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The Real Truth...
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The Big Question!!
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My Worst Nightmare!!
Vxz V
Vxz V Hace 2 horas
Still a better story then twilight
Prajyot Brid
Prajyot Brid Hace 2 horas
You went through alot man it makes me sad you were going through it and your fans weren't there to support you. Sad part they threatened your family whoever it is should rot in hell. You had no intention of hurting anyone your vlogs make everyone smile more why they did this to you. I am watching u since I was in school
SweatzGEN Hace 2 horas
I’m just sayin who remembers when Roman would pick up Noah like a hitch hiker on the street😂😂
Ellen Moore
Ellen Moore Hace 2 horas
I remember a while back the Labrant Family on youtube had the same thing happen to them. They had to move.
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson Hace 2 horas
I'm so sorry to hear about what you all went through with your family. I hope that you all can work through it and get back to lifting spirits. The world is in chaos right now and people could really use a reason to "smile more".
Andrew Bowlin
Andrew Bowlin Hace 2 horas
I’m so sorry that unbelievable horrible disgusting stuff happened to your family. We need people like y’all in this world. To uplift people and inspire people. Really hope your family can recover. God Bless y’all and Sending prayers and also God protection of your family. Love y’all
Karma Hace 2 horas
2021 Knox was bore
Barrett Schroeder
Barrett Schroeder Hace 2 horas
No human being should live like this
J Hace 2 horas
I can't believe this. I hope no one has to deal with this. Nothing but love for you and your family.
Enter_online_IG Ps4
Enter_online_IG Ps4 Hace 2 horas
get a gun or 3 get tall gates get part time securitey get cams in trees and every where trail cams talk to your neigboers get them sum to get get more locks put a big fence around yalls power out side with good locks and yea and stop youtube and stuff love you roman
Lucid Ruben
Lucid Ruben Hace 2 horas
They got so many kids , they gonna have a big family 🙏🏽 I’m glad y’all doing better tho and they caught that guy 💯
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Hace 2 horas
Even if your the nicest guy and all you have done is help people or if you’ve never done anyone wrong these cunts just do this because it gives them a sense of power. Remember! It’s a false sense of power, they get the reactions and it only makes their egos fluctuated. They WANT to feel powerful and good about themselves so just give them no reactions and buy a gun.
take your time wit your recovery dont let them peice of shit ppl ruin your life just cause they wanna be u
Ha_llloo Hace 2 horas
how did logan loose to a british swinger. if you dont know what i mean by swinger. When he swings his arms hes a swinger.
Sam uri
Sam uri Hace 2 horas
Its honestly so crazy and sad how people can actually be this evil. Especially towards someone who has always been so positive. I hope everything gets better. I pray for you guys.
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson Hace 2 horas
I really hope y’all are exercising your 2A rights
Brianna Hasley
Brianna Hasley Hace 2 horas
This is so messed up I am so sorry!
Jerry R
Jerry R Hace 2 horas
Cool vlog on channel ESpost
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Hace 2 horas
Psychological targeting sucks they just do it attack your mind and make you hate yourself so you break from with in. I been a victim of this shit too still am :/
Morgan Prettyman
Morgan Prettyman Hace 2 horas
God bless you and your family. Nobody should ever have to wake up everyday fearing for their life... y’all are some of the best people to touch this platform and for somebody to do such a thing is just sickening. I pray that you never have to go through this again..
Stevie Harris
Stevie Harris Hace 2 horas
Miss u guys on ESpost
Lewis G.
Lewis G. Hace 2 horas
we're very sorry for what youve been through, its been a horrific year. We were driven to move from a house under somewhat similar circumstances. It was easier for us in some ways. Sending our best. Knox is beautiful.
Lets Chill
Lets Chill Hace 2 horas
Ich wünsche euch ein gutes und viel besseres Jahr 2021 ....
Yana Matveichuk
Yana Matveichuk Hace 2 horas
This is insane that people can do this! I hope and pray for your family that they are safe!
