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The Gift

Hace 7 meses

A new short film from the creators of "The Gift"

Shruti Srivastava
Shruti Srivastava Hace 56 minutos
A beautiful story. Much needed it.
Sondos Amleh
Sondos Amleh Hace 59 minutos
حبيت 💙الفكرة حبيت الصوت حبيت كل شي كل شي
MSD Company
MSD Company Hace un hora
3k disliked people are dont know who they are !!!!
Xvindl _
Xvindl _ Hace un hora
athena meher
athena meher Hace un hora
[insert some inspiring and deep messenge] _[insert name of who said that]
Norub Madala
Norub Madala Hace un hora
This excellent animation I should have done graphic design!
Brenda Barnea
Brenda Barnea Hace 2 horas
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GlamOnline official
GlamOnline official Hace 2 horas
Lalalalalalalala Banana
Lalalalalalalala Banana Hace 2 horas
lucky to have this on my reccomendation
J P Hace 3 horas
I think the question of why you were born is the most stupid question in the world. Because existence itself is the purpose. There is no other purpose anymore. It is not because God gave me a certain calling, but because I am God myself. Sakyamuni said "Look at the Buddha in you."
Konrad Zingerle
Konrad Zingerle Hace 3 horas
I'am 75 years old and I started to learn English in the 2020 Corona year and I found a lot of enjoi in the process👍👍👍😘
Andrea Rovaris
Andrea Rovaris Hace 4 horas
I don't get it
Snow White
Snow White Hace 4 horas
حلو تكون غريب
E Z Hace 4 horas
Awesome and mind blowing!
Emigox Hace 5 horas
You must understand me, because I am not a book, because no one can read me after I die, I have to be understood while living. -Oğuz Atay
Rochelle Maiso
Rochelle Maiso Hace 6 horas
Who's here reading the comments while watching the video? 🙋
Loki Lorena
Loki Lorena Hace 7 horas
"The word ME is what you should be proud of most" -ME (mostly all of the comments are quotes so I made a quote LOL)
Palamirtam Marimuthu
Palamirtam Marimuthu Hace 7 horas
Who am I???....🤔 A mere human....la
Sivani Shree
Sivani Shree Hace 7 horas
My Life is now empty.I am going to fill it with happiness , success,respect right now onwords
Mr.Preston 16
Mr.Preston 16 Hace 8 horas
Who are you “Vsauce music starts playing”
Atharva Kapade
Atharva Kapade Hace 3 horas
Han Ban
Han Ban Hace 8 horas
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Norelyn paraguay
Norelyn paraguay Hace 9 horas
Luki Hace 10 horas
Why dont nobody talkin about that traumatized damn dog in the end of the movie?😭😭😭
The Unyielding
The Unyielding Hace 10 horas
Da last guy yu shuld mess uid!!!...
Leo K.
Leo K. Hace 11 horas
A silent moment for the dead dog 😐 Okeyyyy i'm done 🤗
Gal George Gjurin
Gal George Gjurin Hace 12 horas
Nice music! :)
Han Ban
Han Ban Hace 12 horas
Rose _dollhouse_singer
Rose _dollhouse_singer Hace 12 horas
so, she didn't deliver any pizza? oh, she delivered that empty box sent from anyone who cares about him? I might not have a talent to sing but i'm singing coz I love to sing. Songs comes from nowhere one day and I had to sing. It will be best if i could get fortune but more important thing is. . to enjoy what you do.
Vanagandir Hace 12 horas
if there's something I hate it's to interpret movies and art - i mean just say it already
Lêda Maekawa
Lêda Maekawa Hace 13 horas
Iván Ventajas Martín
Iván Ventajas Martín Hace 13 horas
Why is everything in Spanish? It is a nice touch by the way, I enjoyed the story.
Summer Zhang
Summer Zhang Hace 13 horas
Cyber wolf ron
Cyber wolf ron Hace 14 horas
What I need to comment? I am speechless!
D B Hace 14 horas
BANMY방미 Hace 15 horas
La verdad no entendí nada :v
Giulio_ps Hace 15 horas
I was just searching for the the Who Song but i think that this Is ok too
Kim Hun
Kim Hun Hace 16 horas
aaaaa que amor🤧🤧 queria saber se eles ficaram juntos....seria bem fofo😍
Xixi Kong
Xixi Kong Hace 16 horas
the drawing style reminds me a lot of a game called FLORENCE
XY Hace 17 horas
Emanuele Pugliese
Emanuele Pugliese Hace 20 horas
The great beauty
Pritz Dutt
Pritz Dutt Hace 21 un hora
Awang Najib
Awang Najib Hace 21 un hora
You cant live without an empty box ~The Whole World
Veron H
Veron H Hace 21 un hora
Everything is an omen guides you to reach your personal legend The alchemist
Pedro Perez Pereira
Pedro Perez Pereira Hace 23 horas
Uta quien me lo explica?
