Nadal vs Tsitsipas; Thiem vs Rublev | Nitto ATP Finals 2020 Highlights Day 5

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Hace 17 días

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Han Tai
Han Tai Hace 5 días
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn Hace 11 días
Nadal is a wonder.
Richard Lefaive
Richard Lefaive Hace 14 días
Rafa is the man.
Marsorry Ickua
Marsorry Ickua Hace 14 días
Didn’t see that coming 🤨
Nomintro Hace 14 días
4:27 proper cricket shot, Rafa you legend
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar Hace 14 días
nadal killing serve and volley..hurts to see 4:30
highlandsh Hace 14 días
Nadal won without his signature shot. Not once did I see him hit the "banana" ball forehand down the line. He often hits in on the run. Does he have to have a particular confidence in that shot to do it on a particular day? He consistently went to Tsi's backhand when the down the line shot was available and Tsi was parked in the diagonally opposite part of the court. Nadal hit it to him every time. Puzzling but he still won by doing so much else right that he is known for.
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Kondeti Productions Hace 15 días
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f*ck google
f*ck google Hace 15 días
dont know if its the surface, or the camera lens, but god damn this feels fast, rublev sprints? like wtf:D
Ken thornton
Ken thornton Hace 15 días
Not that it matters really but has the rules on the handshake been rescinded or do the players don’t really care.
Rohith Reddy
Rohith Reddy Hace 15 días
The way Medvedev is playing, it will be a hell of a task for Nadal to defeat him. If Medvedev wins over Nadal, I don't think Novak or Thiem can stop him.
Shaheen Ainpour
Shaheen Ainpour Hace 15 días
Who calls the lines? ( I know it's electronic, but I heard a voice)
akiratheastronaut Hace 15 días
November 2023... Shapovalov is in the top 3. Who's Number 1? Pretty sure Tsitsipas and Zverev are out of the equation. Medvedev? Rublev? Sinner? Thiem?
Matthew Wu
Matthew Wu Hace 15 días
Nadal's volleys and backhand are pretty underrated.
Sanne V
Sanne V Hace 15 días
Tsitsipas genuinely played a good match, but Nadal was just out of reach today
Relax Max
Relax Max Hace 15 días
ricky tv Production
ricky tv Production Hace 15 días
hadi Aljasim
hadi Aljasim Hace 15 días
Nadal always beating tsitsipas😏
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
Next match will be much more challenging- Medvedev has his opportunity, to extract some tasty revenge, he'll be super motivated! Anyways, Rafa is screwed, either way, Novak is in the last 4, so Rafa can kiss this atp finals goodbye, it's not like Paris, where there was no Novak, even then, Zverev stopped him, and look what Novak did to Zverev today, he might as well give this up, and go and train for French Open, for the next 6 months!
Gideon Ram
Gideon Ram Hace 15 días
Someone told Theim to tank the match against Rublev. He listened.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
@iam rips Novak will win, he won AO2020 finals, he has the experience, the return and flexibility, Thiem barely beat Nadal, Novak would have won Nadal 6-2 6-2 if round robin format had been different.
iam rips
iam rips Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson Are you high on something . Thiem will wipe the floor with Djokovic tomorrow. Mark my words.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
Good tactic, he's in the semi finals anyway, yeah, he could probably have done better, but why waste energy? He'll need it for Djokovic, and even then, 100% Thiem is likely to lose, once the real 2015-16 Djokovic shows up, nobody is beating him in finals of hard courts.
mohamed kerfal
mohamed kerfal Hace 15 días
Vamos Rafa !
Luchon20082010 Hace 15 días
I can’t believe rublev didn’t get to semis instead of thiem. He is a joke
paa Siaw
paa Siaw Hace 15 días
Nadal is my favourite player ever but damn his serve is so predictable
Marina V
Marina V Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson Nadal is my favorite, but they all have their weaknesses.. Joker loses to Med usually, Med loses to Nadal usually. Nadal loses to Joker usually.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
@Marina V Yeah, and he will damn well get it- that is, if Nadal doesn't lose to Medvedev first, in the back of his mind, he might just fear Novak's wrath, and blow himself, out.
Marina V
Marina V Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson yeah, Joker still can't get over his French bagel.. he wants revenge I know.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
Kiss Nadal goodbye! He's not winning his first atp finals, Novak is in semi's lol, Nadal probably planning, how to pull an injury now, or make some excuse, so he doesn't suffer an AO2019 whiplash, wouldn't be surprised, if he goes out to Medvedev, without exerting himself too much, and semi tanks the match.
Debojyoti Roy
Debojyoti Roy Hace 15 días
Whats that background music in d end....
