Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)

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Katy Perry

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Bor Tit Jerlah
Bor Tit Jerlah Hace un hora
40 milion let's go Katycats!!!
Vale Dojim
Vale Dojim Hace un hora
Este es el comentaria en el español que buscabas verdad jsjsjs quien quieras que seas te amo :"3 cuidate vales mucho >:3 😚💟
katycat group
katycat group Hace un hora
my quuen💗
yO_ey Hace un hora
Vocals were very low
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar Hace un hora
Please reply mam I am big fan of your song and you
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar Hace un hora
What a song Katty mam
Shubham Vishwakarma
Shubham Vishwakarma Hace 3 horas
espost.info/download/v-deo/dJx7ioGlbbm6haA This song..
Arita baucor
Arita baucor Hace 3 horas
Buenísima la canción
Jayson W
Jayson W Hace 3 horas
Hahaha🤫🤔😷Hey now katy, your husband was funny in #Unlocked, with noomi, lol.
Muh reski Reski
Muh reski Reski Hace 5 horas
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Hace 5 horas
My favourite hot ones vid.
Mishiki CH
Mishiki CH Hace 6 horas
Ohhhh. Wow!!? Amazing!
Kristine Marie Cabela Pontawe
Kristine Marie Cabela Pontawe Hace 6 horas
Los perros💀
Ukraine Rivne
Ukraine Rivne Hace 6 horas
Fire🔥 🔥🔥
Slow Jam
Slow Jam Hace 7 horas
Trump please come back.. Pleaseeeeee
spikywolf Hace 8 horas
Please take some days of.Your pregnant you need some rest. We are happy that your strong to sing really pretty. But please take some rest. We all love you, we care about please.
Bryle Leus
Bryle Leus Hace 8 horas
Yesss im so happy cuz katty perry hit 40M congrats ily 💞💞💞
S S Hace 8 horas
She signed with the "devil".
Sabrina Abigail
Sabrina Abigail Hace 8 horas
Great job for 40M Katy!!
Magick Princess
Magick Princess Hace 9 horas
Am I the only one here that knows lady gaga and Katy Perry are also globalists? Biden.. Obama... stop with the wars. C’mon maaaan. HUMANS ARE WORTH MORE THAN MONEY.
Grb C
Grb C Hace 11 horas
Everytime I hear this song, I feel like Kim jung un singing it.
Marteena Dizon
Marteena Dizon Hace 11 horas
Happy 40M subs katy!!!!! 💖💖💖 (Ps: my english is kinda bad 😅)
OMN ROMAN Hace 11 horas
Some people achieve their dreams at 77 yr of their age 🙂
Homer Norris
Homer Norris Hace 12 horas
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Steffi Niez
Steffi Niez Hace 13 horas
ava ebrahimpor
ava ebrahimpor Hace 13 horas
This song is so beautiful omg I love it
pushkar tripathi
pushkar tripathi Hace 15 horas
Why this video is getting so many dislikes espost.info/download/v-deo/kaaipaVpq9m6pWk
PJ Leon
PJ Leon Hace 15 horas
JonBenét Ramsey is that you? 👀
Ali Harfoush
Ali Harfoush Hace 17 horas
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Hace 17 horas
Trump is the president 2021
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Hace 17 horas
CGI green screen technology
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Hace 17 horas
You can't even tell that the fireworks are fake ! Stop drinking tap water ! Castle rock productions
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Hace 18 horas
Castle rock productions
Shahanara Begum
Shahanara Begum Hace 18 horas
Do you guys all remember Trevor Holmes her crush. It makes me remembered him.
DamianDEIMOS Hace 19 horas
*Audrey Hepburn*
YORK NEW Hace 19 horas
I love America.God bless America.
Gemma Gillen
Gemma Gillen Hace 20 horas
Omgosh this was just beautiful
NikiGames 0815
NikiGames 0815 Hace 20 horas
This Version is much better then the Original 😍😙
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez Hace 21 un hora
This is by far the best she's ever sang this song! You can hear the passion and excitement when she's singing!
