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OMG, yasss! Elon finally admits that he's one of us! I know it's obvious, but the fact that he admits it make it so much better
sumi sv
sumi sv Hace 2 horas
Help me dr
Tanya C
Tanya C Hace 2 horas
What would happen if you drink an alkaline drink with ph of 12? Would your stomach acid become neutralised? What would happen to the body?
Britannic The Sister Ship
Britannic The Sister Ship Hace 2 horas
Actual title: Doctor reacts to brutal final destination deaths
the guy lois
the guy lois Hace 2 horas
Hey me and my friend were sitting at the back next to eachother we started to feel light headed then I started to choking as I couldn't breath I felt extreme discomfort and a vomitid I still feel like I'm choking is there something ring with me
Sudip Waiba Tamang
Sudip Waiba Tamang Hace 2 horas
"3-4 minutes " that's how I long take to make decision should I take shower or not.
Dawn Muttillo
Dawn Muttillo Hace 2 horas
How are any of these called 'vaccines' as not one of these prevents you from getting covid or spreading covid. The vaccine pamphlet and insert clearly states that this ONLY reduces your chances of serious illness if you do catch covid. The definition of a vaccine is preventing the illness. This is going to cause people to think that they won't get it or can't spread it. Also needing booster shots every 6 months...NOT a vaccine.
elise schouten
elise schouten Hace 2 horas
I’m on the spectrum myself and honestly thank you so much for educating people on this topic and removing the negative stigma around it! (:
President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden Hace 2 horas
I love Seinfeld
Thành Trần
Thành Trần Hace 2 horas
Omg... you really delicious lmaooo
Barry Donnelly
Barry Donnelly Hace 2 horas
Include inflation from then til now for 7000 dollars
ParallelUniversity Hace 2 horas
I appreciate the acceptance of autism, but people also need to realize that the Asperger's type people do not have privilege to speak for the entire autism community. There are many people with autism who are seriously impaired. Tell any parent who has a teenager in diapers who can't speak and is banging their head against the wall that he is "just different, and it's ok" and they will go off on you. Yes, people like Elon should embrace their differences, but that doesn't mean that no one with autism should get help to learn skills to help them function in society.
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Hace 2 horas
"They're very reasonably priced...$40-50". $40-50 for a shirt is not reasonable
Justine Roselle Bañez
Justine Roselle Bañez Hace 2 horas
could you please review romantic doctor? it is a korean show. I want to know how accurate it is
Claire Kraft
Claire Kraft Hace 2 horas
Yes Dr. Mike!!!
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren Hace 2 horas
Hey doctor mike i have something called. Cvid do think that if i got covid i would be fine
KOOPADK Hace 2 horas
YES! Thank you 😊 I have been waiting for this topic to come up. My son is 12 soon and this is so tough, especially with elearning! More please! And does this correlate with gut issues as well? I have Crohn's and colitis (ostomy) and I have been questioning if I am ASD (🧐) while learning about him?
KOOPADK Hace 2 horas
Also, is it something to have in depth conversations with him about? He knows, somewhat, and I tell him his brain works differently but to what extent? DH feels it will weigh him down (woe is me when he isn't happy)
Sir David of Tor
Sir David of Tor Hace 2 horas
My first exposure to autism was watching a movie on Temple Grandin and her life. What an awesome person! I am not on the autistic spectrum, but do have CPTSD. She taught me that whatever I am challenged with, with patience and determination, I can have a good life. Stay safe, stay sane, be well
devilmok Hace 2 horas
5:00 Everyone knows that it is important to keep your PINES erected at all time
The Drifter
The Drifter Hace 2 horas
Why does my family get Charlie horses?
ZweetDani Hace 2 horas
Can we get the link the to study mentioned in the video ? :) The Ron Krause one
Lily Gandee
Lily Gandee Hace 2 horas
I have wavy/curly hair and I shower 1-2 times a week.😂
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Hace 2 horas
Ayo, Dr Mike doing shots now?? Cool
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper Hace 2 horas
This feels comforting but also sad.
