Why Lionel Messi Is Called The "GOAT"? 🐐

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G.O.A.T. - Greatest of all time. 🐐
Why Lionel Messi Is Called The "GOAT"?
I explained it in this video!
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Lionel Messi - best skills, dribbles, runs, nutmegs, goals, free kick, chips, assists, passes, tricks.
Thanks for watching!

Fad3nHD Hace 5 meses
GOAT - Greatest of All Time 🐐 If you still have doubts about who is the best player in history, watch this video! Like, comment and subscribe for more!
Stefano Laz
Stefano Laz Hace 4 días
Falta campeon du mond
justin Case
justin Case Hace 4 días
@Lijo Jacob Messi is. No doubt. His shadow is a goat
AmanPlayz Hace un mes
Pele the best
MrHumor Hace 2 meses
@s baxter that would suck
s baxter
s baxter Hace 2 meses
@MrHumor i think they may just commentate in a studio, but we don't see the live footage? and there are highlights and on demand after the match.it's not clear on their site.
Md Zihad
Md Zihad Hace un día
Oo messi you are genius footballer.
Limerick Maverick
Limerick Maverick Hace 2 días
It's such a shame Argentina hasn't won any senior international trophy with him. Is either they don't deserve him or they rely too much on him. Hope he wins both Copa America and World cup before he retires. G.O.A.T
Sushma Karam
Sushma Karam Hace 2 días
Diego simone sad I didn't celebrate the goal because he saw messi warming up
Sushma Karam
Sushma Karam Hace 2 días
Messi is not a player He is a emotion
NatureBoy Hace 6 días
The people that say this little genius is not the best in the world either have no eyes or 2 left feet. Edit - Greatest Of All Time
bin laden
bin laden Hace 11 días
trillions of years may pass that there will never be a better player than the best Messi in history
RiswanHD Hace 11 días
Clearly Greatest.No question about that.
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes Hace 12 días
El puto amo del futbol!!!!!! ⚽💪 El verdadero The Best.
Noel Stoy • 98 years ago
Noel Stoy • 98 years ago Hace 12 días
Why People Say U Dog?
Javier Catalán
Javier Catalán Hace 15 días
The Best Footballer In The World.
Semir D
Semir D Hace 17 días
As a neutral I have to say that Messi is the best I`ve ever seen and I seriously doubt there will ever be anyone like him. Cristiano is amazing and he has achieved so much but there`s something about Messi that`s inexplainable. The way Messi is always in complete control and what is able to do with the ball is just out of this world. I honestly believe if Messi was concerned with his numbers only he would have had unreachable numbers. He plays for the team that`s why he`s the best.
Messi The GOAT
Messi The GOAT Hace 17 días
Messi better than Queen penaldog
the casualdude
the casualdude Hace 16 horas
@Fahad DepressedCR7Fan and what does"Pessi" mean? LMFAO
the casualdude
the casualdude Hace 16 horas
@Fahad DepressedCR7Fan penaldo
Fahad DepressedCR7Fan
Fahad DepressedCR7Fan Hace 15 días
Henrique.H4cking Hace 18 días
the real goat 🐐
hani raza
hani raza Hace 21 un día
Just to be born in the Messi era is a gift from God 🙏
FLASHER FF Hace 22 días
not worth it write him just Watch and Enjoy
FLASHER FF Hace 22 días
Thank u bro
FLASHER FF Hace 22 días
I was Really Happy because Born in the Age of this Genius Player And i proud so that in the future I will tell children about him
ZINO FF Hace 24 días
🐐 Messi 10
Urwashi Negi
Urwashi Negi Hace 25 días
So happy that this maestro ( LIONEL MESSI ) was born in my 😍😍😍😘😘
Eddie Vidaic
Eddie Vidaic Hace 25 días
Undisputed !
WereWolf Gaming
WereWolf Gaming Hace 27 días
You got my heart 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Masoud Sarvin
Masoud Sarvin Hace un mes
"He knows the laws of physics, they don't know him.." 😁🙏🏽😘
VIPER X GAMING Hace un mes
Anthony Hace un mes
to say that messi has weaknesses is almost blasphemous
10TricKd Hace un mes
He simply is the best 🔟
Angel Selena
Angel Selena Hace un mes
Lionel messi the best player in the world.👍
Дима Максимов
Дима Максимов Hace un mes
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Kyle Bynoe
Kyle Bynoe Hace un mes
Lionel Andrea Messi ......was placed on Planet Earth as a Remainder that there is a GOD cause his gift is Devine ....all others have skills but Lionel Messi have GIFT. That is what pues him in a CLASS that ALL others could only aspire to gravitate to but will never Reach!
