Orgullo Colombiano 🇨🇴
#91蔡志鸿 Hace 14 horas
And new turn 10 as new record
david orama
david orama Hace 14 horas
Yuki is over his head.
justinlzy Hace 14 horas
So Perez's trademark show-off TR is back.
Spicy Icecream
Spicy Icecream Hace 14 horas
Who's here after Spain 2020?
Felix Seven89
Felix Seven89 Hace 14 horas
Something is wrong with sound. There is music and commentary in the mix.
M. B.
M. B. Hace 14 horas
Boring as usual 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱
j rao
j rao Hace 15 horas
2007 Chinese grand prix - where he won. Other racers were warming up their inters and Kimi just went about his business as usual
Anom Gilang Pamungkas
Anom Gilang Pamungkas Hace 15 horas
nice. now try doing this after lewis pitted
Fidel Cashflow
Fidel Cashflow Hace 15 horas
Even when Max is given every advantage, he can't outrace Hamilton. He won't win a championship until Hamilton quits.
Joaquin Nolasco
Joaquin Nolasco Hace 15 horas
First time watching F3 highlights. I must say, if you swap these commentators with Crofty and Brundle, I wouldn’t notice lol
Ashwin Jonathan Dias
Ashwin Jonathan Dias Hace 15 horas
Wonder what Mazepin will make Monaco look like😂
Cheung William
Cheung William Hace 15 horas
Mazepin should be suspended for the rest of his career
poo stain
poo stain Hace 15 horas
jesus can the dude shut up
Cream Hace 15 horas
when ham repeat the history
GAME Archives
GAME Archives Hace 15 horas
Tsunoda is fired!!
Mohammad Azka
Mohammad Azka Hace 15 horas
Tyler McNeil
Tyler McNeil Hace 15 horas
A decent Spanish GP not bad at all considering previous years.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 15 horas
Back when no one wears mask
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez Hace 15 horas
Why didn't RB pit max as soon as Lewis switched tires while he still had the 20 second gap? genuine question
Jossy M
Jossy M Hace 15 horas
Because he'd have come out behind him, losing track position. Lewis's out-lap on his new mediums would have been quicker than Max's in-lap on his old softs, so by the time Max would have emerged from the pitlane Lewis would have been a couple of seconds ahead. Another factor was that Mercedes had a set of medium tyres to run for 20+laps at a fast pace - Red Bull only had a set of softs. Although they'd have been quicker to begin with, the pace he'd have needed to push them at would have resulted in them losing performance pretty quick. All they could do was hang on and see if Max could get to the end before Lewis caught up.
Derm Hace 15 horas
Red bull strategy wack pls just start copying mercedes and letting max n lewis race🙏🏼🙏🏼
mctwistx12 Hace 15 horas
Hungary 2
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez Hace 15 horas
Is everyone just letting Lewis Hamilton win orrrrrrrrrrr is his particular engine built with more torque and horsepower!? Sick of that guy!
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni Hace 15 horas
Another easy year for Hamilton. Never in the last ten years has it been so easy to be a champion! Not even Schumacher had such easy years! Ten years without any team being able to make a car at least on the same level as Mercedes! They came close, but never at the same level! Ferrari came close, RBR is now close, but the advantage of the car that Mercedes delivers to Hamilton is far superior! Bottas will never have this equipment in his hands, at most in training, to keep Red Bull away from the front row, he is a second driver and will continue to receive treatment as a second driver, as long as the English lobby that commands Mercedes so decides . But we are seeing a fantastic driver at Red Bull with aggressive driving, going up with an inferior car! Max has been doing what Mercedes has been doing for Hamilton for at least ten years! The hat is taken off for Nico Rosberg, who very patiently won over this powerful English lobby that controls Mercedes (English technicians, mechanics and engineers and Headquarters in England). We will one day have a competitive F1, really, as in the past, when Red Bull or another team, at least match Mercedes. For now Hamilton accelerates his super machine and there is nothing that the other teams can do, the car is fantastic, far superior. Max with his natural talent, incredible, would hold Hamilton in the race, if the team changed the tire at the right time, they were wrong. Meanwhile, the Englishman runs alone, looking like he really competes against the other drivers. And Moto GP is giving a competitive show, with incredible fights for different positions and winners, as it should be in F1. It is the world of speed and its variants. Max, the real winner of that last GP ...