Epissa Wardhani
Epissa Wardhani Hace 2 horas
He has the best smile I've ever seen
M Hace 2 horas
I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy before and now I am binge watching it from Viaplay. I am already on the third season after watching it for only 6 days 😅 To me it’s quite realistic and I haven’t seen a boring episode yet.
pheeno barbidoll
pheeno barbidoll Hace 2 horas
You realize women who shave have to take longer than 3-4 minutes right? We don't get to just soap up and rinse off. We also need to shave, exfoliate, moisturize and then rinse. My hair is BABY FINE but thick and curly, which means I have to shampoo twice, then rinse THOROUGHLY. Then condition( it has to sit in my hair for longer than 2 minutes) and because my hair needs protein, a protein mask is needed. Then leave in conditioner ( you can't just slap it on. It has to be evenly distributed and detangling also has to happen) then curl cream and anti frizz product. A 3-4 minute shower would result in a hairy legged, frizzy headed, lizard skinned mess.
ARTHEMY Hace 2 horas
how is no one talking about the plane turned like that???
spudthepug Hace 2 horas
Hilarious thing is my company makes a diagnostic tool that would put House out of a job.
Danielle Russomanno
Danielle Russomanno Hace 2 horas
Mediterranean diet is my favorite! Although, I am a vegetarian so I sort of do a hybrid version of it.
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA Hace 2 horas
"Neural diversity" is a term coined to get neural typical people to recognize and accept that there are people who do not think the same. But the SJW community has added the additinal constraint that it is somehow not a deficit. If I need help, then it most certainly is a deficit and I need neural-typical people to recognize and understand this or else they are not going to help. When you train people to believe ASD is just a difference rather than a deficit in need of their readiness to help, they remain blind and ignorant to the assistance that those with ASD and other disorders need to function properly in society. Anyone who does not have such difficulties should not be diagnosed with a neural-divergent disorder. I am not "special". I am not "gifted". I am afflicted with something invisible to neural-typical people, and the more ignorant they are of it, the more afflicted I am by their ignorance because they think I don't need their understanding and assistance; I just become "different". If difference were all it were, I would't need help. People don't need help because their skin color or hair color is different. I do. If I were paraplegic, I would be in a better position to get the help I need because people could see my difference and I could feel grateful for their help instead of despising their expectations that I should be able to do what they do and behave "normally".
Manh Duc Hoang
Manh Duc Hoang Hace 2 horas
8:59 Bruh I just thought about this yesterday
no name
no name Hace 2 horas
Im scared to go to my doctor for regular check ups im still really young like REALLY young but i dont have a good realationship with my doctor first tíme i realized it was when i had a disease in my mouth and went to another doctor when we got there she was really nice and was honest with me which im not saying my doctor is not nice but she is like an expert doesnt show any emotions even tho im a kid and so i dont fell comfort able going to her
F R E D Hace 2 horas
8:17 hehgbgbgbg
Thiago Nunes
Thiago Nunes Hace 2 horas
Dúvidas que só os gringos tem: "você deveria tomar banho todos os dias? 😂
Lawrence Chow
Lawrence Chow Hace 2 horas
For me, it's simple. If anyone haven't shower after they come back from outside, they don't get to put their body onto my bed. And same thing applies to hair washing and my pillow. I know my skin and hair needs some oil to stay away from dehydration, but I want those oil to be freshly made by my body everyday, or to be precise, made after I clean my body after I return home. There are dirt, air pollutants and other unknown substance from the street and I still sweat unless it is really cold which is rare. So everyday it is.
martinicc67 Hace 2 horas
I don't know why but I always though Final Destination is a comedy
wkj1970 Hace 2 horas
I had to get very straight forward and blunt with my son. He was just under 400 lbs at one point. I had tried everything to get him to be more active and eat better. I made polite suggestions, I showed him videos, I tried every little thing I could. Finally I got to the point I just had to say it to him. I told him, "I'm worried about your health. You are almost eligible to try out for one of those TV shows. You ARE going to have health issues. You will have heart problems. You will end up with diabetes. You will have joint problems. If you ever injure yourself you will have a hard time recovering and recovering properly. It's gross and I know you're not happy with it." I made him go to the gym with me 5 days a week. He dropped a good amount of weight pretty quick and had to buy new clothes. But then Covid came along and shut things down. He's improved and he goes to they gym a couple of days out of the week. At least he's going. Hopefully he will get some other motivation and eventually get down below 300. It's hard watching your child be like this and know that there's little you can do.
