Aidan Rea
Aidan Rea Hace 23 horas
U forgot the rare mob brown mushroom
PEPO PEPOPAN Hace 23 horas
Make a 200 days plis
Lao Da
Lao Da Hace 23 horas
do one that is that you are the ender dragon for 100 days
Oktawian Skowron
Oktawian Skowron Hace 23 horas
Aren't you a little too lucky?
Marc Faubel
Marc Faubel Hace 23 horas
That strider was right also subscribe to his channel
Jonathan Huge
Jonathan Huge Hace 23 horas
keep making good videos bro
adam gaming
adam gaming Hace 23 horas
o i can take u on on bedwars
Nathaniel zanders
Nathaniel zanders Hace 23 horas
Im not trying to be "that guy" but you missed elder gardian and gardian
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Hace 23 horas
the music from the movie jurrasic park
Joyce kang
Joyce kang Hace un día
Nalin Kain
Nalin Kain Hace un día
I am glad i found ur channel...😊
Amjed Sahat
Amjed Sahat Hace un día
Do part 2
Jake Newsome
Jake Newsome Hace un día
I found a stronghold in a reven in the owshen
The Boi
The Boi Hace un día
0:01 mommy help
Владислав Капуджиев
Владислав Капуджиев Hace un día
That was so long for you and for me it was awesome!
Refresh Page
Refresh Page Hace un día
His voice is so calming I can’t stop watching 😂
Pasta Goose
Pasta Goose Hace un día
herobrine is like the older brother who keeps taking your stuff and saying "What are you gonna do about it?"
Reed Wolters
Reed Wolters Hace un día
How do you become a pigeon or what mod is it
mohd nazri
mohd nazri Hace un día
i dont have minecraft :(
mohd nazri
mohd nazri Hace un día
i sub to ur chanel but piglins is afraod of soul fire so is gonna be hard to be a piglin
Finder Ton
Finder Ton Hace un día
drako moko
drako moko Hace un día
7:32 you had 2 thous thuings
Haleema KIANI
Haleema KIANI Hace un día
There should be netherrack armour and tools!!
Kirbycrush 123
Kirbycrush 123 Hace un día
That was cool
TheTrailBlazerr Hace un día
Your missing a few but there some of the most forgettable mobs so it dont matter
Garrett Buendorf
Garrett Buendorf Hace un día
What about ghast
Isak Rosenstedt
Isak Rosenstedt Hace un día
200 days?
Bud Buster
Bud Buster Hace un día
a bee
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Hace un día
How do you know what day your on
Glitchy_Gamesツ Hace un día
Pretty sure with the vines you have to punch the bottom to the top to get the vines.
choppers 990
choppers 990 Hace un día
Now this isn't a world you would delete
Duffton Animations
Duffton Animations Hace un día
Bud Buster
Bud Buster Hace un día
Quackers Hace un día
I'm still looking for comments, if it's possible to get seeds on the nether.
Ghost Lee Mann
Ghost Lee Mann Hace un día
stolen from forge labs
Irysaal AlQatari
Irysaal AlQatari Hace un día
U make good content
Liani Gaming
Liani Gaming Hace un día
500 days?
Akriek Paul
Akriek Paul Hace un día
You should have only used gold
Hat Girl
Hat Girl Hace un día
wait he got a shiny turtwig?
Karson Poon
Karson Poon Hace un día
RealGEGamer Hace un día
please do a 200 days (edit): its a part 2
Guilherme Gaspar
Guilherme Gaspar Hace un día
Thanks for The vídeo and reincanated as a piglin
Puro Hace un día
After I watched this I was inspired too play Minecraft but you can’t leave the nether but minus the piglin part. And now I can never go back too normal Minecraft, before I would find myself afraid of every movement that I made in the nether and after I did this challenge, I found the nether quite calming, I made friends with the survivors of a bastion I had raided and lived there with the piglins, sure they kept trying too shoot me but I had them trapped so I could just trade with them. TLDR; I really do recommend you do this challenge, it’s a very pleasant experience
Mr. Venom
Mr. Venom Hace un día
Why the poor wolves
Shaun t Pearson
Shaun t Pearson Hace un día
After this video I downloaded Pixelmon myself
eichi GAMER
eichi GAMER Hace un día
Anna Hace un día
The bee and puffer fish are dang cute.
Anna Hace un día
Cannibalism has entered the chat....
Bearx_Queen Hace un día
23:15 imagine you just fall accidentally into lava lol.
Simpnap Hace un día
That’s not breezly bridge-ing.....
Yehudah Ben Yaakov
Yehudah Ben Yaakov Hace un día
*sad armor stand noises
Peter Jansen
Peter Jansen Hace un día
It's soul soil at the end, not soul sand
Corinthius Hace un día
You should watch my piglin video because I show that soul soil works too😉
Tutorials N Gaming
Tutorials N Gaming Hace un día
“ the creeper identity” T h e b o u r n e I d e n t i t y
Pct Hace un día
Whooooh good job I could definitely not spend 100 days in hardcore minecraft in the nether whilst being a pig lin
EPENN Nub Hace un día
Isn't a pigman eating pork technically cannibalism
Frankie Person
Frankie Person Hace un día
I wish there was actual player npcs that would try to beat the game while you do this.
Swords [John Michael Malicdem]
Swords [John Michael Malicdem] Hace un día
Imagine seeing one of your people move different, do stuff different, and has an iron axe instead
Masterchief Banane
Masterchief Banane Hace un día
You forgot to put the netherstar with an item-frame over your Throne
Lars Romtveit Thoresen
Lars Romtveit Thoresen Hace un día
Jesper Pedersen
Jesper Pedersen Hace un día
Do a 200 days
fortnight creative Noobs Oof
fortnight creative Noobs Oof Hace un día
The Pokémon pc looking kinda sus
Lil Vic
Lil Vic Hace un día
love your videos
Qbikson Hace un día
Where are pillagers?
Erice Aspa
Erice Aspa Hace un día
When pc sus 5:41 6:00 10:20 14:46 14:48 15:16 15:30
Ayza Ali
Ayza Ali Hace un día
How can you get seeds in the nether
Henrik Wikner
Henrik Wikner Hace un día
have you also seen the minecraft story mode YAY LETSGO
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee Hace un día
This is just starting in the neather with a piglen skin
Tandem Playz
Tandem Playz Hace un día
Patryk sierotnik
Patryk sierotnik Hace un día
Let's gooooo
Henrik Wikner
Henrik Wikner Hace un día
Well done and good job with your business and builds greatly
ńi ee
ńi ee Hace un día
You can use lava as fuel for furnaces
Dale Barnych
Dale Barnych Hace un día
L K Hace un día
I think there should be 2 types of bastions, remnants (the broken down ones) and complete bastions that look nice and are all patched up
Roei Tal
Roei Tal Hace un día
U forgot a stray
Rpdi Hunter
Rpdi Hunter Hace un día
Your army was massacred quickly, but they fought bravely. May their valiant souls rest in the nether, and hopefully not get trapped in soul sand.
Youtube Guy
Youtube Guy Hace un día
The subtitles…there amazing, not like others where it doesn’t work