Donde Womack
Donde Womack Hace 8 horas
She looks a very young Judy Garland in the face.
Miley A. Tan
Miley A. Tan Hace 8 horas
Ashley Steelman Peterson
Ashley Steelman Peterson Hace 8 horas
Aceeee... sounds GREAT! Has a lot of growing up to do! Good luck you sound awesome, it’s just to soon! We will see you again!! Keep your head up!! Best of luck babe!
Patricia Silcox
Patricia Silcox Hace 8 horas
Love his voice. He will go far.
Lion Ness
Lion Ness Hace 8 horas
Wow, I couldn't stand the Anthem she done and I knew if she'd only sing like herself and not try to be someone else she'd be amazing. You are a star and a very talented writer
Aj and Ny
Aj and Ny Hace 8 horas
Her voice is so mature and the second song really showed her range she did that
millenia Hace 8 horas
Wow I am speechless 😍
Hope Roth
Hope Roth Hace 8 horas
Instantly got goosebumps
Ampuan Fajrina
Ampuan Fajrina Hace 8 horas
She reminds me of lana lmao
Marti Waterman
Marti Waterman Hace 8 horas
Love Luke Bryan’s laugh.
Susie Hamelock
Susie Hamelock Hace 8 horas
I agree that she is not quite ready and taking a year or two to practice will benefit her a lot. But honestly her Dad is so controlling and it feels to me like she is too scared to stand up to him. She probably has never had the chance to sing and dress how she wants to which is why she sings a bit timid like Katy said. She just needs to find some confidence and come back in a couple years alone with her own style and then she’d be great👌
Kati Rhoat
Kati Rhoat Hace 8 horas
Good for him good job dude
Linda Goes
Linda Goes Hace 8 horas
She need to come back next time. she doesn't get everything she wants!
Kaitlyn Conyers
Kaitlyn Conyers Hace 8 horas
best this season so far, in my opinion. my gooddd that was beautiful
Lion Ness
Lion Ness Hace 8 horas
She gets on my nerves. Sorry
David Sweeney
David Sweeney Hace 8 horas
she has great potential to be even better.
Divyansh Sati
Divyansh Sati Hace 8 horas
My god, look at the way she says oh my god. Sucha natural, damnn.
water horse ocean
water horse ocean Hace 8 horas
The offbeat snap and clap fucking w me. He’s amazing
David Sweeney
David Sweeney Hace 8 horas
She could very well be the winner..... I mean, she has all the right stuff - just needs to play it well in the competition.
J E Hace 8 horas
He should sing Jack and Dianne. The perfect voice for that song
painter Mike
painter Mike Hace 8 horas
She's beautiful and pretty👍
Aj and Ny
Aj and Ny Hace 8 horas
Willie is not 21 yoooo
Aj and Ny
Aj and Ny Hace 8 horas
Awww I know willie from the outsiders ESpost go willie!!!!
Danielle Purtle
Danielle Purtle Hace 8 horas
I love his voice he will go far as long as he keeps his doesn’t forget his roots
Colette frye
Colette frye Hace 8 horas
Yeessssss!!!!!💞 this young lady is amazing!! What a great voice!!!!!
Fabio Castro
Fabio Castro Hace 8 horas
Ace, you’ll be back and prove you are a star, never give up on your dreams, I’ll buy your songs a million times.
EatNBoujee LLC
EatNBoujee LLC Hace 8 horas
His voice is so pure, he will have a room silent because his presence is so amazing! He definitely has a calling on his life ❤️❤️❤️ I remember watching him sing in the classroom and now he’s auditioning for American Idol! He is going to go so far in life with his amazing gift!
Jontom Abbett
Jontom Abbett Hace 8 horas
This phenom doesn't need this show. Go write amazing songs and produce produce produce. You are a rock star. Holy smokes.
AM S Hace 8 horas
Not a great singer. Cringe
Lion Ness
Lion Ness Hace 8 horas
Buddy, don't fret about not being good enough. I do it too much... you are an amazing singer
Andrew Kundrath
Andrew Kundrath Hace 8 horas
I saw this live. Perhaps he sang it better than Rihanna.
Coorsy Hace 8 horas
Kellyanne conway is a terrible mother.
Ashley Steelman Peterson
Ashley Steelman Peterson Hace 8 horas
Praying for you man! So happy you have a positive family to fall on! Your blessed no matter what! Just keep on keeping in! No matter what happens! You got life! Life don’t have you!
Patty Farghaly
Patty Farghaly Hace 8 horas
Wow ❣❣❣❣You go girl.
Gregory Coleman
Gregory Coleman Hace 8 horas
Lol who disliked this.???
Ongani B.
Ongani B. Hace 8 horas
This is the atmosphere that he fits best in. That other show was turning him into stone. Stagnant, cold, bitter or alone.