José Dias
José Dias Hace 15 horas
*Music of background, did someone know? Sounds like Wagakki Band*
Rob Kozak
Rob Kozak Hace 15 horas
Really getting frustrated by the Lewis Hamilton show. All credit to him but I'm finding it frustrating to watch. Maybe after 20 years of watching, it's time for a break.
Jeffrey P
Jeffrey P Hace 15 horas
This is the embodiment of, “nah”
Jonathan Cuesta
Jonathan Cuesta Hace 15 horas
Anyone else’s screen goes black at 9:54?
H4n Mil
H4n Mil Hace 15 horas
Poor Bottas
Dudes suckem
Dudes suckem Hace 15 horas
This was fun to watch hahaha
Sebastián Castro Irías
Sebastián Castro Irías Hace 15 horas
1:58 One of the best moments and feelings we can see in motorsport...
momo Hace 15 horas
We dont want commentary...
Jeremy Kasperson
Jeremy Kasperson Hace 15 horas
Bahrain track temperatures are already at 40 C or higher. How much does a person really need to warm them up?
alpharookie4 Hace 15 horas
Did anyone notice Crofty's confusing commentating on Lewis Hamilton overtaking at 3:37 ?
Chong Jiun Kit
Chong Jiun Kit Hace 15 horas
Another Order 77 for Bottas... he is doing it as a job, not as a racer... meanwhile, Raikkonen is doing his hobby...
Joe Ramos
Joe Ramos Hace 15 horas
It is great competition this Season. Every point will count. Go MB! Go Hamilton!
Matt 3g
Matt 3g Hace 15 horas
Kimi is a vibe
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock Hace 15 horas
Steering - 20% of driving Throttle - 80% of driving
Sebastian Suarez Saldarriaga
Sebastian Suarez Saldarriaga Hace 15 horas
F for Gigakubica
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright Hace 15 horas
Lewis is an absolute beast there is no doubt. Well done champ.
Brilliant Beaches
Brilliant Beaches Hace 15 horas
Verstappen's pace was fine. Red Bull heat up tyres faster. That does mean higher tyre usage, but they can also take advantage of this, especially on other circuits. Their strategy is off. If Verstappen came in a second time for softs, he would have had to overtake Bottas and Hamilton, but he was extremely fast on the softs. He should have pitted 16-17 laps before the end of the race.
Néstor Lárez
Néstor Lárez Hace 15 horas
The hammer again.... awesome...
DAN MOSCATO Hace 15 horas
How do you pass here?
Amal Joe
Amal Joe Hace 15 horas
Alonso's 6th?!
Video game Valley
Video game Valley Hace 15 horas
…….wow what energy from the mercedes team
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains Hace 15 horas
let me correct crofty -- Hamiton's pace allowed merc to go with two pit stop strategy
MrINSANITY321 Hace 15 horas
The irony of the people saying ‘well he’s always had a decent car’. He’s the only driver maybe in the history of the sport to not come from wealth. The only thing he had to get here was raw speed & talent. Best drivers get the best cars. Simple.
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier Hace 15 horas
Great battles. I think when it all said and done Max will find out how much of a competitor Lewis Hamilton is and why he is on top of the world
musclemania30 Hace 15 horas
Can we hear the conversation between Bottas and the team as well?
Subail Mg
Subail Mg Hace 15 horas
lewis not only win the race but also thw whole world against him....i always doubts sometimes is the f1 and media also always try to win verstappen more than he doing....