Delta keesei
Delta keesei Hace 15 días
Rublev very easy def thiem...why Nadal not can beat Thiem yesterday. .?
Delta keesei
Delta keesei Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson and Rublev take point 200
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
@Delta keesei Thiem is saving himself for semis.
Delta keesei
Delta keesei Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson if now it's not injury, but traumatic. ..😃😂😁😀
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
@Delta keesei Could be, but Thiem was not going all out- obviously, he was already in the semi-s, no need to exhaust himself.
Marina V
Marina V Hace 15 días
@Paul Johnson yes, and Thiem was injured in Vienna and last year in Hamburg he probably had another injury. I mean everytime he loses to Rublev it's not because Rublev is good, it's because Thiem is injured.
Seolferwulf Hace 15 días
Backhand smash was insane.
Amim Ahmad
Amim Ahmad Hace 15 días
Why nadal is playing medvedev when medvedev us still 1 match away n may top the other group?
Brandon Y
Brandon Y Hace 15 días
Tsitsipas is dangerous to the big 3 and they know it. Federer and Nadal always look like they're facing their bleak futures every time the play against Tsitsipas. Aging is no joke.
Samir SOLAI Hace 15 días
Fun fact : Nadal have hit 2 back to back aces with his second serve in this game
anee shaa
anee shaa Hace 15 días
Rublev kinda remind of old nadal in some ways I donno how to explain in lmao
Robin四夕文武 Hace 15 días
That reversed backhand smash at the net landed right on the service line! Vamos Rafa!
clemente castaño ochoa
clemente castaño ochoa Hace 15 días
El Tenis debe dar un paso adelante. Así lo hicieron el Ciclismo (han ganado Giro y Vuelta a España, y varias Cásicas europeas) El Tenis hace mucho énfasis en la técnica y poco estado físico. Escríbeme y te lo explicaré más detallado. Es gratis !
Sha Uru
Sha Uru Hace 15 días
Not a good angle to feel the ball speed
Puffs Media
Puffs Media Hace 15 días
Big things coming for Rublev 2021 🔥💪What a season he's had
Puffs Media
Puffs Media Hace 15 días
Can't believe the finals are leaving London 😢
Gavan Leong
Gavan Leong Hace 15 días
zverev is absolutely gonna get smacked real bad by djo right now
Gavan Leong
Gavan Leong Hace 14 días
@iam rips yes djo played poorer than usual. but we all know he needs a strong opponent to really get his gears going. his lazy match was still enough to pip zverev
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
@iam rips You're full of shit, most players wouldn't even have got to a tie-break in the second set, Zverev played lights out, and still came out second best, Thiem will be lucky to stretch it to 3 sets, but Novak will prevail, he's like Nadal on clay, when he reaches these stages, he usually wins semi's and finals.
iam rips
iam rips Hace 15 días
Defaultovic played an awful match Any other player would have spanked his ass .
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 15 días
Yeah, you're half right, 1st set he did, 2nd set was far closer, but Djokovic pulled it off, in second set tie-breaker.
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra Hace 15 días
One thing for sure: Nadal always plays his best. Even when he lost to Thiem, he played incredibly good.
Rie Rie
Rie Rie Hace 15 días
Nadal bald
Nagesh H
Nagesh H Hace 15 días
Nadal vs Tsitsipas video was sad. Many important points missing
Malichka Hace 15 días
Best body (Rafa) won against best hair (Tsitsipas). This group is a treat to watch. The tennis is not so bad either!
NELMECT Hace 15 días
Nadal 2 aces in second serve in the same game xD
saddam hussain
saddam hussain Hace 15 días
Nadal playing little different ....more composed and more compact on this surface than ever before
Arpan Das
Arpan Das Hace 15 días
Just arrived from the 2019 highlights with a crowd.
Timothé BODIN
Timothé BODIN Hace 15 días
Where are judges' lines please ?
Christos Cholevas
Christos Cholevas Hace 15 días
I think that Stefano's main problem is his toss.. if he fix that, his game will improve a lot
vincent vanWyk
vincent vanWyk Hace 15 días
The fake applause is awful.
Greg McFarnon
Greg McFarnon Hace 15 días
When are these younger players going to step it up and start beating Nadal and Djokovic? At this rate, they'll be retiring before the old guard does.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Hace 15 días
Footballs becoming unbearable atm but the french open and this tournament hasn’t been affected without the audience IMO
Ju Yeon
Ju Yeon Hace 15 días
His smile is gold. I hope to see his smile in final!
