GreySox Hace 17 horas
Great legs. I'm glad he wore those short shorts.
M R Hace 17 horas
00:41 my grandpa celebrating everything went great in the restroom ☝🏻👇🏻🙏🏻
Xilun Jiang
Xilun Jiang Hace 18 horas
Medvedev is so handsome
SETHUPATHY V Hace 18 horas
Murray is the big 3 crasher and part of big 4..Now thiem is taking that place
vaughnyboy8 Hace 19 horas
Holy wow that Nadal was great haha
David Chen
David Chen Hace 20 horas
7777 likes... What should I do
S H Hace 20 horas
On its debut Covid won Wimbledon 🤣
Andrew Qi
Andrew Qi Hace 20 horas
3:26 Love this point
Terry Last
Terry Last Hace 21 un hora
Despite being the best Wawrinka needed a little bit more to be the best...
Pon Zio
Pon Zio Hace 21 un hora
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Altoke Mi Rey
Altoke Mi Rey Hace 22 horas
0:49 when you were 6 and mom told you to turn the tv off
Rick Beacham
Rick Beacham Hace 22 horas
This is classic Murray!
DEBARUN SAHA Hace 22 horas
Schwartzman is so lovable...i love this guy
Normy2323 Hace un día
0:16 Holy shit. Nobody in the history of the game could do this
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui Hace un día
El GLADIADOR del tenis lo es Rafa...😎
Yelena V.
Yelena V. Hace un día
Where is volume 2??
Maria Alejandra Forero Baquero
Maria Alejandra Forero Baquero Hace un día
My one word for Domi is HANDSOME
Allen Hace un día
15:22 The song "Closing times" plays... talk about timing of the song and the meaning of it to Andy Murray at THAT exact moment thinking that it may have been his last match of the career. I would've cried my eyes out too !
saher ibrahim
saher ibrahim Hace un día
the best player i have been slam dunking after sampras is dustin brown
0innerself0 Hace un día
Miss you Fabrice
JasminGardenia Hace un día
Thiem and Dimitrov are twice in the video, and both with a forehand and a (one-handed) backhand winner. Nice 😊
Vladimir Stefanov
Vladimir Stefanov Hace un día
Come on Grigor! Rise and shine!
David Hsiao
David Hsiao Hace un día
Dude that kick at 0:47 OMGOODNESS
Usman Khalid
Usman Khalid Hace un día
Meastro of tennis
Enrico Filicetti
Enrico Filicetti Hace un día
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Enrico Filicetti
Enrico Filicetti Hace un día
The devilish morocco contrastingly head because disgust seasonally program round a barbarous step-son. alcoholic, clammy nation
Κωνσταντίνος Βασιλείου
Κωνσταντίνος Βασιλείου Hace un día
Kyrgios 🤮🤮🤮🤮 💩💩💩💩💩
unowen7591 Hace un día
18:03 Roger looked like a proud dad seeing his kid grow up <3
Keith Ian
Keith Ian Hace un día
One of my favorite players to watch. Though he can be proud of his accomplishments, especially when he was ranked out of the top 1000 due to injury and climbed just about faster than anyone in history, if his body allowed he would have cut into the Grand Slam counts of the big 3, except for Nadal's French Opens :-).
Tanjir Hasib Sarker
Tanjir Hasib Sarker Hace un día
From when did "class" became a tennis shot, Mr. Fognini?
InvinSibal Hace un día
there was somehow a clip with Del Potro as the victim wow
Rithvik Reddy
Rithvik Reddy Hace un día
13:08 what if he hit someone and got disqualified
Edu CHÁVARRI Hace un día
The GOAT will come from between Rafa and Djokovic.
markriobr Hace un día
Santoro was a player who could beat the best on any given day . A right hander that often hit his forehand with a slice left hand , his shots were not in any text book . Players had a hard time to read his game , and once his opponent got really frustrated he had them in his pocket . Was fun to watch , small not much power on the baseline and serve but was able sometimes mess with their minds . Whenever hitting his forehand with his right was usually for a passing shot .
0innerself0 Hace un día
Right on. Remember what Safin said.
rayon laser
rayon laser Hace un día
That match was the end of Coria, and the rise of the King of Clay, Nadal.
