luis cuevas
luis cuevas Hace 15 horas
Isis rn 🤔🤔📓🖊
Itsmoon123 Hace 15 horas
Ruv approves and sarvente is hiding
Ximena Lopez
Ximena Lopez Hace 15 horas
Boooom a explosion occurrs and kills everyone In 2025
uncommon sense
uncommon sense Hace 15 horas
That vodka is part water. Try it with 100% grain alcohol.
Let's Quit
Let's Quit Hace 15 horas
People are judging this becuz apparently they can't tell, for mercury, the difference between metal, metal ions, organometallic, and what are the exposure routes. Junior high edu needs to be mandatory
simon durocher
simon durocher Hace 15 horas
Bienvenue à Montréal!!!
Arpit Anand
Arpit Anand Hace 15 horas
When I burn the magnesium: Oooooh I'm blinded by the lights, I cannot slep until I feel yooourt touch...
Yaquelin Figueroa
Yaquelin Figueroa Hace 15 horas
Anyone think of the Hulk while watching this?
crispee nug
crispee nug Hace 15 horas
In breaking bad, they used what looks like a quartz crystal to depict white phosphorus, when they should've used like a piece of chalk or something, but it didn't exactly align with the plot.
Alainpbat Hace 15 horas
Lol everytime you mention you live in Montreal I get hypped up cause I live here too, but ik we'll never meet even so lol
david martindale
david martindale Hace 15 horas
I shave it into cotton balls keep it in a medicine bottle and use it to start camp fires
Nathan The Man
Nathan The Man Hace 15 horas
I have a feeling now that flashbangs are just magnesium and water.
guybeleeve Hace 16 horas
This guy has an unlimited supply of sulfuric acid. He uses it in damn near all of his experiments.
Tyko _Hair
Tyko _Hair Hace 16 horas
Rubi + gel
StrawberryShortcake Hace 16 horas
I- he.. he touched fire
countessarcadius Ty
countessarcadius Ty Hace 16 horas
Israel was using on the Palestinians .. NASTY
Alberta Pinkney
Alberta Pinkney Hace 16 horas
Where can I buy that ,the hardware store?
Stardash Hace 16 horas
hmm yes, i can make a creeper out of this.
Ghosthunter231 The Original
Ghosthunter231 The Original Hace 16 horas
Thats the most coolest to store bromine
Milan Nedeljkovic
Milan Nedeljkovic Hace 16 horas
Can you drink it?
Joshua Servando
Joshua Servando Hace 16 horas
Imagine that liquid touch your skin oh my god!
scott mcclary
scott mcclary Hace 16 horas
My high school sucked!
Kyng Yucef
Kyng Yucef Hace 16 horas
Make a pool and breathe in it
Everett Hamby
Everett Hamby Hace 16 horas
Many Formula One cars used to be made out of magnesium, before carbon fiber came along. Drivers would literally wear no seat belts so that if they crashed, they wouldn’t be strapped into a highly flammable car
Tggamer Hace 16 horas
give it to a russian and he'll manage to make a lickeable version in 2 minutes with just some sticks and a freezer
Andrew Hace 16 horas
You weren't kidding when you #shorts
Xedrik Angelo Arizapa
Xedrik Angelo Arizapa Hace 16 horas
I'm pretty sure that at this point you should be immune to any other toxic chemicals :|
ridethewaves Hace 16 horas
Shame that some countries drop it on densely populated zones in the Middle East. Fie.
Jace Mangum
Jace Mangum Hace 16 horas
I used to do this by putting alcohol on cotton balls
D'Andreas E. B.
D'Andreas E. B. Hace 16 horas
That may could have been a better solution for Mr White and Jessie
I Popular Gamer I
I Popular Gamer I Hace 16 horas
The smoke looks fake.. Lol
AHalfThoughtOutOpinion Hace 16 horas
Liquid at room temperature so what makes a solid ? on to the next video lol
Jovan Vitanovic
Jovan Vitanovic Hace 16 horas
Just wait for the Liquid Nitrogen to cool down
Hedrix44 Hace 16 horas
"its commonly used in a lot of things" nice
Toby Lyons
Toby Lyons Hace 16 horas
Why does he talk... like this in the videos.. so it sounds like he’s asking questions... When he’s actually not
Sumowning Hace 16 horas
It's too cold to lick it.. Me: *wanting to lick it* Ahhh so that's why I'm not a chemist..
Johnluke Campbell
Johnluke Campbell Hace 16 horas
“Flammable jelly” That’s a cute name for basically napalm
Theonlyone Theoneandonly
Theonlyone Theoneandonly Hace 16 horas
Mercury itself doesn't kill you. The metal creates a toxic vapor at room temperature that kills you.
