Unforgettable Moment of the Decade in Football

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Unforgettable Moment of the Decade in Football (2010-2020)
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In this Video:
1. Messi Ronaldo Decade of Dominance
2. Leicester city
3. Spain won the world cup 2010
4. Germany won the world cup 2014
5. Portugal won the Euro 2016
6. Aguero last min goal
7. France won the wold cup 2018
8. Chelsea won ucl
9. Real madrid won La Decima
10. Brazil 1-7 Germany world cup 2014
11. Real Madrid 3 consecutive ucl
12. Barca treble 2014/15
13. Bayern treble 2012/13
14. Inter Treble 2009/10
15. Croatia world cup 2018
16. Liverpool 4-0 Barca
17. Barca 6-1 PSG
18. Roma 3-0 Barca
19. Barca Dominance in El clasico
20. Messi 91 goal 2012
21. Atletico win their first la liga
22. Man city win epl with 100 point
23. Iceland euro 2016
24. Ibrahimovic goal vs england
25. Ronaldo bicycle kick vs juventus
26. Rooney bicycle kick vs Man city
27. James world cup 2014 goal vs uruguay
28. Bale goal copa del rey
29. Messi goal vs bilbao
30. Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 min

John Talisay
John Talisay Hace 4 horas
im a Real Madrid fan but I’m glad i was able to witness MSN play. Man these were the good days
Adair Cruz
Adair Cruz Hace 8 horas
Real madrid 4 champions league in 5 years?
dann mena
dann mena Hace 9 horas
When I saw Leicester at no.2 i was like wtf... how the hell do you get better than that. Then I saw no.1. Absolutely brilliant, one of my favourite football vids of all time.
Zohar Avneri
Zohar Avneri Hace 10 horas
Whre 8-2
Yoyo Le rigolo
Yoyo Le rigolo Hace 10 horas
10:15 is in 2014-2015
Waller Harmon
Waller Harmon Hace 12 horas
Girls: "Why you men love so much football? It's just a match." The football:
Noa Hace 15 horas
Worst decade in football history
jay cao
jay cao Hace un día
The selection for the Number 1 spot was absolutely spot on. Yes there have been one-off wonders before. But the dominance of these two humans, will go down in the history books. More than a decade of consistency, that's something only a few beings can pull off. We're lucky to be alive in this Messi-CR7 era.
alex hebert
alex hebert Hace un día
Nice touch.
Shirotera 1601
Shirotera 1601 Hace un día
Something is missing :/ 1. Juventus Invicible 2011/12 season 2. Real Madrid super 100 under Mourinho 3. Suarez vs Bonucci 4. Costa Rica shocks World cup 2014 5. United comebacks vs PSG
Simon A
Simon A Hace un día
Music ruins it.
Bloodypaws Hace un día
how is Greece that won euro in 2004 not in the list? :O
dainty delusionalynn
dainty delusionalynn Hace 2 días
I didn't realise this back then as a kid that Robert Lewangoalski is also a goat just like CR7 and messi
Krew Spenst
Krew Spenst Hace 2 días
me who got 9 goals in ten min in fifa "HA U SUCK"
Jacaré dos Vudu
Jacaré dos Vudu Hace 3 días
Wait Iceland did something in the Euro 2016?
Pine Cones
Pine Cones Hace 3 días
I can’t think of 66 without yelling CORNER TAKIN QUICKLY ORIGIIIIIIII
Carmela Perrigan
Carmela Perrigan Hace 3 días
This was like watching my entire childhood and yes, i cried.
Martin Nilsson
Martin Nilsson Hace 3 días
How many of these include barca,real,messi or Ronaldo. How boring
Katherine Carr
Katherine Carr Hace 3 días
I want juve and Barca to be in the final of the ucl, and I don't support either of them. Just want Messi V Ronaldo one last time.
The champ
The champ Hace 3 días
The players, the teams, the managers, THE FANS my god we have been blessed by this wonderful sport we call football.
GREZ CLAPPER Hace 4 días
that alexander cross though INSANE
morita hadad
morita hadad Hace 4 días
this video make me cry because of number 1 position
Indo Hace 4 días
Flying Dutchman?
Marwan Wahed
Marwan Wahed Hace 4 días
Musics are incredible
Talha Akhtar
Talha Akhtar Hace 4 días
Damn you should have waited till 8-2.
Sraskuacz Hace 4 días
Giannis Sardis
Giannis Sardis Hace 4 días
tottenham-Ajax and lovren's header against dortmund should be in
Alma Chavez
Alma Chavez Hace 5 días
this video make me cry because of number 1 position
Harvey Holmes
Harvey Holmes Hace 5 días
The commentary for Roma’s come back against Barcelona is some of the best ever, makes it feel like an absolutely world changing event
SuperVest09 Hace 5 días
Germany - Sweden 4-4
Sangita Sarmin Katun
Sangita Sarmin Katun Hace 5 días
anyone here after the barca thrashing?
