prashanth sadu
prashanth sadu Hace 23 minutos
Modi showed who is alpha male to trump
Carla Broderick
Carla Broderick Hace 24 minutos
I trust Fauci.
Henry Bouchard
Henry Bouchard Hace 24 minutos
Yeah but the thing about sending out more vaccines than the state all of them they hold back I know they do here in Florida we haven't even used half of the hour vaccine
Denise Chavis
Denise Chavis Hace 24 minutos
They are forgetting all about the hundred of thousands homecare aka visiting nurses they are already going into the home with minimal PPEs we have direct contact with patients and their families super convenient just need funding to deliver
Joey Kony
Joey Kony Hace 24 minutos
*YAY for censorship of people we disagree with!* 🙌🏾 *Just so y'all know, Facebook just recently banned UK's Socialist Party on Fb. If you think you are on the "right side of history" and censorship won't reach you, think again.*
Alexandru Andercou
Alexandru Andercou Hace 24 minutos
Fire in California , fire in Australia there is a pattern, is climate nothing else.
Eric Herman Hanson
Eric Herman Hanson Hace 24 minutos
Hey new yorkers stop bending the knee to this corrupt family. I thought new yorkers were tough? But in reality theyre just a bunch of bootlickers
smellydank360 Hace 24 minutos
You killed the elderly and got rewarded
FactsNotVaxxx 1
FactsNotVaxxx 1 Hace 24 minutos
Ahhh Cigarettes are 10,000× more deadly .....Carido vascular Disease another Major Killer ......... thats. Mc Marlboro my man lets grandstand a little eh
Greg Howlett
Greg Howlett Hace 24 minutos
What's your story today?
Yithmaster Hace 25 minutos
Remember in March of 2020 the good doctor said we don't need masks
Beau Cephus
Beau Cephus Hace 25 minutos
I stopped listening to Dr Anthony Squidward about a year ago. Bought me a magic 8 ball at a garage sale last summer. Its plenty more accurate. Its all about vitamins, exercise and fresh air people.
Creek Walker
Creek Walker Hace 25 minutos
Now, President Joe needs to bring the Unite States back n.v into the UN Human Rights Council. Trump withdrew the United States from it so he could cage and separate migrant families at the border. Such a pig.
The Hobbster
The Hobbster Hace 26 minutos
Just a bunch of hocus pocus, blah blah blah.....feeding time at the swamp.
Redwood River
Redwood River Hace 26 minutos
Thank God for true scientific data, disclosure to the public, and a strategic effort to get behind this debacle that was left behind. Having lost many people to this virus, I feel sad that so many people still push back on this reality. Perhaps some people need to suffer direct personal loss in order to relate to the devastation so many millions across the world are already living.
M Janie
M Janie Hace 26 minutos
What a creeper
Yyyyzyyy Hace 27 minutos
Don't forget your three masks and full biohazard suit. It's the only way! It's for the greater good, if we can save just one life it's worth it. It's for your safety.
Tom Hower
Tom Hower Hace 27 minutos
He seems awfully sure of himself for a guy who just not too long ago said the virus was no threat to U.S.
3D_Age_Design Hace 27 minutos
No mention of eye protection ! just wear two masks,. Please wear a proper mask with a seal, valves and replacable filters. such as a Half face respirator,. or a full face gas mask.
mary from
mary from Hace 27 minutos
Ron Santos
Ron Santos Hace 27 minutos
Joe Barron
Joe Barron Hace 27 minutos
He said to match to the capitol, not to be violent.
Ian Moline
Ian Moline Hace 27 minutos
Quick somebody please get this man another Emmy. /s
Daniel l
Daniel l Hace 27 minutos
Idiotic idea. Who told you to do that with our tax money?
Jarid Page
Jarid Page Hace 28 minutos
What we should be watching is how much money Fauci poured into creating covid to the Wuhan facility and releasing the virus
Ole Soul
Ole Soul Hace 28 minutos
So did I miss the part where he's signing orders for the afro communities specifically?
Lucifer Sanchez
Lucifer Sanchez Hace 28 minutos
This not no knew world older why are you acting as it I ask who are you
George Washington
George Washington Hace 29 minutos
Migrant crowd : 😐😶🙄 A-10 Warthog : BBRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hobbster
The Hobbster Hace 29 minutos
Much ado about nothing, just dusting off the geezers and leading them back to the swamp for feeding time.