Hyram Alfonso Vega Gamez
Hyram Alfonso Vega Gamez Hace 21 un hora
40 millones subs
456 123
456 123 Hace 22 horas
Wish you have a Merry 40M subscribe
liv mar
liv mar Hace 22 horas
& Now her Child is cursed...😢
Jafet López
Jafet López Hace 23 horas
I love you katy you are the singer most incredible
Martina2497 wta
Martina2497 wta Hace 23 horas
I’m so proud that a woman is Vice President. Joe Biden has been waiting for his time to heal America. I feel healed listening and watching his excellent leadership. So proud of you
Łukasz Tiiger
Łukasz Tiiger Hace 23 horas
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez Hace 23 horas
Wow her hair grow
Magui 13
Magui 13 Hace un día
que hace el obelisco ahi
Uben۷۸ Hace un día
Katia Dubois-Pelerin Sanz
Katia Dubois-Pelerin Sanz Hace un día
2:10 wow such amazing vocals
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli Hace un día
Congratulations you hit 40 millions subscribers 🥳🥳🥳 love for India 🇮🇳😉🔥
Elbio González
Elbio González Hace un día
Yesss katycats
Lorenzo Pomi
Lorenzo Pomi Hace un día
You are fascist
Teresa Yadid Figueroa Arriaga
Teresa Yadid Figueroa Arriaga Hace un día
that beautiful🥺❣
Alexa Christine Barnuevo
Alexa Christine Barnuevo Hace un día
i love this song
4Drunken Donuts
4Drunken Donuts Hace un día
Make America great again!!
4Drunken Donuts
4Drunken Donuts Hace un día
Those vocals are just perfect
Luk.24 LOL
Luk.24 LOL Hace un día
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: 3:40 ni un jeque árabe te puede dar tantos fuegos artificiales
Livia Wisniewska
Livia Wisniewska Hace un día
I love you
Dea Bullicer
Dea Bullicer Hace un día
this brings back memories and makes me cry because of 2020 but we are still happy inside deep down~...
Super Gaming channel
Super Gaming channel Hace un día
You love
Grande Boy
Grande Boy Hace un día
Firework factory: *so how many fireworks do you want?* Katy: *Yes*
Joe Martin
Joe Martin Hace un día
The joy in Kamala's eyes as she realizes she's about to become supreme leader after Joe's death is what really gets me.
Kamilo Petilil
Kamilo Petilil Hace un día
Bye Trump ❤️❤️❤️❤️
LUKAZ Hace un día
Elbio González
Elbio González Hace un día
Edwin Luciano
Edwin Luciano Hace un día
I would never get tired of watching this video! I think I've watched it like over 30 times since that glorious January 20th evening!!
Terra Jackson
Terra Jackson Hace un día
We’re all fireworks 🎇 we all have one and I hope they ALL glow lighter than the sun
Terra Jackson
Terra Jackson Hace un día
Amazing I have your songs saved in my playlist every one of them and u have A LOT
ricardo palencia
ricardo palencia Hace un día
I love this girl, big blue eyes, can see throught his soul
anayaedits Hace 26 minutos
i know you mean it all in good ways but thats creepy 😭
Fran Rodrigues
Fran Rodrigues Hace un día
Love you...
Mythical RP
Mythical RP Hace un día
I am happy for America and would be happy for Philippines too if they happen to ELECT the right president/prime minister whatever it is called in there for them next year. My brother is always complaining about the incompetency of their government in there and he always say that Philippines is functioning as a Chinese puppet state right now.
진실빛 Hace un día
.태초에 하나님이 우주와 지구를 창조하시느라 .하나님은 성부 성자 성령 세분이시요 세분이 한분인 절대자입니다. 창조주입니다. 그래서 인간 그 누구도 죄를 대신 사해줄수 없습니다. 신이 인간이 되신 분이 예수님입니다. 유대인은 표적을 찾고 이방인은 지혜를 찾지만~ 한번 죽는것은 사람에게 정하신 것이요 그후에는 심판이 있으리니. 나더러 주여 주여 하는 자마다 다 천국에 들어가는 것이 아니요. 진실로 진실로 죄인임을 깨닫고 예수님 십자가 영원한 속죄를 믿어 구원받은 사람이 천국에 갑니다 휴거임박 입니다.
