Bradford Bilton
Bradford Bilton Hace 5 horas
Steve Biko Academic Hospital management hire an unregistered security company and agree that the male security personell may sexually harrass female patients and members of the public
Ogona Kopondo
Ogona Kopondo Hace 6 horas
A bullet from gun will silence lion
Honey327 Hace 6 horas
ThaiMy Shoes
ThaiMy Shoes Hace 6 horas
Big strong people, big strong voice, and a big strong heart. Much respect. This was beautiful.
Deborah J
Deborah J Hace 7 horas
I love this - visit this video often so moving and uplifting 😍
I frankenstine
I frankenstine Hace 9 horas
This put a smile on my face.
Elton Brown
Elton Brown Hace 12 horas
Sad and disgusting country his place has become
Marlene Flourentzou
Marlene Flourentzou Hace 12 horas
Serial killer, psychopath, powerful master manipulator, narcissist, liar Reminds me of Charles Manson
Marlene Flourentzou
Marlene Flourentzou Hace 12 horas
She is not just a cold psychopath, she is a serial killer, in my humble opinion And to think she was a teacher!!! The death sentence should have been given to this group of monsters
Kara Johnson
Kara Johnson Hace 16 horas
Not really outsmarted..but sure
phareed adams
phareed adams Hace 20 horas
It is extremely unnerving to know what this monster did to someone he had once declared his love to
Joekehi Igoh
Joekehi Igoh Hace 22 horas
What is graphic when the video is blur. Next time let it be as it is so intending robbers will watch how interesting it looks to die
Million Haile
Million Haile Hace 23 horas
How can i get this product pls adress
Ken IsGov
Ken IsGov Hace un día
When attacked like that must just engage to reverse and plow the criminal..
Dwayne Hakeem
Dwayne Hakeem Hace un día
Thanks to DR EHIZOJIE for curing my HSV 2 with his natural herbs and am forever greatful for what you did for me and will continue to appreciate you.................
Rupson Tokbi
Rupson Tokbi Hace un día
Talking to God in phone r u kidding me 😂😡💀😡😂😡😂💀😡😂?
Tony Brown
Tony Brown Hace un día
I want to say a big thanks to God for giving me a second chance in life through Dr Alaho Olu on ESpost who cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus 🦠..
Chtchoukin James
Chtchoukin James Hace un día
can't believe a whole president is being treated like this
M T Hace un día
Pro tip: keep your windows closed. Turn on the AC instead
Gina Parker
Gina Parker Hace un día
Absolutely beautiful
Gina Parker
Gina Parker Hace un día
This is the best version of this ritual I have ever seen, very emotional, I’ve watched at least a dozen times!! Amazing family
Bradford Bilton
Bradford Bilton Hace un día
Is this supposed to be a promotional video or something, as in the SAPS of today, the bigger the bribe you take the higher the promotion you get. Corruption is almost a standing order in the SAPS.
draf amor
draf amor Hace un día
Yes m so happy 😊 😊
William Shakur
William Shakur Hace un día
Like government like citizen s
Saeed Hace un día
You should have posted this on radio FM if you blurred the video. Useless video.
Saeed Hace un día
You should have posted this on radio FM if you blurred the video. Useless video.
Saeed Hace un día
You should have posted this on radio FM if you blurred the video. Useless video.
R. Minnis
R. Minnis Hace un día
America will soon be like this horrible place I feel so bad for anyone decent living their..... basically democrats have already turned inner cities into this and now are trying for more
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Hace un día
Man I wanna experince a HAKA in person!!!! It brings tears RAGE and a surge of energy through the videos so i can only imagine how it'll be in person.
Anmol Sharma
Anmol Sharma Hace 2 días
wow. stunned. which WHICH country is this from folks?
Jason MB999
Jason MB999 Hace 2 días
Why did he do that?
Riri machérie
Riri machérie Hace 2 días
Even when he falls he's cool😎
Bernadette Elliott
Bernadette Elliott Hace 2 días
Bless her its amazing never ceases to bring a smile
Jaiya Alexandra
Jaiya Alexandra Hace 2 días
Vanilla is boring and outydse..
Mazz Extinction
Mazz Extinction Hace 2 días
just an idea..... why are people not rigging their cars with explosives? watch them drive off and click a botton 'BOOOOOOOOM!'
Tacti gaming
Tacti gaming Hace 2 días
Waste of time security firm
Luzuko Poswa
Luzuko Poswa Hace 2 días
Tumelo Mashigo I'd like walk your journy with you through campaining and raising awareness for the whole of south africa. as the the young leaders lets form our own party i hope you still busy with pursuing you degree in politics just know I wll be waiting to here from you
Juna Jeff
Juna Jeff Hace 2 días
My heart filled with gratitude and well pleased to recommend DR EHIZOJIE on youtube to anyone going through health problems, like HERPES, CANCER, LOW SPERM COUNT, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, STOMACH ULCER, DIABETES, INFERTILITY, LOVE SPELL AND MANY MORE............. HE cure my herpes with his herbs and right now am perfectly okay......
