The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
Teresa Crow
Teresa Crow Hace 8 horas
vagner freitas
vagner freitas Hace 8 horas
a falta do sol por um ano acarretara em multiplas doenças nos seres humanos ....e isso que voces querem...pode ate parecer novos virus mais mortais do que esse covid-19....isso me parece uma reduction population....
Roman Soiko
Roman Soiko Hace 8 horas
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Mamalita7 Hace 8 horas
Who saw a bigot Archie Bunker personality person and the Next President of the United States at this debate?
Raj sapkota
Raj sapkota Hace 8 horas
Last month I had invested $200 on stock market for the first time and now my stock is going up and has a value of $400 to this day. Yeah ! It's a Small investment but if you look at the gaining percentage of it, 100% return within a month.
Zanna_Health Hace 8 horas will trump open up?
SFbayKID Hace 8 horas
Debbie Menon
Debbie Menon Hace 8 horas
The Liberal Dems live in a massive echo chamber. They are all repeating in chorus the Moderator won the debate. They cannot say Biden is a dismal failure. Disregard the fear mongers and war mongers and VOTE 4 more years of PEACE not WAR. Biden and Obama sold out to the war lobby and special interests for 8 years in office. They caused the World Refugee Crisis. COVID is a natural disaster. Trump is capable of recovery. VOTE for more jobs, manufacturing, small business, prison reform, infrastructure, fixing violence, fixing Opioid crisis, prescription drugs. Vote for your pockets.
thou ist
thou ist Hace 8 horas
take a shot every time you're forced to roll your eyes. you'll probably have to remortgage your home
AutoBez 313
AutoBez 313 Hace 8 horas
I have a 2011 Ford F-150 with 5.0 coyote engine and love it 🚗 🚘
Abdulkerim S
Abdulkerim S Hace 8 horas
Who's here after the beta release?
Ryan A
Ryan A Hace 8 horas
Not 0 stake but they would own ETFS AND INDEXES. It makes sense
T Mobile
T Mobile Hace 8 horas
Thank you dt for going easy on the American people with your obnoxious arrogance but you are still unequivocally the "Lion King "
Derek Hace 8 horas
The boating industry alone will keep them alive
ThaRealERAQ Hace 8 horas
bruh a low level fed employee would be in jail for this crap. This needs to apply to president, vp, & judges as well.
Nancy Christopher
Nancy Christopher Hace 8 horas
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Nancy Christopher
Nancy Christopher Hace 8 horas
Thanks a MILLION !!!! I was trying to unblock my sister who blocked me and I also blocked her because I was mad... we were blocked since 2years! And we finally unblock each other we the help of Haier_unlock_all ⭕️n Instagram💯
Anton Skippy
Anton Skippy Hace 8 horas
What grocery chain wants to build stores that are going to be repeatedly robbed, continuously defaced, then burned during a riot? The residents of these neighborhoods are the architects of their own hardships.
Benny Panivil
Benny Panivil Hace 8 horas
This is a great example on how the fake stream media clearly understands that their viewers are very stupid.
Benny Panivil
Benny Panivil Hace 9 horas
The population of Sweden is 10 million people... the landmass is very small. The people there are not that interesting as Americans.
T Mobile
T Mobile Hace 9 horas
Biden believes in Science, trump believes in science fiction.
Benny Panivil
Benny Panivil Hace 9 horas
What's the population of Sweden is it 1 million or 2 million?
Mike McCartney
Mike McCartney Hace 9 horas
Because they made a living tricking people into thinking they couldn't just go on Amazon and buy the same supplements for half the price.
Louis Meadors
Louis Meadors Hace 9 horas
The moderator did not pressure the president to answer the question asked. Check it out.
John Coh
John Coh Hace 9 horas
Martin Saunders
Martin Saunders Hace 9 horas
As a caveat to the above,the 1st and 2nd wives only drove manual,the third couldnt drive but rode a Yamaha
deborah elliott
deborah elliott Hace 9 horas
Dems have destroyed the american community to the point that no place feels like home anymore.
Kurt Klein
Kurt Klein Hace 9 horas
Nobody believes you Joe Biden for you are a proven liar and you lied multiple times in this debate straight to the faces of the American people. You are a compromised individual with China
okcboi Hace 9 horas
But the government put capital into AIG
Martin Saunders
Martin Saunders Hace 9 horas
You actually have to DRIVE a manual transmission which makes texting and applying makeup difficult
democracy ha
democracy ha Hace 9 horas
Compare this to Trump's numbers.
