Grimes - 4ÆM
Hace 11 meses
Nathrie Fakier
Nathrie Fakier Hace un hora
Anyone here Karen Bowman😂😂😂
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm Hace un hora
Be honest. How many of you read the title as *JAIL* in mind instead of *JALI* :')
theRudeguy Hace un hora
Now I'm pretty sure this game is gonna be released in 2077
Ashfaqul Hoque Nuhash
Ashfaqul Hoque Nuhash Hace un hora
CDPR in 2050: There was never a game. We just wanted to hang out with Keanu Reeves.
陳陳 Hace un hora
7 years...
Ashreet Patnaik
Ashreet Patnaik Hace un hora
pistols still in 2077
Marian Zulus
Marian Zulus Hace un hora
Są różnice w lektorze między wersją polską i angielską zwiastunów. Np w minucie 1:44 w ang. jest "Ordinary people get caught in the cross-fire" co się tłumaczy jako "Zwykli ludzie trafiają/zostają złapani w ogień krzyżowy", z kolei w polskiej jest "Ofiarami padają często zwykli obywatele". Jak dla mnie to spora różnica w znaczeniu.
shortbread1818 Hace un hora
Can’t shake the feeling that this game will be mid as hell
mr.bonbon Hace un hora
Im all ready to play new john wick game
WTFBOOMDOOM Hace un hora
Video game characters still don't move too realistically. And their facial expressions are bland. We have a long way to go.
Bobby Kitswoh
Bobby Kitswoh Hace un hora
F*** yeah, 90's baby!!!
Time Man
Time Man Hace un hora
I wonder how much this game changed over the years. I'd love to hear the developers talk about that.
Wackaz - Arthur Wacker
Wackaz - Arthur Wacker Hace un hora
Killer Mike and El-P are truly two of some of the best rappers of all time, these guys are masterminds.
KiritoAnd Kirby
KiritoAnd Kirby Hace un hora
Wait i thought that was a joke with 2013
Singh Aditya
Singh Aditya Hace un hora
I watched the video at 1080p and I definitely didn't like the graphics according to the time taken by the development of the game maybe the story or gameplay must be precise enough, whatevr; will be buying it for PS4
Sean Hace un hora
Mateus Medina
Mateus Medina Hace un hora
Léo fields
Léo fields Hace un hora
Sou brazuca mas vou caçar o trailer em ingles, a unica coica em PT-BR no meu jogo vai ser só as legendas, abrasssss
MHAK Music
MHAK Music Hace un hora
Can anyone tell me name of game plllzzzzzzz
Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Blood, Sweat, and Beers Hace un hora
I ordered a 3080 for this
Anas - Shit and more
Anas - Shit and more Hace un hora
Yay I'm so happy.... To watch the full game in youtube....😐
Blue Apple'z
Blue Apple'z Hace un hora
customize own character are useless for this game.. because you can't see your own character in combat.. only you can see is moving hand.. this game amazingggg but I'm not fans of first person gameplay
Yuv.S Estd.98
Yuv.S Estd.98 Hace un hora
This cool dude wanted to be batman/wolverine but no...why DC...just think the popularity/internet both bats and Keanu are beloved it would be mind blowing!
Fatih Sakha Muhammad
Fatih Sakha Muhammad Hace un hora
They still don't release it until 8 year
J DMG Hace un hora
Shit is gonna be dope
Han Ribeiro
Han Ribeiro Hace un hora
shut up and take my money
Dzmitry Maisevich
Dzmitry Maisevich Hace un hora
Witam. Jakie jezyki interface’u i dubbing’u beda dostepne w Polskiej lokalizacji???
Jonathan miler
Jonathan miler Hace un hora
t k
t k Hace un hora
tyronepriv Hace un hora
very atmospheric !!
Чакетик Пая
Чакетик Пая Hace un hora
Kadir Bullang
Kadir Bullang Hace 2 horas
So basically Johnny Silverhand is the Reznov of CP2077.
Михаил Крюков
Михаил Крюков Hace 2 horas
Киану как всегда шикарен, спасибо за видео
GreenGiant Hace 2 horas
Allon Jagaroo
Allon Jagaroo Hace 2 horas
GTA V wasn't even out yet WOW.
Tarek Maza
Tarek Maza Hace 2 horas
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer Hace 2 horas
Keanu Reeves. The most breathtaking man on the planet.
christian poceros
christian poceros Hace 2 horas
My biggest fear is that bots will buy everything on release day and leave us with only our desires!
XyLi[Gan]4eG 2008
XyLi[Gan]4eG 2008 Hace 2 horas
0:46 : DICK!!!
GenShix Hace 2 horas
Xbox gameplay now has 4k resolution. What about playstation 4 and PS5?
