Aina Estrader
Aina Estrader Hace 18 horas
Amina El 'M' Saouri
Amina El 'M' Saouri Hace 18 horas
im really shockedd omg. This is rlly good!
holly conlan
holly conlan Hace 18 horas
Listen this is talent not dixie saying oNe dAy OnE DaY I wAs ReAlLy ReAlLy sAd Nessa really tries
Sotiris saxonis
Sotiris saxonis Hace 18 horas
I like santa baby
Allyssa Douglass
Allyssa Douglass Hace 19 horas
This is so freaking good !!!! Love you
Mohammad Sofizada
Mohammad Sofizada Hace 19 horas
Come on guys there’s 7 Million people who watched this please just subscribe she needs 1 Million subscribes after hearing this!!!!!
Mc_Johnny_Victor Hace 19 horas
eu sou o comentario brasileiro que tanto procuram...
Zanai Robinson
Zanai Robinson Hace 19 horas
Dixie 7.8 million views in two months Nessa 7.3 million views in one week
elexie applegate
elexie applegate Hace 19 horas
Yo ngl this is fire
Kyli Gill
Kyli Gill Hace 19 horas
I think nessa and jxhn would be a very cute Couple couple
Blake Switzer
Blake Switzer Hace 19 horas
Dark lyrics, sounds very good though
The Pizza rolls
The Pizza rolls Hace 19 horas
Omg, this is my new favorite song ilysm nessa your my role model! ❤️
Harmony Fletcher
Harmony Fletcher Hace 19 horas
nessa and jaden are the only tiktokers that can sing idc idc i said what i said
Узархан Пахруев
Узархан Пахруев Hace 19 horas
Giulia Carvalho
Giulia Carvalho Hace 19 horas
I am so proud this a soooo goood like wow I love it
sxft kiwis
sxft kiwis Hace 19 horas
i love that before this i got a bts samsung add. but besides that this song is amazing!(≧∇≦)
Brenda vlc br utau
Brenda vlc br utau Hace 19 horas
This is perfect
It’s Emily!
It’s Emily! Hace 19 horas
i am so proud of her!
simply kayzee
simply kayzee Hace 20 horas
This is sensational
Disney mir
Disney mir Hace 20 horas
Дис ис райн ин калифорния
Rozi. Ab
Rozi. Ab Hace 20 horas
La di die nessa
daniel aleman
daniel aleman Hace 20 horas
jadens scream thats all i gotta say
M Hace 20 horas
Nessa we need a album ASAP!!!
Richael Gulston
Richael Gulston Hace 20 horas
I lowkey like this song I'm gonna download it
Ayana Dybanowa
Ayana Dybanowa Hace 20 horas
Does it rain in California? Only dream I've ever known Will they love you when you're famous? It's where you'll never be alone Hope someday I'll find nirvana I'll be looking down below I'll be dead at twenty-seven Only nine more years to go I got a bully in my head Fake love, fake friends I was broken when you left Now you hear me everywhere you go La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a superstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on the radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Yeah, yeah, I'm jxdn, I'm jxdn Said I'm gonna be a rockstar, yeah, yeah, yeah Told her I don't want a war, yeah, yeah, yeah I don't see me going far, yeah, yeah, yeah That's what happens when I fall apart All of me wants all of you But I'm far away and I can't choose Got a lot of lessons that I need to learn Got a lot of lessons My depression and misconceptions And all the mistakes that lead to lessons My depression, it makes me question My depression, it makes me question La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a superstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on the radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life Does it rain in California Where the angels cry for me? Want the drugs that taste like candy And blood diamonds in my teeth (Ah!) La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a superstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on the radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life (Oh) (Oh) Yeah, I'm gonna be a superstar Читать на сайте:
zoe bradley
zoe bradley Hace 20 horas
Obsessed with this song it’s so good
Mare Green
Mare Green Hace 20 horas
она заела в голове. этопрекрасно
Penelope Palomares-Dominguez
Penelope Palomares-Dominguez Hace 20 horas
is it just me or does the place at the end look like where billie and finneas did their premiere performance
laurie beland
laurie beland Hace 20 horas
This is really good damn
arya arya
arya arya Hace 20 horas
I love this girl omg💕
Yende Salgado
Yende Salgado Hace 20 horas
Shit this is so awesome
No Name
No Name Hace 20 horas
Ness your voice is literally 🤤
Hailey Mendez
Hailey Mendez Hace 21 un hora
Wait- “I’ll be dead at 27”.....
sara xoxo
sara xoxo Hace 21 un hora
why’s no one talking ab her saying she’ll be dead at 27
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie Hace 21 un hora
on La Di Die i said she was in her rep era but surprisingly.. If U Love Me is even darker lol
Alexandra Lisa
Alexandra Lisa Hace 21 un hora
This song makes me Move On from my ex Thank you nessa i love u so much :>
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie Hace 21 un hora
Nessa's in her rep era. And that isnt a bad thing- and her music is fire lol
Samiyyah Coleman
Samiyyah Coleman Hace 21 un hora
it is a bad song. Jxdn made it better.