Kevin Livingston
Kevin Livingston Hace 29 minutos
The hate for a man ,. Over the love of this country!
Dwart55 Hace 29 minutos
Biden thinks it will be easy going to solar and wind. Destroy the USA oil industry and import more oil from the Middle East. Fool!
Michael Matthiesen
Michael Matthiesen Hace 29 minutos
"Cant impeach a former president" soo... what youre saying.... is its totally okay for every outgoing president to attempt a coup as a sort of hail mary because actions no longer have consequences once they leave office?
Paul Costello
Paul Costello Hace 29 minutos
nasty systemic fascist media left
Ben W
Ben W Hace 29 minutos
Too bad you cant dislike more than once....
Hey Dude
Hey Dude Hace 29 minutos
Thanks for shoving as many ads as possible in this video, NBC!
youtube sucks
youtube sucks Hace 30 minutos
this guy again??
twinkletoe! !
twinkletoe! ! Hace 30 minutos
STIMULOUS WE NEED ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez Hace 30 minutos
what's going on with the republican's base and their leaders intelligentsia? it seems that after Obama's elections, the republican's leaders began espreading a great nomber of conspiracies and hate language against the democratic base that colminated in the raid on the Capital on Jan 6th. I suspect that many republican lawmen hated the idea that a black president was their president, and they found a platform like Fox news to aired and promote their conspirasies. And in turn, the republican base antiracial tendensies was ignited to the point that they were able to justify commiting a crime based on obiouss lies and defunk conpiracies.
Paul Costello
Paul Costello Hace 30 minutos
why dont you show insane dr fauci and the reporter saying "we need to weart two masks " jan 27
Be Selfless
Be Selfless Hace 31 un minuto
Listen to the professionals yourselves!! People must wake up!🧬💉😷🎭PANDEMIC Deception!! 👉PhD Kari Mullis was a BioChemist who invented the PCR (polymerise chain Reaction test) and he said, it wasn't to diagnose anything or to tell if anybody is sick! I thought it was strange that he died last year August 2019, two months before Gates, The Rockerfeller Foundation, and John's Hopkins held a (High Level PANDEMIC Exercise) called👉 (Event) 201 in NYC before there ever was this so-called PANDEMIC! It's not about a PANDEMIC but control👉🎭😷💉and De-population! Mask also signify control, Witchcraft and Sorcery. This is The New World Order/ (aka) World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab who is a German engineer and economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. Members are a group of the self appointed wealthiest Technocrats who by design and years of planning are bringing the world to its knees through FEAR and Mass Propaganda 24/7 unlike anything the world has ever seen to bring in this NWO and The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and using this Fake Pandemic to accomplish it by Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world! Hundreds of Doctors and Scientists are being silenced and even arrested by exposing their false narrative. No one should get tested or ever take this Gates VACCINE thousands of doctors are saying! The VACCINE has HYDROGEL in it from Evil DARPA and it will change your DNA! This is Transhumanism! These people are Luciferian/Eugenist and extremely evil! The QUANTUM DOT TATTOO with Luceferese (appropriate name) will Mark everyone who has been tested and everyone who has taken the Vaccine, all who take this is now in the Beast System and they now control you! Eventually you won't be able to buy sell or trade without the Mark! It's the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13.... I've been sharing this for months on hundreds of platforms so keep sharing because Millions have woke up, but millions are still asleep. I have to keep updating because they keep taking the videos down and I have to find them on other platforms!.....Nobel Prize winner👉 PhD Kari Mullis Inventer of PCR👉 Dr. Christiane Northrup on the dangers of this Vaccine👇 ....You won't buy, sell, or trade without it! Coalition of 1,000 Doctors and Scientist from around the world proving there is NO PANDEMIC!👇 ....👇Dr Thomas Cowin Claire Edwards👇 German/US Attorney Calling for Crimes Against Humanity for using the fake PCR test to substantiate the Fake Pandemic! Proof from top scientists and doctors worldwide!👇 California Doctors👈 on the truth that this is a flu👇 Dr. Andrew Kaufman on fake PANDEMIC and VACCINE lies!👇 Biologist Extremely Dangerous Vaccines👇 Canadian Doctor Pandemic Hoax!👇 Proof these VACCINES and👇Quantum Dot Tattoo is The Mark of The Beast in Revelation 13👇☠️
Rhonda Schaaf
Rhonda Schaaf Hace 31 un minuto
Thank God... A end of trauma for all those families... So Sad what the children went through..
