Alberto Negron
Alberto Negron Hace 4 horas
Yet another talent buried...carillo such awesome talent now running around chasing after that title 😔🙏 ... another one. See you in aew or impact my guy
harsh vardhan singh
harsh vardhan singh Hace 4 horas
Cruel to kind :drew journey (result =WWE heavyweight champion)
XJ7 Moataz
XJ7 Moataz Hace 4 horas
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar Hace 4 horas
I liked Randy & Roman partnership
Sandrine Bernard
Sandrine Bernard Hace 4 horas
When Goldberg is there that’s how you know something is about to go down.also, the title for the video
suraj Choudhary SC Jatt
suraj Choudhary SC Jatt Hace 4 horas
Ronda Rousey is the best ❤️👍
Ramesh Ekka
Ramesh Ekka Hace 4 horas
Ripu Sharma
Ripu Sharma Hace 4 horas
I'm women killer : Randy Orton
Gepros Gaming
Gepros Gaming Hace 4 horas
Feeling bad for ellsworth
jeff kange
jeff kange Hace 4 horas
Shinsuke has so many knee attacks I love it
Yusuf Afandi
Yusuf Afandi Hace 4 horas
Gak Adil Anjeng, Apaan Masak Rey Misterio di pukul pakai kursi sama orang di luar ring
Lil Sole
Lil Sole Hace 4 horas
cause my brother want this smoke
LiAm sQuAd TiMe
LiAm sQuAd TiMe Hace 4 horas
Blue Valid
Blue Valid Hace 4 horas
One of the best pops ever goosebumps
Ian Paredes
Ian Paredes Hace 4 horas
Fearless Deven
Fearless Deven Hace 4 horas
I really love Drew mclntyre msg we love you Drew
CraggyHD Hace 4 horas
Paul laughing at the end though. That's how you know it wasn't scripted.
BenTheHopeless Hace 4 horas
For all the criticisms Lesnar deserves, he helped make McIntyre look like an absolute monster and a worthy champion before he left
legend never die
legend never die Hace 4 horas
tabletennisrubysuet Hace 4 horas
Is it just me or does anyone else thinks the female wrestlers are more creative than the male wrestlers at staying on the ring
Owen Scarberry
Owen Scarberry Hace 4 horas
12:03 john cena hit a five knuckle shuffle
xala gaming
xala gaming Hace 4 horas
Marius Kæregaard
Marius Kæregaard Hace 4 horas
Know I’m late but Seth Rollins flinching while not getting hit looks so dumb 44.50
GabbyDoesItAll Hace 4 horas
Ok yeah im starting to not want to watch awe anymore
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Hace 4 horas
Give Dustin credit he took it and made it work. That’s how you make a long career doing what’s best for business
Saptarsa Nandan
Saptarsa Nandan Hace 4 horas
The power of desi ghi💪
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali Hace 4 horas
Professional Wrestlers Professional Actors 😂
Selwyn quinton kieviets
Selwyn quinton kieviets Hace 4 horas
The Bella's are so simple
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen Hace 4 horas
24:05 cashnasty with the infamous sign. I still find it funny bc it had nothing to do with wwe
Junior Mitchell
Junior Mitchell Hace 4 horas
4 out of 6 of those guys are still in wwe.
Flumberg Hace 4 horas
<3 the king
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper Hace 4 horas
the time that the beast got conquered by drew mcintyre
Bella Babier
Bella Babier Hace 4 horas
Charlotte 💐💐💐
Janeer Rodgers
Janeer Rodgers Hace 4 horas
They need to bring back WHC 😩
balaram bhai channel
balaram bhai channel Hace 4 horas
Love you all😍💗💗
Abraham Mamoon
Abraham Mamoon Hace 4 horas
can you guys at least do muslim wwe superstars
Logan Metcalf
Logan Metcalf Hace 4 horas
Such a classic segment. The clanging sound of the bedpan always gets me lol.