Anna Gibbons
Anna Gibbons Hace 21 un hora
This is one of my favourite songs
l e m o n
l e m o n Hace 21 un hora
Who thinks this is way better than BE HAPPY
Wissam BNE
Wissam BNE Hace 21 un hora
Jordan orme 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bain 666
Bain 666 Hace 21 un hora
У меня в фантазии эта песня как будто кто то умирает🔪☺
Gabopha So
Gabopha So Hace 21 un hora
I'm not into like $uicide and stuff but this is actually really really good
Destiny Rivera
Destiny Rivera Hace 21 un hora
Tell me why the hell is this not on the radio imma call one em' radio stations and tell them to play this
jaizleen suhavi singh
jaizleen suhavi singh Hace 21 un hora
ngl i got goosebumps this is sooo good🥺🥺🥺🥺
Shayla Hopkins
Shayla Hopkins Hace 21 un hora
why does she have to have really catchy songs like damn
Modern Ops
Modern Ops Hace 21 un hora
Песня с глубоким смыслом
Destiny Rivera
Destiny Rivera Hace 21 un hora
OK but this one needs a golden buzzer Simon cowell
Lilian S
Lilian S Hace 22 horas
She has absolute talent!!!
10 Hace 22 horas
10 Hace 22 horas
Annette Taylor
Annette Taylor Hace 22 horas Naturalmente, l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione offre ampie opportunità per soluzioni concettuali autosufficienti e dipendenti dall'esterno. E non c'è dubbio che gli imprenditori su Internet, superando l'attuale difficile situazione economica, sono uniti in interi cluster della loro specie. Le moderne tecnologie hanno raggiunto un livello tale che il rafforzamento e lo sviluppo della struttura interna presuppone modalità indipendenti di realizzazione di esperimenti che colpiscono per scala e grandezza. D'altra parte, la comprensione dell'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse dipende direttamente dalla fattibilità economica delle decisioni prese.😍 外部の反対派のセマンティック分析は、内部の埋蔵量と資源の分配の実施と近代化のプロセスを伴います。第三世界の活発に発展している国々は、人口の特定のセグメントの間で人気を集めています。つまり、それらは非常に前向きな見方で提示されるべきです。考えるべきことがあります:競合他社の徹底的な調査は、可能な限り詳細に説明することができます。組織の既存の構造には、材料、技術、および人的基盤の形成のための新しい原則の分析が必要です!
Hanna Hace 22 horas
I'm not even going to lie, this is good
Ignacio Araya
Ignacio Araya Hace 22 horas
la di die mi abuela cancion demasiado paque no tiene talento.Nessa canta muy mal al igual que Josh.
Sophia's World
Sophia's World Hace 22 horas
Ness you look gorgeous
Doug Glatt
Doug Glatt Hace 22 horas
Something y’all don’t wanna realize: this song isn’t good
Doug Glatt
Doug Glatt Hace 22 horas
I ain’t no music guy but this song is trash
Giselle Martinez
Giselle Martinez Hace 22 horas
Okay but this is actually really good
Angelina Williams
Angelina Williams Hace 22 horas
turns out i’ve been listening to nessa for the past two months and had no clue, i didn’t know she was this good 😲
Layla Khodri
Layla Khodri Hace 22 horas
Not me listen to this the 600th time definitely not!
Kanza Tariq
Kanza Tariq Hace 22 horas
nice singing
Ahana Shah
Ahana Shah Hace 23 horas
y'all need to admit nessa and jaden have REAL talent
Sara Draaby Kjaer
Sara Draaby Kjaer Hace 23 horas
i really die on this video
Ashirova Ai
Ashirova Ai Hace 23 horas
2:33 обожаю это место.
mariana lourenço
mariana lourenço Hace 23 horas
This is such a Suicide Squad song !!!
Loana Chalach
Loana Chalach Hace 23 horas
Let's talk about jaden's scream(2:34) well...... WOW
doire aintu
doire aintu Hace 22 horas
Yakinthyz katZzZz
Yakinthyz katZzZz Hace 23 horas
she has a talent im not going to lie
doire aintu
doire aintu Hace 22 horas
Felisha malfoy
Felisha malfoy Hace 23 horas
jxdn and lil huddy should collabe
Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera Hace 23 horas
She is good singer
Melina Kron
Melina Kron Hace 23 horas
love this song :)
neon unicorn
neon unicorn Hace 23 horas
giving me 2000 rock vibes good job nessa
zaynab v
zaynab v Hace 23 horas
Mia Walters
Mia Walters Hace 23 horas
Best song I have heard in a while like GOO OF BITCH!!! YASSSS QUEEN
Rebel Hace 23 horas
ngl jxdn kinda Eh
Kyrah Cox
Kyrah Cox Hace 23 horas
i prefer her to dixie and charli !
BDS Girl
BDS Girl Hace 22 horas
any day
lilhuddy _0ll
lilhuddy _0ll Hace un día
Люди, пролайкайте этот комм чтобы американцы думали что здесь что то крутое 🗿
Alexandra Zoltáni
Alexandra Zoltáni Hace un día
ツeva Hace un día
at first i thought this was tate mcrae
Rosario Aldea
Rosario Aldea Hace un día