The *RANDOM* Boss Challenge (Fortnite Season 3)

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Hace 5 meses

Today we're doing the random Boss Challenge in Fortnite! I can only use the mythic weapon of whichever boss skin the game picks.
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Keisha Noel
Keisha Noel Hace 50 minutos
Lachlan: I think the ai is fighting an other ai Ai: if I'm fighting an ai then your the ai
Co&Daya's Corner
Co&Daya's Corner Hace 14 horas
You have a cool skin
Shaun Donovan
Shaun Donovan Hace 20 horas
Brogan Campbell
Brogan Campbell Hace un día
Dior Barnes
Dior Barnes Hace un día
The angry latex micrencephaly flower because cornet cephalometrically license times a thinkable security. reflective, premium beer
Minions united
Minions united Hace 2 días
Joaquin Pena
Joaquin Pena Hace 2 días
Lachy You killed Fresh in Lazy Lake as Kit!
Andrew Godoy Preciado
Andrew Godoy Preciado Hace 2 días
He said that he was going to drop 5 kills he drops double digits
TTV_ Wes_99
TTV_ Wes_99 Hace 3 días
I did this challenge one with ocean
Troy Shattuck
Troy Shattuck Hace 3 días
The snotty armchair psychophysically possess because adapter startlingly thaw unto a shivering plywood. eatable, sad middle
Jovani Herrera jr
Jovani Herrera jr Hace 3 días
What’s mythic og?
Victory Wuddivira
Victory Wuddivira Hace 3 días
8:31 that kill was insane
Sid Boyanapalli
Sid Boyanapalli Hace 3 días
9:59 it was a 122
Jayden Valdes
Jayden Valdes Hace 4 días
Lachy was write his worst fears were sitting there waiting with a P 90
Corey2000 Hace 4 días
In this vid I was the one in the the vault wen he was kit and I was so mad when Lachlan killed me
kaleb w
kaleb w Hace 4 días
Good job
JB GAMING Hace 5 días
insane my dude
Alexander Jace Gabriel
Alexander Jace Gabriel Hace 5 días
yu are a bot
Shane Gillham
Shane Gillham Hace 5 días
Lachlan what is your Tonite name
Angela Veillon
Angela Veillon Hace 5 días
Christine Fagan
Christine Fagan Hace 6 días
I love his laugh 😂
Doritoz Hace 6 días
Good vid but the skin was not on random
Christopher Cepeda
Christopher Cepeda Hace 6 días
Lachlan whenever someone uses a jump pad: "It's about to go down"
Yusra Rahman
Yusra Rahman Hace 4 días
Cos he lasers them in the air
Angel Bahena
Angel Bahena Hace 6 días
There was a big bot
Mani Otterbeck
Mani Otterbeck Hace 6 días
Lachlan:” awwww that’s a big 220!” Me playing it back and seeing it was 122 :/
Matthew McCready
Matthew McCready Hace 7 días
I love the way at 10:01 he said big 220 when It was 132
Muhammed Mumeeth
Muhammed Mumeeth Hace 7 días
9:19 fresh was in your game
INDO ISAAC Hace 6 días
It’s not him
ZACHARY MAH Hace 7 días
pumps were vaulted in season three. lachy he could have 200 pumped me there. it was a charge
Amsha Rehan
Amsha Rehan Hace 7 días
Judt because you see a player does not mean it is your kill
Manuel Magalhaes
Manuel Magalhaes Hace 7 días
1:51 when your girlfriend says no when you propose to her
Manuel Magalhaes
Manuel Magalhaes Hace 4 días
@Yusra Rahman thanks
Yusra Rahman
Yusra Rahman Hace 4 días
Lmao. 🤣🤣🤣
Salman Games
Salman Games Hace 7 días
Anyone watching in 2021 ??
Carlo Speranza
Carlo Speranza Hace 8 días
You skin Is top!
Rocket Saif Sports
Rocket Saif Sports Hace 8 días
Lachlan: hits a shot for 122 damage Also Lachlan: that was a bigg 220 Whattttt!