Volvo 90
Volvo 90 Hace 8 horas
Lion Ness
Lion Ness Hace 8 horas
Such a beautiful talented soul. I hope he wins. He is so humble and genuine🥰 this man is everything Lionel Richie said! Lionel Richie rocks too🥰🥰🥰🥰
pamela baxter
pamela baxter Hace 8 horas
She is incredible! She's got my vote!
Y N Hace 8 horas
I don't know, this is like singularity in music terms. Not only that there is so much of a beyond-talent in one person, which marks her as an outstanding young performer, but also, like a true cosmic event, if you keep listening to her beyond few seconds, you are done. There is no way back and she got you. Gravity pulls you towards her voice and you are hooked. What a rare event you are.. Cheers from an instant admirer from Jerusalem.
Cherrygaga Evah
Cherrygaga Evah Hace 8 horas
May I know the title of the second song? 😺
PRO VBLOGS Hace 8 horas
I love her, she has a distinct voice... she must go big! ❤️
Agi Montanez
Agi Montanez Hace 8 horas
Amazing song....heartbreaking story 🥺🥺🥺 Mediocre voice
_Emmaxx9 Hace 8 horas
Wow this made me cry when she started singing
Eu Gene
Eu Gene Hace 8 horas
She looks like Kelly Clarkson guys
MsFerity Hace 8 horas
Ohh this girl, I wanna go to her concert already
Veerendra pal singh Rathore
Veerendra pal singh Rathore Hace 8 horas
Does she closed her mouth before singing stop ? At 3:39.
GlamorousWallflower Hace 8 horas
Go4ll Hace 8 horas
Thanks man!!!
Lutha B
Lutha B Hace 8 horas
I am still trying to understand WTF the judges were thinking. They made a huge mistake. Now let's see if they have the balls (and ovaries, I guess) to right their wrong. They should bring Ace back! He deserves it for more than the Miami dude AND the Conway girl if we are being honest.
Diane Hardesty
Diane Hardesty Hace 8 horas
WOW what a voice!!! I think Grace has what it takes to win American Idol!!! How many thinks that also!!!
Gergely Szaplonczai
Gergely Szaplonczai Hace 9 horas
She's the ONE!!!
H F Hace 9 horas
Wow. Amazing & so professional.👍
It's Just Chat
It's Just Chat Hace 9 horas
Love her
Jodster L Chapman
Jodster L Chapman Hace 9 horas
My heart was in her hope she makes it all the way
Aurora Hill
Aurora Hill Hace 9 horas
"Above all, remember always treasure modesty."
Wednesday Calies
Wednesday Calies Hace 9 horas
Umm wow. Little girl and big voice. Beautiful and amazing
Jo Marie Lopez
Jo Marie Lopez Hace 9 horas
She made me feel that song!!!!! Grace!!!!!!
C Sees
C Sees Hace 9 horas
To good to be true?. She says she plays mediocre ect. Her ESpost page shows differently. She does have a beautiful voice. She has her own music videos singing playing Piano and guitar. Trained voice?? She is going to be the winner!! If not top notch!!
Bob lamanepa
Bob lamanepa Hace 9 horas
Lionel Richie looks younger
maddy kalell
maddy kalell Hace 9 horas
Please release a full version😭
T Pace
T Pace Hace 9 horas
He shouldn’t have sung this song until later. Dudes a stud and probably could’ve sung any song and gone to the finals. I remember this a few years ago kids crazy
Donna Gates
Donna Gates Hace 9 horas
GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
Hannes Coetzee
Hannes Coetzee Hace 9 horas
Beautiful in every way, she's a winner.
Ximena Uribe Vargas
Ximena Uribe Vargas Hace 9 horas
He mad sus
Jhee Viñas
Jhee Viñas Hace 9 horas
dawnm61767 Hace 9 horas
She’s sings ok but I have to say there is a few others that are flawless. She has a lot of hard work ahead of her.
Do not cum for me
Do not cum for me Hace 9 horas
She sounds exactly like Florence Welch
Azizo Rhania
Azizo Rhania Hace 9 horas
Wow! He's great
Quinnie Hace 9 horas
Can she release this song?! It is so good!!
daniel Moreno
daniel Moreno Hace 9 horas
Maahhhh man reach for the stars
Marti Waterman
Marti Waterman Hace 9 horas
Kelly Clarkson comes to my mind.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez Hace 9 horas
Great voice. Just needs a bit more growth. He will look back at this and realize he wasn't ready even though it was a painful process.
Mary Alice Kelly
Mary Alice Kelly Hace 9 horas
God given talent and just Wow
Leeam Morris
Leeam Morris Hace 9 horas
If Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were to get hitched and have a baby, she would be it. Please don't take this literally Mr. Bloom and Mrs. Bryan.
J Elliott
J Elliott Hace 9 horas
You’re awesome Ace!
Marshmallow 74
Marshmallow 74 Hace 9 horas
Why did she go through......
Sam johnson
Sam johnson Hace 9 horas
Love her voice
Baldoxxx4000 Hace 9 horas
so did he take testosterone?
Dali Miranda
Dali Miranda Hace 9 horas
TAQUIPARIUU 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