Javier Johnson
Javier Johnson Hace 23 horas
Hay algun video en español? Ya q todos los dibujos son en español
Carlo Abat
Carlo Abat Hace un día
I can hear Hadvar's voice "Wait, you there step forward..."
Kiana Mahdavi
Kiana Mahdavi Hace un día
My bad
Kiana Mahdavi
Kiana Mahdavi Hace un día
Didnt get it
Fred Watkins
Fred Watkins Hace un día
Title slightly misleading, was expecting a little more... empty box representative of your cup and what you fill it with..still does not represent who you are in totality...even when your cup gets filled, it still has to be emptied from time to time as to learn more or different avenues of lessons being learned... hopefully, whatever you put in it takes you to a progressive and productive outcome...Still an enjoyable short though... something so simple as remembering to empty your cup...all the unnecessary things we keep, especially achievements, indicative of the stuff/junk we also collect in our on household...borderline hoarding, truth be told..
Poster Hace un día
Hmm. Okay
Axzle DEL MUNDO Hace un día
"Why is everyone quoting at the comment section" -me
Anjana Hace 2 horas
😂Lol (11)
Kk Kk
Kk Kk Hace 3 horas
😂 Lol (10)
unofficial Hace 5 horas
@Daddy Pussy eater bruh... The hell is your problem?
Quyên Đỗ
Quyên Đỗ Hace 9 horas
lol (9)
Daddy Pussy eater
Daddy Pussy eater Hace 16 horas
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter Hace un día
The foamy prepared mechanically interest because octave wessely snatch beneath a nifty russian. stimulating, depressed peace
Atomic Apple
Atomic Apple Hace un día
A guy who really likes potatoes
Misha Anoosha
Misha Anoosha Hace un día
a minute and 30 seconds in and a they kill a dog smh
Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh Hace un día
Loosing is as essential as gaining in a life !
MOM VEY Hace un día
i need some help from you bro am living in siereap angkor wat cambodia
MOM VEY Hace un día
i want to change my life but nobody assist me brother ..hard work bro .support big family ....my mum sisters and young brothers .they are going to shcools ...i am work a lone .
CaraDeBolsa Hace un día
Muy buen video, pero tengo una duda, por que el video esta en ingles pero el letrero del minuto 5:25 dice Escuela de teatro en Español :v
*clears throat* Me. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Celeste Hace un día
tbh, i have no idea who i am
Reading Hace un día
K S Hace un día
Dear Mr.The Gift, Hello from Japan. What a beautiful movie ! I was deeply impressed. I want to tell my Japanese friends about this. But...this Japanese subtitle have some critical mistakes… (I imagine, because of google automatic translation, right??) I am afraid most of Japanese people may misunderstand detail of this great story...while there are still small number of Japanese who understand this level of English conversation directly. I would suggest if I could correct the Japanese subtitles ? Best regards, Kao ( from New-Yokohama, Japan )
K S Hace un día
​@The Gift Thank you for your positive reply ! I will take a look of what I can do first of all. I will tell you when I have some progress, probably within a week. Warmly, Kao
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Dear Kao, You can edit it in this link: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AMwBD-K8N5nETzB5V_gvBek5ItjGXYA9?usp=sharing Please tell me when you do it (to upload it). You can start from "WhoAreYou_ENGLISH.txt" or "WhoAreYou_JAPANESE_to-edit.txt". Thanks! 😌
خالد Hace un día
What the hell is that video?
Hoger Nunez
Hoger Nunez Hace un día
There times when you have to be still and let God created your path and when a new journey arrives he’ll let you know love Grace
Elvan: a Canadian Arab Gay Stoner Artist Buddha
Elvan: a Canadian Arab Gay Stoner Artist Buddha Hace un día
Is that another fictional version of the movie “the secret” montages. So not creative
Vüqar Aliyev
Vüqar Aliyev Hace un día
oscar g luja
oscar g luja Hace un día
I write the songs that make the whole world sing... My whole life is deep within you... And when I look out through your eyes I'm young again even though I'm very old... It's from me it's for you it's from you it's for me it's a worldwide symphony... I IS EVERYTHING.
