future beats
future beats Hace 8 horas
The thumbnail changed lol
John Maynard Ubando
John Maynard Ubando Hace 8 horas
morty’s full name is mortimer lmaoo
Tony Luebke
Tony Luebke Hace 8 horas
I'm so excited for everyone involved with this project, it was such a cool voice to hear on Netflix! Definitely Netflix's loss.
Shadow King
Shadow King Hace 8 horas
jb assfaced
Thepowerlies Hace 8 horas
His fingers are pen*s
Solomon Glover
Solomon Glover Hace 8 horas
Oh great another pervert
Solomon Glover
Solomon Glover Hace 8 horas
Thomas is so tone deaf that he thinks the problem is in his pants
MsSharondenadel Hace 8 horas
Penetratopoulis 😂
Kareem K.
Kareem K. Hace 9 horas
At least Rick seems to have some fun ??
Bruce Hace 9 horas
Eric must like her since he could have really went in with the germophobe angle
Tuna Helva
Tuna Helva Hace 9 horas
Whats in the canister?
sasha sasha
sasha sasha Hace 9 horas
Massi Mant
Massi Mant Hace 9 horas
Interdimensional cable be like:
Fui Gui
Fui Gui Hace 9 horas
Jungle Strategies
Jungle Strategies Hace 9 horas
which season and episode is this
R3D Hace 9 horas
Ok this really has to be made into a game
Is this jack stauber?
Dandelion Everett
Dandelion Everett Hace 9 horas
Some of the background characters in this are racist caricatures
Trippymoredd Hace 9 horas
Arstotzka: exists Jorji Costava: 0:22 Only fans of Papers, Please would get this
Video Game Gameplay
Video Game Gameplay Hace 9 horas
the dinglebub i spelt it wrong it looks like a d**k when they put it through the grumboe i spelt it wrong
benjamin Hace 9 horas
Yes I'd like to know what's in Hannibal's hands
GodfatherD Hace 9 horas
Reminds me of DHMIS
Blueish Squid
Blueish Squid Hace 9 horas
I’m almost glad that guy bumped his head on the shelf. Who in the hell unironically buys vegan hot dog buns 4:36
murlo c
murlo c Hace 9 horas
so much was happening in this video & the acting was top tier idc what ppl say. Lmaoo
Shredmeister 1980
Shredmeister 1980 Hace 9 horas
"Let me have a look at that chitlin-smeared armpit you call a mouth." Lol!
benjamin Hace 9 horas
that piano guy killed me
Adam Hace 9 horas
Canadian Netflix only has S1 and S2 :/
Wav1 Hace 9 horas
budget is a little lower, but i believe in this show
MATT TRIANO Hace 10 horas
I don't find this funny at all. If it's meant to be parody, of whom? I've never seen an Oscar show host do this, nor anyone covering the snow. Like. I guess good confidence? Who fucking cares
David Van Ballaer
David Van Ballaer Hace 10 horas
I need this! Please make it into a real game :)
Bob Fudge
Bob Fudge Hace 10 horas
This shit really hit different at 12:32 am
Fábio César Schuartz
Fábio César Schuartz Hace 10 horas
I was expecting a "show me what you got".. Got a little disappointed.. :-)
faster than you Black
faster than you Black Hace 10 horas
Pretty much the modern woman sadly.
Trtania Hace 10 horas
I love these classic adult swim videos
juulz gay
juulz gay Hace 10 horas
this video destroyed me the first time watching, it hits so close to home
Roger Dave
Roger Dave Hace 10 horas
Father's Song Lyrics : they turn me down now i live my nightmare.. gotta be seen by someone out there.. and now i sit here in reflection chamber.. fixing myself so that all can savor.. follow me. im on the brink of visual epiphany. life is a custome away. oh lifes a wardrobe change.. so i can shift create a rift with beauty and with grin lush sensation creates a foundation god is in my skin.. they turn me down now i live my nightmare (they turn me down) gotta be seen by someone out there (they turn me down) now i sit here in reflection chamber (they turn me down) getting the world its next new savor (song ends)
Zezima Hace 10 horas
This was dumb
evyuser Hace 10 horas
Who are the people sitting in the middle at 1:08, are they Tammy's parents? and if so, are they celebrities' lookalikes?
