NewsNOW Stream - 01/24/21
NewsNOW Stream - 01/23/21
MyVirtualLife Hace 2 minutos
What a glorious day for America, and for the world. This is truly a fantastic step forward.
Mark Langley
Mark Langley Hace 5 minutos
Him again?????
Kegel Destroyer
Kegel Destroyer Hace 5 minutos
Does she not know how a pinic table works?
Marvin LeCheminant
Marvin LeCheminant Hace 5 minutos
This is all a bunch of BS
Mark Langley
Mark Langley Hace 6 minutos
Denis Faoro
Denis Faoro Hace 7 minutos
he is so fuckt up crazy😂🤣
LK Reactions
LK Reactions Hace 12 minutos
Kamala harris was literally tearing up... trump is just a huge cow!!
Cat Julien
Cat Julien Hace 12 minutos
Why does he keep taking his mask off I thought it was against the law the threat is climate change what about the pandemic destroying jobs raising gas prices
Randy Thennis
Randy Thennis Hace 15 minutos
Your taking paychecks away from people don't need to hear this I've went back in time ......
Rodolfo Roos
Rodolfo Roos Hace 16 minutos
Gregorita Vaughn
Gregorita Vaughn Hace 17 minutos
Sounds like a bunch a liers
Brooklyn Hace 17 minutos
big ask, all his done is sign EO's with no care for We The PEOPLE , this guy is a full fetched idiot. SHAMEFUL!!!! I can't listen to this guy without thinking what an IDIOT. GOD HELP US.
Kirsten S
Kirsten S Hace 17 minutos
This is getting unbearable. There is MORE science contradicting everything they are saying.
L M Hace 18 minutos
Revisiting 2021
D Hace 20 minutos
When this pops. They gonna get bailed or bankrupt.
Hey Man
Hey Man Hace 21 un minuto
I hope they do the executions publicly
Geoff Simpkins
Geoff Simpkins Hace 23 minutos
Just a question, does his extensive plastic surgery make him look more like Lurch or not? I’m thinking yes. Other than that, do you think he really believes what he’s spouting about?
Hey Man
Hey Man Hace 23 minutos
Dont worry folks if Joe cant kill the economy nobody can
Nena Pereira
Nena Pereira Hace 24 minutos
This is OBSTRUCTION by Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, Raskin, Pelosi, and their puppets
Black Bear
Black Bear Hace 25 minutos
nancy Nieves
nancy Nieves Hace 25 minutos
He is stupid 🙄
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Hace 27 minutos
What about the dust bowls of the 1930s...
Neto Serrano
Neto Serrano Hace 27 minutos
The Democratic party don't care about nothing all they work for is getting access to tax payer money for themselves pelosi is eating anger and she should be fired asap
M LKER Hace 29 minutos
Omg this woman is a hero! Idk about you America but people in DC have absolutely no idea how pissed off people are. You think it's just a few that are upset? Shes 100% correct, Shumer doesn't even realize he's following Adolf Hitlers style of government. He believes he is right and nobody else can stop him. This shows a massive storm is brewing
Danny P.
Danny P. Hace 30 minutos
Corrupting and lying are back to the WH.
Trump Train 1776
Trump Train 1776 Hace 30 minutos
Corrupt for many many many many many years
Susan Dirksen
Susan Dirksen Hace 31 un minuto
What a handsome wig. Where did you purchase that, mr secretary, senator ?
reekashade Hace 32 minutos
This is a crime to MANKIND.The powers that be are thinning out the HERD.
Danny P.
Danny P. Hace 32 minutos
Stopped wasting our taxpayers money.
Charlene Bloomer
Charlene Bloomer Hace 32 minutos
Illegal and fraud president
The Conservative Beast
The Conservative Beast Hace 33 minutos
AKA destroying the country is top priority. These people are stupid af. None of this, and I mean none, is about the environment. Fools.
reekashade Hace 34 minutos
Diana Echeverri
Diana Echeverri Hace 36 minutos
Puro cuento cumunista puro y duro.
Truth Seeker1
Truth Seeker1 Hace 36 minutos
Planet has been changing climates for billions of years....stupid liberals.
The Wave Files
The Wave Files Hace 37 minutos
All the old F are coming back, it's a disaster for years to come
Watchprayact Hace 40 minutos
Ya, their focused on destroying the USA. Flood us with needy imagrents to take jobs at a lower price, to make the rich get richer.
Chris L
Chris L Hace 40 minutos
He doesn't even have clear plan of anything.
luchomscyfy Hace 41 un minuto
It's funny the thing people are using to "show the elites" is GameStop. GameStop! From all the things.....
Jay Byrd
Jay Byrd Hace 42 minutos
There is no climate crisis. It's the SUN that causes climate changes, it always has and always will.
tlr9112 Hace 42 minutos
Why does he need a different pen for each order?
Rita Spear
Rita Spear Hace 46 minutos
What a joke!!!
Tuyet Pham
Tuyet Pham Hace 46 minutos
Vicky Vaughan
Vicky Vaughan Hace 48 minutos
They all talk out of their a - - !
farhad sokhtanlu
farhad sokhtanlu Hace 48 minutos
ilove you mr.peresidenet😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔💔😢💔😢💔😢😢💔😢💔😢💔
Tricia Dupre
Tricia Dupre Hace 48 minutos
Jerry Wickens
Jerry Wickens Hace 49 minutos
LMFAO 😂😆😆😂
S Wheels
S Wheels Hace 49 minutos
Ugggg! Science this, science that, and no proof of any of it. I fact, the actual science says different!
