Justin Bieber - Change Me
Justin Bieber - All Bad
Hamburgeristan Hace 23 horas
10 years later
Freestyle Moves by TRIPTI
Freestyle Moves by TRIPTI Hace 23 horas
Blind Wishbone
Blind Wishbone Hace 23 horas
That keyboard reminds me of Bush - Letting the cables sleep. This was a moving performance. Get it JB
andrios Insan
andrios Insan Hace 23 horas
Rajeswari Mohapatra
Rajeswari Mohapatra Hace 23 horas
I really miss the old Justin !!
Tanish Raz
Tanish Raz Hace 23 horas
𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨
Tonta él no te quiere
Tonta él no te quiere Hace 23 horas
シStealth356 Hace 23 horas
Promi Mallik
Promi Mallik Hace 23 horas
Most favourite song ever❤️
Akanksha Pandey
Akanksha Pandey Hace 23 horas
Just sensing his journey from here to there ❤️
Y05 RC
Y05 RC Hace 23 horas
I'm not even a Justin Bieber fan. But this song, And this video is everything 💛
Tonta él no te quiere
Tonta él no te quiere Hace 23 horas
khushi Hace 23 horas
I fell like justin is describing his life from the start of his career to now.
Cookies back;
Cookies back; Hace 23 horas
Onde eu vim parar Jesus
Tanishka Jayant
Tanishka Jayant Hace 23 horas
We miss this Justin Bieber but the matured one hits differently But this one's hot differently
Lisa Pulo
Lisa Pulo Hace 23 horas
Aku suka sma lagu nya
Han Tran
Han Tran Hace 23 horas
this post has been released for 10 years
I LIKE YOUR CUT G Hace 23 horas
Nah the song is okay I just hate justin bieber
😍 love this song
Warner music and vevo music playlist videos
Warner music and vevo music playlist videos Hace 23 horas
Warner music and vevo music playlist Videos.
Mellow Shrooms
Mellow Shrooms Hace 23 horas
I posted 4 ither comments and this is my murder confession comment i killed someone during a play in florida i swear if this one blows up
Sonitt Saikiaa
Sonitt Saikiaa Hace 23 horas
Comment sections are usually not this positive!! 🍓🍓🍓 LOADS LOVE TO JUSTIN
Narayan Singh rawat
Narayan Singh rawat Hace 23 horas
I found the song which is wrost than i dont care
Brian Gómez
Brian Gómez Hace 23 horas
pues no te sientas así y ya
James Maxey
James Maxey Hace 23 horas
I’m crying right now
andrios Insan
andrios Insan Hace 23 horas
Song ,s cool
Mr Popcorn
Mr Popcorn Hace 23 horas
its getting to my favorite time of the year, lol. i forgot halloween ever existed lmfao.
Brittnay Roblox
Brittnay Roblox Hace 23 horas
I’m here from dracotok .-.
Salo Channel
Salo Channel Hace 23 horas
Whata nice song!! This is one of his Best songs ever! Full of reality... What do You think about my cover? espost.info/download/v-deo/nJCAnYOeeZfap2k
Baril uchiha pech Brandon
Baril uchiha pech Brandon Hace 23 horas
2023 ca VA être précis je suis la personne qui confirme que jamais j'oubliais ce moment xxx 😘😊🙁😓
Prabudha Udanshive
Prabudha Udanshive Hace 23 horas
Hadassah Hace 23 horas
I feel like ive seen Justin grow up. ive grown up with him. I pray, in the future, we can both continue to grow in God as we grow into our later years. God bless you, Justine and your lovely wife 3> also, the hair looks so normal :0 I love it
Zoey Plays
Zoey Plays Hace 23 horas
i rember this song and his hair and everthing it hurts watching this :'(
Ali Kabeer
Ali Kabeer Hace 23 horas
I never pictured Jacob Tremblay playing Bieber, but he did a good job
Elliot FN
Elliot FN Hace 23 horas
Ok wtf why is this song lowkey good now😂😂
Kidrauhl Forever
Kidrauhl Forever Hace 23 horas
512 thousand comments...if you found mine you’re a legend❤️
shruti singh
shruti singh Hace 23 horas
brilliant song!!!!
