Outcry Premiere TVMA
Kicks 24
Kicks 24 Hace 3 horas
Might not be an easy fight for Leo but he will give tank war don’t count out a Mexican warrior
Blitzkrieg Hace 3 horas
Gervonta is good, but Teofimo will destroy him
philip coffman
philip coffman Hace 3 horas
Floyd i respect you more for helping this man. You could give me 3.000.000 that you spent on George floyds funeral in 3 cities and instead id open 15 Mayweather boxing academy where all unpriveledged kids could box and not shoot one another on the block. I tried to do it with my first 30k I made, but noone supported me except for 1 black cop and his buddy from marines who's a boxing coach. So I had to take the other route . I was buying gloves,bags,wraps,mouthpieces and donating money. If I ever get money , I'll open my own boxing academy. Don't need anyone's help. Money destroy ppl...floyd is a good businessman...making a payday by humiliating Logan Paul lol circus but still makes money , no great injury to expect from Logan, making yourself look great n worthy.
Tainted Hace 3 horas
My money's on the Mexican.
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo Hace 3 horas
Why u got your hand under the bag palms up fo tho?
philip coffman
philip coffman Hace 3 horas
If I could invest in Davis like a stock I'd buy it
marlonious76 Hace 3 horas
During the All Access, watching Tank run he stopped running and started walking. Watching Tank hit the bag, he stopped punching the bag and started complaining. I hope Tank is at 110% come fight night, because if he's not, he's going to have a long night.
ほんまささき Hace 3 horas
2:28 "ref help me he's beating up"
DuWayne Engram
DuWayne Engram Hace 3 horas
Whats that song playing at 27:12?
Hohoka Aye
Hohoka Aye Hace 3 horas
Tyrell Mayo
Tyrell Mayo Hace 3 horas
The power will get to leo
Vincent Hace 4 horas
I'm going with the Mexican
tyronetb3 Hace 4 horas
I’m hypwd
Dat Man Dooley
Dat Man Dooley Hace 4 horas
I wanna see him vs canelo
Tanner Justice
Tanner Justice Hace 4 horas
Floyd when you gonna get in the octagon
SHREYAS S Hace 4 horas
If Conor Mcgregor challenges him for mma Floyd would get screwed
j Smith
j Smith Hace 4 horas
Floyd is the puffy of boxing promoters 🤣
SHREYAS S Hace 4 horas
How is this even equal???? MMA VS BOXING
King Dubb
King Dubb Hace 4 horas
brian otieno
brian otieno Hace 4 horas
UFC 256 countdown Gaethje vs khabib
KilLingRainbow Dotss
KilLingRainbow Dotss Hace 4 horas
Deontay just had a lucky break mane My guy destroyed that fool and dropped him hella times
The Gavel
The Gavel Hace 4 horas
Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God Bless you and your Family. Stay Safe. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
K P Hace 4 horas
14:30 haha
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Hace 5 horas
Always trynna som tank like if he didn’t work he would be at the top with floyd or not
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Hace 5 horas
Tank hasnt truly been tested yet by any boxer. He hasn't had a long bloody back and forth fight. I think this will be the start of that. Then we will see if he's a true champion. Knocking guys out quickly is impressive but not as impressive as being down and out in a fight and coming back to win. All the other fighters have been lames. Its just like tyson, tyson was fucking guys up until he got to holyfeild.
Enrique Pineda
Enrique Pineda Hace 5 horas
Arriba HUETAMO cochos
Raymond Adlao
Raymond Adlao Hace 5 horas
Mayweather,, the crowd boooooooooooooooooooing
Raymond Adlao
Raymond Adlao Hace 5 horas
Mayweather fights are so boring,,,😪😪😪😪😪
Tevin Morrison
Tevin Morrison Hace 5 horas
Davis is dumb as rocks but he’s about to stretch Cruz across that ring
Izzy Rod
Izzy Rod Hace 5 horas
All I Gotta say is Santa Cruz about. To beat that ass
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma Hace 5 horas
Track name please
An Electrician
An Electrician Hace 5 horas
Loma TBE Lmao 😂😂😂 Yeah Right !
vinnie ng
vinnie ng Hace 5 horas
mad respect for papa santa cruz, hope his health improves
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Hace 5 horas
He’s stopping Cruz so easy
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Hace 5 horas
Bro tank shave off whatever is on your face face it you can’t grow a beard
Ottis Jordan
Ottis Jordan Hace 5 horas
JordanBoi's Mobile Detailing check in
Evan Ohia
Evan Ohia Hace 5 horas
I don't even watch boxing but this had me excited for their fight
Jrmjuve10 Hace 5 horas
I can never count out a 4 division champion that easily but when you consider that those 4 division titles came at a lower weight class than the one he's fighting in and the guy he's fighting is knocking out guys in the higher division then I can see why some people are saying Tank is going to walk over him. Hope Leo surprises everyone and it's a competitive fight.