Ashmini Rajkumar
Ashmini Rajkumar Hace 49 minutos
We great president Trump ♥️🙏🇺🇸
Pam Ronning
Pam Ronning Hace 50 minutos
Is Dr Jill making house calls?
Kathryn Bowers
Kathryn Bowers Hace 50 minutos
Tax us to death so you can gather monies for your CLIMATE change crime spree and off shore money for fake contracts thinking YOU just earned a living off AMERICA!!! BS
colby babcock
colby babcock Hace 50 minutos
so its fine to bail out these billionaires but as soon as main street hurts wall street we have to stop this?
George Levy
George Levy Hace 50 minutos
Why does your son work for Beresma ?
Simon Phoenix
Simon Phoenix Hace 51 un minuto
even if you can afford one share its time to stick it to the big guys!
Greg Bowden
Greg Bowden Hace 51 un minuto
Killing jobs day here at the white house.
Timber Vista
Timber Vista Hace 51 un minuto
Your step son should be in jail. Maybe Kerry is too.
Nena Pereira
Nena Pereira Hace 52 minutos
Those lethal weapons provided to Ukraine by USA were used to kill the civilians in the east that rebelled against the USA installed, illegitimate, Ukrainian government. What goes around, in the end comes around. Now half of Americans "need to be re-educated"?! This is what happens when the People don't pay attention to what our government does abroad and domestically!
Kathryn Bowers
Kathryn Bowers Hace 52 minutos
Can't wait for this man to face charges for all his crime!!!
Dr Johnson Hungwell
Dr Johnson Hungwell Hace 52 minutos
Jake Angeli will get all of the " organic meat " he can handle in prison.
YouTube Lover
YouTube Lover Hace 52 minutos
Little guys, it's time to take over and take out the elites. Let's get them to start jumping
TheScarbro970 Hace 8 minutos
Yep, AMC is next
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown Hace 53 minutos
Vicky Vaughan
Vicky Vaughan Hace 53 minutos
Where is his mask?
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera Hace 53 minutos
He's squinting hard to see the teleprompter.
Pam Ronning
Pam Ronning Hace 53 minutos
We’re ADD we talk about everything
Tree Climber
Tree Climber Hace 53 minutos
They want us dead. Problems Solved.
mevisface cornholio
mevisface cornholio Hace 54 minutos
* 0:30 , 0:54 cough to hand, again. He is consistent. Trust science.
G S Hace 55 minutos
That old man can't even walk properly...someone give him a stick to walk...!!
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown Hace 56 minutos
Impeach Joe Biden 👍
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown Hace 32 segundos
@UC9oNKaBXodkWcCcJaGzxwTA Then impeach her as well 👍
Faith M
Faith M Hace 2 minutos
Then you would have Harris as president. Is that what you want?
Tree Climber
Tree Climber Hace 56 minutos
BILLIONAIRES that got rich on other’s money ... Telling us to Sacrifice for Them.
Patty Morton
Patty Morton Hace 56 minutos
Fix USA first! Virus has killed business. Climate change is your way of making more money, less jobs. Your bringing in Robots to take our jobs. Democrats ruin our country!
Arlie Moore
Arlie Moore Hace 56 minutos
Kerry, yet another Elite refusing to wear a mask on federal property which was the executive order.
Tree Climber
Tree Climber Hace 58 minutos
WE ARE LOOKING @ OUR Enemies ** Good Grief - they’ll employ us to Recycle Farts 💨... theirs 💩🙈🙀
Trump Train 1776
Trump Train 1776 Hace 58 minutos
I’m starting to think these evil people probably started the wild fires in California
Trump Train 1776
Trump Train 1776 Hace 16 minutos
@Kirsten S didn’t trump say something about that and they all just laughed at him.
Kirsten S
Kirsten S Hace 20 minutos
The real problem causing more fires is due to lack of proper forest maintenance, NOT global warming.
B G Hace 59 minutos
Read below I can get Ivermectin in Canada and Mexico but my doctor here in the US will not Rx it. He said he must wait on those smarter than him. He'll prescribe statin drugs for high cholesterol (190) in a second, or Zoloft to calm me down, both having extreme side effects, but not Ivermectin which has no side effects. I refused to take either, but would take Ivermectin as a prophylactic or therapeutic if I could get it.
Gregory Rose III
Gregory Rose III Hace 59 minutos
Neil Underwood
Neil Underwood Hace 59 minutos
This is the longest, most boring train wreck of authority.
James Miller
James Miller Hace un hora
Dang he looks dead🤣🤣
Eddie 5555
Eddie 5555 Hace un hora
These people are a joke. Like George Carlin said. "The earth takes care of itself" these people think they can change the trajectory of the climate! The climate has been changing for millions of years. There were ice ages and warming throughout the history of the world. They are so egotistical! They think they are God! All this Paris agreement will do is shift our money to politicians and countries that don't care about the climate they just care about the money. Of course we should keep the environment as clean as possible, but should we go back to the stone age? All these people that are so concerned should give up everything modern because in their eyes everything is about emissions. Get rid of heat and air conditioning and cars and internet and cell phones. They would be the first ones to cry. All these elitists should go live in caves so they can stop spewing their nonsense, then we really will have less pollution!!!
Jean Baptiste GIUSTI
Jean Baptiste GIUSTI Hace un hora
John Kerry Skull ans Bones
Sean Williams
Sean Williams Hace un hora
Felicia Holata
Felicia Holata Hace un hora
This is ridiculous!! Climate change is just a political word. This guy does not care about the climate. His wife,the Heinz ketchup heiress, has a private jet, they own a yacht, multiple homes and several cars. Yet they are going to guilt trip the average American about breathing and cow farts. Gtfoh these people do not follow science. If you actually trust this man, you are foolish.