Dominik Niziol
Dominik Niziol Hace 8 horas
Wojciech Szczesny what a match, what a player!!!!!! :O
Afif Sahrin
Afif Sahrin Hace 8 horas
This is PS5 graphic
PTSF9123 Hace 8 horas
Fathony Irkham
Fathony Irkham Hace 8 horas
The last goal typical when we play football game in console
Mäfin Hace 8 horas
szczesny is honestly so amazing, i dunno why no one talks about him
Miguel Caamano
Miguel Caamano Hace 8 horas
ramadani garcia
ramadani garcia Hace 8 horas
Duaa Bitar
Duaa Bitar Hace 8 horas
José gomez
José gomez Hace 8 horas
Like : cr7 Comentario: messi
Shohib Assalam
Shohib Assalam Hace 8 horas
Tomichen Manamel
Tomichen Manamel Hace 8 horas
Cr7 G.O.A.T
Raka Pratama Pujiadi
Raka Pratama Pujiadi Hace 8 horas
しょまえだ Hace 8 horas
This goal reminds me of Coppa Italia 2015-2016 final.
Bull Shit
Bull Shit Hace 8 horas
Ronaldo the Hitman
咳痰 Hace 8 horas
fernando alonso escudero giraldo
fernando alonso escudero giraldo Hace 8 horas
szczesny y cristiano le dieron media final a la juventus
Ronaldo the greatest of all with messi 🐐🐐 Congrats ronaldo for your support and making juv win you are still amazing at age 36 And congrats for top goal scorer in history
Salva Balesta
Salva Balesta Hace 8 horas
PS5 cam , Love it
Fauzil Hasdi
Fauzil Hasdi Hace 8 horas
Forza juve
Gg The Great
Gg The Great Hace 8 horas
Why is it only the prem players that get all the credit I mean szczesny is phenomenal yet no one talks about him.
Atakan Şirin
Atakan Şirin Hace 8 horas
2:21 no penalty
Matias Hace 8 horas
Siiiiiiiiiiii 1:48 what they wanted to see
Edward Kurniawan
Edward Kurniawan Hace 8 horas
how was that a pen? lol
MrSnapphanen Hace 8 horas
VAC this guy
Ousmane Anelka
Ousmane Anelka Hace 8 horas
Livraria Bom Pastor
Livraria Bom Pastor Hace 8 horas
Hibraimovic monstro🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Afatar Ing
Afatar Ing Hace 8 horas
Andd the winner is...milann
I Own YOU!
I Own YOU! Hace 8 horas
Wonderful penalty from the GOAT of goats CR7.
Rafiq Akmal
Rafiq Akmal Hace 8 horas
This match is arranged
Production Hace 8 horas
Im sorry for Insigne, very quality player, but credits to Szczesny and Juventus
Junn Jn louis
Junn Jn louis Hace 8 horas
BRAVO JUVE CR7💋💋💋❤❤❤🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈⚽️⚽️🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
Wahid 7170
Wahid 7170 Hace 8 horas
Ah mantap
Marco Pazini
Marco Pazini Hace 8 horas
Napoli got no luck thats all!
Alehandro Ank
Alehandro Ank Hace 8 horas
algo que ganen después de perder con inter.
The Hh
The Hh Hace 8 horas
Ronnie, you absolute *Legend. 🔴*
The Hh
The Hh Hace 8 horas
Ronnie, you absolute *Legend. 🔴*
Mr Kim Jung
Mr Kim Jung Hace 8 horas
szczesny played a great match
syah amshaa
syah amshaa Hace 8 horas
Forzaaa juveeee❤
Muhammad Iskandar ‘
Muhammad Iskandar ‘ Hace 8 horas
that cuadrado’s pace tho😧
Francesco Tommi
Francesco Tommi Hace 8 horas
Skull Crushing Deeds
Skull Crushing Deeds Hace 8 horas
Is this the equivalent of the fa cup or the caraboa cup?
Andi Brawijaya
Andi Brawijaya Hace 8 horas
2 former arsenal goalkeeper
Willson Pontoh
Willson Pontoh Hace 8 horas
Dive karma
J J Hace 8 horas
CR7 👍👍 siiiiiim
Geovanni Campos
Geovanni Campos Hace 8 horas
Congratulations juventus
YoungWonder Hace 8 horas
How the heck did Napoli get that penalty Mckennie was trying to clear the ball and Mertens comes from behind him smh
azmah 07
azmah 07 Hace 8 horas
ronaldo and szczesny 🔥👌🔥
syahrul Z
syahrul Z Hace 8 horas
Why too late upload this video???
Juan Manuel Marquez
Juan Manuel Marquez Hace 8 horas
The juve goal keeper was the man of the match.
J J Hace 8 horas
Israel Cajina
Israel Cajina Hace 8 horas
Por que ronaldo no estaba al final cuando levantaron la copa
Trinigrade01 Hace 8 horas
lol lamest cup of them all. That`s all juve will be getting this year : )
daessati2006 Hace 8 horas
Ronaldo king
Teguh Priambodo
Teguh Priambodo Hace 8 horas
3:31 - 3:38 how they convert this real to PS5 footage?
The ILLUMINATI Hace 8 horas
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Dániel Pintér
Dániel Pintér Hace 8 horas
All time top scorer, huh? Then why did I find different numbers on Wikipedia, Fifa's website (not the game), Soccerbase etc. 🙄🙄😏
Xking Master
Xking Master Hace 8 horas
Pele typing...
Zenk Abe
Zenk Abe Hace 8 horas
Hallo Aurelio delaurintis.. 😉
Архангел Камергерский
Архангел Камергерский Hace 8 horas
Congratulations Ronaldo and his new record !!!
Abdul Sethi
Abdul Sethi Hace 8 horas
martinez should have got a hatrick
Jefrysetiawan 22
Jefrysetiawan 22 Hace 8 horas
Terlalu lama upload nya
Vong Chin
Vong Chin Hace 8 horas
Why do referees award penalties?
Geoffrey Vanhees
Geoffrey Vanhees Hace 8 horas
I love my Juve. Bit we give away so much chances. We need a different way to play. There is no DM that helps the defenders
Hobi Tidur
Hobi Tidur Hace 8 horas
Duo ex-arsenal goalkeeper
Dicky Ashr
Dicky Ashr Hace 8 horas
Lawan juve pinalti gk goal... Mati wae
Lano Dinero
Lano Dinero Hace 8 horas
Oh no he didn't 😂🔥
Okechukwu Shedrack
Okechukwu Shedrack Hace 9 horas
Insigne should cry his life out. He sold the game
JD HEMBRAM Hace 9 horas
Only one man Army The Ronaldo.. A big Fan From INDIA
Scozie Hace 9 horas
Hidup Juve. :v :v
Max and I support Cr7,Lm10
Max and I support Cr7,Lm10 Hace 9 horas
At this point Ronaldo is really missed in Real Madrid .
Nick Kruger
Nick Kruger Hace 9 horas
Ronaldo is the goat
Francesco Tommi
Francesco Tommi Hace 9 horas
00:19 Davide 💜💜
Max and I support Cr7,Lm10
Max and I support Cr7,Lm10 Hace 9 horas
Before this Video gets 1 mil sya tomorrow with a new comment.
I FAL Hace 9 horas
Szczesny man of the Match... The save is wowww
Deepa VII F Legenda Yo 2020
Deepa VII F Legenda Yo 2020 Hace 9 horas
PS5 Supercup 2021 Juventus ahhahahah hihihihihih F Fifa is Pes GG PLAI MIMI Serie A)