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Nicole Warwick
Nicole Warwick Hace 18 segundos
You are an awful person. You are uneducated and ignorant of what is going on in this country. Before you sing about it educate yourselve sweetie.
Prose Hace 2 minutos
Demi sucks!!! Trump 2020 vote for the only person who wants you to have freedoms!!
Prose Hace 4 minutos
Lmao the president is awesome. The democrats are playing all of you like pawns. Wake up! George Soros dumps millions of dollars into these violent protests. The media, Hollywood and the left hate America. They want you to be good little sheep and let them run the show. They hate Donald trump because he’s the only thing standing in the way between the left and freedom. #Trump2020 the only leader who loves America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Disney interviews & more
Disney interviews & more Hace 7 minutos
I'm listening from Israel and still feel every word in the song 😓
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer Hace 7 minutos
How is he lining his pockets deep? Or did that line just rhyme?
charles eyankware
charles eyankware Hace 11 minutos
Pray for Nigeria....
Reinaldo Batista
Reinaldo Batista Hace 11 minutos
Just one more sheep who preaches of struggle while sitting in her mansion. TRUMP is the best President in many many YEARS. What a sheep this female is.
John Morrissey
John Morrissey Hace 13 minutos
Demi locrackto is batshit insane with her pushing racial bias as a norm. While she lines her pockets of of victims. Yah real stunning and brave Demo! I call her Demo cause she could fuck up a wet dream. Now only if she can finally do that to her career or move tfo of America.
mutlu değilim
mutlu değilim Hace 17 minutos
Marshall McDermott
Marshall McDermott Hace 18 minutos
This is just good marketing. Make a song with the most vague statements that will encourage overreaction despite being void of base just to have a song that the uninformed can rally around as some kind of truth. She's not spreading the word using her platform, she's spreading ignorance using her platform. Trump has lost net worth while in office and he has been the most conservative and true to his platform person in office since any of us can remember. He's an annoying personality and most likely an immoral person, but the truth is he stepped down from his wealth to try to help our nation and hasn't done a terrible job.
Jeet kaur
Jeet kaur Hace 20 minutos
Thankyou for representing everyone here. Big small white black atheist religious straight gay a d everything in between
XoX Rosalie
XoX Rosalie Hace 21 un minuto
After 7 years, I'm still listening to this. Probably because I'm bored-
Doctor X
Doctor X Hace 22 minutos
The lyrics to this song are garbage. She must have watch CNN for like ten minutes to come up with this trash. Zero substance here. All emotional pandering. She just wants you to know how deeply moral she is. She is so moral and brave she doesn't even care that literally everyone around her agrees with her. She will probably several mean comments from all those terrible people that don't agree with her. I hope she can find a way to breathe soon
Henry Baba
Henry Baba Hace 30 minutos
This song is currently needed in my country Nigeria. We currently being killed by the soldiers meant to protect us only because we are doing a peaceful protest to end sars
Neria Ryall
Neria Ryall Hace 34 minutos
Some of these comments did *not* age well 💀
Mynameis Hace 42 minutos
Democrats have done NOTHING but bitch and whine about anything and everything for four years straight. How’s it feel knowing that your biggest contribution to society in the last four years was getting straws banned? Oh, B-R-A-V-O! Well, here’s a fun little fact to end with...the madder a democrat gets the funnier they become.
Emaloy Tv
Emaloy Tv Hace 50 minutos
Current situation in Nigeria right now
Talon Shirley
Talon Shirley Hace 50 minutos
*ooo this comment section should be interesting*
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea Hace 51 un minuto
The sign language hits different💪❤
Takudzwa Joseph
Takudzwa Joseph Hace 54 minutos
i feel this song might be banned in my country
Mmasom Ndefo
Mmasom Ndefo Hace un hora
Our Nigerian Commander in Chief is really feeding on the sufferings of his people. People are dying and there is a lot of crisis but he is sleeping soundly. May God bring them to judgement
Michael Bryant Maxan
Michael Bryant Maxan Hace un hora
Trump 2020
Queen 333
Queen 333 Hace un hora
We Love You 🥰
Michael Bryant Maxan
Michael Bryant Maxan Hace un hora
Trump 2020
Annari Brits
Annari Brits Hace un hora
In tears. Listening from South Africa.
Yashvi Parikh
Yashvi Parikh Hace un hora
proud of you demi 😍😘🤩😊
RAW KARAN Hace un hora
Very Hungry pumpkin
Very Hungry pumpkin Hace un hora
Rudy Giuliani didn't kill himself. Hunter Bidens laptop repair man didn't kill himself.
Bluebloodz Hace un hora
Listening from Nigeria. This is our reality right now 😔😔😔
Güneş Paksoy
Güneş Paksoy Hace un hora
chijioke obiedere
chijioke obiedere Hace un hora
Nigeria is country is in crisis while the commander in chief sends the military to kill us because we are asking to live. Please pray for us 🙏🏽🇳🇬💔
Grigster Hace un hora
Anyone else come here from Ben Shapiro? Had to witness Demi ruin her career first hand.
Maxime Béland
Maxime Béland Hace 22 minutos
You're part of the people ruining it.
AJ GAMING Hace un hora
🙄is it me or did that translator roast Demi’s chin 😳
Lexi Bennett
Lexi Bennett Hace un hora
This song is so powerful only if people listen and learn .
Crissny Tie
Crissny Tie Hace un hora
Michael Blaise
Michael Blaise Hace un hora
Though You are American, but you sang this for Nigeria.
