King K
King K Hace 14 horas
Please God keep care of him...
S Z Hace 14 horas
Why did it take me a year to discover this?
Lucixxb Bby
Lucixxb Bby Hace 14 horas
back when i met you i thought you were specialllll
Tatted Migo
Tatted Migo Hace 14 horas
My type of song. Heartbreak 🖤🖤🖤
Damiez Millner
Damiez Millner Hace 14 horas
Keep going
leo π
leo π Hace 14 horas
id rather do the sentence least time will go by
Seth Kelly
Seth Kelly Hace 14 horas
This shit burned my house down 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andrea Bristol
Andrea Bristol Hace 14 horas
So no one's going n talk about how good Dani looks 💖 ok only me hmm
Empire Legacy
Empire Legacy Hace 15 horas Watch this to get security for your Apple Device for FREE! Works for BigSur 2020! Best Antivirus software!!
Antthony Lopez
Antthony Lopez Hace 15 horas
It’s crazy how it’s been a year
big gay
big gay Hace 15 horas
this man never fails to drop a banger ❤️
Hamed Jardine
Hamed Jardine Hace 15 horas
this fire keep going
Audrey-Ann Belanger
Audrey-Ann Belanger Hace 15 horas
every time I here this song I have the impression to be in a different mood I'm completely in a different mood now
Samantha Galan
Samantha Galan Hace 15 horas
Sihaam Khalif
Sihaam Khalif Hace 15 horas
Amani Kipoko
Amani Kipoko Hace 15 horas
Did you know that if one of his songs hasn’t been good then their is a sign the world could end
Zombie Gaming
Zombie Gaming Hace 15 horas
This man going through something really good song
Dana Westberry
Dana Westberry Hace 15 horas
The chic in video was not into making of this video.. I like see remake of this video wit different chic more ass less additude 😆
Ben rgl
Ben rgl Hace 15 horas
it is your boy MICAHI
it is your boy MICAHI Hace 15 horas
this song is hard is hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abbie Brown
Abbie Brown Hace 15 horas
He only like 19 imagine him in like 4 years
Mohammed Ihab
Mohammed Ihab Hace 15 horas
How tf do you get 2.9 mil in 6 days please explain
aharmouch mahmoud
aharmouch mahmoud Hace 15 horas
What the name of the girl?
Jay Killa
Jay Killa Hace 16 horas
Shef g when hard on dis shiiii😈💪🏽
Nagan YT
Nagan YT Hace 16 horas
He’s the king 👑 of NY🗽 This sound was too good.👏🏽
FloralTimes Hace 16 horas
Talented Tjay you gon head far.
Covasky Rodríguez
Covasky Rodríguez Hace 16 horas
I like you music lil
Jakes Channel
Jakes Channel Hace 16 horas
Jakes Channel
Jakes Channel Hace 16 horas
Trey Hxper
Trey Hxper Hace 16 horas
All the likes on this comment are people that are blessed
bleuu. Hace 16 horas
this beat is hard af
J.S.A Drawing
J.S.A Drawing Hace 16 horas
Glad this song doesn't say the n word
Oscar Magnusdottir
Oscar Magnusdottir Hace 16 horas
Ilyass Hace 16 horas
crazy how in dis song he didn't said she said she a virgin its hurtin
shush Hace 16 horas
why does this have so many likes <3 teheeeeeee
SheepZay 21
SheepZay 21 Hace 16 horas
This sound like Mozzy- Afraid ft DCMBR
J C R Hace 17 horas
Can someone send a link to tjay's hoodie from 0.13 sec?
Annia Forrester
Annia Forrester Hace 17 horas
Lets see who is listening in November 2020, 😍😉
Rhys Goes Boom
Rhys Goes Boom Hace 17 horas
This song is my favourite song it’s not even close to the box by roddy rich and also this song mad lil tjay my favourite rapper
Joel Andrade
Joel Andrade Hace 17 horas
Lil huddy this u?