Tarako Hace 15 días
Thiem plays exhibition
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme Hace 15 días
Obviously Thiem was not playing at 100%. Better to save up some energy for the next round.
Αργυρώ Κ.
Αργυρώ Κ. Hace 15 días
I think the line that Tsitsipas has to cross in order to get closer to players like Nadal and Nole is his incapability to produce the same level of tennis throughout the match. Multiple times this year he went set down, then came back stronger and got the second set but then his performance plummeted in the third set. He lets tired feet and emotions get over him. He needs to take notes from Rafa's physical and mental strength.
Hosni Guiling
Hosni Guiling Hace 15 días
Thiem beat Nadal but Nadal beat Tsitsipas to secure a spot in the semis. I hope Nadal beats Medvedev for a possible face off with Novak in the finals that is if Novak beats Zverev and then Thiem.
Alexis Gunther
Alexis Gunther Hace 15 días
Can anyone explain the process of this tournament? I can’t find any legit tables of points or anything.
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs Hace 15 días
Just unreal really, how many times point would be over if only Nadal was not on the other side? :-D...what a tennis!
nir S
nir S Hace 15 días
Nadal’s voley is so underrated !!
Theo Lim
Theo Lim Hace 15 días
Tiana Deng
Tiana Deng Hace 15 días
Come on raaafffaaaaa
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie Hace 15 días
Tsitsipas needs to improve his service return. It's still a weakness that gets exposed on faster surfaces. He also needs to flatten out his shots when the time is right (hitting into the open court). He gave Nadal too many opportunities to recover when he was in a good position during points.
Francisco luis
Francisco luis Hace 15 días
Vamos Nadal 🇪🇸💪🇪🇸💪🇪🇸
TheTirikou Hace 15 días
So pleasant to see a real smile on a face in spite of a defeat 👍
L Milne
L Milne Hace 15 días
Some monster shots by the Spanish bull. 😎
Alexander Mayorov
Alexander Mayorov Hace 15 días
И Тима и Джоковича!!! Даниил + Андрей = Россия!
peder tai
peder tai Hace 15 días
If the court is clay, nadal got 12 atp finals titles already.
David Bielsa
David Bielsa Hace 15 días
Achilles vs Hector. Only this time, Hector won
Simon Vishnu
Simon Vishnu Hace 15 días
My favorite court
sunny days
sunny days Hace 15 días
Stef playing like Federer at times. High quality match.
Things that happen
Things that happen Hace 15 días
Thiem didn't even try to play. Disgusting
Tim Schnell
Tim Schnell Hace 15 días
Nadal strong! And Rublev earned his 153000 dollar entry fee back.
Tim Schnell
Tim Schnell Hace 15 días
@SaFFtbefehl Look at the official nitto atp final website. Participation fee: 153.000$
SaFFtbefehl Hace 15 días
Back ? They dont have to pay this money to buy in the tournament lol They earn it just for the participation So he doubled the prize money not got it back wtf
Dimitrios Fotopoulos
Dimitrios Fotopoulos Hace 15 días
So thiem is disqualified now?
MITA SINGH Hace 15 días
@Dimitrios Fotopoulos yeah got you, it works on round Robin format so players get to play everyone in their particular group and the two table toppers get to qualify in semis, so from one group thiem and Nadal got qualified. In the other group, Medvedev is already in semis and one spot's left either for zverev or djoko
Dimitrios Fotopoulos
Dimitrios Fotopoulos Hace 15 días
@MITA SINGH oh ok so can you make it clear how the progression system works in the atp finals cause I know tht in the other tournaments once you lose a round you are out
MITA SINGH Hace 15 días
Huh? He already booked a spot in semis even before this match with Rublev.
해영 Hace 15 días
flyvon fernandes
flyvon fernandes Hace 15 días
I think this year D Medvedev will win Atp finals Championship🏆
fran gasch galvañ
fran gasch galvañ Hace 15 días
Nadal been Nadal and thiem giving this victory as a present for rublev, for saving stamina for the semis.
timur rakhimov
timur rakhimov Hace 15 días
4 out of 8 speak russian, all communist hahahha
timur rakhimov
timur rakhimov Hace 15 días
absolutely brilliant? Medvedev be likeee
Random PC-User
Random PC-User Hace 15 días
7:14 Rublev: *slams ball on the ground* Umpire: "New balls please!" That was funny.
Fraubi Hace 15 días
C'est pourtant pas compliqué de mettre les matchs dans l'ordre où ils ont eu lieu. Thiem-Rublev a a eu lieu avant Nadal-Tstsipas, pourquoi les mettre dans l'ordre inverse? aucune logique
Ali Emre
Ali Emre Hace 15 días
Damn those shorts are horrible..