ozan Putra
ozan Putra Hace un día
Lagunya buat air mata netes😓
Mick Vella
Mick Vella Hace un día
FUCK ME he is the hottest man ALIVE holy shit that last bit.... I actually died I am writing this from the grave. I LOVE YOU JUSTIIIIIINNNNN 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tana senkam Tana senkam
Tana senkam Tana senkam Hace un día
PHIRE Hace un día
this might be the only justin Bieber song I actually like and feel
Inez Mandagi
Inez Mandagi Hace un día
11M dislikes, oh god I'm scared
Yawke Hace un día
First time watching this video 🤣
Chuy y jamal Y otros
Chuy y jamal Y otros Hace un día
Aquí eta su comentario en español 😐🤣🤣
Bunni Hace un día
This is heartbreaking 🥺❤️
Sofia Victoria
Sofia Victoria Hace un día
Nostalgia's the worst and yet the best feeling at the same time.
hey fella
hey fella Hace un día
why do i listen to this song lmao
Farhan Badilla syam
Farhan Badilla syam Hace un día
justin bieber the perfect artis
Tanner Holland
Tanner Holland Hace un día
Mariano Calzada
Mariano Calzada Hace un día
Valla canción de
Aiden Plays games
Aiden Plays games Hace un día
The likes are rising! Let’s go
Prathamesh Devane
Prathamesh Devane Hace un día
I just don't understand why so many dislikes for this wonderful song!
Tanner Holland
Tanner Holland Hace un día
Messfanfare Hace un día
I never got into Justin Bieber. I never disliked him just wasn’t into his music but this makes me hurt for him.
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma Hace un día
5 years song sorry
TanvirEditz Hace un día
When They Got Messy Go Lefty Like Lionel Messi!!
Kellyn Muñoz
Kellyn Muñoz Hace un día
Desde que tengo 12 años amo a justin, ahora tengo 22 y ya no estoy tan pendiente de sus cosas coml antes pero me da paz esta canción y saber que va por buen camino. Soy Bieber 💝
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma Hace un día
Nice song
ryan van tonder
ryan van tonder Hace un día
thank you Justin you making us realise that being rich and famous isn't isn't everything in this world
Me Erika
Me Erika Hace un día
This made my day, Justin Thankyou jg
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma Hace un día
I am aryan ILU BRO
Laura Bernal
Laura Bernal Hace un día
my heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry you went through this.
Petra van den Bergh
Petra van den Bergh Hace un día
Dear Justin, please don't commit not living like Avincii and all the other greats. Don't continue singing if it is causing your downfall. May you experience a Godly peace and fulfilling in your life. The length of the night is irrelevant since the morning is coming. Sometimes the night is necessary to rest.
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar Hace un día
😭😭😭😭 I am so lonely
Diksha Dwivediii
Diksha Dwivediii Hace un día
Something special ....For someone special ❤️
entnixe Hace un día
In your face sape kata bieber dulu
Jacobi Daniels
Jacobi Daniels Hace un día
8 years and I still can’t find this water park
Kenzii Brooks
Kenzii Brooks Hace un día
Why Justin remind me of Archie 😭.
Monserrat Leiva acuña
Monserrat Leiva acuña Hace un día
Que llore dice 😪
Kelly Bounma
Kelly Bounma Hace un día
idc this song and all of justin bieber's music will always be a bop
Ivan Fernandez
Ivan Fernandez Hace un día
Emily Lopez
Emily Lopez Hace un día
Te amo bebito, te veré de nuevo algún día.
heena kaushik
heena kaushik Hace un día
His vooce 😭❤️❤️🔥🔥
Ash Ali
Ash Ali Hace un día
When I saw this I remembered “the Bieber fever “ When everyone was obsessed with him Never knew he felt that way That really broke my heart
Fajriyan Muhammad
Fajriyan Muhammad Hace un día
This song remembers my grandfather, where he was a laborer who was always kind to anyone, even when he was still alive, he always opened his door house for poor people to eat at his house. I was very sad when I saw this video clip. My grandfather passed away in 2010. And I am very sad for his departure .. He worked as a kitchen staff on a private ship owned by the Japanese state. When he died, many people came to his funeral. And most of the poor people who are often helped by him. I was very sad when I saw this video. And sorry if my English is not good, because I was helped by the google translation.
Sanchita Gautam
Sanchita Gautam Hace un día
Any one from India 🇮🇳
Vitória Simmer
Vitória Simmer Hace un día
Karatê kid
yanina romero
yanina romero Hace un día
Anani Nino
Anani Nino Hace un día
Aminath Shafeega
Aminath Shafeega Hace un día
Who is watching in 2020