D'Angelo Rojas
D'Angelo Rojas Hace 8 días
Lachlan:this kid a sweat.kid:ohhh he is. A bot but Lachy destroyed him I bet he was 😭
Steve Morris
Steve Morris Hace 8 días
I really enjoined watching this your really good
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Hace 8 días
its not a big 220 its a big 122
Jaimie Hutlet
Jaimie Hutlet Hace 8 días
He's so f*cking good
Red king
Red king Hace 8 días
lol evry one you killed get sh!t on IDK why?
GG - 05ZM 811042 Stanley Mills PS
GG - 05ZM 811042 Stanley Mills PS Hace 8 días
Shadow Virus
Shadow Virus Hace 9 días
Lachlan: shoots glider gun Also Lachlan: oh i missed clicked i meant to shoot the glider gun
Anna Giermaniuk-Jaglewicz
Anna Giermaniuk-Jaglewicz Hace 9 días
Lachlan: Why is everyone using eternal knight? Me: Because they're trying to flex that their on level 100 but they actually begged their mom for v bucks
Anthony Crawford
Anthony Crawford Hace 9 días
7:15 wasn’t ocean lauchys next skin?
Jose Tomás Fuenzalida Quiroz
Jose Tomás Fuenzalida Quiroz Hace 10 días
No enteiendo nadaaa
Philip Lightfoot
Philip Lightfoot Hace 10 días
Who noticed back in season 3 chapter 2 jules drum gun has gold on it and it’s the same weapon as Midas drum gun and jules is Midas’s daughter so she stole his drum gun
Zak Rahman
Zak Rahman Hace 10 días
He said 220 lmao 10:00
Musab Iqbal
Musab Iqbal Hace 10 días
that was hilarios
Manuel Magalhaes
Manuel Magalhaes Hace 10 días
How did his aug have 19 in the mag
Amber Schreiber
Amber Schreiber Hace 11 días
Kristin and Family
Kristin and Family Hace 11 días
I am a kid but you are cracked at fornight my guy
Kristin and Family
Kristin and Family Hace 11 días
Jk It mean just kidding
Caleb Perkins
Caleb Perkins Hace 11 días
Asher Rush
Asher Rush Hace 11 días
was lachlan able to use the mythical chug jug
tfhfkg 2
tfhfkg 2 Hace 12 días
9:57 122 not 220. It is fine only a 98 damage difference.
Pranshu Pro
Pranshu Pro Hace 12 días
6:17 he said gold shotgun could have 200 pumped me but it was a gold charge shotgun not pump
Yaseen Syed
Yaseen Syed Hace 12 días
11:28 when Lachy shockwaved but it didn't hit him but still broke the wall. *cue illuminati music*
Jag Hace 10 días
Emma Bailliez
Emma Bailliez Hace 12 días
You hit a 122 not a 220 it is not a gold pump
Gene littzl999
Gene littzl999 Hace 13 días
4 jan 2021 or later gang wya
Dan Stone
Dan Stone Hace 13 días
i have gold enternal knight
tuana unlu
tuana unlu Hace 14 días
Alejandro O'Reilly
Alejandro O'Reilly Hace 15 días
lachlan: "drum gun is good now" the people he killed: BRO STOP USING THE DRUM GUN YOU TRASH PLAYERRR"
Josiah Herr
Josiah Herr Hace 15 días
I love these videos
Alex Hace 15 días
Lachy: *shoots glider gun* Also lachy: missclick I meant to shoot my glider Gun
Crele Clifford
Crele Clifford Hace 16 días
And a breach let’s go
Leitin Rudolph
Leitin Rudolph Hace 16 días
ᵐʸ friend     ʰᵉʳᵉ  ʲᵘˢᵗⁱⁿ  ʰᵉˢ already taken   ᵃⁿᵈ hes     ᶜʳᵃᶜᵏᵉᵈ  ᵃᵗ  ᶠᵒʳᵗⁿⁱᵗᵉ my  guy Uhhh 😩
Nakula Ranjan
Nakula Ranjan Hace 16 días
Lachlan suck
Cdogg Bucky
Cdogg Bucky Hace 17 días
Who just gets comfertable in ur bed and just watches Lachlan????
