Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Hace 23 horas
The weekend looking like Nicholas Cage on Face off. Hes go na switch identities and take the Grammy! Hope hes ok. Emotionally lol
Todd Holland
Todd Holland Hace 23 horas
Candice probably flattered that one of her gods acknowledged her.🤷🏾‍♂️ To quote Dr Serizawa,”Let Them Fight”.
Leangelo Kellom Jr.
Leangelo Kellom Jr. Hace 23 horas
Bruh this whole shit is just wow 💀💀💀💀
Philly4/4 Hace 23 horas
Jazmine is a once in generation talent like brandy was, or whitney, or aretha... she just needs the catalog... talent wise theres not many people who can be considered in that group vocally
Christina Harris
Christina Harris Hace 23 horas
OMG most black people are waking up from what I see in the comments and I am so happy I'm about to cry 🥺. This is not about our dislike for Candace and more so about us coming together to check these Neanderthals when one of us are disrespected because disrespect towards one is disrespect towards all ❤🤎
JIGGY978 Hace 23 horas
DSG 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷💪💪💪💯💯🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Neo Vinci
Neo Vinci Hace 23 horas
Noah styles
Promise Thembisile
Promise Thembisile Hace 23 horas
Weather U are white U are black U are india U are karlard U are Indian U are muslim I just wanna say I love U All💖💖💖💖 Equal 🤗💖
sb ycats
sb ycats Hace 23 horas
Anyone else google flowers in the attic?😎
d nguyen
d nguyen Hace 23 horas
Free Cass
IZzy Pac
IZzy Pac Hace 23 horas
She knew what she was saying hateful Karen in the room . Hollywood is extremely racist .
ALL LIVES MATTER!! Hace 23 horas
Since everyone is so upset with this girl using the word “nappy” can someone please explain something to me?? Why is ok for your homey to call you a “nigger” but it’s not ok for a person of different ethnicity to call you a “nigger”?? I mean if you’re a “nigger” then it shouldn’t matter who’s calls you it because it’s what you are right??
Neo Vinci
Neo Vinci Hace 23 horas
I'm not really mad at her though y'all too sensitive
kaledy karlito
kaledy karlito Hace 23 horas
Young thug is such a lint licker.
Ajfit365 movinkilos
Ajfit365 movinkilos Hace 23 horas
Damn! They both ugly
D White
D White Hace 23 horas
I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet him before he blew up and the world went to shit
D White
D White Hace 23 horas
I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet him before he blew up and the world went to shit
KevyKev Hace 23 horas
Instead of talking over each other. Why don’t they take turns asking questions??? It would be a much better interview. Seems like they are competing for air time!!!
Teacha Tami
Teacha Tami Hace 23 horas
Doofus and Goofball= Doufball
Betty Wilson
Betty Wilson Hace 23 horas
You just got con lol
Michael Wilder II
Michael Wilder II Hace 23 horas
Dang let Yee speak 🗣
A G Hace 23 horas
I love Danny. Great man. Hope he wins.
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu Hace 23 horas
She’s know 👁👄👁
big D
big D Hace 23 horas
Stay off twitter people. Keep your damn opinions to yourselves.
Werner Habermann
Werner Habermann Hace 23 horas
AYYYYYY YO! Nasty behavior by Uncle Charla.
ccna c
ccna c Hace 23 horas
This person looks like women but sounds like a bloke 🤷‍♂️
Calissa Hace 23 horas
He is a good looking man! Okay let me stop being a creep. 😂🥰🥰🥰
Dino Thunder
Dino Thunder Hace 23 horas
I don’t care what y’all say that is a man
Rafael Cazares
Rafael Cazares Hace 23 horas
I remember when they told joe “Don’t leave while you hot, that’s how mase screwed up” and he was like y’all are Mase, Im good. He was right 😂
Bob Sig81
Bob Sig81 Hace 23 horas
Jay M
Jay M Hace 23 horas
On the positive side, they ain’t from Florida 🤗.
Edwin Jones Jr.
Edwin Jones Jr. Hace 23 horas
She just lucky it was Candice Owens and not a real black women
OG Jay
OG Jay Hace 23 horas
Is it ok too call white people crackas cuz this guy does it all the time its funny how people can dish but cant take it lol
A. G
A. G Hace 23 horas
She got fat af
Tha investor
Tha investor Hace 23 horas
Some situations can be deeper than the ocean itself and the only person dat understand how deep it is is the person dats having the situation
Julius Lewis
Julius Lewis Hace 23 horas
I'm so tired of said black folks thinking they can qualify or disqualify someone as black or not. We are not a monolith. We do not share a brain. Candace is black and she's brilliant.
thoumyhaiti84 Hace un día
Whoa! Whoa! Pump the brakes Jake. Connor McGregor is NOT Nate Robinson. Dude fought 2 ppl now his confidence is way HIGH!! Take ot down a little. If you're that confident, you should fight McGregor in the Octagon instead.
Jeremy Piland
Jeremy Piland Hace un día
Thanks for this one, the hypocrisy it’s pretty obvious. I appreciate you calling it out
Shawn SiXOWE 60HOODbK Hace un día
Never underated nobody fuccin wit Joyner nigga nobody 💨💨💨💨🆙🆙💵💵💵💵💵
April Lee
April Lee Hace un día
She sounds uneducated. Bible study but loves Cardi B, no ma'am. She lost a fan
daniel choloply
daniel choloply Hace 23 horas
I said the same shit. She sounds like one of those ppl that tries to agree with EVERYONE, and make herself sound wholesome. She scared to speak her mind. She doesn't stand for nothing.
