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SiaLater Hace 17 horas
Why they have to post it here like this didn’t a huge spoiler for folks and that we haven’t cried enough already 💀
Saleh Mohammed
Saleh Mohammed Hace 17 horas
The Ost is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
YechielGT Hace 17 horas
Did they mention anna training fei?
birisi Hace 17 horas
This anime really said "cry like a lil bish lol"
epic gamer
epic gamer Hace 17 horas
pretty boy
Sweet Rumman
Sweet Rumman Hace 17 horas
Why does this ending not have more views :( ?
yuritarted hahahaha
yuritarted hahahaha Hace 17 horas
Rip pp
Travis Ladegast
Travis Ladegast Hace 17 horas
Android 36 has entered the fray.
Mundo de Gaming
Mundo de Gaming Hace 17 horas
Este Segundo opening me gusta más que el primero y el ending ese si no puede superar el primero
Funmi Oladejo
Funmi Oladejo Hace 17 horas
22:31 my fav
Nectanebo II
Nectanebo II Hace 17 horas
Boruto has turned into power rangers . They should’ve stopped after Naruto Shippuden. This is 8yo television
Obsession to Japan
Obsession to Japan Hace 17 horas
So poor animation of a battle. Shame.
cyechan Hace 17 horas
I'm guessing the dragon wins
Michael Simao
Michael Simao Hace 17 horas
Why do they never go for the eyes just like fire magic in eyes block view and then stab also fei could definitely just punch it to death casue it took time to get up didn't even think on laying a smack down
Riyaz Godhi
Riyaz Godhi Hace 17 horas
Damn I watched this clip to find out if this anime was any good or not but now.....
「乡K I T E /𖠛 ᴏᴋᴋᴏᴛꜱᴜ」乡
「乡K I T E /𖠛 ᴏᴋᴋᴏᴛꜱᴜ」乡 Hace 17 horas
Confirmed 4Th Season Yes Continue Plan Ainz Ooal Gown
Master STA
Master STA Hace 17 horas
bruh who tf these kara people think they are .... technically Naruto and Sasuke can just obliterate them all in less than a minute why they making this last longer than it should... sometimes I just want to see Naruto go one punch man on someone yknow
K͎x͎n͎s͎h͎i͎セご案 K͓̽a͓̽g͓̽e͓̽
K͎x͎n͎s͎h͎i͎セご案 K͓̽a͓̽g͓̽e͓̽ Hace 17 horas
Naruto: “I’m going to go all out too.” Also Naruto: Goes like 30% true power 💀
Chris_srnxe. Hace 17 horas
This anime looks nice
XbitZ Hace 17 horas
Davernoch: I am Undead King Sebas: Are u sure bout that?
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Hace 17 horas
This show makes zero sense honestly. Like why would you nerf Naruto and Sasuke like this ? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Rowan Neal
Rowan Neal Hace 17 horas
Huh? What ep?
Woolint Hace 17 horas
Scatman would be a proud father right now.
Pouf Hace 18 horas
❗️Spoilers❗️ Boy, I sure hope there aren’t any spoilers in this opening *Shows Tsukasa’s sister being revived and Senku driving the Steam Gorilla* Oh well
Maximus Hace 18 horas
day 187
Vídeo Game
Vídeo Game Hace 18 horas
Oden is the best one piece character
Funmi Oladejo
Funmi Oladejo Hace 18 horas
18:01 one of my favs
Aaron de Lara
Aaron de Lara Hace 18 horas
Doesn’t the rasenshuriken stop regeneration abilities? Y didn’t it work on delta
Maurício Tricolor
Maurício Tricolor Hace 18 horas
Owen Toneido
Owen Toneido Hace 18 horas
Gyaru Sushi
Jalen Graham
Jalen Graham Hace 18 horas
MVP goes to Hisoka he knew what Gon wanted in order to win and he made it happen
USH-i Hace 18 horas
It would be so satisfying to see Kumiko Barely lift a finger and still wipe the floor with these mtfs 😂 Specially with shun and the dragon girl.
Sickage Hace 17 horas
later in the episode she kills a shark-monster by looking at it using Dark Magic...