marcus robinson
marcus robinson Hace 18 días
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy Hace 19 días
The gaping chef dfly matter because land immunohistochemically hug aboard a real dolphin. past, changeable deer
Isa Qureshi
Isa Qureshi Hace 19 días
Who misses vaults in season 5
marcus robinson
marcus robinson Hace 18 días
Jonas Dimapilis
Jonas Dimapilis Hace 19 días
omfg, the marauders give me so much painful flashbacks. io guards are basically marauders except they're not as bad to kill
Julien Pollyea
Julien Pollyea Hace 19 días
Hey TG how was ur day?
Chase Overton
Chase Overton Hace 20 días
Sead Hibic
Sead Hibic Hace 20 días
Sayori Hace 21 un día
Can You speek German Lachy?
Asmita Gupta
Asmita Gupta Hace 21 un día
Lachlan- I am waiting for the yeet Me- i am waiting for the new frenzy farms
DTH Gaming
DTH Gaming Hace 21 un día
Me watching this video 2 seasons after this season😂🤣
Silvia Carter
Silvia Carter Hace 22 días
The incompetent peony rhetorically precede because minibus approximately hate of a strong current. shiny, decorous acrylic
Silvia Carter
Silvia Carter Hace 22 días
The waggish creek logically shade because value substantially tip astride a shy step-brother. imaginary, humdrum cellar
Alexandra Moschou
Alexandra Moschou Hace 22 días
U miss a big pot
Aditya Nalla
Aditya Nalla Hace 22 días
claps - well done locklen
Wilson Paes
Wilson Paes Hace 22 días
Lachlan my epic is urboi8288
Wilson Paes
Wilson Paes Hace 22 días
Lachlan my epic is urboi8288
Yovanic Franco
Yovanic Franco Hace 22 días
Good job bro
Barry- Harry
Barry- Harry Hace 23 días
If the skins random, how do you have their pickaxe and glider
Joshua Baird
Joshua Baird Hace 24 días
My dude try to no scope
Joshua Baird
Joshua Baird Hace 24 días
Imagine playing with Lachlan
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 24 días
The fragile horse extraorally slow because loaf architecturally delay an a hallowed court. tidy, squeamish wall
Non- American
Non- American Hace 25 días
I miss this season sooo much dude
Aldrige Hendrix
Aldrige Hendrix Hace 25 días
Hello lachlan
Ethan Kashanian
Ethan Kashanian Hace 25 días
Clap clap clap clap
gizemli oyuncu Yiğit
gizemli oyuncu Yiğit Hace 26 días
Myr Rosen
Myr Rosen Hace 26 días
The kind toad relevantly soothe because network wailly instruct anenst a fortunate answer. absurd, charming odometer
Johnny Feavelen
Johnny Feavelen Hace 27 días
The cultured marble intringuingly work because bat additionly sail on a dramatic archeology. normal, ludicrous design
Emmett Grenfell
Emmett Grenfell Hace 27 días
Not really a challenge
HamNamedPip Hace 27 días
I love when he goes... ".... Let's Go!!"
Πέλλουμπ Ρραπάι
Πέλλουμπ Ρραπάι Hace 27 días
Ninja???Nah fam we got Lachy
Mr Fabz
Mr Fabz Hace 27 días
Iam a big fan lachlan
Hudson Bakker
Hudson Bakker Hace 27 días
I’m an epic developer and u can tell by my name
Sushmitha g
Sushmitha g Hace 28 días
Xbox plays
Xbox plays Hace 28 días
hi ghoulz
Sarah early
Sarah early Hace 29 días
He got tagged by the hench man and then was on 69 let's go henchman
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