Cheri Sheldon
Cheri Sheldon Hace 15 horas
Way to go, Hamilton! 💥
flipstander Hace 15 horas
Vettel looks more like a Nascar pilot with the cap. 🤣🤣🤣
gerarspe Hace 16 horas
Silence please!!!!! On board shhhhhh
Hunter lane
Hunter lane Hace 16 horas
It’s like a kinder garden classroom asking about the rule to the playground LoL
Wavy Bone
Wavy Bone Hace 16 horas
I’m new to this as an American. Please help me get into your sport. I liked Lewis Hamilton
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla Hace 16 horas
Bottas write a book... How to respect team orders without respecting them.
Chickezz Hace 16 horas
Yuki is just too toxic
Dr. J Plays PHIAUS
Dr. J Plays PHIAUS Hace 16 horas
8:37 The Moment you guys all been waiting for
Guillermo Hernandez
Guillermo Hernandez Hace 16 horas
13:20 , 3rd, 4th and 5th gears gone daaaaayum!
dhedhe Hace 16 horas
Toto : get to da choppa...
ernesto meza
ernesto meza Hace 16 horas
Se supone que las nuevas regulaciones y el techo presupuestario harían a los equipos más equivalentes y competitivos pero no se puede apreciar de hecho hasta tienen el descaro de ir a pits en las últimas vueltas para quedarse todavía con el punto de la vuelta rápido.
Albert Ashraf
Albert Ashraf Hace 16 horas
Lewis is the GOAT no doubt about that but.... you have to feel bad for Bottas honestly. It is never easy being a teammate to, in my opinion, a more preferrable person....
Mahi Gaming Tamil
Mahi Gaming Tamil Hace 16 horas
7 times champion 🏆 for a reason
King Ghidorah - The Three Headed Monster
King Ghidorah - The Three Headed Monster Hace 16 horas
hI iM tOtO wOlFf
Francisco Ríos Vallejo
Francisco Ríos Vallejo Hace 16 horas
Yuki's attitude is terrible. I guess he must have huge sponsors behind him cause the he talks to their engineers is ridiculous.
Kevin Hace 16 horas
strange that the France 2004 Grand Prix is not in here. Also a combination of an amazing drive by MSC and Ferrari strategy masterclass. By winning over Fernando Alonso using a 4-stop strategy in a dry race.
Jayce Ashline
Jayce Ashline Hace 16 horas
Yawn. Which Mercedes will win this week?
vicospriteg Hace 16 horas
Fastest Lap Lewis Hamilton Fastest Lap Lewis Hamilton Fastest Lap Lewis Hamilton Fastest Lap Max Verstappen (Lap Time Deleted)
Dan Blaize
Dan Blaize Hace 16 horas
Get in there Lewis!
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo Hace 16 horas
Poor vettel
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz Hace 16 horas
I get it , i can only imagine how frustrating can be Racing in F1 , but if Yuki keeps running his mouth and makes the team look bad over the radio ,they gonna turn on him and kick him out , they will easily wash their hands with his name so the team can't be blame for...Just a thought , what u guys think ?
Cary Coller
Cary Coller Hace 16 horas
Yawn 🥱. Another boring "Hand it over to Lewis" race.
Magicsenna Hace 16 horas
Can't wait to see Max on the outside in the first corner. Doubt that this guy will prevent a collision.
Pedro v
Pedro v Hace 16 horas
closed caption in Portuguese 😁😌
Pregação Cura Interior 2019
Pregação Cura Interior 2019 Hace 16 horas
go max!!!!
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Hace 16 horas
Ini Hobby
Ini Hobby Hace 16 horas
Wrong action for the concept of the strategies, the engginer doesnt believe max can't do it to catch lewis at first. really late late tyre change. what a same for the redbull. if they do not trust the driver just dont do the contract.
Gustavo Hace 16 horas
unas ganas de llorar viendo al checo perez ganando ... que tremenda emocion ! GRANDE CHECO !
Magicsenna Hace 16 horas
Definetly fastest car on a single lap!