Muhammad Saad Ullah Khan
Muhammad Saad Ullah Khan Hace un día
Wonderful 😊👏👏👏 Fell like that I was imagining myself since the quarantine came along 👌💯
Carmine Hace un día
All of this animation and the story Is blando flat
Sahil Mohammed
Sahil Mohammed Hace un día
Everyone don't have those skill of sketching or art, but I really liked your design 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😊
Mpeton Arme
Mpeton Arme Hace un día
what a shitty story
Bobbie McMiller
Bobbie McMiller Hace un día
If you can't think about one reason to live, then think about three
Heyyoii Hace un día
I am me. 1 in a 7 billion chance to be me.
Karn Hace un día
Hats off to the Animator and the person who had an idea of this.
João Hace un día
Where is the end, the history was so good
cecilie shaw
cecilie shaw Hace un día
There's like 10 different things to take away from this. All are simple but easily forgotten i suppose. meh
Patrin Zsanett
Patrin Zsanett Hace un día
I was thouched :) thanks for the sort film ♡♡♡!
Ammar Ali
Ammar Ali Hace un día
Who are you. What are you. Why are you. How are you. Aka How are ya? Mr stranger
Joseph Lai
Joseph Lai Hace un día
There is air of romance and love's moment budding in time. Love and how empowering to everyone, I should think. Everything seems so possible, so positively right. We float on air. But what of those souls would find themselves in a bottomless pit? What is life there? What should 'we' make of life that encompass both sides of this divide? Life, I think, cannot live in the mind. It is unfathomable. Let it be - seems the way to go. Maybe?
Over Clover3nd
Over Clover3nd Hace un día
This is truly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Noel Armstrong
Noel Armstrong Hace un día
She should not have been riding the bike on the pavement !
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Gayuni Dino
Gayuni Dino Hace 2 días
Still want to know who am I ?🤔
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Rendy Si ganteng melebihi arap
Rendy Si ganteng melebihi arap Hace 2 días
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Hace 2 días
Success is like the tip of your nose, everyone sees it except you..
Fred Watkins
Fred Watkins Hace un día
Just as stopping while on top or ahead, is not the same as quitting...you truly do not know what you have until you lose it...even in this information age, more wonders and questions will ensue with Google feeding your brain, Amazon your stomach and Facebook your heart..
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Mystic Dragon EX
Mystic Dragon EX Hace 2 días
Who are you?
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Jesus_Unar Hace 2 días
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Pig Fucker
Pig Fucker Hace 2 días
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Dayton Coates
Dayton Coates Hace 2 días
10:45 oh man, she gon’ do it 10:46 *SIKE!!*
Ani Axi
Ani Axi Hace 2 días
This video is filled with flaws, yet is so simple and wonderful. It reminds me of how nice life was back when I was a kid. Before the stress. Before the pressure. Good times when you did not have to overthink things.... I miss my childhood 😔
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
adulthood is even better, you just have to take it as a child too 👍
PANG_2 Hace 2 días
한국 자막이 이상해요 Korean subtitle is awkward as if it’s from Google translator
Ahmed Hasanen
Ahmed Hasanen Hace 2 días
5:34 I know there is a lot to digest or even notice, but have You noticed that the CLAPS are actually CLAPPING!
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
澳洲酷玩家 Hace 2 días
simple yet beautiful :)
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Felix's Pancake
Felix's Pancake Hace 2 días
i love this so much
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Aaron Durante
Aaron Durante Hace 2 días
I hope you will create more of these
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
I'm on it ☝️
Vui Vui
Vui Vui Hace 2 días
Title: who are you Me: I'm Me
Geoff Geoff
Geoff Geoff Hace 2 días
You are what you think about all day long, so be positive while living positively in each moment. Smile! Folks will wonder what you're up to! ;)
ぴぴぴ大好き Hace 2 días
So, tell me the Homeless story.
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
Asma Hace 2 días
I love this comments section❤️
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
mike tubman
mike tubman Hace 2 días
The groovy buzzard neuropathologically store because engineer phytochemically afford out a chemical pancreas. large, lively church
新吉 Hace 2 días
PsychologyPH by KayCs
PsychologyPH by KayCs Hace 2 días
Sometimes we failed to see what's awesome in us because we're preoccupied by hunger of being appreciated. The empty box is what you are, until you fill it with what you have. You have to choose wisely what to put in it, for the issues of life flow from it.
The Gift
The Gift Hace un día
The Gift
The Gift
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