardo Orma
Leonardo Orma Hace un día
@Anna Marie Reverie Okay, thank you very much! Is there any way I could contact to you privately to speak about it, that you feel comfortable with? (a social media, E-mail, or other)
Anna Marie Reverie
Anna Marie Reverie Hace 2 días
I am a native English speaker. (I am from America). I am not intrested in learning Spanish, but I would still love to have conversations in English to assist you.
Sarah Castelli
Sarah Castelli Hace 2 días
adasdfasdfasgdfsasd ssdfassdfsadwe adasdfasdfsadfsadrasdasdfgasdsdfasdfsadsadfaf
Percy Sullivan
Percy Sullivan Hace 2 días
3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry
hansak Hace 2 días
I learnt English in 3 days.
Judy Cheng
Judy Cheng Hace 2 días
so....I do want to know, how do I learn to draw in 5 days?
Anna Marie Reverie
Anna Marie Reverie Hace 2 días
You can probably learn to draw in 30 to 90 days if you use how to draw videos and books. Make sure to draw everyday for at least an hour. 😊
AbdulRehman Bajoi
AbdulRehman Bajoi Hace 2 días
I'll take this challenge and learn Japanese
Otis Young
Otis Young Hace 2 días
If you have the ability to learn Chinese, you can forget it.
Züleyha Yurdagül
Züleyha Yurdagül Hace 2 días
I just started to study English today and ESpost just showed me that video, i hope it will help me...
Quy Lan
Quy Lan Hace 3 días
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Constance Harrison
Constance Harrison Hace 3 días
Phannguyen Phuongquyen
Phannguyen Phuongquyen Hace 3 días
A la verga.
Emily Gray
Emily Gray Hace 3 días
Bueno, pero no se enojee
Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard Hace 3 días
Interesting fact. English is the official language of Holland.
Michellioni Hace un día
It isn't.
Pat Collins
Pat Collins Hace 3 días
FFD to 7.00, before that there is just pure rubbish about some flying cars and sht.
Tre Nho
Tre Nho Hace 3 días
i love u .
Eubie Cordero
Eubie Cordero Hace 3 días
I'll be learning Hanggul. I can read it but not understand. be back in 6 months
Xielian Hace 3 días
Thank you
rani madarash
rani madarash Hace 3 días
sahajayoga meditation is the scientific meditation has proved by the scientists. beneficial for all human beings. also helps to improve memory power ☺️
rani madarash
rani madarash Hace 3 días
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Pha Va
Pha Va Hace 3 días
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Kodey J
Kodey J Hace 3 días
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Lloyd Craig
Lloyd Craig Hace 3 días
I need boy friend
Huynhbao Dan
Huynhbao Dan Hace 3 días
1:40 dog: help my please
Lo Tra
Lo Tra Hace 3 días
Very nice….
Nguyenngoc Uyen
Nguyenngoc Uyen Hace 3 días
I love this movie.
Lea Gonzales
Lea Gonzales Hace 3 días
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Nguyenphuong Tri
Nguyenphuong Tri Hace 3 días
Yang pilih allah like.
Renuka Thakur
Renuka Thakur Hace 4 días
After coming across bts a few months ago I am finally trying to learn korean I hope stick to the schedule
ひとさしゆび Hace 4 días
Krishna Natarajan
Krishna Natarajan Hace 4 días
I am going to learn chinese in 6 months wish me good luck I am starting this on 13 january 2021
Phương hà Phạm
Phương hà Phạm Hace un día
good luck!
Nguyenhoang Han
Nguyenhoang Han Hace 4 días
winterca Hace 4 días
Now you understand why we are wearing a mask
frederickinfinito Hace 4 días
Nothings i did't already know
Vongoc Ngoctram
Vongoc Ngoctram Hace 4 días
Huynhbao Dan
Huynhbao Dan Hace 4 días
1:40 dog: help my please
kun geya
kun geya Hace 4 días
This video on my third language. Subtitles(auto) on my 2 language. Lmao
叶红 Hace 4 días
MEi English~Any friend can do me a favor hahaha
Annette Deane
Annette Deane Hace 4 días
I know a way easier method
Jill Fox
Jill Fox Hace 4 días
0:11 xx
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard Hace 4 días
Thank you so much for this. I am committed to being bilingual now. Starting with Spanish!
Hace 4 días
insomanic Hace 4 días
jdkjfufj jdkjf thydgdgdv hkjfbvdin hhfhdvvrvhdhd!!7;$;$7;$8,!¥~£&)hdkdksnhgvtdq. 👍🏻
Я Бот
Я Бот Hace 4 días
Смотрю этот ролик и пытаюсь делать то о чём он говорит.
Влад Черноморец
Влад Черноморец Hace 4 días
Как бы хотелось найти человека, который поможет выучить японский. Я все для этого сделаю! 日本語
gecfn_ Hace 4 días
my friend teach slovenian in one month and slovenain lenguge is one the most hard to tech
Vega Courtney
Vega Courtney Hace 4 días
1:40 dog: help my please
Jiko Goles
Jiko Goles Hace 4 días
The ad imprisonment epidemiologically harm because unshielded ectrodactyly point without a nonstop chicken. early, young bell
AndreaLuise Ca.
AndreaLuise Ca. Hace 4 días
i have had To learn english language as a girl .... many years my MoTher language AUT germ. n which Rea -son?
もも Hace 5 días
ActiveAlbz Hace 5 días
Social dislocation?
Claire L
Claire L Hace 5 días
Getting a qualified language parent is not easy :(
Clara Leo
Clara Leo Hace 5 días
I love u girl
Noi Nhu
Noi Nhu Hace 5 días
I need boy friend
John Meyer
John Meyer Hace 5 días
Nonsense, some people simply struggle to memorize anything.
Kenneth Carvalho
Kenneth Carvalho Hace 5 días
The most basic problem in learning a new language is people in your country don't speak it and you can't therefore practice what you learnt on a daily basis.
穆斯林男子 Hace 5 días
grace mandarin brought me here
Garrett Wise
Garrett Wise Hace 5 días
Samil YAre media chanel
Samil YAre media chanel Hace 5 días
Keep going bro
Na Nhan
Na Nhan Hace 5 días
Que Dios nos perdone.
Tra Gia
Tra Gia Hace 5 días
Iya ya Allah.
Lan Huy
Lan Huy Hace 5 días
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
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