Davidyun05 Hace 2 horas
joejoejoe2233 Hace 2 horas
how did you waste 4 minutes talking about nothing
Noah Nocera
Noah Nocera Hace 2 horas
The blood of Jesus is the best protection against the wiles of the devil
adiel. bikelife
adiel. bikelife Hace 2 horas
keep that big banger on u roman and smoke anyone that comes around ur house
Fire Fist Gaming
Fire Fist Gaming Hace 2 horas
i feel so bad!! Report it to the police!! Some of those things you said are illegal...And..... Stay strong!! 2020 and 2021 has been truley hard for all of us.. I hope they leave you alone.... btw this is the first video i saw on your channel.. i feel so bad... i feel like crying.. again.. stay strong <3.
Lucid Ruben
Lucid Ruben Hace 2 horas
Omg i haven’t seen this guy In a Fat ass min but his sons grown already good to see em trying to vlog stay up
Jorge smacks
Jorge smacks Hace 2 horas
It's somebody you know that's the crazy I'm guessing interesting story hope everything keeps running smooth yeah
Big J
Big J Hace 2 horas
It seems like with the financial resources you guys have maybe its time to get some legit security, like security famous ppl get. Gated community stuff?? Hope it gets better
michael Ahne
michael Ahne Hace 2 horas
Jokes aside but aren’t they friends with Matt from demo ranch ....he could save the problem fast
George Lynch
George Lynch Hace 2 horas
Who's a big boy WHO'S A BIG BOY : Looks angry
Doomsday Prepper
Doomsday Prepper Hace 2 horas
Be careful...there is in fact something bigger to that. Glad y'all are safe tho that's what matters. Push through for you will get through this.
Will Felix
Will Felix Hace 2 horas
Their pussies that’s why they ain’t coming up to you lmao fkn w u from a distance they ain’t gonna do shit haha keep a glock and u good
Sulèim S
Sulèim S Hace 2 horas
Bro.... What.... This is legit movie crazy... like I knew this shit COULD happen? But I didn't think it would ever... wtf
Cory-Ann P
Cory-Ann P Hace 2 horas
So sorry. I couldn't imagine. You did the right thing for your family
Astro Hace 2 horas
ive been watching since 2015 and I just hope you guys can recover.
Berto bangg
Berto bangg Hace 2 horas
Romanatwood the best ESpost channel how can anyone do this to them
RocketBoy SFS
RocketBoy SFS Hace 2 horas
Dear roman, Thank you for putting family first, that is the most important thing you can do in a awful situation like that. I'm happy your safe. Please stay safe.
Ariana Carty
Ariana Carty Hace 2 horas
Your intro is everything 🥰
LatestLefty Hace 2 horas
Cant even imagine... especially with a newborn? Wow.. I'm sorry guys.
CallOfPundy1192 Hace 2 horas
Its been days and now I am already paranoid... i swear to God
BEB DAUMON Hace 2 horas
bro you better check your computer for rats.... sounds like the stalkers infected your machines with rats.there's a popular rat called webmoniotor that's sold out of sweden and most are using this because it bypasses anyfirewalls and security programs. However, there's software that can easily detect it as long it's not encrypted. It's commonly bought on the dark web. and this only runs on windows machines. If I were you either buy a new computer or reinstall windows to ensure no rat is on the machine.
McKenzie Yamroz-Alden
McKenzie Yamroz-Alden Hace 2 horas
How could this happen to the most positive good person on ESpost its really unfair, he and his family didn't deserve that
Bub Dog's What do you think?
Bub Dog's What do you think? Hace 2 horas
So much talking to the point!
Brian Rodecker
Brian Rodecker Hace 2 horas
I’m sorry you guys had to go through this, but I glad to see you guys back. My 2 sons put me onto your ESpost page and they r going to be happy to hear you guys are back. Keep your heads up and stay safe
Daniel Winnard
Daniel Winnard Hace 2 horas
Brit saying what you guys want for lunch if every sub said what they'd like it run up the bill a substantial amount 😂
Audrey Abdo
Audrey Abdo Hace 3 horas
I’m sorry for you problems that you’ve had. My first time talking on your page. I want to say that is a really beautiful baby y’all have so precious , sweet and cute.
