The Sims: Play With Life
Dian Manalo
Dian Manalo Hace 8 horas
there will be beds in this new pack
Amber Bent
Amber Bent Hace 8 horas
Maybe we should stop complaining and just be happy that we have the Sims 4
Rob E Coyote
Rob E Coyote Hace 9 horas
Doesn't Sims have a particularly unfortunate reputation with creepy doll items?
Noeliz Ramos
Noeliz Ramos Hace 10 horas
That great....c-can we get bunk beds now??? A baby update?
Saber is love, Saber is life
Saber is love, Saber is life Hace 10 horas
So many missed potential for this kind of theme. Instead it's relegated to a stuff pack. EA is separating every little thing and career to make as much money as possible.
Satine S
Satine S Hace 10 horas
Sims 3 was so alive. I really wish they combined 2 grate games Sims3 and Sims 2 into one :(
STARPHASE Hace 12 horas
I'm down. I have a character, who I've made in the sims, who is a medium, who has an oddities and antique shop.. With this pack I can actually make that a thing. This excites me.
Allana Dantas
Allana Dantas Hace 12 horas
Horrible... I can’t believe they really waste time producing something like that...
Lisas Gnu
Lisas Gnu Hace 13 horas
0:39 i can literally hear "goodbye mike" in my head
Jeppe Aarskov
Jeppe Aarskov Hace 13 horas
0:32 *CoRONaViRuS* lul
AC Superstar
AC Superstar Hace 13 horas
Everyone else: came here cause of Caleb Me: came here because god I love this song and don't know what it's called
Lllamaface Hace 13 horas
I love how passionately the team is working on ParaLives... Oops, sorry I'm at the wrong video...
ThievzGaming Hace 13 horas
I'd love a game pack for werewolves or all the other paranormal cas from sims 3
GAEN ROSO Hace 14 horas
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ー全てー Hace 14 horas
Boring not gonna lie
Impulse 2152
Impulse 2152 Hace 14 horas
Such a missed opportunity that you didn't add Ghostbusters clothes and equipment.
Dundee Hace 10 horas
I'm fairly sure they can't just add trademarked properties like that.
Rich ñam ñam
Rich ñam ñam Hace 15 horas
Am I the only one that thinks the main problem with sims 4 its about taking the game seriously? I'm not talking about the "Cartoonish" look of the game (the graphics are good) but the gameplay overall feels childish and Inmature , like WTF with those bubbly ghosts ? , WTF with that upbeat song in this trailer? And i hate when the sims overreact (its supposed to be funny or something?) .... Im expecting a creepy and mysterious kind of vibe from something like this and its like we're seeing the same trailer for all the packs but with different items. The last expansion wasn't that bad, but once again i feel disappointed.... Hopefully one day they'll be committed to create a solid concept and push it into the limit. Attention to details, that's true immersion. Its the least we must expect from a company that has been getting a lot of money from all of us.
Daniela Schneider
Daniela Schneider Hace 15 horas
EA - Electronic Arts , könnt ihr den Tanzkäfig aus Sims1 Party ohne Ende , als kostenloses Update bitte in das Spiel Sims4 bringen , ich vermiss den voll , bitte :(
Deanna S
Deanna S Hace 15 horas
I really want these characters to come back. If only the creators can bring them to Sims 4. Whatever is in sims 3, I'd love for them to bring all of it to sims 4 and other future sims titles. No limits