V4KZ Hace 9 horas
6:10 when Mongraal said 0 AR ammo I felt sad for when he said “at ammo anyone”
Basixx Hace 9 horas
1:00 you good bro, sudden realization im the same when I win..........
Frxty Pranks
Frxty Pranks Hace 9 horas
crimson blurz
crimson blurz Hace 9 horas
Vybez yt
Vybez yt Hace 9 horas
sud to me
父 ֆ l u m p 父
父 ֆ l u m p 父 Hace 9 horas
but i still use code mongraal
父 ֆ l u m p 父
父 ֆ l u m p 父 Hace 9 horas
clix is better
父 ֆ l u m p 父
父 ֆ l u m p 父 Hace 9 horas
mongraal is not the best he is only good at eting
GENE DRAK Hace 10 horas
Dude you were flying from space like god was like Montreal I finna boogie bom you and kill yiu
Manu De Mol
Manu De Mol Hace 10 horas
T7K AyarBaffoid
T7K AyarBaffoid Hace 10 horas
It's very strong Mongraal there's nothing to say about him
Rafael Lima Fernandes
Rafael Lima Fernandes Hace 10 horas
back to back
lenn _83
lenn _83 Hace 10 horas
Je suis le seul fr 🤔
C1_Cold Hace 11 horas
How did he get shield? 8:07
Jason Parker
Jason Parker Hace 11 horas
mitro didnt stop talking
V4KZ Hace 11 horas
3:15 Listen to mongraals teammate say “yep here we go” lol
XD_Foxy !!
XD_Foxy !! Hace 11 horas
He’s more goated then a goat
mtdn erickzin
mtdn erickzin Hace 11 horas
Hello and Brazil
LexiMurder Hace 11 horas
anyone notice that the intro is chill then when mongraal the when he plays its louds does it make sense?
krxzy Hace 11 horas
i like the thats a quikc roation aha u edit th e fuckinjg ramp ur editor is clean who is it i pay for a edit!
krxzy Hace 11 horas
f me ahha ehs a goat
krxzy Hace 11 horas
im better check me out if u agree ha
krxzy Hace 11 horas
im better check me out if u agree ha
天井坂 Hace 11 horas
IG_PositiveVibes Hace 12 horas
Theres clix the title and i am getting a proguides add with clix like what
17 Kyle Molina
17 Kyle Molina Hace 12 horas
Mongraal hates s5 theres no pump cuz hes the pump warrior lol
Switchblade lol
Switchblade lol Hace 12 horas
2:35 this is what I spam in online lessons
Air Furix
Air Furix Hace 12 horas
Was geht
Damiano Bonanno
Damiano Bonanno Hace 12 horas
The best fortnite player in the world
Felix Lovett
Felix Lovett Hace 12 horas
at 9:33 its a hostage situation
axtro_nightmares Hace 12 horas
Fav word... 1hp 1hp
FaZe F4ck3x
FaZe F4ck3x Hace 13 horas
You've been, you were, and you will always be the best keep it up 👊👊
Keivorn Huggins
Keivorn Huggins Hace 13 horas
Where’s mongraal?👀
TacoZ Hace 13 horas
1:09 that made me get motivated to being better at this game 😂
Gemma Bravington
Gemma Bravington Hace 13 horas
Y can I hear his kebored
GRN _Just1neX
GRN _Just1neX Hace 13 horas
10:46 wraxx xd cz sk
lolou kart
lolou kart Hace 13 horas
Français qui regarde mongraal
quofnbrツ Hace 14 horas
I just realized he killed crr 3 times lol
W4RZ Hace 14 horas
6:27 you can hear a police siren in the background!