Wicked LOC
Wicked LOC Hace 2 días
dil ki khidki
dil ki khidki Hace 2 días
Mense wat weens korona hul lewens verloor het. Mag sy siel in vrede rus
One time this city was clean and safety.
Mario López
Mario López Hace 2 días
Vuyo Siyavuya
Vuyo Siyavuya Hace 2 días
The change is coming all the old people in Parliament must go Blade Cyril we need young people now
DKP Productions
DKP Productions Hace 2 días
It'd be nice to shoot some holes in the criminals Audi
Luz Algarín
Luz Algarín Hace 2 días
Thank you so much for sharing with me an infamous fragment of the Hitler's Nazi horrendous regimen, via this interview. It must have been a painful odyssey to recollect such memories and to recount them; they only echo the evilness of Hitler and his followers. The crimes and cruelties committed against my sons and daughters, my fathers and mothers, my brothers and sisters hurt me deeply, regardless their ethnicity and nationality. In Isaiah 2: 4, Jehovah God, the Creator and Source of life, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, promises: "He will be judge among the nations and will settle matters in relation to many peoples. They will turn their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. The nations will no longer raise their swords against each other and learn no more to wage war." My immediate neighbors are Jews and I am a Jehovah's Witness. Their hearts are superior than pure gold by far. They are extremely kind. The gentleman takes care of my trash can every Wednesday without my asking him to do so. They are lovely human beings, and they are not in need of the smallest improvement.
phareed adams
phareed adams Hace 2 días
Regardless of ones mighty education or wisdom, corrupt it with 1 falls word, soon one starts to lie and stupidity sets in
Lakisha Childs
Lakisha Childs Hace 2 días
I agree
Zaakir Jardine
Zaakir Jardine Hace 2 días
No whites should talk ✊🏽
Zaakir Jardine
Zaakir Jardine Hace 2 días
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Hace 2 días
This reminds me of gta
David Favreau
David Favreau Hace 2 días
Don't forget your history and be proud about it
Photozetetic Hace 2 días
0:35 onward - This would be a bad time to be a slow moving pedestrian.
Tita Rafalimanana
Tita Rafalimanana Hace 2 días
Thank you 🙏
mohamed shahid munshi
mohamed shahid munshi Hace 3 días
Rifles for a car jacking really
Aubrey Delafield
Aubrey Delafield Hace 3 días
possibly my favorite video on this site <3
Brenden Pillay
Brenden Pillay Hace 3 días
Rest in peace Stompie. Never forgotten. You will always be apart of our history. His mother is such a graceful woman. Much love to her.
Crazy Videoholic
Crazy Videoholic Hace 3 días
Rooster sound was amazing
Anonymous Hace 3 días
Both cars are smashed but "SOMEBODY'S GOT INSURANCE"🖕
Edwin Hendricks
Edwin Hendricks Hace 3 días
And now it is exactly as you spoke
Ryan Reddy
Ryan Reddy Hace 3 días
That's why it's best to get a bukkie with big bull bars to run over them like a walk in the park I hate criminals taking what does not belong to them so great thinking from that driver
David Zullish
David Zullish Hace 3 días
God bless Drokoborlala on ESpost I got cured from herpes virus if you need help contact him is the best...
M Africa
M Africa Hace 3 días
I just moved back to Southern Africa after over 45 yrs in California. After seeing these videos l see why there are so many electric fences in Johannesburg. It shocked me at first when l saw them
TheSoarc Hace 3 días
Stupid people there..
kgo xx playz red
kgo xx playz red Hace 3 días
Melkizenderk Nili
Melkizenderk Nili Hace 3 días
What do you mean smart? There's nothing smart about putting yourself more at risk of being shot. The smartest thing to do is always the safest. That is to just give the car over. Life is more valuable than money or materials.
ADRIAN naidoo
ADRIAN naidoo Hace 3 días
Amer Fiaz Ahmed
Amer Fiaz Ahmed Hace 3 días
The host should have named out animals to which he would make sounds....this makes him look more like a toddler guessing sounds with his dad lol
Dark Hace 3 días
Tactical non mag reload to appear more threatening
Sicario Megrella
Sicario Megrella Hace 3 días
I'm yeh for my fakkin maneeh ninjah
Joe Santos
Joe Santos Hace 3 días
They should have just gave them the car... they ended up wrecking the car anyway. And risk getting shot at the same time for nothing.
Jimmy Phillips
Jimmy Phillips Hace 3 días
Does insurance pay to repair ur car in this case?
Deb J
Deb J Hace 3 días
God is on the move. Love
Key Himself
Key Himself Hace 3 días
Twice per day
Nathan Gambriel
Nathan Gambriel Hace 3 días
After reading the comments im so happy to see im not a sissy and that this is the most primal and beautiful thing ive ever watched a gathering of humans do.
Makabongwe Ngxota
Makabongwe Ngxota Hace 3 días
Why blur out the image. We are sick of these fucks robbing us.
These idiots are comedians they dont insult her they just insulted them selves
SoS Mula
SoS Mula Hace 3 días
This makes me feel kinda emotional ngl....don't really know why but there's so much emotion behind it, truly must be amazing to witness the power firsthand on such a special day.