Omar Hace un mes
Only Messi Is GOAT !!!!!!!
I couldn’t care less I think Ronaldo is better he’s scored more goals than every footballer In history except Bican who played in the 1940’s and no offence but Bican played in the Czech Republic league which is not the best sorry but I’m just spitting true facts Messi lovers
T.C.H Reactions
T.C.H Reactions Hace un mes
this guy is the 🐐 no contest💯
EJ Channel
EJ Channel Hace un mes
Only stupid people doesnt agree thatMessi is the BestPlayer in the history of football interm of individual perfomance.. Not pele,not maradona, not cr7..
keysersantana Hace un mes
Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi 🙌
Pablo Arellano
Pablo Arellano Hace un mes
El fútbol no son resultados el fútbol es juego y Messi domina casi todos los aspectos
Konstantinos Patsis
Konstantinos Patsis Hace un mes
Messi should be tested. It’s unhuman to dribble like that. It is like time passes slower for Messi.
Jay Hace un mes
you should get the credit for making this beautiful video of Messi. cheers mate. I feel lucky to be able to watch messi in my time :)
Michael B. Andrews
Michael B. Andrews Hace un mes
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Michael B. Andrews
Michael B. Andrews Hace un mes
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MahirDr 2.0
MahirDr 2.0 Hace un mes
How can people say that Ronaldo is better
DIVYANSH K Hace un mes
Messi plays original football...uses his foot most of the time, he can outplay everyone with just feints and fast movements... he doesn't need fancy tricks.
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan Hace un mes
The GOAT Not just favourite player he is literally my love ❤❤❤
Jesper Pedersen
Jesper Pedersen Hace un mes
Please stay in Barca !
Casey Brasher
Casey Brasher Hace un mes
The closed verse clearly damage because daniel tribally expect except a stingy cardigan. whimsical, grumpy ocelot
Rajdeep Das
Rajdeep Das Hace un mes
Name of sound track??
Bob Orez
Bob Orez Hace un mes
Can't wait to show him to my grandsons
blue Hace un mes
"Meeeeee" 🐐 "Meeeeeesi"
Yahaya Bako
Yahaya Bako Hace un mes
At 5:22 even better than Roberto Carlos famous free kick goal , more than bend it like Beckham 💯👌💪the bending is out of this world
Battle Survive
Battle Survive Hace un mes
James Thadou
James Thadou Hace un mes
No doubt, the greatest of all ‘MESSI'
Der Felix
Der Felix Hace un mes
goosebumps along the whole vid
Black Panther Ayman
Black Panther Ayman Hace un mes
Bayu Pamungkas
Bayu Pamungkas Hace un mes
That total goal and assist was wonderful, no debate he is the real GOAT🔥🔥
Fusi Wa Afrika
Fusi Wa Afrika Hace un mes
Comparing him to anyone is simply an insult.
Holly Craft!
Holly Craft! Hace un mes
Even Chuck Norris can't stop him ^^
vaibhav joshi
vaibhav joshi Hace un mes
Thank you so much buddy for grabbing all these moments together...appreciate!!! For Messi - **********words not found to describe this Man🙏
Tithanhobit Hace un mes
"God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt
Ahmed Ghadhy
Ahmed Ghadhy Hace un mes
Alistair Augustus
Alistair Augustus Hace un mes
goat might be a good word ...
Zero To Infinity
Zero To Infinity Hace un mes
king messi
Aziz Ishak
Aziz Ishak Hace un mes
I have always amazed by maradona.he is such a great legend.but reluctantly i have to honestly admit messi is a slightly better footballer!
Ibra Hace un mes
This intro is so overdone xd like I already know before playing the video that it's going to come
Kieran Raval
Kieran Raval Hace un mes
Richard Bremler
Richard Bremler Hace un mes
When God returns soon, it will be His third coming.. God's has already made His second coming as Lionel Messi, the best player in soccer ever.
