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On Monday President Trump declared a state of emergency for Washington DC until 24 January, which enables the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to act to "avert the threat of a catastrophe".
Chad Wolf, acting head of the DHS, said he had instructed the US Secret Service to begin operations for the inauguration on Wednesday - six days early - "in light of events of the past week and the evolving security landscape".
Later on Monday, Mr Wolf became the third Trump cabinet secretary to step down since the riots, after Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao.
Mr Wolf said his departure had been prompted by "recent events", including court rulings challenging the legal validity of his appointment.

US security officials have warned of possible armed protests being held across the country in the days before Joe Biden is sworn in as president.
There are reports of armed groups planning to gather at all 50 state capitols and in Washington DC in the run-up to his 20 January inauguration.
Security plans are being tightened for the event, which will happen two weeks after a pro-Trump mob stormed Congress.
House Democrats say a vote to impeach the president will happen on Wednesday.
They accuse President Trump of "incitement of insurrection" and say the vote will be held unless Vice-President Mike Pence invokes constitutional powers to remove Mr Trump from office. There is no sign Mr Pence is prepared to do so.
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Julio Cesar Quiles
Julio Cesar Quiles Hace 8 minutos
80 millions plus can see your hypocrisy.
Aviana Rowen
Aviana Rowen Hace un hora
Let’s see what happens on the other side
Paratrooper Parables
Paratrooper Parables Hace 2 horas
Make no mistake. Trump hasn’t done what the lame media portrays, or what the millions of Big Tech bots say. We love our President!
Rainbow healing Therapies
Rainbow healing Therapies Hace 3 horas
Do the twist and shake and stir
Trevor Or
Trevor Or Hace 6 horas
BBC bovine excrement again!!!!! Not trump and right wing supporters BLM and ANTIFA. YOU ARE CRIMINALS ALONGSIDE THEM BBC
Eddie Hill
Eddie Hill Hace 6 horas
That fence surrounding the capital building in DC...yeah, that’s to keep the communists in while Trump makes his arrests via US MILITARY, not to keep pro Trumpers out. Watch and see. (Popcorn Crunch)
Christina Phillips
Christina Phillips Hace 8 horas
Google the emergency of declaration !! IAM shock sounds like everything the left wanted ???
조안나 Hace 8 horas
We make this.Why we make this.Because our ememy is Deep State.
Christina Phillips
Christina Phillips Hace 8 horas
This emergency declaration is going to Last for the whole year !!!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace 9 horas
“Ayy we start to build wall, no? Only joking when we don’t want to pay, we pay all fee and free tacos for everybody as long as you let us do it”
Japu Taruko
Japu Taruko Hace 11 horas
I just hope the american citizens rise up with arms and take their freedom back.
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson Hace 3 horas
When did you loose your freedom? Is this a call to violence?
Jonathan Guidry
Jonathan Guidry Hace 11 horas
The Banana Republic of America. Thanks Trump🍌
Jonathan Levy
Jonathan Levy Hace 15 horas
2:28 first there is no needle, second thats not how a vaccine shot is done you dont just stab in the arm like that, third the man did not even flinch an eye he just got at leas a 4mm needle in the arm dose he not feel pain? ik from experience when i signed for the military we all get a shot against the flu they do it slow not like this "doctor" just stabbed his arm. and it hurts a bit... its not just this one video there are tons of ppl within the government getting fake vaccine shots the CEO of Pfizer literally declared hes not getting his own vaccine shot and they are NOT responsible for any side effects it might cause you.... bruh in the side effects list there's literally the word DEATH and many people have already died in the spam of 1 to 15 days of getting the vaccine and ppl just take the vaccine not even knowing whats in it...
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace 9 horas
"except from the police" killed me 😂😂
shanniworld Hace 15 horas
Fluff the queen douche bag baby eater.
Rajaram Sekar
Rajaram Sekar Hace 16 horas
Why to lock trump.. what if biden set it up to bring in a bus load of arsonist to create problem on that day.