Ayub M
Ayub M Hace 5 horas
i like mayweather but he should really get out of the way and let this kid be himself
amado aleman
amado aleman Hace 5 horas
Gamboa lo mejor que puede hacer es retirarse del boxeo.ya lo he visto las ultimas peleas ,y ya se ve que se le acabo aquellas pegadas, ya no luce como antes,el tiempo le esta pasando cuentas. Retirese campeon.
Australian King
Australian King Hace 5 horas
Gay weather is a smarter fighter
Mexico mexico
Mexico mexico Hace 6 horas
A ese LEO lo van a empinar Le van ah propunar el NOCAUT más espeluznante de su vida. Ese Leo es más o menos bueno pero con los bultos y nada mas. Ese negro lo va ah poner en 4
Levi Anthony
Levi Anthony Hace 6 horas
Leo fights with no true defense... Just swings and throws punches all over the place. Tank is about to punish Leo
baristatraveler Hace 6 horas
buena suerte, leo! consigamos la victoria!
And Hace 6 horas
All that money and Santa cruz doesn't higher a proper nutrionist? a proper technical boxing coach and trainer? I could be wrong only because they didnt show it. Letshope i am
Lakers In6
Lakers In6 Hace 6 horas
Davis better better he’s ass can’t make Floyd look like a dummy😂
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Hace 6 horas
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez Hace 6 horas
He’s gonna lose to Lopez for,sure.
JasonTheWorldisYours Hace 6 horas
My money is on Davis
Rehtul Uv
Rehtul Uv Hace 6 horas
I got Tank. I feel like they're going to either TKO or throw in the towel.
prodigy_squid Hace 6 horas
Why mcgregors chest built like dat lmao💀💀💀
TonyINB4 003
TonyINB4 003 Hace 6 horas
Santa Cruz is going to lose
prodigy_squid Hace 6 horas
Floyd daughter slander 😭😭😈😈
Joeshortstop !!
Joeshortstop !! Hace 6 horas
Shits dope
J Rayez
J Rayez Hace 6 horas
I like this dude but tank will lay him out.
SPEEDIE LOKO Hace 6 horas
Leo Santa Cruz man that was touching how he gave his dad the belt got all his family out from being poor with no electricity to where they are now ...going to be good respect to Davis as well he came from the botttom to going to be a good fight. !
David J
David J Hace 6 horas
This fight is going to be better than the lamachenko vs teofimo fight
Lightening Pitcher
Lightening Pitcher Hace 6 horas
The other guy looks like Floyd mayweather .
HAIRLINE1000 Hace 6 horas
Two strong hearted well rounded fighters, this fight will be based only on skill
Hace 6 horas
j Nguyen
j Nguyen Hace 6 horas
Need to step up the game and fight loma devin or teo geesh
j Nguyen
j Nguyen Hace 6 horas
We know who's gonna win
Jeromy Zwiers
Jeromy Zwiers Hace 6 horas
Davis wont last one round if he EVER takes a REAL fight.
OneDay Hace 7 horas
I’ll be rooting for lsc. But tank knock out round 8
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez Hace 7 horas
Boths sucks
ANGELI VARELA Hace 7 horas
Dam wtf happen? 😂
thatchillkid07 Hace 7 horas
Tank is a weight bully. Teofimo would mop the floor with him
Temptations Hace 7 horas
AB-“I beat him” Everyone else-🧢
uce chapo
uce chapo Hace 7 horas
Tank wins by ko in the 5th
Son Ov Godz
Son Ov Godz Hace 7 horas
He said Rodney Davis 😆
pableezie Hace 7 horas
Atleast Showtime posts high quality videos. Unlike other boxing channels posting 720p or even 480p crap! Aint that right FIGHTHYPE aint that right ESNEWS?! NA NVM this video sucks too.
Ricky Jordan860
Ricky Jordan860 Hace 7 horas
3rd round they was like yes his shoe finally broke loose but Davis don’t waste all your energy yet just go for the body
ynalem íü
ynalem íü Hace 7 horas
13:21 haci estaba como la niña 😭
Stanfam Hace 7 horas
Floyd's daughter is the reason we have condoms
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang Hace 7 horas
Damm i feel like Davis is the better boxer, but I really want Cruz to win. He is so nice and humble. I want him to be happy
Pawking92 Hace 8 horas
32:50 😊🎼
d Hace 8 horas
calvin is so stubborn. i got leo
TresNueves Hace 8 horas
no one cares about this fight .. not even a match ... cherry
Hussein Hassan
Hussein Hassan Hace 8 horas
Proof that Floyd is the best of our generation ✊🏿
NeLo Hace 8 horas
Mil bolas a Santa Cruz pura Raza
Team69 Racing
Team69 Racing Hace 8 horas
Davis looks like a featherweight in comparisons!!