Toanaboogege Francis
Toanaboogege Francis Hace 18 horas
Don't worry March. You were a mother to Fushi.
Sam Hace 18 horas
Finally, an accurate depiction of the bean-sidhe of Irish and Scottish folklore! The bean-sidhe ("woman of the fairy folk" in the original Gaelic) are just messengers! The sound of her wailing and crying is eerie, but she means no harm; she's just trying to warn the family she guards that one of them will soon die.
WarlockOfBlueCheese Smithers
WarlockOfBlueCheese Smithers Hace 18 horas
Man March gone makes the show waay better
Lumine -
Lumine - Hace 18 horas
Idk why this fight was funny?
King Jake122
King Jake122 Hace 18 horas
idk what the exact situation is but these people find an unkillable creature with a blank mindset obviously learning so they decide to torture and imprison it? doesnt that seem like a stupid waste of time and resources that may turn into a ticking time bomb to anyone with a little intelligence even if you have no conscious just based on pure logic...
allb Hace 18 horas
Its always fun to read comments of idiots skipping human side because they think its boring and filler :D
Winston G***
Winston G*** Hace 18 horas
Pain was far better than this enemy
Danny O
Danny O Hace 18 horas
Lets be honest Delta would’ve wrekt anime sasuke
No Hace 18 horas
I read the title as ' Sarada Unlocks Her 2nd Tomato'
Xxx Vic shorts xxX
Xxx Vic shorts xxX Hace 18 horas
2:17 ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora
Indoraptor Black
Indoraptor Black Hace 18 horas
"i Used the Dragon to destroy the Dragon."
Guilherme Ribeiro
Guilherme Ribeiro Hace 18 horas
Guilty gear players after seeing this scene Pointing Leonardo di Caprio meme*
Counsel Hace 18 horas
She looks straight from JoJo lol
Konig Vonkrieg
Konig Vonkrieg Hace 18 horas
I like how this tastes like
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Hace 18 horas
The only reason why kawaki had to save naruto for a moment was *Plot*
Tiefkühlpizzen Hace 18 horas
Everybody in the comments talking about Naruto only using 1% of his power but to be honest it‘s not even 0.5% of his power
Naruto GameZ
Naruto GameZ Hace 18 horas
Finished Naruto and now I’m lost I don’t know what to do,I’m sad,should I rewatch all of naruto
miaia Hace 18 horas
i'm sorry but she is insufferably annoying and "senpai" sounds like an old man thats in the verge from decaying
Spiffy 84730
Spiffy 84730 Hace 18 horas
Bah! GIve us more Kumoko, not these weaklings!
ChaoticConform Hace 18 horas
In the words of Vegeta, "Did I miss something"...when was it that the legendary warriors in Naruto both Sasuke and Naruto, who literally were at the pinnacle of power in the ninja world... Not one shotting folks? SMH..
MagmaLegacy Hace 18 horas
He spat bars so hard he ended up underneath them 😂😂😂
EticaTac Hace 18 horas
Feirune, Shiraori and Sophia are beautiful, but my waifu is Ariel
lyzy.mp4 Hace 18 horas
Melchisedec Charles
Melchisedec Charles Hace 18 horas
Funmi Oladejo
Funmi Oladejo Hace 18 horas
When you realize narutos shoe had more screen time than tenten
Uchiha Randy
Uchiha Randy Hace 18 horas
He didn’t even say it yet chill lol
Aya ya
Aya ya Hace 18 horas
Must be tough of Fei being the teams Carry.
Cococrash11 Hace 18 horas
Awesome So I'm a Spider, So What? Video.
Cococrash11 Hace 18 horas
Awesome To Your Eternity Video.
Cococrash11 Hace 18 horas
Awesome Zombie Land Saga Revenge Video.
Allan Noe Muñoz
Allan Noe Muñoz Hace 18 horas
oh who Dragon vs Dragon
Indoraptor Black
Indoraptor Black Hace 18 horas
Wait she has an oficial name!? I bet those Light novel readers knew it all along!
Kaios- Ken
Kaios- Ken Hace 18 horas
Don't forget that One Piece is a children's show.
djef ardeur
djef ardeur Hace 18 horas
This is the Aries and leo combo.