Tabascofanatikerin Hace 10 horas
What a way to start the day for me :D
Zenpai Hace 10 horas
Oh nice
primo pitino
primo pitino Hace 10 horas
Gregg took a hot shave all over the franchise.
Seagle 2000
Seagle 2000 Hace 11 horas
I’m still waiting, I’ve never lost hype every week I look for a second trailer, but no
Bulgarian Memer 2021
Bulgarian Memer 2021 Hace 11 horas
I love how the auto generated subtitles are Vietnamese, and the words there are in English.
B r e a d
B r e a d Hace 11 horas
11:07 slow it down to 0.25 look closely for when the mirror is sideways and the father’s real face can be seen...
Igor S
Igor S Hace 11 horas
... only now I've seen Rick masked as a dog at the left )))))))
Ministry of Mystics
Ministry of Mystics Hace 11 horas
No shit he asks...his grand kids are not unity controlled...
Jordan Riemer
Jordan Riemer Hace 11 horas
those 4AM protests are a pain in the ass
Jordan Riemer
Jordan Riemer Hace 11 horas
mano y mano
Franco Aedo
Franco Aedo Hace 11 horas
Quien murio
KKH Lufris
KKH Lufris Hace 11 horas
Wait those are salad mixers?? The more you know...
Tomas Jerryx
Tomas Jerryx Hace 11 horas
pulpoj Hace 11 horas
I appreciate how most it these songs are classic electronic band songs and not your run in the mill lofi
Jonathan Borrelli
Jonathan Borrelli Hace 11 horas
0:50 best part
primo pitino
primo pitino Hace 11 horas
Who else is here from the James Dean message boards and chatrooms?!
King Gang
King Gang Hace 11 horas
Lol epic and then they get smack
King Gang
King Gang Hace 11 horas
Lol they just all fall
Serotonin Scavenger
Serotonin Scavenger Hace 11 horas
no, really, who the fuck makes a pornhub account?
Wistfulwriter Hace 11 horas
Cococrash11 Hace 11 horas
Awesome Inside the Recording Booth with Spencer Grammer Rick and Morty Video.
DubbyMazlo Hace 11 horas
Ok, I did not expect Culkin to show up...
ralphyetmore Hace 12 horas
If I had to choose my favorite of either Tim or Eric, it would be John C. Reilly.
systemspm Hace 12 horas
Tim is wearing one of the most poorly tailored suits I’ve ever seen. It’s fucking hilarious
IndependentLibertyParty UK
IndependentLibertyParty UK Hace 12 horas
I'm a chicken stockman and this is hilarious
Julio Rodrigues
Julio Rodrigues Hace 12 horas
xJG91x Hace 12 horas
That cheap tuxedo makes Tim look like a sausage.
djremy Hace 12 horas
0:48 equilibrium gets messed up. She warned ya!
mr bananaz
mr bananaz Hace 12 horas
So it's like the comic living together *sorta*
ChaosMinecraft Hace 12 horas
Nice animation. 😎👍
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers Hace 12 horas
Kolbi Willis
Kolbi Willis Hace 12 horas
Thank god my favorite sbow is fucking back
Israel Leite
Israel Leite Hace 12 horas
I have no words for this!
Ian Smart
Ian Smart Hace 12 horas
Similar to that ROY game. Kinda Effed.
B. Dailey
B. Dailey Hace 12 horas
Bettina castalone
Bettina castalone Hace 12 horas
Nicki Hace 12 horas
I love this SO MUCH. Made my heart feel good. 🥰
Israel Leite
Israel Leite Hace 12 horas
O tempo gasto pra fazerem essa animação e não fizeram o jogo? WTF?
Ben Wearne
Ben Wearne Hace 12 horas
"you can just throw that anywhere"
Emily Hace 12 horas
Yes Gregg! Get his ass
Alesto van Doom
Alesto van Doom Hace 12 horas