Jalisaa Lanaye
Jalisaa Lanaye Hace 31 un minuto
wow she’s absolutely gorgeous, and she’s 61? How ?! And she had twins at 52? Again,how?! She’s amazing and I hope all little girl’s and boys can look up to her , she seems like a great role model which is so hard to find nowadays. Good for you judge !
P C Hace 31 un minuto
just came here for my daily thumbs down
Ben W
Ben W Hace 31 un minuto
Mel Mel
Mel Mel Hace 31 un minuto
Impeachment LOL waste of time resources and money smh, he's gonna walk again.
ItzYahBoiJT Hace 31 un minuto
I hope everyone is staying positive 🌝.
Lucifer Sanchez
Lucifer Sanchez Hace 32 minutos
Excuse me but if I may say who is this that is talking
Anne Lindsey
Anne Lindsey Hace 32 minutos
Dear Nancy, Please stop stalking President Trump. He is just NOT that into you. Time heals broken hearts, let it go.
Morton Beard
Morton Beard Hace 32 minutos
The officer should have retreated for how ever long he had to till help arrived. They told him the man was mental.
Charlie Kim
Charlie Kim Hace 32 minutos
Great idea about the schools. I live in Canada and our children start kindergarten at 3 and 4. We also have very smart kids. At first parents said it was to early. But we have been doing it for about 10 years now and it works on all levels. Kids get smarter, parents don't have to pay for child care as long. Win I also don't get why you Americans have such a hate for someone of color or different religion. Seems like a waste of your time .
monique a
monique a Hace 34 minutos
worst president ever
Cory Williamson
Cory Williamson Hace 34 minutos
American's of color are being infected by and dying policy over the last 80 years. The inequality is cause from democrat policy. Basically all inequalities in America are cause by Governments attempts to "fix" inequalities, making them 10x worse than before they intervened. I wish people would wake up!
Vinny Young
Vinny Young Hace 34 minutos
Baddddd evils , 👹fakes news as always! god help USA 🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭😭
4g6_mirage Colorado
4g6_mirage Colorado Hace 34 minutos
Just another crook in a position of power
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali Hace 33 minutos
Apple Apple
Apple Apple Hace 34 minutos
This news is better than CNN Because they don't give me live stream Because I am an Jamaican and our news is not exciting Like this😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😍
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali Hace 33 minutos
survival conscious
survival conscious Hace 34 minutos
Potato potato potato
Hey Dude
Hey Dude Hace 35 minutos
Thank God we got Joe, a real human being in there finally. It scares me to think of what could have been if we had 4 more years of orange.
Charlie Freeman
Charlie Freeman Hace 35 minutos
There is no justice in our current system. Its all about money greed and power.
Cornelius Maximilianus
Cornelius Maximilianus Hace 35 minutos
THis Fauci guy milking this whole thing
T4T Hace 32 minutos
He makes $417K/year, more than the President. That's not taking into account all of the grants he doles out, receiving financial favors and investing in companies/stocks he promotes.
sam wright
sam wright Hace 35 minutos
SHUT UP and resign you donkey
dannygitmo Hace 35 minutos
Prediction for 2021: When the first "crisis" comes knocking on the White House door, every one in the cabinet is going to SH_T their PANTS. Weak leader, weak staff, never been tested. Failure when times call for courage, fortitude and leadership.
Vidyadhar Navale
Vidyadhar Navale Hace 36 minutos
I'm a successful doctor in the UK and will double my income under a US style system but ethically I prefer the NHS (socialised medicine) and it would trouble me if my patients would not be able to afford medicines or my fees.
Amber Abel
Amber Abel Hace 36 minutos
What a joke
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali Hace 34 minutos
survival conscious
survival conscious Hace 36 minutos
The turtle with the Chinese handler spy wife. Lololol.