TreasureGuy Hace 17 horas
The swamp will drain
Richard Loomis
Richard Loomis Hace 20 horas
Yeah, a state of emergency thanks to himself!!!! Don’t worry Trump they are going to lock up or hopefully kill all of your vandals and then throw your ass in jail....
Shanon Harmon
Shanon Harmon Hace 22 horas
Hatred blinding you all 🙏🏼
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave Hace 22 horas
TRUMP MITOMANIAC'Sociopathe PUTIN'S puppet !!!
Thomas Jonesman
Thomas Jonesman Hace 22 horas
this is about the arrest of all the pedophiles in congress and washington dc
Keep the Faith Always
Keep the Faith Always Hace 23 horas
Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Allen Hace 23 horas
Honestly, it irks me that president Trump has not been charged with treason having "incited the attempted insurrection", in our nation's capital. Tell me: what would have happened if the "attempted insurrection" been successful.
misolou fout
misolou fout Hace 23 horas
I am so happy that there is so much water between me and the us!!!
Russ K
Russ K Hace un día
Where is it in the Constitution that says it's appropriate for the president of the USA to lead an insurrection against our country.? Maybe this video will clear things up.
Owain Garside
Owain Garside Hace un día
Its now Sunday 17th Jan: and one of the worst President's of the USA, leaves the White House on Wednesday. The man who tried to bully States to hand votes over to him, then got his supporters to go into Capitol Hill, damaging property and killing a Police Officer, and Some of those idiots who went into Capitol Hill are pleading to be let off, what idiots those Trump Supporters must be. They commit crimes and now want to be let off.
Owain Garside
Owain Garside Hace 23 horas
@misolou fout Sorry I cannot read this, I only speak and read English and very small amount of Welsh.
misolou fout
misolou fout Hace 23 horas
ㅇㅔ,구의, sk.. 17’..jan..부터.. 요구.. 정싞..ㅛ구..엿다 라는. 구럼... 한반도..& 왜구ㄸㅔ..나, 아메리카..중심..의,싞민ㅈ..ㄲㄹㅈ..든..머든 로,알아ㅅ..하고. 놀랜ㅆㅣㅆ도, 와,잇엇 으니...
LV 2020
LV 2020 Hace un día
Building walls and calling out the troops sounds like something President Trump would do! Lol MAGA Best President in my lifetime!
Brittonic YT
Brittonic YT Hace un día
By definition Democracy doesn’t work if you do not have the capacity to distinguish the truth from fiction. The Empire is dead, Long live the Realm! 🇳🇿🇨🇦🇦🇺🇬🇧✌🤘
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un día
"except from the police" killed me 😂😂
Dyn Gwyn
Dyn Gwyn Hace un día
A pro Trump demonstrator was killed while an Antifa BLM activist was filming and encouraging violence. A Security guard shot this woman causing a stampede and subsequent deaths. Everything else is BS from the BBC.
Gaming Cinematics
Gaming Cinematics Hace 8 horas
Someone's whiteness is showing 😂
TheKatiebear10 Hace un día
And 3000 storming over Guatemala boarder , lwonder if they have masks 😂 I’m actually feeling sorry for the Americans what years are agead
Ghostly Kisses
Ghostly Kisses Hace un día
Словарь жаттау
Ghostly Kisses
Ghostly Kisses Hace un día
Сөзік жазу
Mitchell Barton
Mitchell Barton Hace un día
Trump didn't declare anything. He holed himself up in the white house and has been quiet since his little twitter account was shut down. That title is misleading to the point that my stomach is literally churning.
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un día
"except from the police" killed me 😂😂
Cyprien Mihigo
Cyprien Mihigo Hace un día
DONALD TRUMP The most corrupt and dangerous president in the history of the United States of America
Cyprien Mihigo
Cyprien Mihigo Hace un día
DONALD TRUMP The last American dictator
Tony Memory
Tony Memory Hace un día
Jarred Kushner will take military power after trump leaves and set up the nwo!!!! PASS IT ON!!