KillerDiaguR Hace un día
I am noticing a lot of exchanges where fognini out-genuises geniuses
Sathiya M
Sathiya M Hace un día
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui Hace un día
12 años despue's disfrutando de este partido en plena Pandemia 2020 desde Barranquilla/Colombia..😎
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui Hace un día
Con Marc Anthoni de fondo y todo...😲
aerotive Hace un día
A return can't be hit much harder than Paire's shot at number six.
Owen Kim
Owen Kim Hace un día
#6 he wasn't een trying does that deserve to be on the list lmaooo
RedennaH 14
RedennaH 14 Hace un día
@JasminGardenia no problem 👍
JasminGardenia Hace un día
@RedennaH 14 great, thanks so much 😊😊😊
RedennaH 14
RedennaH 14 Hace un día
@JasminGardenia bedene vs Paire at Rotterdam round of 32. Bedene won 6-2 6-4
JasminGardenia Hace un día
Do you know what match that was?
Alonso olguin elgueta
Alonso olguin elgueta Hace un día
was telling myself in my head, hey! missing him from dimitrov vs tsitsipas in vienna! And well ... jssjj came out first
Jason Cowell
Jason Cowell Hace un día
Career defining moments galore there
Romain Mj
Romain Mj Hace un día
Thiem and medvedev are amazing returner but nole just returns everything
Tennis TV
Tennis TV Hace un día
Agree with our order?!
Gabriel Harton
Gabriel Harton Hace un día
I agree for the number 1 but there is a wonderful return made by Raonic in the Cincinnati final... I'd thought you you'd put it...
Shawn Hace un día
Terrible order. Still better content than the stuff produced by the dim witted ESpost big 3 fanboys.
Who is Joe?
Who is Joe? Hace un día
Not nescessarily, the Djokovic return was him, at full strech, on an amazing serve, doing a textbook passing shot...
EghotheTennisGamer369 Hace un día
I hope Dimitrov can win at least one grand slam in his career! But it will be tough with all these young guys!
AJC1983 Hace un día
sascha is just so damn charismatic and charming. what an impressive kid, both as a player and as a person.
Marco Aurélio ADORNO
Marco Aurélio ADORNO Hace un día
Marco Aurélio ADORNO
Marco Aurélio ADORNO Hace un día
Marco Aurélio ADORNO
Marco Aurélio ADORNO Hace un día
Marco Aurélio ADORNO
Marco Aurélio ADORNO Hace un día
Fundador BD egegg de um lado e eu 6 de nada, mas 87 de nada, e 81 udtdgrjfj oi oi mãe tudo bem E tá aí Júlia de sete anos e você tudo bem É isso mesmo
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri Hace un día
The best is benoit paire 1:00
rist eller Rus
rist eller Rus Hace un día
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Fatian Berisha
Fatian Berisha Hace un día
Federer has the same reaction when he wins a point and when loses a point.
Casian Hace un día
0:57 Paire heard someone saying he has the worst forehand on your 😂
Rajesh’s Musical
Rajesh’s Musical Hace un día
you guys are idiots. RETURN video without Novak is absolutely a BS...
JasminGardenia Hace un día
He is in the video 😊😊😊
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV Hace un día
This Dimitrov guy is kinda good 😉 Jokes aside, hope he gets his form back returns to the top 5 spot next year. Do you guys think it’s possible?
JasminGardenia Hace 22 horas
I think Top 10 is possible 😊 but Top 5 extremely improbable.. We have the Big 3, Thiem, Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Rublev etc that alone are already almost 10 guys.. we really have a super high level of tennis these days..
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV Hace un día
@Alex Wilhelm just wanna see the guy back in his 2017 🥲
SaFFtbefehl Hace un día
RedennaH 14
RedennaH 14 Hace un día
@Alex Wilhelm maybe top 15 even but not under that
Alex Wilhelm
Alex Wilhelm Hace un día
Top 5? Are you joking? Top 20 ok but never top 5
Macville Hace un día
Now let's see Luka Rosols fair play
Aaron Seay
Aaron Seay Hace un día
The line judge at 7:04 couldn't believe Nishikori's shot lollll
icci MicheMich
icci MicheMich Hace un día
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Conan Chang
Conan Chang Hace 23 horas
alex sokolov
alex sokolov Hace un día
Хотелось бы высказать претензии к организаторам турниров по поводу размещения рекламных баннеров на игровой сетке - рекламные баннеры закрывают угол обзора и как следствие угол прострела . И вообще, игровая сетка это спортивный инвентарь ,который должен быть стандартным без как-либо лишних предметов ,надписей и .тд. ,мешающих игре спортсменов.
hg82met Hace un día
Would love to see Dimitrov make it to a GS in 2021.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker Hace 21 un hora
Too inconsistent. Lots of great competition and you have to play well and be lucky.
