Cool boy swag
Cool boy swag Hace 11 horas
How do I find the inf revein
KOGMouse Hace 11 horas
so so interesting
I am Frœg lol
I am Frœg lol Hace 11 horas
It’s Dill Vurtz
PearGod Hace 11 horas
That Undertale music is so nostalgic
Fidel Arcilla
Fidel Arcilla Hace 11 horas
How the f*ck u get 500k subs with just 18 vid
nima nadimi
nima nadimi Hace 11 horas
The Brotherhood Of Steel
The Brotherhood Of Steel Hace 11 horas
Pog battle block music
asher Laboucane
asher Laboucane Hace 11 horas
What about cats?
a l e x i o u s
a l e x i o u s Hace 11 horas
Today i opened a world and i found a floating giant taiga tree😭
Noah Saga
Noah Saga Hace 11 horas
100000000000000000000000 iq
Rojorum24 Hace 11 horas
God this is the video that makes me feel old.
weird_mango42 Hace 12 horas
One time, me and my friend were in the button of a mine and we saw some obsidian, we got so excited we thought it was the void so i jumped in and got disappointed
Miko SCR
Miko SCR Hace 12 horas
This dudes voice doesnt fit the presentation of the video
GuyInARoom Hace 12 horas
Amazing video you condensed so much information into 1 video. I've seen many of the things in this video before but separately and there even was alot of new stuff
Tripacesfellas Hace 12 horas
Wait a minute I thought that 12 eye seeds are bugged and don't actually spawn the portal? Isn't that why 12 eye seeds aren't used for seeded speedruns?
AceLukas0912 Hace 12 horas
10:28 free diamonds lmao
Ray Cunanan
Ray Cunanan Hace 12 horas
*f u n n i h e r o b r i n e*
James Whale
James Whale Hace 12 horas
“Cactuses just got added” he says. I’m pretty sure how you say it is ‘cacti’... not hating tho
SOLOPURGE Hace 12 horas
They removdd the superpig seed
Kale Hace 12 horas
wheres the autotune
Post Rock Mixes
Post Rock Mixes Hace 12 horas
Its procedural. If it were random you wouldn't get anything that looked like hills or rivers etc. And these are just bugged worlds. That's all.
C0BZ Hace 12 horas
ANd PrEsS AlT f4 To Get 10000 DiAmOnDs
Nathaniel Brennan
Nathaniel Brennan Hace 12 horas
*bill wurtz reference*
ПОШЕЛ НАХУИ Hace 12 horas
Holy shit
Rafael Ambrosini
Rafael Ambrosini Hace 12 horas
< width="1600" height="900" src="" title="ESpost video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></>
John Matthew Muyano
John Matthew Muyano Hace 12 horas
Me that just got struck by lightning and found 6 pink sheep's and found 3 god apples and spawned in a jungle edge and a exposed stronghold that's my luck and many more
Yiustaf Hace 12 horas
Fun fact: Carved pumpkins ACTUALLY can spawn natturally in taiga villages, being rare, but not that much. Now, if the village is close to an ice biome, an that ice biome is close to an ice spikes biome, then there is a EXTREMLY rare chance that an enderboi picks up the pumpkin, teleports to the ice spikes, and then puts it right next to 2 snow blocks
The Imposter
The Imposter Hace 13 horas
I got a fully filled end portal in my first world in wii
mrmelon Hace 13 horas
He made this video sooo entertaining. That’s a sub from me
how Hace 13 horas
I once found a pink sheep in a superflat/flat world
Simon :D
Simon :D Hace 13 horas
I found a stronghold on a superflat world, no presets, just flat terrain, villages... And the stronghold
Judah Brewster
Judah Brewster Hace 13 horas
I was hoping to see “Think’s Lab” 😂
Austin Lin
Austin Lin Hace 13 horas
Dang the last one fells like bullying
Deavin Crawford
Deavin Crawford Hace 13 horas
That big wall came to me but in a cave and a ravine
SFN Frost
SFN Frost Hace 13 horas
The seeds dont work :///
kansasguy47 Hace 13 horas
You could make a religion outta this
Brendan Productions
Brendan Productions Hace 13 horas
Yes obsidian not bedrock ;)
camp0ra07 Hace 13 horas
Peter Celani
Peter Celani Hace 13 horas
Maximus Love
Maximus Love Hace 14 horas
Xotiify - Fortnite
Xotiify - Fortnite Hace 14 horas
So wheres Notch now? Plz make a vid on it
Seb the dweebo 123
Seb the dweebo 123 Hace 14 horas
Do do do do
Jart988 Hace 14 horas
I've never had a gf
AddOnGov Goven
AddOnGov Goven Hace 14 horas
Lol he didn’t make it boring
Brady Fournier
Brady Fournier Hace 14 horas
Why do they always say what they got in the chest it randomized so no no E-Gaps for all of us
JayxYt Hace 14 horas
Plow twist: Farlands in mcpe is never remove
Apexpred54 Hehe
Apexpred54 Hehe Hace 14 horas
me still waches dan- evryone what a child
Malakas _
Malakas _ Hace 14 horas
Who remembers that the badlands use to be called mesa biome ✋
Diskonnekz Hace 14 horas
minecraft died down on 2016 but technoblade was still making minecraft videos (and some fortnite crap)
Arjen B
Arjen B Hace 14 horas
let me guess, you were watching FitMC?