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson Hace 2 horas
DO NOT GOOGLE STEVEN JOHNSON SYNDROME ME: Immediately googles Steven Johnson Syndrome . . . ME: Oh dear Lord.
Meihuei Kiang
Meihuei Kiang Hace 2 horas
Awesome video! Love it. Thank you.
VivalaRance S
VivalaRance S Hace 2 horas
I need to shower everyday just for the clean feeling and relaxation it gives me afterward, but mostly to make sure my vocals are still working 🤣
Matilda Murdock
Matilda Murdock Hace 2 horas
Dr. Mike, yeah I know I’m late to watch this but I wanted to thank you. I have been in and out of the hospital for multiple suicide attempts these past months and recently have finally gone one month without an attempt. Your videos really help a lot and I hope by watching more of your videos and following your advice I can go without harming myself for a year. Thanks so much.
Gabriel Moore
Gabriel Moore Hace 2 horas
This whole time i never knew i was 16/8 fasting. Thats just how i liked it.
Tracey O donoghue
Tracey O donoghue Hace 2 horas
You have to shower every day after work other wise you would be smelly
Chlaco Hace 2 horas
5-7k back then was a **ton** of money
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Hace 2 horas
To the guy with the B12 Boost thing, I could get the same result eating vegemite and it would definitely taste better. Oh and no, you can’t make a claim like that lady did.
Caye Dianne
Caye Dianne Hace 2 horas
Gosh, i learned a LOT from you sir!! Thankyou
The T
The T Hace 2 horas
But I spend 3-4mins just trying to adjust and get my desired shower temperatures....
Yash Kalia
Yash Kalia Hace 2 horas
Just be glad the goat didnt decide to try and take a bite
KewlChris UwU
KewlChris UwU Hace 2 horas
Can you react to the discount dentist.
southern lady
southern lady Hace 2 horas
My mother died of a heart attack. Only symptom was profuse sweating.
Bud Gates
Bud Gates Hace 2 horas
Power of silence huh. Is there a cure for tinnitus yet as I can't do silence all I hear is a loud high pitch distracting annoying noise if its quiet. I wish I could do silence 😅
V L A D I M I R Hace 2 horas
Here's a question: How do you clean your ears when you're not supposed to use Q-tips? I just need a genuine answer.
Joy of Music
Joy of Music Hace 2 horas
I always think of vaccines like a super Mario boss. They always have some sort of strategy to try and win, and once it happens once, it gets predictable. Once they try and do it once, it gets incredibly easy to figure out the strategy and defeat them!!
TheUpsideDownQueer Hace 2 horas
I could be wrong but I think the reason us Americans say 'Chicken Pocks' (or pox) is because the 'pocks' look similar to a bump from when a chicken pecks you, or 'pocks' you. Once again, I could be very wrong.
Cartoon Hangout
Cartoon Hangout Hace 2 horas
Can't wait to see this show cross over with Osmosis Jones lol
CYBER HQ Hace 2 horas
7:56 sus
Yash Kalia
Yash Kalia Hace 3 horas
Youre afraid of playing golf?
southern lady
southern lady Hace 3 horas
I am a white female. This isn’t limited to race. I kept going to drs for intense pain. Everyone said I was exaggerating. It turned out to be ankylosing spondylitis, a rare genetic disorder which is typically a male disease. I can’t even begin to describe the pain, both emotional and physical that I have gone through.
ra ha
ra ha Hace 3 horas
Since charred foods are not advisable, are charcoal enriched foods or supplements bad too?
Patatas Origins
Patatas Origins Hace 3 horas
"How do I suppress my gag reflex" seems sus 👀
Danielle Russomanno
Danielle Russomanno Hace 3 horas
Greys anatomy’s shotgun approach would never get covered by insurance. 😂
Jerome B Cañubas
Jerome B Cañubas Hace 3 horas
Today's my first time of intaking Lipton Green Tea.
ARC Hace 3 horas
Okay, I have a question. Where do I ask these questions? In the comments, on Twitter? Is there any hashtag I should use to get more visibility? Because I have questions but don't know where it would get greater chance of being answered.