Edward Kis
Edward Kis Hace un día
gun control topic starts @11:53
RaphaEl Hace un día
💯on Ms. Owens comment And he right about the nap oh part. If she wasn’t tryna be offensive then why did she try to be offensive 🤦‍♂️
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis Hace un día
No thanks that song is 🗑! Far from the best song ever.
YB MACCASHE Hace un día
has anyone in the comments done the family business write off thing? my dad has an llc for moving company and i work for him from time to time
Adarose Hace un día
Banking Black and Black Marriage💕
Sandrine Scott
Sandrine Scott Hace un día
Yvonne you rocked this interview so hard!!! Yes for confidence. And this girl is so FUNNY! She done showed everybody that being a virgin is one small beautiful thing about herself along with everything else amazing.
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Hace un día
Great question charla!! POLITICS! Danny gotta WIN WIN to get that belt! It’s gonna be a great fight! Got that popcorn ready t.o style
Ruffascent Hace un día
is anybody really upset about this lame shit? why be mad about things associated with our blackness? chicks should had replied to that post with pics of themselves in a dress or skirt showin that the white boy ( nor the white girl ) aint got shit on the black woman. clap back. i know don't nobody care bout this shit.
Tipp2cool Hace un día
It’s sooo good to see her face 💕 welcome back j.s.
ponovno roden
ponovno roden Hace un día
So,.... Cardi B was THE FIRST woman to stand up and say I’m a stripper, I am who I am..... 😳 For real? Really Jazmine??!! Please sing. Don’t speak
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor Hace un día
Envy dieing to be black wtf lol how about u embrace where ur from weirdo
Melanie Terrickson
Melanie Terrickson Hace un día
Please tell everyone in Georgia they need to go vote in January election in Georgia because the race is not over there over the 2020 election: This is all foolery and a trick! Smoke and mirrors! If there is one thing that Republicans do is vote SO CALLING ALL GEORGIAN DEMOCRATS GO VOTE IN JANUARY BECAUSE TRUMP WILL NOT CONCEDE AND IT WILL POSSIBLY BE LEFT TO CONGRESS TO DECIDE TO KEEP HIM IN OFFICE! THE 2020 ELECTION IS NOT OVER DO NOT BE COMPLACENT PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG....
Quentin Williams
Quentin Williams Hace un día
Is this what is considered journalism?
Desnes7 Hace un día
When people have all the money in the world and you (harden/qcp) gift them everything that they can buy themselves, you're just doing it for attention. You get somebody something that actually means more to them/they wouldn't think of. Lil baby could've bought everything he receives. It's all for the cameras.
vuyiswa madyungu
vuyiswa madyungu Hace un día
He's real...parents did a great job especially mommy😀...#TeamBreezy
Bigg Droop-KC
Bigg Droop-KC Hace un día
Man I looked at that shit free
Trent Knight
Trent Knight Hace un día
Shid he ain't got no other choice but face them problems for real
str8tbummin Hace un día
Nothing more than a carnival barker with a sharp tounge selling a course.
MongaBoyz123 Hace un día
Why is yee talkin like that
bob locks
bob locks Hace un día
😐 I don't care but the example of the old Guy saying it is racist asf 😂😅✌🏾
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira Hace un día
Charlamagne actually has us defending Candace Owens!
8ght 7vn El
8ght 7vn El Hace un día
Heaux it's a French twist. Not a thing frfr
YF M Hace un día
Envy I would have never told anyone that my wife faked it for 6yrs. Your wife is a saint.
Desmond Carter
Desmond Carter Hace un día
Most of us did not know Miley Cyrus had a sister. This is a commercial for her. She will not be canceled.
unknwn Hace un día
DJ Envy is getting old cause he turned her whole question into nonsense 😂😂 #Hopefully somebody catches it cause that was wild 7:00
WeAreTES Hace un día
Donell Rawlings should play CTG 😂
Mimi Joseph
Mimi Joseph Hace un día
I’m not at all for Noah Cyrus saying what she said to Candace. Nappy is definitely a derogatory term. What’s sick is that there are people that are hesitant to call Noah out because they’re defending CANDACE. You don’t have to agree w her politics. And you don’t have to think that she’s “intelligent” for you to be decent and call people out that are being racially insensitive. I thought Black lives mattered? I thought that we as a community were supposed to uplift and defend each other? Good to know it’s only if we like each other.
Gemini Chanel
Gemini Chanel Hace un día
Lol "a designer puppy" lol
simpleliving a
simpleliving a Hace un día
Angela can’t say I don’t know “some puppies are expensive”🤣
simple money
simple money Hace un día
She saw it on Megan’s ig let it go
April Lee
April Lee Hace un día
I don't like Candace Owen's but I agree with her here. They're are trying to feminize men especially Black men. That whole White family is racist and she knew exactly what she meant. However, nappy is a compliment in my eyes
angel murillo
angel murillo Hace un día
Much respect to both Great fighters! Two of the best in the division. Best of luck to both
Haji Abdullah
Haji Abdullah Hace un día
First off Nappy Hair is not really an insult. God bless you with that hair texture as a temperature regulator to protect your brain. It's funny how they insult the blessings GOD gives us and we are supposed to get sad
A. G
A. G Hace un día
Wtf where the footage
Schatze Lady
Schatze Lady Hace un día
Jazmine Sullivan has a beautiful smile😍 I'm am so happy for her. God will bring her Mom though 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾I pray on it👍🏾💯
TiktokCentral Hace un día
anybody else peep how lil baby flip the bottle like some lean😂😂😂😂
Darius Seals
Darius Seals Hace un día
Jasmine is the best
LIL JON'S Hace un día
I had sista soulja album....
Terrell West
Terrell West Hace un día
I love Jaz! So humble
F. B.
F. B. Hace un día
Thanks for the information