Liz Bethy
Liz Bethy Hace un día
Yajima Youko
Yajima Youko Hace un día
Facts found in the US presidential election. The fact that the American media did not tell the truth and was the puppet of the ruler of the times ...
Ken Cronin
Ken Cronin Hace un día
Retribution to all traitors of the republic.....coming.
느님못생겨ᄊ Hace un día
... .... .... 댕근,급 추방 대상 아녀. 구냥,태국 추방. 양세형..이도, 보미 도, 종원이도.. , 유..지현이도, .. 이..수현..엿나.. 수현..한..정..훈?.. 구랫던.. 도, ..양준일..도, 한지민.. 등등.... ㄷㅏ.
Colin Luckens
Colin Luckens Hace un día
Your title for the video is credibility to Donald Trump's pretence of being against this riot from the very start - when he in fact INCITED it, and is acting now MERELY to try and distance himself from consequences which didn't go the way HE intended them to. Why have you conveniently left out the HIGHLY-INCRIMINATING SPEECHES both HE and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave JUST BEFORE the riot???
느님못생겨ᄊ Hace un día
… … 구럼.. 늘근ㄱ출..대표..입장..라.. 치.. 믄, 그..외..ㅅㅣ간s... 유럽중심..ㄲㄹ..옦신갂신.. 껀..으로.. 쥬얼리후보류..ㄲㄹㅈ류..엿다..맞다 는.. 딘ㄷㅕㅇ급.. 못생긴ㄱㅓㄴ..모?... 인디언류.. 입장..엿다 는.엮할 면. 기본..개돼가.. 프란..ㅆㅣㅆ..중심..댂.. 사업장.. 로,연결..ed.. 잇어...ㅇㅖ전.. 13’..aug..20..ㅉ.. ㅇㅣ후.. ㄱㅖ횎..도,맞ㄲ. ㄷㅣ요ㄷㅣ요질..장..용.. 건춖.. ㅅㅓ울 ㅇㅔ,구의, sk.. 17’..jan..부터.. 요구.. 정싞..ㅛ구..엿다 라는. 구럼... 한반도..& 왜구ㄸㅔ..나, 아메리카..중심..의,싞민ㅈ..ㄲㄹㅈ..든..머든 로,알아ㅅ..하고. 놀랜ㅆㅣㅆ도, 와,잇엇 으니... 중굮 이후..부턴, 유럽중심..노ㅇㅖ류..든.. 알아ㅅ하겟다.. 의,ㄱㅖ산. ..구럼..앙구뤠ㄷ..짂..직원류..급.. ㅇㅔ서.. 뽑힌.. 럼ㅍ.. ‘구럼,나는 ㅃㅐ줘ㅇㅑ?” ‘아메바..분ㄹㅣ..가글가글..해가?.. 소..젖ㅅ..모냥.. 이s? ㄱㅏ꼬,가고?..미굮.. 감금.. 돼가,알아ㅅ 할ㅌㅔ니? 내야’ ...
Jettabusy Jackson
Jettabusy Jackson Hace un día
The Capitol museum in Washington DC is a deadly bloody voter fraud crime scene and The Congress is Closed
Chris Wayne
Chris Wayne Hace un día
They are stealing our country they stolen the election. Congress has committed mutable 6 federal felony crimes 10 republican's and the whole democratic side as of 4 days ago and that has been verified now! The country is under tyranny! Americans are losing there country!