Thomas Henry
Thomas Henry Hace 9 horas
14days of focus and hardwork can put you many years ahead... I just got into bitcoin trading and investment and I made my profits wish I knew about this earlier, cryptocurrency is truly a life changer
Harris Carter
Harris Carter Hace 8 horas
Mr Adams has taken my financial status to a higher standard...all thanks to my aunt who introduced me to him
Росицки полудикая лошадь
Росицки полудикая лошадь Hace 8 horas
@背風處陳 You’re right Sir, I’m a living testimony of Exper Adams Baker
背風處陳 Hace 8 horas
My first investment with Mr Adams gave me profit of over €24,000 and ever since then he has never failed to deliver and I can even say he's the most sincere broker I have known
Chote Choudhary
Chote Choudhary Hace 8 horas
@Jane Oliver Wow, I’m surprised someone just mentioned expert Adams
Chote Choudhary
Chote Choudhary Hace 8 horas
@Robert Daniels Damn! You’re right you must be a genius.
Robert Tito Wilson
Robert Tito Wilson Hace 9 horas
Screw the stock market. “Enough is Enough”.
Faris Muhammad
Faris Muhammad Hace 9 horas
"Manual requires work, skill, and constant attention" seriously? that to me is the enjoyment
karim lavji
karim lavji Hace 9 horas
When you have to add a mute button because your president is a child and has no respect
Charles Zorn
Charles Zorn Hace 9 horas
Every republican I've talked to about the electoral college love it, and every democrat I've talked to hate it. I think the reason is, only republicans have won the electoral college while losing the popular vote to become president. Without it, it would be almost impossible for a republican to become president unless that candidate could sway a given number of democrats to vote them. On the other hand democrats could win by just concentrating on the base constituency.
The Swapperz
The Swapperz Hace 9 horas
Biden = Old, Feeble, Inarticulate and a Liar
• •
• • Hace 9 horas
The reviews are paid...
Tony J
Tony J Hace 9 horas
In the USA we have so many undocumented people so of course there's going to be higher death rates. The undocumented are afraid so they lie to the doctors, they have no records and no information to hospitals in their home..Geez, some lie about their name too. We also have much higher population than Canada, NYC alone is 9 million people and probably more if you count the undocumented. Our undocumented persons is probably 65% of Canada's entire population. Considering this, the USA healthcare system isn't bad at all. Considering the population and the undocumented we still get things done at warp speed compared to Canada. Canada couldn't afford to have undocumented people living and feeding off the government because they would go bankrupt.
L W Loughby
L W Loughby Hace 9 horas
NO TO JOE!!! Joe is a marxist puppet that doesn't have a plan! Zero plan!
YugoRr Hace 9 horas
Car, the biggest purchase? How about a house. That said, if you consider the investment than it may be right.
Siervo Inutil
Siervo Inutil Hace 9 horas
Donald j Trump 2020.and Wanda Vasquez Garcéd governor of puerto Rico the real republicans team.🇵🇷🇺🇸
Johnathan Bjerk
Johnathan Bjerk Hace 9 horas
This could’ve been a great opportunity to thin the herd of genetically weak people, flood the market with the wealth and real estate that old people have built up when they passed away, reduce traffic congestion, and lower Medicare, Medicaid, pension and social security costs that could’ve been redirected towards health, education and infrastructure... But no, you had to shut down the economy.
MrButtstroker Hace 9 horas
It's Trump's fault.
Siervo Inutil
Siervo Inutil Hace 9 horas
Puerto Rico is time to send a huge massege to the congress vote 🔼 yes 100% and lets see who are the liar puerto Rico liders or the congress.🇵🇷🇺🇸
LEO TV Hace 9 horas
Thats what happen to nokia,..declining thier opponents😁😁
Paolo Zanconato
Paolo Zanconato Hace 9 horas
In 2021 see it truck?
N K Hace 9 horas
Easy... It doesn't. Please use your heads. - Person from Ontario, CA
karim lavji
karim lavji Hace 9 horas
They were never clear on what they actually were
N. Taylor
N. Taylor Hace 9 horas
They're building these autonomous trucks with a drivers seat and a cabin in the back. They wouldn't draw up and engineer these trucks with those features incorporated in them if they weren't planning on having a "driver" in the truck. I'm guessing that the company will pay you less when you're not driving and operating. But make no mistake, a company those not care about their drivers. The bottom line is that on their spread sheet, you're negative number and they want to cut expenses wherever they can.
cantave benhugo
cantave benhugo Hace 9 horas
Not surprise 🙄
JW AWAKE Hace 9 horas
Who built the Biden and them are the blame... Really!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Who built guns?? So the person who builds guns are the blame?.... really come on. It’s the person who takes action afterwards. Now lets put his kids in cages and see how he feels!!! We are all human just different. Smh sad sad world we live in.
Jacqui Hinton
Jacqui Hinton Hace 9 horas
I believe that it's time the so-called rich I'm alright people realized that they will not survive without poor front line -workers anywhere in the world.
Bill Somen
Bill Somen Hace 9 horas
He looks weak and sometimes loses his minds. If you know who I'm talking about, just destroy the like button!