Bhoomi Hace 3 horas
Doctor Mike stop making us cringe!!! Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Patatas Origins
Patatas Origins Hace 3 horas
Funny cause my derma told me to shower 5mins max xD
TheUpsideDownQueer Hace 3 horas
Hey Dr. Mike, I believe I have mild Tinnitus, but I'm not sure. I know you can't give an actual diagnosis, but if you see this could you tell me what you think? The ringing usually happens about 2 - 3 times during the day, and is always there at night whenever I'm trying to sleep. It lasts for maybe 5 minutes when the ringing starts, but it's been happening since I was about 12 years old (I'm 18 now). Do you have any suggestions to reduce the ringing? I plan on scheduling a doctor's visit for later in May, but I wanted a professional opinion before scheduling an appointment for nothing. Thanks for any answers!
Loki Toki
Loki Toki Hace 3 horas
yese who does over 70000 steps a week my doctor hmmm the watch is broken
Jaden Definno
Jaden Definno Hace 3 horas
SweetChick10101 Hace 3 horas
These shows make me sad - I can’t imagine how it gets to this extreme
Alice Damiano
Alice Damiano Hace 3 horas
I totally expected the most offensive question to be something like "Have you ever made a move on a patient?" (I'm not asking it, I'm just saying that this is the most outrageous question I think a person in the medical field could be asked, because it's not even about their competence, but about their deontology/ethics)
TwiDash FTW
TwiDash FTW Hace 3 horas
I failed a dissection in high school anatomy because I refused to participate. The smell of the formaldehyde did not bother me, though for a human I'm sure the smell is much stronger. For me though it was just the thought of touching something dead that I was not okay with. (I'm an art student. As much as science intrigues me I just could never handle it like I can handle art I once had a panic attack after being told we were going to be handling chemicals so yeah no the smartest place for me to work)
Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer
Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer Hace 3 horas
alright hit the buffet before the bar then i can drive
David Emho
David Emho Hace 3 horas
@Doctor Mike, Pluto is classified as a 'dwarf planet' because it and its close neighbors behave differently to planets. 🪐 1930: Pluto was discovered when astronomers were looking for a 'Planet X' because of gravitanional effects/perturbations observed on Uranus and Neptune. 1990s: More and more objects were discovered in the vicinity of Pluto - still considered planets at the time. Meanwhile the original 'Planet X' calculations became to be shown incorrect. After the 1990s: It became more obvious that Pluto and its close neighbors rather belong to a different class of objects than other planets in the solar system. 2006: The International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto and his friends as 'dwarf planets': seemingly planets but with "irregular" orbits compared to planets, and not having enough mass to gravitanionally 'clear' their neighborhoods. 🌎🌠🌌🪐 Do you have many things like this in the field of medicine? You could make a video about similar classification changes/paradigm shifts in your field. It is important to hear about these in the aspect of science describing nature. (Like you did in this video, too.) 🌿
Valeria Ortiz
Valeria Ortiz Hace 3 horas
If I am not a doctor, and I don’t know anything about medicine, it’s okay if I do chest compressions?? I will not do more damage to the body? Because I have seeing videos of how to do it🙂
Normaniconti Hace 3 horas
3-4 minutes isnt that pretty short lol
Todd Kagler
Todd Kagler Hace 3 horas
I'm obese. My doctor helps me understand things I can do to reduce my BMI-and risks if I don't. That's not fatphobic. I'd expect the same thing from her on anything risking my health, quality of life and longevity. Its a long term struggle for me. She's supportive and understanding. Whoever posted this stuff wants people to think obese people are just as healthy as normal weight. We aren't.
Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes Hace 3 horas
I had a tibial exostosis removed last year, and on my post op consult about 2 months later, my (young) surgeon was happy to hear I had regained near full mobility already and said "my boss, who operated on you, will also be happy to hear it." And when I said "but I thought you were in the surgical team." He said "I was, I did the incision and all the prep and pulling aside." and then he gave a shy 'aw shucks' look from behind his mask with an insecure shrug and added "but I had my boss remove the exostosis...". I thought it was cute as hell and I was in awe that even surgeons can feel insecure sometimes :)
LpGumba Suchti
LpGumba Suchti Hace 3 horas
We found out that I am an "Asperger" when I was in 6th grade. So this Video somehiw made me feel special for a moment
Internet Guy
Internet Guy Hace 3 horas
4:42 "cause cause"