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole Hace un día
abc and fox turn off comments to hide the truth. facebook twitter and more stop truth. wake up people need to stand up already. the government using the military against us talking about violence should not be used... then in the same sentance talk about charging the people with who had balls enough to stand up against the rigged election. and the people tried to go about it right only to be ignored by the very people who voted them in office like there gods. threating the us people with military force for voicing them selfs. deniging standard people covid vacines. this is joke the news does nothing but spread lies its time the people stand up for whats right and remind them they work for us. because we voted for them not that they control us with threats and fearmongering like other countrys. if your military and standing aginst the very people you vowed to protect your should be ashammed. people have the right to challange the government regardless what they think. there not eleites there people we put in power and have the right to take out of power. they preach about law and in same sentince break the law. the us army is our army not the governments ARMY. they fight for the people rember your place and the news needs to tell truths not lies. stop abusing your brain washing power and propaganda bs we all know congrass faught trump for relising a new stem check you said it your self now you going back on your selfs. the us people are not dumb and will not stand for this imposter lying bs. new government dont matter we the people made this a possibilty and we have the right to question it. they killed a lady for no reason unarmed. yet no one says a word. the press pushes the police officers death like the badge to protect the people!!! ment he had a high arkery yet they preach we are all equial. wake up folks. the news is a lie. they think they control us and we have no voice. law states the us military can not be used againts its own people. yet the gonverment defifes its owne laws.this is a joke. wake up amarica they are our employes seems like the power has went to there heads almost like there gods. the people have rights and they donot like the resitance and destort is fake. election if fake. just based off the government actions should show you. if not your blind and fear mongered by the very [people u put in charge. stand up the right way make your voices heard.
John Epps
John Epps Hace un día
Im from Georgia (east of Atlanta) military is everywhere. Fuck biden
Gwen S
Gwen S Hace un día
This is the TR Dash 38 property of the United States Army. It is a secret weapon that’s not a secret as of today. These have been reported over dozens of countries last night. And we were told by Charlie Ward to sit back and enjoy the show. If you see one of these UFOs it is there to protect you. Feel safe.
mr fishing life
mr fishing life Hace un día
please speak softly.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Hace un día
Breaking: Mexico offers to pay for the wall. Canada wants one too.
Dena Stever
Dena Stever Hace un día
Of course Biden don't mind taking the vaccine he's already part animal and heading straight to hell!!!
Marcus Schmück
Marcus Schmück Hace un día
Real funny.
David Reoch
David Reoch Hace un día
It's "President Trump" to your cheeky reporter, not Mr. Trump
First name Last name
First name Last name Hace un día
The Dem's are taking over the country. Stole the election and invited Antifa to come raid the Capital building. accumulating. Pelosi is an criminal politician.
First name Last name
First name Last name Hace un día
@dutoiu hour YES, YES, YES!
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Hace un día
Trump is starting his second term as president next week. Biden is starting his first and only term as an occupant of Gitmo. Everything the democrats do backfires on them.
Veil II LLC Hace un día
It’ll be so nice when all this is over in 8 days. Hopefully.
Pards S
Pards S Hace un día
The left were on it too.
ShuviTupya Hace un día
What a load of shit this 'news' article is... 30,000 soldiers to defend what? If the people voted for Biden, who is he is scared of?
Gerry Ward
Gerry Ward Hace un día
Very little will happen! Lots of big mouths who will do nothing. 4 days from now will prove me right!
Eric Hoskins
Eric Hoskins Hace 2 días
We The People will without a shadow of a doubt stand beside President Trump & not lose him to the (Extremist Terrorism Democratic Party) that are only there to push their agenda of communist rule, Big tech! & the media mob that only spins a one-sided view points, We America stand beside Donald Trump the President of the United States & we will not abandon him it doesn't matter how much our boat shakes on The chaotic waters of Fraud Lies Deceit & Pure Evil, we will not be thrown off course!! 🙏🏻👏🏻 We Gather in Support of our president and the Constitution, we will render victorious!!!!!!!!!!!! 💛👏🏻, Donald Trump is going nowhere but into his second term 👌🇺🇸...206303420555
Rae Mini Hopa
Rae Mini Hopa Hace 2 días
Fascist Nationalism is on the rise around the world and lying is what they do best, if anyone doesn't believe this is happening just look at what Don the con, Putin, et al achieved in 4 years. What's happening in the USA could easily be your country.... the internet, social media, and propaganda tv needs an overhaul to help stop the rampant radicalization of gullible people.