Greg Baker
Greg Baker Hace 8 horas
Just moments before the debate
mike Hace 9 horas
Robinhood traders are the worst they know nothing. Easy does not mean money
Chiang Mai Condo
Chiang Mai Condo Hace 9 horas
bring on electric ASAP
メ『 V I B E S 』
メ『 V I B E S 』 Hace 9 horas
Damn so you're telling my future kids will never know how cool it was to drive manual? Smh
Jimmy Rustles
Jimmy Rustles Hace 9 horas
Many folks in the comments mentioning to "use a normal family for these types of videos", not realizing that many "normal" families cant afford the time, camera presense or childcare, to share their perspectives. And really, you dont NEED to see their plight, when seeing the plight of a family that takes in 150k a year struggle with childcare, you can easily see that their is something wrong with that (and extrapolate that those that make less most certainly deal with even worst situations). Anywho, its things like this as to why we (the USA) need affordable healthcare, a better system to take care of children and families, and more support for planned parenthood and medical abortions.
fnovax Hace 9 horas
I want to buy American made American TRUCKS but the quality and reliability is so bad that Ill probably resort Japanese cars. Ford, please make more reliable trucks. I REALLY DONT WANT TO BUY A TUNDRA.
bob bob
bob bob Hace 9 horas
I'm glad CNBC, the king of pump and dumps, is reporting on this
Nishanth Nair
Nishanth Nair Hace 9 horas
Feeling bad for the founder of Quibi. He looks distressed.
American Jobs Factory
American Jobs Factory Hace 9 horas
We need Andrew Yang in the administration to deal with Google.
Freesmart Hace 9 horas
Well as of 2020 the preorders sold out instantly in japan so they're not having the problem of selling horribly anymore
EriZone Hace 9 horas
It seems to me the more educated societies become the dumber they get. Why not just plant trees. It’s faster, cheaper and get more oxygen in return. Addiction to oil is killing our way of life. We need innovation that kills the oil industry, not maintain the status quo.
Mr. Night
Mr. Night Hace 9 horas
14:19 Oh sh- he said Denmark
Dustin Hace 9 horas
So its China. Why not just say its all fake stuff and reviews coming from China?
dsalpha18 Hace 9 horas
The main concern is tampered with. Expired at least you can throw it out.
Ryan Farris
Ryan Farris Hace 9 horas
Yes let's replace trees with machines that require tons of energy to run. Yeah technically you are carbon negative, but what happens if your power is lost for any significant period of time. Not to mention that you need a ton of carbon emissions to create these just like wind and solar farms. Your literally just investing for oil companies, I'm sure they are very pleased. Crazy thought, why not grow trees and use the farm land we have to sequester oil by just naturally growing crops instead of tilling, and chemically fertilizing which is proven to actually produce lower yields long term and also kills the soil.
Luna Sea
Luna Sea Hace 9 horas
Streaming services = saturated market.
David Dees
David Dees Hace 9 horas
Blockbuster = 13 yrs old and younger. I"ll stick with streaming.
1 2 3 Four Five
1 2 3 Four Five Hace 9 horas
Basketball and Football are seen as uniquely American sports and is embedded in aome American cultures. Basketball is more universal. Anyone skilled enough can play and watch, no matter the background and the entire game is more versatile where anyone who is skilled, strong or smart enough can be successful. Bird = Smart. MJ = Skilled. Shaq = strong. And all are goats.
Ray Mullen
Ray Mullen Hace 9 horas
My Mom would sent me Spam during my two tours in """Nam ... When the guys in the tent found out what I had I had to lock them up... U.S.M.C. R.P.M.
Joseph Rhodes Hodgson
Joseph Rhodes Hodgson Hace 9 horas
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East17A Hace 10 horas
you shocked me when you said for whatever reason people don't want to eat in a restaurant. because the reason obvious as the sun. who want to go out spend money in environment that mandate you to wear a mask?! and the price on the menu these days are way up . the whole idea opening for business in this situation is a failure dream . the government just doesn't want to take responsibility. they are failing and still continue to do a good job at it !!! they jus want people to wear mask !!
cornerstone contracting service
cornerstone contracting service Hace 10 horas
Well make the Cornerstore start selling actual stores , you can buy everything with food stamps there .
cornerstone contracting service
cornerstone contracting service Hace 9 horas
Selling food -“
Duarte Silva
Duarte Silva Hace 10 horas
So much talking about covid! Lol
Sam De Luna
Sam De Luna Hace 10 horas
GameStop selling a digital PS5 is the nail in the coffin.
Haluk L. Aka
Haluk L. Aka Hace 10 horas
"Handling Misinformation", what a clever euphemism for censorship :D
Bush Man
Bush Man Hace 10 horas
I was born and raised in Africa, currently live in Los Angeles and I'll tell you this. The most corrupt country in the world is NOT poor/third world countries rather America right here. Corruption is soooo bad in america that the average citizen can't even participate. These are criminals
Panic Room
Panic Room Hace 10 horas
If you don't vote for Joe Biden, you ain't black.