Ryuri Musashi
Ryuri Musashi Hace 5 días
In the number three is iniesta i know because im spanish
Mc Faddy
Mc Faddy Hace 6 días
Football ectascy 😻😻
شركة الخرطوم للمواد الغذائية Khartoum Foodstuff
شركة الخرطوم للمواد الغذائية Khartoum Foodstuff Hace 6 días
i bet it was hard ranking those, and also lewondowski's is so underrated
Mustafa Ingram
Mustafa Ingram Hace 6 días
Red Meatball • 75 years ago
Red Meatball • 75 years ago Hace 6 días
Childhood in a box,definetely worth spending 20 mins of your life
pamela angela
pamela angela Hace 6 días
Girls: "Why you men love so much football? It's just a match." The football:
Wioletta Tymochowicz
Wioletta Tymochowicz Hace 7 días
I think that you have a lot of donuts in your house
ᄏᄏᄏᄏ Hace 7 días
Where is son?
Timeless Spirit
Timeless Spirit Hace 7 días
number 1 hit different
xSkato Hace 7 días
Roma barca top 5
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Hace 8 días
Where is the lightning bolt? I came to see the lightning bolt on the thumbnail.
Aaron Crocker
Aaron Crocker Hace 8 días
24: Ibrahimovic Scoring Goal Of The Decade Me, knowing its number 24: ayo stop the cap
Carsonwell Hace 8 días
"Inieata" Ouch.
siege plays
siege plays Hace 8 días
i remember the 2014 world cup to think germany beat brasil 7-1 then 2018 were knocked out the group stage by korea smh
gam13it gam13itarian
gam13it gam13itarian Hace 8 días
Alex Calderon
Alex Calderon Hace 9 días
Me angrily watching #19. Lmao
Bakoz skillz
Bakoz skillz Hace 9 días
l wish l was like ronaldo make my rivals (enemies) clap for me
MASTER SQUAD Hace 9 días
barca is either the best or the worst
Shreyash Bhude
Shreyash Bhude Hace 9 días
Was just waiting to see the no•1 , and truely it suits there
Lukas Wijkamp
Lukas Wijkamp Hace 10 días
it's called the beautiful game for a reason.
Nandan Dhar
Nandan Dhar Hace 10 días
18:27 Moment of magic.....there's the best of everything
Opdragon806 Hace 10 días
Some times you gotta question ter stegans technique at qb like what the heck is he doing hes just swining his arm madly
Michaelson876 Richard linda8976**
Michaelson876 Richard linda8976** Hace 10 días
Girls: "Why you men love so much football? It's just a match." The football:
Aiden Hoffmann
Aiden Hoffmann Hace 9 días
That’s literally word for word of a comment 3 days ago stop copying other people to get the satisfaction of a couple likes.
Football Courtyard
Football Courtyard Hace 10 días
Luis we can't forget you😢😢😢
Master Gaming-YT
Master Gaming-YT Hace 11 días
watford last second goal?
Kakyinna Mihole
Kakyinna Mihole Hace 11 días
I cried. These were wonderful memories.
gloc Pinedo
gloc Pinedo Hace 11 días
Cristiano Ronaldo the g.o.a.t greatest of all time
Psycho Hace 11 días
2-8 :)
Pnx JokeR
Pnx JokeR Hace 11 días
A big mistake... No. 14:- BARCA won the treble in 2014/15... Not in 2015/16 Cuz REAL MADRID won the UCL that year.. But but.... But.... That no. 1 just won my heart like anything... Simply like anything... No. 1 just won my heart...
Connor Biernat
Connor Biernat Hace 11 días
this video make me cry because of number 1 position
Nathaniel James Christmas
Nathaniel James Christmas Hace 11 días
Maaann. I've been waiting 10 years for this.
AXEL VISSERS Hace 11 días
Belgium vs japan 2018??
Lewis Garwood
Lewis Garwood Hace 12 días
No matter how many times I watch the chelsea video I always get goosebumps
Boston Reilly
Boston Reilly Hace 12 días
The video is very amazing and very action
Ville Hace 12 días
imagine if both messi and cristiano career ends after they face each other in the world cup final 2022
Lawrence Chengo
Lawrence Chengo Hace 12 días
Xavis goal is very underrated the more you look at it the more you wonder wtf 😂😂
Sadman Maruf Shadab
Sadman Maruf Shadab Hace 12 días
earth is more than 4 billion years old and we were born in the decade of messi and ronaldo this is what luck is called
Sadman Maruf Shadab
Sadman Maruf Shadab Hace 12 días
u got every treble here but not barca's sextuple
Mauoo Hace 12 días
Number 15 pure luck change my mind.