Ray Hace 23 horas
@vhyles still wouldn't work out Dimitrov doesn't have the balance that most of the top guys have... he's always slipping and falling in long extended rallies until eventually he's forced to gamble on one big shot top players like Djokovic, Federer, or even Medvedev, Zverev, and Thiem can stay in rallies forever... it's not a problem having a good mentality could solve
SaFFtbefehl Hace un día
@vhyles okay superfusion or what Okay imagine kyrgios with 5hands, ultratrickshotmonster So funny wow
SaFFtbefehl Hace un día
Dream on dude, befoe this happens nishikori comes back and wins atp masters 1000
Terence Wong
Terence Wong Hace un día
@Gerald Jaime That may be a little easier than seeing him win a grand slam
Juan Alter
Juan Alter Hace un día
El 9 mejor que muchos que están antes
Татьяна Сердюк
Татьяна Сердюк Hace un día
ХАРЬКОВ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kash Nair
Kash Nair Hace un día
0:58- Mr. Slap Happy
Tyler Ladge
Tyler Ladge Hace un día
amazing highlights
Yelena V.
Yelena V. Hace un día
Who is number 6?
Bruno Alessandroni
Bruno Alessandroni Hace un día
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui Hace un día
👍👍 alegri'a del niño en la grada en el 1er. Set...😀
KAMAL PHUKAN Hace un día
Insane......Even though in 2020 we got to watch very limited number of matches but most of the matches were of very high quality.....Insane finish at the World Tour Finals....
Тихомир Иванов
Тихомир Иванов Hace un día
Гришо 💙💙
Jack Messent
Jack Messent Hace un día
We've certainly been treated to some wonderful tennis this year! Looking forward to the new season. 👍
Рамиль Файзуллин
Рамиль Файзуллин Hace un día
Paire's winner was the best
rohit saxena
rohit saxena Hace un día
0:27 hey roger,Look lucky shot 😂😂 and why the hell that return winner by djokovic at 8... it was so better than that
conductor_ phurngirathaana
conductor_ phurngirathaana Hace 22 horas
Just because Puskovic is the best returner doesn't mean all his returns are the best
Sergio Sarmiento
Sergio Sarmiento Hace un día
@Sean Carroll I understand why down the line returns are more impressive since it requires more precision, but you also need to take into account the quality of the serve, and Raonic's was one of the best ones here, very fast as well placed, it could've been an ace for most other players.
Sergio Sarmiento
Sergio Sarmiento Hace un día
@Sean Carroll what are you talking about?🤔 Almost all of the entries here the opponent stood still just like Raonic did (6,4,3,2,1), why is it only anticlimactic in this particular instance?
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll Hace un día
@Sergio Sarmiento well it was good but a cross court return winner with the opponent not even attempting to get to the ball is a little anticlimactic. The two dimitrov ones are perfect, paires is impressive for his flamboyance. Thiems is perfectly hit and placed with the wrist and the other one is missiled straight at Hubert’s feet. Nadals is out so wide and powered down the line which is incredible. Medvedevs is inch perfect. I just feel that all of these are more impressive then a out wide stretch crosscourt forehand.
Sergio Sarmiento
Sergio Sarmiento Hace un día
@Sean Carroll nowhere near? What is the criteria according to you?
Saad Dilmohamud
Saad Dilmohamud Hace un día
0:27 pretty sure I've seen that before :) lol
call me Romy
call me Romy Hace un día
kumagaicpa Hace un día
Hope Nishikori's coming back in 2021!!
Pierre G
Pierre G Hace un día
Jason Cowell
Jason Cowell Hace un día
....and not one shot from McEnroe??? Mr. Genius needs including...
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri Hace un día
Top 1 is wrong
下澤直哉 Hace un día