Beijamim Hace un día
O real terar valor esta proximo, so eu e meus irmãos sabem o motivo e sei que iremos Sim fazer uma grande Alinça com os Estados Unidos!
Beijamim Hace un día
Presidente confio em voçê, nunca ceda a nenhuma ameaça, ninguém o mal que ele poderia fazer se tivesse vencido o Ex presidente lute pelo seu povo não sei como esta ai sinceramente mas confio em suas palavras, ha antes que eu esqueça tente sim depois de acabar a pandemia é claro luta pelo Meio ambiente e minimizar ao maximo os danos a camada de ozonio dias melhores viram não sei se estou empolgado mas o Dollar e sim o Real teram grandes valores boa sorte e que Jesus Cristo nos consoler pelas grandes perdas de pessoas tanto no seu como no nosso Pais Amém.
Jocelyn Chavez
Jocelyn Chavez Hace un día
hi its me
hi its me Hace un día
Its better than a original😍
Elo Clv
Elo Clv Hace un día
Natalie Chrestensen
Natalie Chrestensen Hace un día
Omg fire work is my
bryn Hace 2 días
Just watched fergies national anthem before this and let me tell you...
rochyMUSIC Hace 2 días
3:43 imagine being in that smoke.
rochyMUSIC Hace 2 días
Imagine being such a good singer you can sing in smoke.
hi bye
hi bye Hace 2 días
this song hits different in a good way
Ayush Ganguli13
Ayush Ganguli13 Hace 2 días
To be honest, this performance didn't feel like the orignal one released in 2010. Her voice seemed too plastic. Maybe I'm too fond of her old voice.
Elbio González
Elbio González Hace un día
Old voice?
Cinnamon Bells 4040
Cinnamon Bells 4040 Hace 2 días
Joe Biden is terrible. I am depressed that Trump is no longer President.
Matthew Ratliff
Matthew Ratliff Hace 2 días
Meanwhile Trump supporters: 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
cute fluffy
cute fluffy Hace 2 días
wow i i im so love your song 💜💜
Alyssia Nolann
Alyssia Nolann Hace 2 días
Avant j'aimais bien ces chansons mais depuis que je l'ai vue dans American Idol, j'ai vu toute sa fausseté. Elle a fait son cinéma en faisant semblant de pleurer suite à la déclaration en mariage d'un homme pour une candidate. Pourquoi elle se plaint tous les mecs sont à ses pieds, y a même un mec qui est passé dans Catfish qui voulait l'épouser, mais vas-y épouse le au lieu de faire croire que personne veut de toi. Et en plus elle a dit à un candidat de démissionner de son poste de concierge, ce qui l'a fait et quand il a été éliminé, au lieu de le repêcher elle a choisi l'autre blondasse. C'est bien de gâcher la vie des autres.
Myanmar new
Myanmar new Hace 2 días
Super Gaming channel
Super Gaming channel Hace 2 días
توأم أفاكين
توأم أفاكين Hace 2 días
Mehmet Zengin
Mehmet Zengin Hace 2 días
Nortex25 Hace 2 días
Big chungus
Nick Darsania
Nick Darsania Hace 2 días
This is better than the original version.
Kristiann Santos
Kristiann Santos Hace 2 días
They loved Biden so much❤️ i think all of them 90%?
Rv show
Rv show Hace 2 días
Missing trumph 😂
Timothy Paular
Timothy Paular Hace 2 días
Im from phillipines but im a big fan of katy perry ;))
Lijo John
Lijo John Hace 2 días
Now where is the Pollution? Total hypocrite
Meirea Trisha Supang
Meirea Trisha Supang Hace 2 días
I totally love her voice♡
senpaibuns Hace 2 días
I wish I had a voice like her 😔 but look cool for singing
Mike jonard
Mike jonard Hace 2 días
Mike jonard
Mike jonard Hace 2 días
Im not crying, you are!!
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