Graham Budd
Graham Budd Hace 2 días
..."Trump and the rest of his braindead supporters are a complete bunch of Tossers... How anyone in their right mind can vote for this idiot is beyond comprehension... L O S E R S...
Blood Moon Comix
Blood Moon Comix Hace 2 días
Seriously? This is our government's grand solution to control potential violence; a show of greater violent capability?!😧 BRILLIANT! This new administration gives me soooooo much confidence in their leadership abilities! 😒🙄😵😬😤😝😫👎
DC Author
DC Author Hace 2 días
Ever since Trump took office 4 yrs ago....Washington and the whole U.S. has been in a 'state of emergency.' Thank God he LOST the re-election. Good riddance. Maybe he will meet one of his alligators on his Fl. golf course...
Emperor Of Mankind
Emperor Of Mankind Hace 2 días
I love BBC. They don't sprinkle dog shit political opinion and biased banter into the report like "News" channels like CNN
Water Gate
Water Gate Hace 2 días
Give trump the security bill. Sounds fair!
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Hace 2 días
Treason Joe should be in prison
That’s So Fetch!
That’s So Fetch! Hace 2 días
marshmallow lady
marshmallow lady Hace 2 días
Witch hunt...
Linda Warren
Linda Warren Hace 2 días
Yes, Trump should be held accountable for his actions just like everyone else.
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo Hace un día
@That’s So Fetch! then thats something we both agree on
That’s So Fetch!
That’s So Fetch! Hace un día
@Jonny Bravo Nope. Far as I’m considered the Democrats and Republicans are the same party.
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo Hace un día
@That’s So Fetch! lol... does it show've got to be a democracte a least by the way you talk .?
That’s So Fetch!
That’s So Fetch! Hace un día
@Jonny Bravo I can tell.
Jonny Bravo
Jonny Bravo Hace un día
@That’s So Fetch! well I sure as hell ain't
Mark David
Mark David Hace 2 días
Trump is starting his second term as president next week. Biden is starting his first and only term as an occupant of Gitmo. Everything the democrats do backfires on them.
Troll Harder
Troll Harder Hace 2 días
I bet this comment will age well... LULZ
Sy Coder
Sy Coder Hace 2 días
No one cared till the right did it
Somack Hace 2 días
The stoopid old lady.....
Brian Shea, Sr
Brian Shea, Sr Hace 2 días
I live in the US and it has been horrendous over the past four years.
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy Hace 2 días
Ya, entire cities were being Burned Looted and some people Murdered even in D.C. and not nearly a fraction of that show of force. No American ready to rise up against tyranny would be surprised by a massive show of force by an illegitimate government. The longer politicians are surrounded by guards the harder it will be to convince the citizens who the prisoners are.
Marie Monn
Marie Monn Hace 2 días
Real Trump people and they want us to believe what happen at the Capital were these people Like day and night When we know they were hired antifa actors paid by deep state
Marie Monn
Marie Monn Hace 2 días
Antifa take saying they are actors and making a film
Marie Monn
Marie Monn Hace 2 días
All year long we watched the hired blm & antifa burn, loot, destroy , hold cities hostage and even murder people AND no one helped NO one did anything...and they raise hell when Trump tried to Help..and Democrats encourage the violence The behavior ...justified and even donated money to bail the hired terrorist out just to do the same thing all over again in the cities again JUST like Gov Wolf did in Philly...they knew the Same people were coming to the capital on Jan 6th and left it happen... Now we know it was to blame on Trump & supporters YET not true... This looks absolutely insane when I believe what happen was paid hired actors antifa allowed to go in to our Capital on purpose by deep state globalist to make it look like Trump & his supporter were violent....THE Actors were paid and any warning I believe that were told to people who could’ve prepared were ignored on purpose’s like they wanted Americans to perceive something that wasn’t actually real...this is the strangest thing to watch play out....strange....& there’s truth in what he talks about in this video b
Marie Monn
Marie Monn Hace 2 días
What do you mean because this is the strangest thing to watch out we know they’re blaming it on Trump supporters... bringing up things on line acting like They are supporters of Trump ...I Just listen to them playing this crap Out here
Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA
Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA Hace 2 días
The only reason these pussy got into the building and fliped tables overs is because the security wasnt really expecting it. Do you think now that they are expecting it that they wount be ready. They are going to tazer and beat the shit out of trump supporters like they are slaves in 2021 and they just escaped. They are ready for you.