Moses Ndelule
Moses Ndelule Hace 12 días
Nice vid but the Barca treble was 2014/15 not 2015/16
Sander Lier Sørhagen
Sander Lier Sørhagen Hace 12 días
i actually think salah 17/18 season should be here, greatest individual season in premier league history
Miguel Rocha
Miguel Rocha Hace 13 días
ronaldo and messi 😪😪😪😪
a b
a b Hace 13 días
Girls: "Why you men love so much football? It's just a match." The football:
Orbeez FN
Orbeez FN Hace 8 días
@Maya. R Yea me 2
Maya. R
Maya. R Hace 11 días
i've never heard a girl say that before soooooooo
Shakeria Hansen
Shakeria Hansen Hace 13 días
I'm am going to play and pratice soccer right now
MHN Haz!yck
MHN Haz!yck Hace 13 días
Fuck i miss msn
Varga Erik
Varga Erik Hace 13 días
If that number 17 could be removed xd. Great list, with prob the best thing at number 1
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia Hace 13 días
Its soccer you idiot not football you 4 year old kid
ali a
ali a Hace 14 días
How the fuck is Tottenham vs Ajax not on here
Vincent Jager
Vincent Jager Hace 14 días
Saikrishnan Deepak
Saikrishnan Deepak Hace 14 días
6:30 Nah nobody is in the box while neymar takes the pen dunno what your talking about
Dániel Pintér
Dániel Pintér Hace 14 días
It's easy to win three CL trophies in a row if the offside rule is invalid when you're attacking. Just saying. 😉
Dániel Pintér
Dániel Pintér Hace 10 días
@NIRAJ Satwani Well OK. That comment made absolutely no sense at all 😂😂😂
NIRAJ Satwani
NIRAJ Satwani Hace 10 días
@Dániel Pintér lol ... Even I am not a plastic fan .. If this is case than why other teams not accusing us. 🤣 like UEFALONA or others.. Even Great players and managers admit it that Winning Triplet is the Toughest thing...I am not disrespecting you or Teasing you I respect your opinion my Friend...If I say something bad about your team it will definitely hurts you..
Dániel Pintér
Dániel Pintér Hace 10 días
@NIRAJ Satwani Beating them is easy if you can use your hand, take out the opponet's best player or you can rum offside any time. 🤔🤔 Outside of Real Madrid fans everybody knows that. You just can't accept your team won his last three CLs undeservly. And no, you're team did not beat mine. I support a shitty team but atleast I'm no plastic fan and a idiot at the same time. 😅
NIRAJ Satwani
NIRAJ Satwani Hace 10 días
@Dániel Pintér 🤣🤣 Beating Best Clubs in the world is not joke my friend..I think Real Madrid had Beaten your team Badly, that's why you are Jealous. Because Triplet is not easy, and also at the same offside rule your team also was playing. So Don't give excuses
Dániel Pintér
Dániel Pintér Hace 11 días
@NIRAJ Satwani Luckily I'm no barca or real fan because (you might don't know) but there are other teams than these two disgusting shit clubs. And if you're a Real fan you should just recognize and accept your team did not deserve that triple. 😉😉
Øystein Skagen
Øystein Skagen Hace 14 días
8:26 Wait Wtf....
Dunia Renji
Dunia Renji Hace 14 días
I cried when Atletico clip
NoTieMing Hace 14 días
Tottenham - Ajax is the only thing you missed
Alma Chavez
Alma Chavez Hace 5 días
this video make me cry because of number 1 position
Shockwave Hace 14 días
When i saw Ibras Goal against England i was like 😶
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity Hace 14 días
18:29 ❤
Freddy Delacruz
Freddy Delacruz Hace 15 días
number 1 was wow amazing
Phil Hace 15 días
corner taken quickly !
xavist Hace 15 días
Lewandowski's 5 in 9 is so underrated. Noone will ever do it again.
Dr.Victor George
Dr.Victor George Hace 15 días
Beautiful. I'm not crying, you're crying !
CharlesLeeRay Hace 16 días
Liverpool-Milan Champions League Final 3-0 to 3-3 and penalty shootout... Are you 10 years old? How can you discard that Legendary match?
Raffy Arya Hasan
Raffy Arya Hasan Hace 13 días
Its last 10 years you fool
abel tesfaye
abel tesfaye Hace 16 días
never forget Chelsea CL win. what a journey
Kenneth Pettersen
Kenneth Pettersen Hace 16 días
Imagine if Messi & Ronaldo retire in the same season, and their last game would be the Champions League final between Barcelona and Juventus. That would be the coolest ending of two legends!
Im JakubCZ
Im JakubCZ Hace 17 días
i miss the 2019 because not corona
Shirotera 1601
Shirotera 1601 Hace 17 días
Chile's Brace of Copa America should be Included here
QAID TRS Hace 17 días
like the fact that ronaldo and messi is going to retire soon is fookin sad
QAID TRS Hace 17 días
that aguero hit hard *nostalgic*
RandomNewz Weather Service
RandomNewz Weather Service Hace 17 días
Elias Ekelöw
Elias Ekelöw Hace 17 días
Honorable mentions: - Tshabalala's screamer in the 2010 World Cup opener -Sir Alex Ferguson winning the 2012/13 title in his last season after 26 years as a Man U coach - Chile winning back-to-back Copa Americas 2015 & 2016 -Pirlo's panenka penalty in 2012 Euros vs England - Costa Rica winning the group of death and reaching the quarter finals in the 2014 World Cup
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