Bernardo castro
Bernardo castro Hace 4 horas
2:44 It was taking a long time to receive it 🔥🤣
Yavuz Selim Tufanoğlu
Yavuz Selim Tufanoğlu Hace 4 horas
Mason Foster
Mason Foster Hace 4 horas
When the goat returned
Geoffrey Willemsen
Geoffrey Willemsen Hace 4 horas
I think top 3 is still awesome of edge retuning and this year’s it’s happening again 😆
Neo-Xgray87 Hace 4 horas
@0:00-0:42 Wow!! It's almost as if Charlotte Flair is aware that this new storyline with her father and Lacey Evans is just borderline lazily-written.
Comet67 Hace 4 horas
The storytelling was great.
Maryam Haroon
Maryam Haroon Hace 4 horas
roman regns good
xd lonely hobbit
xd lonely hobbit Hace 4 horas
Pretty sure no one wanted charlotte to win the rumble tbf
Epic Smiley
Epic Smiley Hace 4 horas
Crazy seeing how different between Bliss, Shirai, Ripley and LeRae used to be
Talha & Behroz Waseem:-
Talha & Behroz Waseem:- Hace 4 horas
No one can do pedigree like triple H
Mickey Mickey
Mickey Mickey Hace 4 horas
Nikki Bella
Yanto Prematur
Yanto Prematur Hace 4 horas
Lawa. Ma. Dura
Gabriele DE LUCA
Gabriele DE LUCA Hace 4 horas
Dovrebbe essere brown strogman a battere the fiend non il contrario, c’è the fonde batte brown, goldberg batte the fiend e brown batte goldberg Brown> the fiend the fiend>goldberg goldberg <the fiend e brown (questo è il mio pensiero)
MINEAlessio Hace 4 horas
The best thing is the crowd.
Kulbeer Singh
Kulbeer Singh Hace 4 horas
Sheamus needs a Rumble win and be the baddas again which he was back in the day.
James McGregor
James McGregor Hace 4 horas
Well done Roman reigns
Cuhrim 956
Cuhrim 956 Hace 4 horas
Idk abt y’all but I’ve never seen a wwe fighter bleed or get a Bruce
Home News Channel
Home News Channel Hace 4 horas
Maturity is when you realise that no one is a still a couple from the list 😂😂
Look At Joseph Man
Look At Joseph Man Hace 4 horas
Final 3: Hornswoggle, The Great Khali, and Gillberg. Winner will be Gillberg
lagrangewei Hace 4 horas
feels weird they are already scheduling event for 2023...
ndiyas Hace 4 horas
Awesome ❤️❤️❤️ so proud of him. Blessings. 🙌👍
WWEFromMyPerspective Hace 4 horas
I just love WWE.
vinoth babu
vinoth babu Hace 4 horas
Michael Cole :hahaah hahah ah ha
AJH Productions
AJH Productions Hace 4 horas
Dawkins listening to this like “Brah really?”
iron widow
iron widow Hace 4 horas
He 100000000000000000000000000000006463829000000009007747482017595y373936984% deserved it
Cuhrim 956
Cuhrim 956 Hace 4 horas
Can someone tell me if this is real?
Essam Silmi
Essam Silmi Hace 4 horas
Agus Satiaputra
Agus Satiaputra Hace 4 horas
Rousy stupid
FF elite bras dks
FF elite bras dks Hace 4 horas
Alguém do brasil
2 Young Gamers
2 Young Gamers Hace 4 horas
Glad to see Scott is healthy again Really scared for him for a while
Arvind Yadav
Arvind Yadav Hace 4 horas
Who's ready this spot in Royal Rumble 2021 the beast broke lassner returns
no name
no name Hace 4 horas
*oMGgg* This was worth than _DIAMOND_
deathrider7 Hace 4 horas
This is one of the nest matches I have ever seen and I have been watching WWE for years and years.
Rajesh Kathane
Rajesh Kathane Hace 4 horas
Brock lensar loser