Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

Hace 16 días

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

أسلوب حياة /yahua
أسلوب حياة /yahua Hace 3 minutos
Isabelle Bernard
Isabelle Bernard Hace 5 minutos
I’m currently struggling with financial debts and I’m desperately in need of help 😪 I’d appreciate anything $IBer79 Thank you if you can 🙏🏽
Azuki Nagahashi
Azuki Nagahashi Hace 19 minutos
Stormi is so cute :D
Sadie Lavos
Sadie Lavos Hace 45 minutos
i love how she lists the ingredients so you can learn along with them ❤️
vegancraft Hace un hora
I love this video!
Aaliyah Abrams
Aaliyah Abrams Hace un hora
Stormi is the cutest little girl EVER!!!!
Tanya Hace un hora
The kid is absolutely adorable and well mannered!
Tania Pamurdya Safitri
Tania Pamurdya Safitri Hace un hora
Omg, Stormi is Cute and adorable❤
Katelyn Perkins
Katelyn Perkins Hace un hora
Omg so adorable 🎄
Miss Castillo
Miss Castillo Hace un hora
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
Aesha Hace 2 horas
Stormi is such a beautiful and polite child. She did such a good job and I’m obsessed with their relationship 🥺
Lyza Malupeng
Lyza Malupeng Hace 3 horas
love u both
Hannah Beckler
Hannah Beckler Hace 3 horas
She’s the cutest kid on the planet oh my
hen ko
hen ko Hace un hora
LMAOOO I accidentally played the beginning at 2x speed and it’s so funny!!
Antonio Junior
Antonio Junior Hace 3 horas
Stormi respirando : A Eu: AAAAAAAA q coisa fofaaaaaaa
hen ko
hen ko Hace un hora
4:16 Le tenia puesto el ojo un buen rato y no se ha resistido jajajaja xd :3
Neo Luvhimbi
Neo Luvhimbi Hace 3 horas
This is probably the only celebrity child with such manners without being told "now what do we say"
CACTUS Hace 4 horas
luz mercede sanchez
luz mercede sanchez Hace 5 horas
love you kylie and estormi
Ashley Alakans
Ashley Alakans Hace 5 horas
Awwwwww she is adorable 😍 I hope she has an amazing life and childhood
Fany Medina
Fany Medina Hace 5 horas
We love stormi she’s so cute
FATIHA AGORO Hace 5 horas
WOW Stormi has the same birthday as me. I love your channel.
carriepriestly Hace 6 horas
I love it
carriepriestly Hace 6 horas
Mother and daughter baking day
Mika FFッ
Mika FFッ Hace 6 horas
Que bonitinha🥰🥺
Koki Girmay
Koki Girmay Hace 6 horas
Mumu &soon beautiful good bless you today and always 🥰🥰🥰💋
Rosa Carranza
Rosa Carranza Hace 7 horas
Karlita grasias
Naile Bati
Naile Bati Hace 7 horas
I love you
xbx_lla Hace 7 horas
i cant believe that poor camera survived being in kylie jenners bowl
Pandinha 30
Pandinha 30 Hace 7 horas
yaamiilaa Hace 8 horas
4:16 Le tenia puesto el ojo un buen rato y no se ha resistido jajajaja xd :3
Kayla B
Kayla B Hace 8 horas
LMAOOO I accidentally played the beginning at 2x speed and it’s so funny!!
Lyrics Lyrics
Lyrics Lyrics Hace 9 horas
Bye that camera 👋🏽
Rebecca Mwose
Rebecca Mwose Hace 9 horas
You are such a caring Mom Kylie, love your videos with Stormi, she's such a sweetheart 💖
Niala Smith dances
Niala Smith dances Hace 9 horas
She ate a cupcake with a fork
Niala Smith dances
Niala Smith dances Hace 9 horas
She is a good cook and mom
Soo Jin
Soo Jin Hace 10 horas
Stormi so cute 🥰😍😍❤❤
sergio postegillo
sergio postegillo Hace 10 horas
Stormi is very cute
Jenelyn Amidao
Jenelyn Amidao Hace 10 horas
stormi’s so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺
Pretty._. Zariah
Pretty._. Zariah Hace 10 horas
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Hace 10 horas
cool !
Anwesha Ghosh
Anwesha Ghosh Hace 11 horas
Stormi is so so sweet 😘
Nino Soetrisno
Nino Soetrisno Hace 11 horas
I love you guys🥰
Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers Hace 11 horas
This was actually good for my soul
Jana Kovacevic
Jana Kovacevic Hace 11 horas
Madenn 08
Madenn 08 Hace 11 horas
She's so cute 🥺🥺❤️❤️🥰
Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie Hace 11 horas
Beautiful cupcakes
&Zuzanna Hace 11 horas
BYEE THAT CAMERAA! i canttt she is soo cutteee!🥺
Saundra Davis
Saundra Davis Hace 12 horas
Stormi is so sweet! She loves her mommy so much. ❤
Noora Hace 12 horas
Stromi's a cutee darling!🥰
Roblox And Gucci
Roblox And Gucci Hace 12 horas
I wish I could do this with my mom 😔
Ayelen Cardozo
Ayelen Cardozo Hace 13 horas
Halone Kats
Halone Kats Hace 13 horas
Stormy has the BEST manners and is soooo sweet.❤
Elizabeth Hace 13 horas
Awe i love this❤🦁
Ahmed Niam bin Naeem
Ahmed Niam bin Naeem Hace 14 horas
Stormi is so cute patience girl , and Kylie so good at being a mom