TheSlithyGamer4evr Hace 3 horas
Unbelieveable, this is absolutely horrible. It sucks that this had to happen to Roman and his family, I hope that stalker gets locked up for a LONG time. I feel sorry for you guys that you had to endure these things that happened the past year. Thank the lord that the FBI was able to help you. I will be praying for your safety.
Sappy Ser
Sappy Ser Hace 3 horas
good to have you back
Coby Perk
Coby Perk Hace 3 horas
Id be like get the 12 gauge ma
Tj Barela
Tj Barela Hace 3 horas
FBI involved and they still have not caught whos doing this?
Adam Riddell
Adam Riddell Hace 3 horas
I am so sorry to hear that’s been happening in your life
Tsb Lemon
Tsb Lemon Hace 3 horas
Know this is horrible but shoot them
Rick Bernal
Rick Bernal Hace 3 horas
I hope they find those people right away, there is some dark folks roaming this earth. God bless your family, stay safe guys
CARLEY DALTON Hace 3 horas
did you see at 0:26 empire came from out from under there deck
Ashley Chisling
Ashley Chisling Hace 3 horas
So sorry to hear this! Glad you guys are all safe.
802GONEWILD Hace 3 horas
why would people have the mood or want to do this to people this family is all about positivity and when this happens it just bad I'm sending positive vibes?
Hunter McQuade
Hunter McQuade Hace 3 horas
Does he have a packed lip?
Olivia Lada
Olivia Lada Hace 3 horas
It’s really sad Knowing what they were going through like out of all the ESpostrs that those people could’ve picked they chose them and I’ve been watching them for like years now since like I don’t even know but I’m so glad that none of that actually really happened but knowing that they got a bomb threat at a funeral that’s like really really sad and like getting mail was just horrible things is sad
Mitch Trubisky
Mitch Trubisky Hace 3 horas
Sounds like the government
Tsb Lemon
Tsb Lemon Hace 3 horas
2021 who else is watching this
33LeRoy33 Hace 3 horas
Wooow! I’ve always seen you as amazing, inspirational, and just straight up positive people. Definitely sounds like something nobody should ever have to go through but it happened and I’m so thankful everyone is okay. Seriously missed your content and just the positive Energy that you pass along. I truly believe making it though all of that can only make you stronger. I know my family and I are very Excited for you and yours to get back to what you do best. Love you guys and God Bless.
NF mint
NF mint Hace 3 horas
There name is 2020
Perry Playa
Perry Playa Hace 3 horas
I hope you guys know that people like them won’t be a problem later in life. You are a beautiful family and I hope that the person who has been threatening you gets the help he needs
Na13aN Hace 3 horas
Smile more
sara Hace 3 horas
You need to add Knox's name to you channel "about" page" ☺️
dylan mcatee
dylan mcatee Hace 3 horas
Good ur videos suck anyways
Blake Lantz
Blake Lantz Hace 3 horas
People who are willing to do something like stalking or bomb threats need to get a like. That's not cool on many lvel.
yahgurlkayk _
yahgurlkayk _ Hace 3 horas
y’all really walked so ace family could run
William Taudien
William Taudien Hace 3 horas
Some people are so jealous in this world they will go out of their way to mess other peoples lives up
karma is red
karma is red Hace 3 horas
I'm so grateful that you and your family are safe and happy. Roman you and your message to be happy and smile more inspired me to start making major life changes. Thank you. 🧡
Gleb Hace 3 horas
It’s even scary to listen! I can only imagine what have you been through! Glad you guys are all fine!
Ian Butler
Ian Butler Hace 3 horas
Hey man all of us that care understand u were a big part of my child hood and always was making me positive hope you guys all stay safe and one day maybe I could meet u I’m sorry I guys have to lose us and lose ESpost bc ik u care abt just as much as we care abt you
Bo Smith Adventures
Bo Smith Adventures Hace 3 horas
We love you Atwood Family!
FBI Hace 3 horas
how tf do they do that
Diverge FN
Diverge FN Hace 3 horas
It’s crazy watching pranks in 2014 watching for so long and everyone loves this channel and for some reason some one dosent appreciate legends
Kori Turner
Kori Turner Hace 3 horas