Cody King Year 6
Cody King Year 6 Hace 14 horas
keep up the good work,great content BTW
Ikhlas _ BTW ツ
Ikhlas _ BTW ツ Hace 14 horas
If your watching this in 2021 then your a legend
GhostGamer YT
GhostGamer YT Hace 14 horas
Who relisied that mongral killed NRG benjyfishy
INTEL RICH Hace 15 horas
Petar Stamboliev
Petar Stamboliev Hace 15 horas
Like 2021
INTEL RICH Hace 15 horas
mongrall is just carrying like im way better than his teammates
S.M.G_YT Hace 15 horas
Mongraal is your favourite words 1`hp 1 hp
Leander Mackowiak
Leander Mackowiak Hace 15 horas
Wer deutsch kann liket
cain hill
cain hill Hace 15 horas
nice one , these are clean
FBI Biguto
FBI Biguto Hace 15 horas
God trio
Коля Лях
Коля Лях Hace 15 horas
Tukz Hace 16 horas
This is why the pump got removed 😞
abo flah
abo flah Hace 16 horas
نزلت فيديو 2. مضحك لو تشوفه ب تسعدوني ف قناتي
たかしたかし Hace 16 horas
thanos_kalp18 Hace 16 horas
omg man
CloWzy waleed
CloWzy waleed Hace 16 horas
U should have givven him the win
Flavio 0598
Flavio 0598 Hace 16 horas
Mi regotd is 43 kill in arena solo
Omg mongraal iu so god am kil mi
F3R0 gamer
F3R0 gamer Hace 17 horas
I got 37
Finn Hooper
Finn Hooper Hace 17 horas
Bots bots bots bots, I love bots, bots are coming dusty
DN_ Moist
DN_ Moist Hace 17 horas
at 0:23 he kills Benjifishy
フォートナイト大好き Hace 17 horas
自分なんかよりも次元が違いすぎる 自分もこれくらい上手くなりたいw
LB Chroma
LB Chroma Hace 18 horas
Mongraal can get a montage from one game
Talon Blackbird Phillips
Talon Blackbird Phillips Hace 18 horas
Lol mongraal litearlly full edit corsed to a chest
Gaxet 69
Gaxet 69 Hace 18 horas
0:10 Mongraal= I have Aimbot also Mongraal he have aimbot me :/
B0terham Hace 18 horas
00:25 benjy?
Shadws999 Hace 19 horas
best player
•Dragon glass Clan•
•Dragon glass Clan• Hace 19 horas
I want mongraal and price control kill to 1v1
Edison Foster
Edison Foster Hace 19 horas
2:12 misses the shot, "I hit him 50"
DC Jay
DC Jay Hace 10 horas
He hits 42 look in slowmo
DC Jay
DC Jay Hace 10 horas
Watch at 2:09 he hit sumthing
INFINITY Baris Hace 19 horas
Mongraal ist the best player from the wold❤
Stealthyninja kid
Stealthyninja kid Hace 20 horas
Anyone notices how underrated mongraals aim is
Reece’s yt
Reece’s yt Hace 20 horas
Mosey vibes 🧐
Squeezy btw
Squeezy btw Hace 20 horas
Mongraals real name is Kyle Jackson
Kleptッ Hace 20 horas
I just hope everyone is having a great night and theres nothing better to watch than mongraal and mitro :)
Amir Æ
Amir Æ Hace 20 horas
Very nice
Glenn Turnbull
Glenn Turnbull Hace 21 un hora
I love how every trio game starts with 3, and 4 mins in to the game its JUST Mongraal demolishing
Glenn Turnbull
Glenn Turnbull Hace 21 un hora
I love how every trio game starts with 3, and 4 mins in to the game and then its JUST Mongraal
Dharanitharan Seshatharan
Dharanitharan Seshatharan Hace 22 horas
This Guy is shouting like a moron
Bank Faze
Bank Faze Hace 22 horas
do he is so good omg
Amar Farag
Amar Farag Hace 23 horas
Aj got fans
Aj got fans Hace 23 horas
Mongraal thanked the bus driver Lobby: Leaves the match
Jonathan Rivas
Jonathan Rivas Hace 23 horas
My question is why is he such a kid mongral more like mongirl