Μακης Κωστοπουλος
Μακης Κωστοπουλος Hace un mes
bill smith
bill smith Hace un mes
فقط مهدی شیری 🤴
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams Hace un mes
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Agus Purnama
Agus Purnama Hace un mes
Honestly. No one greater than messi, event ronaldo. But respect for him
Melvin B. E
Melvin B. E Hace un mes
He is a beast. It beats me how one can compare CR7 to Messi...like how???😟
Arsen Avdalyan
Arsen Avdalyan Hace un mes
Name of music please
Tomas Pellejero
Tomas Pellejero Hace un mes
Si hubiera entrado esa pelota contra Alemania. Hoy serias campeón pulga :(
Lucia Bandoma
Lucia Bandoma Hace un mes
Faris Mulagić
Faris Mulagić Hace un mes
"Two against four but one of them is Messi"
Carter Schermerhorn
Carter Schermerhorn Hace un mes
I don’t think Messi is good because he has no skill the only move he does is pass it between his feet no step overs no nothing. Then his shots all of them on the video were with his left foot, and their was no headers.
Michael Perez
Michael Perez Hace un mes
your trolling....
babu tukku
babu tukku Hace un mes
Geoffrey Verey
Geoffrey Verey Hace un mes
Don’t compare anyone to messi it’s an insult . The greatest ever ..
Jorge Billordo
Jorge Billordo Hace un mes
Thank you Lionel for your magical football. The Best of the best in football history. Thanks Argentinian Genius!!!
Nishant Hace un mes
GQ Japan
GQ Japan Hace un mes
Lucas Ribeiro Silva
Lucas Ribeiro Silva Hace 2 meses
Cristiano Ronaldo is The Best!
babu tukku
babu tukku Hace un mes
The User
The User Hace un mes
haha. you forgot to say the best at what? jumping in the air or the hair style?
• Fabrox Marianix ® •
• Fabrox Marianix ® • Hace 2 meses
The GOAT. Lionel Messi. 🐐🇦🇷⚽️❤.
JONAH OMARI Hace 2 meses
And forever he will remain and be the GOAT
FaZe Jets
FaZe Jets Hace 2 meses
Watching this man brings tears to my eyes no disrespect to cr7 hes the king of football but messi is the awaken pharoah that was sleeping
Brian Kozlowski
Brian Kozlowski Hace 2 meses
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Mauricio Gomez
Mauricio Gomez Hace 2 meses
Gogita Okujava
Gogita Okujava Hace 2 meses
Gogita Okujava
Gogita Okujava Hace 2 meses
Gogita Okujava
Gogita Okujava Hace 2 meses
John Leven
John Leven Hace 2 meses
If I had any doubt, it is totally erased now. Messi is the best player of all time.
Наталья Письменная
Наталья Письменная Hace 2 meses
Я восхищаюсь этим человеком!!🤗☺️⚽👍🌟🌟🌟
Idon'tcare Hace 2 meses
"2 against 5 but ONE of them is Messi" proceeds to pass through everyone with eaz. The GOAT
Berk Zencir
Berk Zencir Hace 2 meses
that means equality...
Abdullah Sherwani
Abdullah Sherwani Hace 2 meses
Don't write about him, don't try to describe him.Just watch him.
Messi is the best
Messi is the best Hace 2 meses
The best player in the world ❤❤❤
Zaina Khan & Ashaz azhar
Zaina Khan & Ashaz azhar Hace 2 meses
8:48 it hurts even me how he get nutmegged twice at once
Kostasboica Hace 2 meses
I don't know why people still try to compare anyone to Lionel Messi, let alone Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a godlike scorer , but he's just that. Messi's only 30 goals behind him even though he has 140 less games , has 80 more assists and is overall the best playmaker in the history of the game with vision most of us don't have when watching the game from a camera that's 40 meters out. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo can be made through practice and a very strict way of life. We've seen them before we'll see them again , but the talent that Messi has is a once in a century thing.
Sayooj Ms
Sayooj Ms Hace 2 meses
The only way to stop messi u can pause the vedio otherwise u cannot stop him♥️😂🔥🔥
Deepika Bhardwaj
Deepika Bhardwaj Hace 2 meses
You have work so hard for this video the content was unavailable but you made it nice work
928 Kushagra Singh
928 Kushagra Singh Hace 2 meses
Me watching the same goals in different videos still loving it . The charm of messiiiiii
Raja. Hace 2 meses
second song?
Benlee Benlee
Benlee Benlee Hace 2 meses
All I can say is the 170 odd "dislikes" must be diehard Ronaldo fans. Which is fine, but anyone who claims they love football HAS to like this whether or not you are a Messi "fan".
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen Hace 2 meses
All time 🐐.
Neymar gr is the best after play
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