Jay Keyz
Jay Keyz Hace 15 días
The talent gap is just tremendous. Im sitting here thinking Nadal is finished, he doesnt move nearly as well, doesnt hit as hard or with as much spin (Federer also) as his prime.... then he beats the young guy again. I grew up on the Big 3, first learning to play in 2004 in Prime Federer territory. But after watching tennis the last year, I have to say I'm sick of all of them (+Serena too). Its so embarassing to see these 35yr old+ players whooping young guys butt OR young guys bearly beating them in thrillers. We are so fortunate to live in this era, but BIg 3(+Serena)----retire! Give the new guys a chance to build a great legacy not just a Slam here or there:)
M.K.D. Hace 15 días
Nadal - Djokovic on collision course in finals!
singhalarjun19 Hace 15 días
give the man a racquet contract already !
David J
David J Hace 15 días
First time without ads - thank you.
metamacros Hace 15 días
Rublev really brought the BWEEEH this time
Suat Kaya tennis
Suat Kaya tennis Hace 15 días
Hello everybody,check out my reaction video of Nadal-Tsitsipas 🙂:
Harrison Hightower
Harrison Hightower Hace 15 días
I don't think Thiem went all out for that match
Sander E
Sander E Hace 15 días
Wow, how good is this from Nadal. I almost can't believe it. Still the will to win everything and to play at his best when he has to. And Tsitsipas will win a GS in future, im sure. Who will play Nadal in de SF?
Ry Acob
Ry Acob Hace 15 días
I'm not sure maybe its medvedev.
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai Hace 15 días
Slight Dip in the 2nd, no sweat. Made amends in the decider. Medvedev to try and fend off the mental reaper of perseverance.
Aman Hace 15 días
Medvedev will kick his ass. Just wait
Kantarkaan123 Hace 15 días
Thiem war ein bisschen schlaffi unterwegs .! Egal Grand Slam in der Tasche 😅😂
707ladytee Hace 15 días
I was glad to see Rublev end his seaon with a BE- WEH! :-) Love his fighting spirit ! And speaking of that, whose better thn Nadal! He and Medvedev should be a tasty match. Thiem is saving up for the semis for sure.
Vamos Rafaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
kariba25 Hace 15 días
The 3rd set of Tsitsipas reminded me of the 5th set that he played against Nole! Gives everything to tie the game and than starts the deciding one with no power in the tank or concentration, giving breaks away to easy ! He has to manage that if he wants to win a GS while the big 3 are still around
Victor Lupas
Victor Lupas Hace 15 días
why did Tsitsipas think that hitting constantly to Nadal’s forehand was a good idea?
Nick Coller
Nick Coller Hace 15 días
Nadal escaped defeat by the greek, but Medvedev will beat the hell out of him.
Richydragonball Hace 15 días
Nadal beats rublev, tsitsipas beats rublev, rublev beats thiem, thiem beats Nadal... crazy
707ladytee Hace 15 días
The Round Robin at its best!
Flavius Mocanu
Flavius Mocanu Hace 15 días
Those angles
Nick Coller
Nick Coller Hace 15 días
Rublev should defeated Tsitsipas, but...gave him an early Christmas present. He's a better player than the greek...but weaker mentally. Too bad
k4mik4tz3 Hace 15 días
Rublev is a hard hitter with no plan B, Tsi is a level above
kudie Hace 15 días
@Nio Gk lmao. he just choked. He showed his strength less than 20%. But much needs to improved, especially the mental state
Nio Gk
Nio Gk Hace 15 días
He isn't better by any means. He doesn't have Tsitsipas' variety, tennis IQ and elegance. He isn't even able to get a set from Nadal, and I don't see him doing so in the foreseeable future.
Lực Nguyễn thế
Lực Nguyễn thế Hace 15 días
looking forward to Federer's return
Lực Nguyễn thế
Lực Nguyễn thế Hace 14 días
@SonManuel20 He will be back in early 2021. I am from Vietnam
SonManuel20 Hace 15 días
When will he return? I am so impatient 😇
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru Hace 15 días
Nadal a warrior
Bhudeb Barman
Bhudeb Barman Hace 15 días
Go rafa 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Vamos rafa Nadal ❤❤❤❤❤
Tacos4all Hace 15 días
Really too bad how Tsitsipas fell away in the 3rd set. Had many opportunities to take the W early on there in the 3rd.
Sandeep Sathe
Sandeep Sathe Hace 15 días
Nice to see young gun firing...but missing that classic rivalry between big 4 ..O2 must be missing them...
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