Arundeep Singh
Arundeep Singh Hace un hora
Best song of 2020 goes to commander in chief ❤Demi never disappoint
Sadaf Iftikhar
Sadaf Iftikhar Hace un hora
This song is incredible!
M Pesio
M Pesio Hace un hora
Folks, I can tell you I've known eight presidents, three of them intimately A man I'm proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States - Barack America!" "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.... I'm not joking." All men and women are created by you know the thing I'd rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep If you have a problem figuring out whether your for me or for trump then you ain't black enough. It's all coming up through corrupt mexico I've spent all summer... I'm holding rallies in parks trying to get black man to understand it's unmanly to wear a condom. I'm not sorry for anything I have ever done. You’re a damn liar man... Look, fat, look.. Here's the deal. Clap for that you stupid bastards. I'm Joe Biden and I will beat Joe Biden. "A successful dump!" -Joe Biden
Augustinó Hace un hora
This song is perfect for Africa. Africa is burning and it's leaders seems not to care.
Solomon Davis
Solomon Davis Hace un hora
For those that lost their life in Nigeria #Endsars and Lekki Masscare 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬protest 💔💔💔💔
Predator West side
Predator West side Hace un hora
Nicholas Sakamoto
Nicholas Sakamoto Hace un hora
I’m just too flirtatious about Demi
Shark xvii
Shark xvii Hace un hora
Katharina Fischer
Katharina Fischer Hace un hora
Gefühlvoll 🥰liebe deine Stimme ❤️tolles Lied 👌🏻
Alyza Kashif
Alyza Kashif Hace 2 horas
Saif Ullah
Saif Ullah Hace 2 horas
Hayesy Hace 2 horas
You’re richer than most people you describe and their families for generations. Wind ya neck in
Samson Toro
Samson Toro Hace 2 horas
This song relates so much to the #EndSARS✊ protest happening in Nigeria rn.
Maya DZC
Maya DZC Hace 2 horas
When you show this level of vulnerability in front of so many and help others with it, you did everything right.
freedom expression
freedom expression Hace 2 horas
trump 2020
Çağla Diril
Çağla Diril Hace 2 horas
Governments are shit.
T R Hace 2 horas
Trump loves America and fights for the people. All ethnicities are doing better under Trump and there are so many Black, Gay, and Jewish fans who are finally coming out as MAGA. This song is opportunistic horseshit.
Samesha Brown
Samesha Brown Hace 2 horas
You're beautiful Demi! I love you!!!
Alyssa Morrow
Alyssa Morrow Hace 2 horas
She don't care about about America because she's rich and also she just wants you the choose Biden that's what Hollywood wants you to do I'm very disappointed of her writing that song to hurt the president I found out on Tik Tok
BTS UNIVERSE Hace 2 horas
0:42 Fabletics reference
Vittoria Martocchia
Vittoria Martocchia Hace 2 horas
Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra
Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra Hace 2 horas
demi lovato is so beautiful
jennifer jordan
jennifer jordan Hace 2 horas
Thank you for making this song Ms Demi!!! I really think that other people that have the platform should use it! I’m just a lil regular nobody but We need more people like you to stand up to the prick that is the so called president. To stand up and inspire people to vote!!!!!
Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra
Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra Hace 2 horas
i kinda didnt like how she gave troll accounts attention. those roaches dont deserve it
Shannah Tan
Shannah Tan Hace 2 horas
Hold up THATS NICK JONAS!?!?!?
Easterinna Infinity
Easterinna Infinity Hace 2 horas
God's listening 😔💝
RobbieWritesCode Hace 2 horas
Have they isolated Sars-Cov-19 for the PCR tests to detect it definitively?
Easterinna Infinity
Easterinna Infinity Hace 2 horas
Taylor Wildey
Taylor Wildey Hace 3 horas
I can only relate to the beginning not the other half of the song
Ucee 222
Ucee 222 Hace 3 horas
For the genocide currently happening in Nigeria. Lekki toll gate 20/10/2020
Quavers Prince
Quavers Prince Hace 3 horas
Really hit me hard...damn
HeroicLarvy Hace 3 horas
I get that its catchy and rhymes but.. Trump has lost a dick load of money being the president so.. not exactly on the mark.
Florelle Sateu
Florelle Sateu Hace 3 horas
how many poeple are whaching this amazing song in October. May the love shine in your live. love is everything. I Love you all
Bob Armstrong
Bob Armstrong Hace 3 horas
Nikita DMX
Nikita DMX Hace 3 horas
CUCKOO Hace 3 horas
Kasih Kocog
Kasih Kocog Hace 3 horas
Im not bron yet im bron in 2012 Aug 6 xD
Nicole Moreno De La Puente
Nicole Moreno De La Puente Hace 3 horas
Gracias Hermosa letra :'(
Poisoned Arrow
Poisoned Arrow Hace 3 horas
Trump 2020! Joe Biden should not be a four term president. That goes against the us constitution.
Elizabeth Schell
Elizabeth Schell Hace 3 horas
Trump needs a Psyche Eval
Naresh Chauhan
Naresh Chauhan Hace 3 horas
"We're in a state of crisis, people are dyin' While you line your pockets deep". These lyrics are so ironic when you are risking your life (and especially in America) and others life too just to put a music video and earn money(and the ones who are in this video)
GreenTea Addict
GreenTea Addict Hace 4 horas
Trump came into my head while listening to this song. Is this about his administration?
Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns Hace 4 horas
This song sucks
Karina Mendes
Karina Mendes Hace 4 horas
My heart started to beat faster with the sign language