Rabidshark 08
Rabidshark 08 Hace 14 horas
Cxlxvn sad pvp noises
Dark craft
Dark craft Hace 14 horas
Vim pelo L3VI
Ben Snake
Ben Snake Hace 14 horas
Bro since when is Sipover getting 10mil views???? algorithm treating him right goddamn
Benja Pasten
Benja Pasten Hace 14 horas
Maaan! That last seed as a Madness Combat tribute is great! ... What do you mean it isn't a tribute...?
nulx Hace 15 horas
I didn’t make it herobrine abducted me
deeton553 Hace 15 horas
I got a pink one once
Isaac Swift
Isaac Swift Hace 15 horas
Amazing vid wow, praying you have more like this
how Hace 15 horas
Stone and dirt Mario sad plank noises
Naveed Craft
Naveed Craft Hace 15 horas
Wait what did Minecraft pocket edition God created
Colin Mentel
Colin Mentel Hace 15 horas
I was kinda hopping to see X’s adventure world
Addie Jennings
Addie Jennings Hace 16 horas
Addie Jennings
Addie Jennings Hace 16 horas
pause at this time
Blaziken Knight
Blaziken Knight Hace 16 horas
Dude. Seeing stampys lovely world again made me want to cry
Wind Elemental
Wind Elemental Hace 16 horas
Heh, I remember the nether reactor core... You'd surround the block with iron blocks and then click on the core, summoning a huge lego box of the nether, with zombie pigmen and blazes spawning in circles, and you would have to gather the loot spawning. Edit: Damn I feel old.
German Gutierrez
German Gutierrez Hace 16 horas
Yeah sipover oofed big time
KrioneS Hace 16 horas
| Minecraft's Rarest Occurrence | Herobrine SPAWING with you freaking mod 😂✌
Masenko Haa
Masenko Haa Hace 16 horas
The last seed would be perfect for a dooms day/apocalyptic world!
phillipine songs
phillipine songs Hace 16 horas
fin Hace 16 horas
i saw a pink sheep...
Orange Tabby7
Orange Tabby7 Hace 16 horas
the video: burning down trees the music: terarararararararararararararararia
Per Julian Lundberg Tande
Per Julian Lundberg Tande Hace 16 horas
Cacti not cactuses
imanoobz9 Hace 16 horas
2:37 Friend: hey where do you live Whoever live here: Statue of Liberty 🗽
xxclockerxx thegameeboi123
xxclockerxx thegameeboi123 Hace 16 horas
I created a map and put the seed codes but it dosent take me to those places what a waste of my time
Obamaspuebes Hace 16 horas
" the last rare occurrence is the chance of you getting a girlfriend" Gay people: bruh.
Tem360 Hace 17 horas
yes, let me casually walk thirty million blocks.
LuisIgDg Hace 17 horas
Hablo español y aún asi me entretuvo bastante😅
Mr drose
Mr drose Hace 17 horas
i had a couple snow golems spawn in a seed before also got struck by lightning a lot of years ago and i had a full end portal never knew it was rare
BeetWixKid Hace 17 horas
Scarlett Taylor
Scarlett Taylor Hace 17 horas
i was born in 2012!!!!!!!!
Done Live
Done Live Hace 17 horas
7:00 i found a mountain that is Y 280 lol