Phantom Kill-Verse
Phantom Kill-Verse Hace 16 horas
the russion popsicle
That One Dude
That One Dude Hace 16 horas
I Could Make Some Grenades Out Of That
Nicolas Adornetto
Nicolas Adornetto Hace 16 horas
Put a cat in there
funny bunny
funny bunny Hace 16 horas
We worked with magnesium in chem lab and I was the only one willing to handle it during burning. I was never informed on the water thing and never checked the hazards book because the teacher told us she told us all the hazards. Glad the splashing sink wasn’t on 🙃
Antoneil Hace 16 horas
What happens if you drink it
Lord Stubby
Lord Stubby Hace 16 horas
can u drink it
Powzewu Hace 16 horas
Oh no,I live in the same city as this monster. Tabarnak!
Unknown Hace 16 horas
It's good as a catalyst in home made rocket motors For me its necessary
floof stoormfur
floof stoormfur Hace 16 horas
Hot potato
Gother Hace 16 horas
by "terrifying" i was expecting it to like crawl around on its own or something but ok.
Drew Ciccotelli
Drew Ciccotelli Hace 16 horas
Look I know what bromine is
Ah as Are
Ah as Are Hace 16 horas
Uh huh accidentally break it
Etterra Hace 16 horas
Liquid air sounds fancy until you remember that it's mostly nitrogen and water vapor.
Dr Malcolm
Dr Malcolm Hace 16 horas
Ur gonna be the first ghoul
Brent Ford
Brent Ford Hace 16 horas
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Jamie Hainline
Jamie Hainline Hace 16 horas
Don't drink it!!!!!!!!!
{Misty Forest}
{Misty Forest} Hace 16 horas
This is exactly what it looks like when a explosion gets into a cartoon characters face
Sai Gearz
Sai Gearz Hace 16 horas
Tell me why my [email protected]$$ thought you could breathe liquid oxygen
DoctorWhoRoblox1935 Hace 16 horas
I feel like this is the live action equivalent of the dip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Communist Tom
Communist Tom Hace 16 horas
A really good way to make someone blind is to throw a lot of magnesium powder onto a bonfire make sure you look away
Sam Eves
Sam Eves Hace 16 horas
Don’t steal me gold bars
Le Pain
Le Pain Hace 16 horas
Suicide bombers bn looking at this video going hmmmm so mix enough chemical n it’s enough to take down a building or a plain hmmmm
Willy Nilly Lilly
Willy Nilly Lilly Hace 16 horas
bobby Is-the-Man
bobby Is-the-Man Hace 16 horas
NEVER touch mercury! You will have neurological health issues at some point.
NyuuMikuru1 Hace 16 horas
I’m sure you got a laugh at the movie The Mummy with Tom Cruise. Coffin in mercury should be floating.
Tae !
Tae ! Hace 16 horas
ayo, looks like i’m going for a swim 🏊‍♀️
Messiah Bent
Messiah Bent Hace 16 horas
His work space must be full of toxic shit
Nathanael Sommers
Nathanael Sommers Hace 16 horas
What’s the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to sulferic acid
Curious Chan
Curious Chan Hace 16 horas
In Russia, vodka freezes you!
Potoo Burd
Potoo Burd Hace 16 horas
Red Bull popsicles
Livie Email
Livie Email Hace 16 horas
I would legit drink this
NCR Veteran Ranger
NCR Veteran Ranger Hace 16 horas
I read it as magnesium cringes my eyeballs
out of context
out of context Hace 16 horas
I thought Nile meant that the magnesium burned his actual eyeball for some reason 😃
The Arbiter
The Arbiter Hace 16 horas
It’s also used I a special type of shotgun shell called dragon’s breath
Martin D
Martin D Hace 16 horas
Photograph the developed side with an old sx10is, right before the cracking
Laugh For Me
Laugh For Me Hace 16 horas
I'll be sure to keep crates of this stuff, and fulfill my dreams!
Vistallion Hace 16 horas
Realizes my table was smurffed on by oxigen
NotCheater Hace 16 horas
ATM Machine
ATM Machine Hace 16 horas
Next thing you know: 💥
EdgedPixie Hace 16 horas
I volunteered in an after-school science club while doing my Duke of Edinburgh award back in High School. We were doing flame tests one day, and for some reason magnesium powder was on the list of powders the students were to flame test. One kid decided he was done with the magnesium, and dumped the whole pot of powder into the sink, right next to both a lit bunsen burner, and to me. And that's the story of why I know what it's like to be flashbanged.
Vistallion Hace 16 horas
Pulls out then yeets it like karen