Huyen Nguyen
Huyen Nguyen Hace 2 días
“When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” - Thomas Jefferson It’s so funny that they all said everything for America but they are destroying each other’s, American and let social media ruined/control the country exactly like CHINA This happened when your hand got blood and corruption. ALERT! Americans freedom is attacked.... 🇺🇸
Attila Kalmar
Attila Kalmar Hace 2 días
TRUMP WON THE 2020 ELECTION!! Martial Law will not be needed. Trump abolished the Banking Act of 1871 which means Corporate America is no more. I would expect two inauguration ceremonies to take place on the 20th. One is for Corporate America which is no more the other will be for the first President of the United States for America since the 1871 Act was implemented.
R M Hace 2 días
Lol... so much personal to Democratic Party members... She hates Trump too much!!! One time I saw her rip up a Trump speech paper...He’s out in few days!!!
강주효 Hace 2 días
Long long long time cheers ok
Starwind Hace 2 días Bye bye Donny
Dom2-c Hace 2 días
So would you need that many troops if he didn't cheat the election. Yeah I thought so. You get what you deserve
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Hace 2 días
And the move will be to continue to sweep every contention under the rug.
Leo Joseph
Leo Joseph Hace 2 días
TRAITORS Are FULLY Accountable!
Veena khan
Veena khan Hace 2 días
so much hate for their leader 😒😒😒
Irina Lira
Irina Lira Hace 2 días
Well ....The US has always been the best with reality shows, this one is the best Guess you guys save your country only in movies :( Good luck
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Hace 2 días
He didn’t say that 🤔 fake news, the little fight took place over a week ago. Fake news
G BARO Hace 2 días
Football coaches and a old looser couple in the street... so what
Michael Haspert
Michael Haspert Hace 2 días
Due to Covid travel restrictions, the coup sponsored this year by the USA has been scheduled as a home game.
Becky M
Becky M Hace 2 días
I'm surprised the wannabe despot didn't create his own salute.
Ciaran Sweet
Ciaran Sweet Hace 2 días
3:30 How did they get Kylo Ren on the BBC? :o
Ciaran Sweet
Ciaran Sweet Hace 2 días
This guys commentary is refreshing
distinct throat
distinct throat Hace 2 días
🤓🤓🤓 🌟🌟
Thordan Hace 2 días
Shake the
James Bond 007
James Bond 007 Hace 2 días
I thaught they didnt like "Fences"?
Malik Miah
Malik Miah Hace 3 días
Best drama in a movie. Housing of cards.
Ruby Scarlett2953
Ruby Scarlett2953 Hace 3 días
The world : That’s what sums up America now, its shambles country with senators with no back bones in order to stay in power with happy triggers mobs as their followers People who watch the insurrection: shocking event how America can stoop so low ...Ones who preaches freedom and democratic..not! who’s the banana republic now then?😂
gi Man
gi Man Hace 3 días
Meanwhile Antifa and Blm Capitol rioters have been arrested. Biden is worried.
Robert Clark
Robert Clark Hace 3 días
Cheating dems caused all this NOT Trump.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Hace 3 días
Much of this content isn't true. Don't be sheep. Do your homework.
The smolAstroKnight
The smolAstroKnight Hace 3 días
Biden do be lookin' kinda buff tho
Team Banchamek
Team Banchamek Hace 3 días
He didn’t say that 🤔 fake news, the little fight took place over a week ago. Fake news
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