Abdi Dubad
Abdi Dubad Hace 14 horas
Aaaw love storms adorbs right😌❤️😜😜
Iheart Michelle
Iheart Michelle Hace 14 horas
Stormy is so adorable considering what her mother really looks like before the face transplant
Emilie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Emilie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 14 horas
Ok but is anyone gonna talk about how CUTE STORMI IS AAA
Ray WArtist Life
Ray WArtist Life Hace 15 horas
Virginia Hace 15 horas
This child loves her mama so much
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma Hace 15 horas
1:04 Cutest!
Lovely Butterfly
Lovely Butterfly Hace 15 horas
hi kylie just saying i adore u sooo much and i love you i love you like for 5 years so inspire me soo much i love you hope u see my message from lina bye love you
Juvana Sunil
Juvana Sunil Hace 15 horas
4:20 who else thought Kylie was gonna bite right into that frosted cupcake and was disappointed that she used a fork😂
Cheila Delgado
Cheila Delgado Hace 16 horas
Awe she is so cute ♥️
Mar Aveyan
Mar Aveyan Hace 16 horas
99% of comments: Stormi
Sally Namwila
Sally Namwila Hace 17 horas
Stormy : I love you so much 😩awww
Valéria Walker
Valéria Walker Hace 17 horas
EyadAroundTheWorld Hace 18 horas
She’s sooo cute
Kapchhingi Chhingtei
Kapchhingi Chhingtei Hace 18 horas
حنين العسيري
حنين العسيري Hace 18 horas
Toluwalase Aderupoko
Toluwalase Aderupoko Hace 19 horas
I would advise taking nails off (kylie) for hygiene reasons
Sunny Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire Hace 19 horas
i know why she didnt use vanilla from the bottle🤣
Damla Kırçıl
Damla Kırçıl Hace 19 horas
I can't believe she just picked that shell with those nails
ema pechová
ema pechová Hace 19 horas
we need stomi’s room tour
ema pechová
ema pechová Hace 19 horas
pleas do a house tour
kassi elanik
kassi elanik Hace 21 un hora
aweee so cute *kylie"say bye to that camera" stormi; "bye that camera"
Maria Eduarda Weber Casado
Maria Eduarda Weber Casado Hace 21 un hora
Do a vlog about your daily routine please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ophelia Chischilly
Ophelia Chischilly Hace 21 un hora
Your. Baby. Is cute
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Hace 21 un hora
Me just focusing on how they put “your welcome” instead of “you’re welcome”😂
Mary Ann Reese
Mary Ann Reese Hace 21 un hora
Stormi is the cutest
Monica Espina
Monica Espina Hace 22 horas
Stormi makes me want to have kids when i grow up 🥺 she is so adorable
ALANI FLORENCE Hace 23 horas
Stormi is soo cute likee omg! :D
Joyce Tang
Joyce Tang Hace 23 horas
Stormi’s hair 🥺🥺🥰
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Hace 21 un hora
Henrietta Pál
Henrietta Pál Hace 23 horas
My Wish promo cod:c g d b d t r p , you can get -20% off
Kandus Dakus
Kandus Dakus Hace 23 horas
Stormi is a straight up BOSS
Zulaikha Nakhtare
Zulaikha Nakhtare Hace 23 horas
There is nothing more Adorable than stormi😍😍
OtterLover28 Hace 23 horas
Stormi in the Thumbnail: EVERYTHING 💕💕💕
Leslie Nava
Leslie Nava Hace un día
Such a good mom and good kid ❤
Angela Muccio
Angela Muccio Hace un día
She is too cute🥺
나비푸른 Hace un día
Stormi is honestly so adorable, anytime i watch her my heart melts, such a precious little girl
Dan San Sau
Dan San Sau Hace un día
Omg Stormi is so cute
•Kokosik •
•Kokosik • Hace un día
Есть кто русский
Celebrity Comedian
Celebrity Comedian Hace un día
Imagine travis Scott being here.
Such a beautiful video, god bless you and your daughter! Hugs from Colombia ❤
Anapaola Pérez Flores
Anapaola Pérez Flores Hace un día
Stormi It's my favorite Kardashian baby 🤩😍👊🥰😌💖
Peachy Boba
Peachy Boba Hace un día
This is probably just me but Stormi's "It tastes like crunchy" to me was so cute
karly Romero
karly Romero Hace un día
Kylie is doing such a good job raising her daughter literally ilysm kylie❤️
Roberth Santos
Roberth Santos Hace un día
And she’s a really good mom
Roberth Santos
Roberth Santos Hace un día
Hey guys let’s make Kylie Jenner hair at 10, million she’s a really great tour I love your content 🌺🥰🥰
Its Jos
Its Jos Hace un día
Adanary Ruelas
Adanary Ruelas Hace un día
Kilye is a good mom put can she say love you too back to her own daughter
Adanary Ruelas
Adanary Ruelas Hace un día
Gosh I think she just spoils her
Amna altaheri .
Amna altaheri . Hace un día
She's literally the ✨ C U T E S T ✨ thing that I ever seen LOVE YOU STORMI !
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