Ángel Hace 36 minutos
th55269 Hace 36 minutos
Silence peons, the crown prince of New York is about to speak. BTW the following has been “Fact checked true”
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali Hace 34 minutos
Call me Ben
Call me Ben Hace 37 minutos
Say what you will about trump but he was the first president to ever sit down with north korean leaders and have peace talks
andrew Coburn
andrew Coburn Hace 37 minutos
survival conscious
survival conscious Hace 37 minutos
That guy is a potato
Lulu Garcia
Lulu Garcia Hace 37 minutos
The vaccine will change your DNA forever
Harbinger of Duty, with a Gun!
Harbinger of Duty, with a Gun! Hace 37 minutos
Nipples the Clown
Keith B
Keith B Hace 37 minutos
Ny hates you. You are not wanted here. Governor just resign
DerWahre Islam
DerWahre Islam Hace 36 minutos
ITS ( CORONAVIRUS ) A SMALL PUNISHMENT FROM THE LORD OF THE WORLD ALLAH / GOD to the Muslims and non Muslims and not Animals they are liar who claim that Animals have Coronavirus and it will never be removed from the World until the Humans make the Supplication prayer to their Creator ALLAH / GOD and only that is the Cure and those who claim that they have Vaccine against Coronavirus they are Liars and they know themself that they are Liar and you shall see soon a Greater Illness which is more Brutal than Covid19 a Challenge from ALLAH to the Scientist and this New Illness will make the One who get infected die between 24 hours and some will be blind some deaf some will feel alot pain inside himself so that he will wish to die quickly to escape the suffer and if that is still not enough for the Humans altogether than ALLAH will bring the Greatest Punishment and its the close distance pass on earth from Planet X / Planet Nibiru which is passing the Earth every 4166 Year and 8 Month ( its the Orbit of Planet X ) and last time this Planet X passed the Earth at the time of Prophet Lut / Abraham ( Sodom and Gomorra) and ALLAH clean the Earth from all Evil on Earth with this Planet X / Planet Nibiru and it will come suddenly above the Humans and not on a Fixed Date and it will happen very soon. This Planet X = Planet Hellfire is the reason of Climate Change and it melt the Poles because everyday it comes closer and closer to Earth and ALLAH increase the Earthquakes, Climate change, Vulcano Eruption, Flooding and other small Punishments so that Humans may turn to their Lord ALLAH / GOD .
The Hobbster
The Hobbster Hace 37 minutos
This is Sad, the spoils system at its finest. 77yr old Kerry who was retired and should remain so, is now involved in government once again. Guess there were no qualified middle-aged folks available for Biden to choose? One geezer appointing another geezer.
survival conscious
survival conscious Hace 37 minutos
Potato runs the country.
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein Hace 37 minutos
Mankind and his politics , racism , money , and disregard for the planet is the disease. Covid is the cure. It destroys everything. Lost lives are statistics and unimportant in the long run. Moms gonna fix it. Learn to swim.
Shayne Hace 38 minutos
Cuomo killed all those people in nursing homes.
Lulu Garcia
Lulu Garcia Hace 38 minutos
Vaccine manufacturers have ZERO LIABILITY In case of injury or death caused by vaccines
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean Hace 26 minutos
As they shouldn't.
Josh Noteman
Josh Noteman Hace 38 minutos
Garbage. There's two sides to every story. stop censoring people you don't agree with. China needs to pick up the pandemic bill for every country.
Alexander Hace 39 minutos
Be Selfless
Be Selfless Hace 39 minutos
Also thousands die of the flu every year! This particular one mostly targets the elderly! Why would anybody take a vaccine when this has a 99.7% recovery rate! you do not lock the world down in their homes and have them wearing a mask social distancing destroying the economy over a flu this is much more sinister than that and people really need to do! I have been looking into this over a year and I have so many doctors videos saying that this is no more than a flu on maybe a steroid! 👇👇👇👇
Jock Young
Jock Young Hace 33 minutos
All doctors know this is not a flu, by definition. Although the symptoms for most people are no worse than the flu, we DO get vaccines every year. And the problem with COVID is that it is not only more contagious than the flu but the effects on some people are much more severe and sometimes lethal. It killed over 10 times as many people last year as the flu normally does. Wearing a mask social distancing are essential. We can debate over economic restrictions, but they are a useful tool.