Free DDawg
Free DDawg Hace 17 horas
J C R Hace 17 horas
Tjay-fan since Pop Out drppped. This is pure 🔥 again
tMøller Hace 17 horas
Woah thats a fnk banger song. Like what the fuck
Facu Leiva
Facu Leiva Hace 17 horas
Imogene Delisser
Imogene Delisser Hace 18 horas
This shit fire😈😈😈
icyana mendrell
icyana mendrell Hace 18 horas
This song really hit the spot🥺😂
Mike Pablo
Mike Pablo Hace 18 horas
Damn this song is so fire 💚💚💚💚 🔥
Bonkered Bonker
Bonkered Bonker Hace 18 horas
You be star struck if a nigga near you 🔥
Gene Kepa
Gene Kepa Hace 18 horas
I watch this every day 10 days a day
Another Unreleased
Another Unreleased Hace 18 horas
I post unreleased music🙏 come check it out💪🏼
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 18 horas
Here before TikTok steals “back when I met you thought u was special” and that emotional shit lmfaooo
Douglas Weber
Douglas Weber Hace 18 horas
Omg is that avery?
Nigga boo
Nigga boo Hace 18 horas
Slyboy the Lightboy
Slyboy the Lightboy Hace 18 horas
Who's watchwatching on Thanksgiving?
Alpha YTx7e
Alpha YTx7e Hace 18 horas
F 69 you are the king of New York
jdog1738ey y
jdog1738ey y Hace 18 horas
This joint came out now shes crying 🔥😑
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 18 horas
Tjay really do be spitting bars on bars..
CamSlays Hace 18 horas
Mans killed this.
-_- soggycereal
-_- soggycereal Hace 18 horas
Rip lil tjay
f0rgotteNN ¡
f0rgotteNN ¡ Hace 19 horas
oh my God, is that Avery ?
Nick Wyatt
Nick Wyatt Hace 19 horas
Moral of the story.. Man up do your bid shut your fucking mouths.
Lukey Hace 19 horas
Jake Goodsin
Jake Goodsin Hace 19 horas
Does anyone know how many times he said the n word
M A R Q 24/7
M A R Q 24/7 Hace 19 horas
Best Music Video 2020
Chris 24
Chris 24 Hace 19 horas
Can’t wait for this album
martin rosas
martin rosas Hace 19 horas
tjay hair stay the same
Sean Osull
Sean Osull Hace 19 horas
Tips for the bros🤝💯 1.take cold showers 🥶 2.take a break from girls she texting 37 others guys anyways 3.only drink water 4.stay on ur grind and we all going to make it❤️❤️💧
Jayden Patenaude
Jayden Patenaude Hace 19 horas
MRX Hace 19 horas
This song made me say every day to my friends "now im wishing a bus hit you"
dachosen1 Hace 19 horas
ahmedo0o61 6
ahmedo0o61 6 Hace 19 horas
Travis Scott worst nightmare
10K Novideos
10K Novideos Hace 19 horas
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
10K Novideos
10K Novideos Hace 19 horas
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
tw_vhg Hace 15 horas
Thanks bro i hope you’ll become succesful too g
Zviko Hace 19 horas
Mathematics needs to listen to this song 👁️💧👄💧👁️
Metro Metro
Metro Metro Hace 20 horas
One of the only songs over 2&ahalf minutes i can listen too On G.
Rosemarie Asemcion
Rosemarie Asemcion Hace 20 horas
Black lives matter
hamzah nsour
hamzah nsour Hace 20 horas
I swear you are a leanged lil tjay and polog fans and King von where are you
Fito King
Fito King Hace 20 horas
She ain't coming back bro move on🤣
David Xavier F.M
David Xavier F.M Hace 20 horas
Who was here when this song was stuck 117milion ?
Lacksdean Anderson
Lacksdean Anderson Hace 20 horas
Whose listening 👂🏿 to this song one thanksgiving day🙏🏿 😊
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Hace 20 horas
Lxtif Hace 20 horas
daamn the like to dislike ratio tho..
SEKIGAN TIVZ TMD Hace 20 horas