J.A S Hace 2 horas
I just Really wanna see Keanu Reeves & Jackie Chan together!!!! Aaaahh!!
10k killerz
10k killerz Hace 2 horas
Basically gta but 77 years later
Miama Superstars
Miama Superstars Hace un hora
Mr nugg03
Mr nugg03 Hace 2 horas
If this game sucks I'm going to actually piss myself
Hotten van
Hotten van Hace 2 horas
한글더빙도 사랑해주고 DLC가 얼마나 나오든 다 사줄테니까 연기만 하지 마라
aldous san
aldous san Hace 2 horas
Third person please
Squash3k Hace 2 horas
cut the crap,take my money and give it to me before 2021!
robert dawson
robert dawson Hace 2 horas
So is Johnny silver hand being in you’re head going to be along the lines of how joker was is Arkham Knight, but more interactive
DouglasM Hace 2 horas
13 dayssssss
LachanceAlime Hace 2 horas
Uuuu bad booysss uuuuu. Druuugs. Uuuuu a giiirlsss. Uuuu a bloooood! Uuuu so amazziiiingggg
METALBROOO Hace 2 horas
Somehow It doesn't look outdated
Mo Hadri
Mo Hadri Hace 2 horas
After having played Ghost of Tsushima with the backwards compatibilty on the PS5, my hype for the console version of Cyberpunk has reached an all-time high. That shit runs smoooth
Ovid Krumla
Ovid Krumla Hace 2 horas
Gonna be delayed til 2021.
Kurt C. Hose
Kurt C. Hose Hace 2 horas
1:40 ...politicians and all manner of criminals...
Ty's Gaming
Ty's Gaming Hace 2 horas
This game is gonna flop so hard, im js 🤷🏽
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar Hace 2 horas
Am I the only one who got cringed while shooting happens
Артур Абдуллин
Артур Абдуллин Hace 2 horas
Прощло 7 лет я успел закончить школу , устроиться на работу, пожениться, завести ребёнка,,,,,,,, а игра до сих пор не вышла.... 10 ожиданий из 10.
kovLor Sangalang
kovLor Sangalang Hace 2 horas
Fun fact this Trailer is older than the ps4
Irishwolf137 Hace 2 horas
Longest 12 days of my life
springmorning Hace 2 horas
ps5 30 fps ? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
supp8 Hace 2 horas
Ima be playing this on my phone using Stadia
Geralt of Riverwood
Geralt of Riverwood Hace 2 horas
"The year is 2077" *... Yea no shit*
Tripleightsh Hace 2 horas
I would like to just sit down and have a cuppa joe with Keanu Reeves, and just talk...
Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler Hace 2 horas
So is it actually coming out this time or are we going to hear it’s being pushed tell next year hahaha
Zero Sansinin
Zero Sansinin Hace 2 horas
Japanese please
CyRaX Gamer
CyRaX Gamer Hace 2 horas
I was in primary school when this trailer was released now I’m in college
Giatay Andy
Giatay Andy Hace 2 horas
He’s one of the ancient people..
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Hace 2 horas
Киано ривз топ
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Hace 2 horas
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Hace 2 horas
BlucidEye Hace 2 horas
God as much as I’m pumped for this game, the Voice for male V sounds so bad to me now... why didn’t they keep the voice from the cinematic trailer
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Hace 2 horas
Dimaoneshot Hace 2 horas
Это батёк
Mohamad Rizal
Mohamad Rizal Hace 2 horas
Imagine, developing a games is longer than create a vaccine
Dj - Mono Crime
Dj - Mono Crime Hace 2 horas
How about a 1990-rpg openworld Game based on these movies Pulp Fiction (John Travolta) Trainig day (denzel Washington) desperado (antonio banderas) jackie brown (samuel jackson) the usual suspect (Benicio del Toro) point break (Keanu Reeves)
Dj - Mono Crime
Dj - Mono Crime Hace 2 horas
How about a 1990-rpg openworld Game based on these movies Pulp Fiction (John Travolta) Trainig day (denzel Washington) desperado (antonio banderas) jackie brown (samuel jackson) the usual suspect (Benicio del Toro) point break (Keanu Reeves)
Dark Lords
Dark Lords Hace 2 horas
I'm praying for the best for all of you. 👍 💕 God bless!
Den po
Den po Hace 2 horas
When Shit Hit's the Fan 1:28
Dj - Mono Crime
Dj - Mono Crime Hace 2 horas
How about a 1990-rpg openworld Game based on these movies Pulp Fiction (John Travolta) Trainig day (denzel Washington) desperado (antonio banderas) jackie brown (samuel jackson) the usual suspect (Benicio del Toro) point break (Keanu Reeves)