KIING - Life (Lyrics) 🎵
DYNAMIC GAMINGS Hace 2 minutos
This song is my favourite. 1st in my list . Thanks for this.
MARCYS 2013 Hace 3 minutos
Song talking about killing and cheating Me : cool song
Jewel Labatiao
Jewel Labatiao Hace 4 minutos
In Philippines this song is famouse
itsme julianaolea
itsme julianaolea Hace 5 minutos
imissyouu karlaaa😭😭
Md Tarequzzaman06
Md Tarequzzaman06 Hace 6 minutos
soffie Hace 6 minutos
i knew im a legend when i came here to sing this song. who else?
Desconhecido '-'
Desconhecido '-' Hace 6 minutos
Cade os br pa dominá essa polha kkakk
Noura Elmegnouni
Noura Elmegnouni Hace 7 minutos
I love this song 😍😍😍😍👍
Meloudie Remedios
Meloudie Remedios Hace 9 minutos
seher yaman
seher yaman Hace 10 minutos
wonderfull I love u E
Demi Allan
Demi Allan Hace 10 minutos
I am
Subhashni Singh
Subhashni Singh Hace 10 minutos
I am taken aback with her song .😇😇😇she has a magical voice.😘
hailey Powell
hailey Powell Hace 10 minutos
Wow! I love his voice so does my sister!
Yağmur özkavak fan beyza kara
Yağmur özkavak fan beyza kara Hace 11 minutos
Yastığın altına koyun ve yastığa yatın
jiha letta
jiha letta Hace 13 minutos
Always being my fav song 💞
Sabhyata Thapa
Sabhyata Thapa Hace 13 minutos
I came here by searching Nice to meet you .
Kean Miguel Queddeng
Kean Miguel Queddeng Hace 15 minutos
im crying
Bregje Den Hartog
Bregje Den Hartog Hace 16 minutos
Well, just when I thought I was over him she writes this epic song. Got all the feelings back...
Mathilde Sofie Norum
Mathilde Sofie Norum Hace 17 minutos
so good
Mathilde Sofie Norum
Mathilde Sofie Norum Hace 17 minutos
ananna zaman
ananna zaman Hace 18 minutos
Iis Mariiam
Iis Mariiam Hace 19 minutos
Teruntuk kamu yang jauh disana semoga kamu tenang disana di tempatkan di tempat terindah di sisi allah 😇🙏🙏 25-08-09/17-06-12 😇🙏🙏
Gaia Ceccarelli
Gaia Ceccarelli Hace 23 minutos
Io l'ho imparata a memoria sta canzone è bellissima!!!😍
Lance Lennard De Villa
Lance Lennard De Villa Hace 23 minutos
- Tzadakim -
- Tzadakim - Hace 24 minutos
Was 11, now I’m 19.
tino_ff id
tino_ff id Hace 25 minutos
aggelos pepelas
aggelos pepelas Hace 28 minutos
Radio Los Santos with TV volume 30 and killing pedestrians 😂 or doing a drive by with this song 😂
Justien Meg Casilang
Justien Meg Casilang Hace 29 minutos
ming ming
ming ming Hace 29 minutos
I'm proud to say that I've know this song since I was 3:)))
Sabrina Brown
Sabrina Brown Hace 30 minutos
Gacha Ayra Afifah Cutie
Gacha Ayra Afifah Cutie Hace 30 minutos
This is my favourite song ! 😊😊♥♥
Syahrir Firman
Syahrir Firman Hace 31 un minuto
kimi no toriko enes bula nyoyong😊
Jamila Kashmir Dela Cruz
Jamila Kashmir Dela Cruz Hace 42 minutos
Jamila Kashmir Dela Cruz
Jamila Kashmir Dela Cruz Hace 42 minutos
narfzz z
narfzz z Hace 44 minutos
2021 anyone
aradhita chatterjee
aradhita chatterjee Hace 44 minutos
So lovely song
Syed Anzar
Syed Anzar Hace 46 minutos
This is the best song because it is a friend song
Syed Anzar
Syed Anzar Hace 46 minutos
It is for real
Ryan Dahl
Ryan Dahl Hace 47 minutos
Never forget this song.
Frances Shane Serrano
Frances Shane Serrano Hace 47 minutos
amaya Hace 48 minutos
It only took me 2 seconds to be able to sing this song is jappanse
Angel Fallen
Angel Fallen Hace 48 minutos
Why she does this to charlie 😭😭☹☹☹😢😢😢
Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet Kumar Hace 49 minutos
Nostalgia ❤️
mallorie mejia
mallorie mejia Hace 51 un minuto
Shin Jeneul
Shin Jeneul Hace 52 minutos
hadal ahbak : I will Always Love You
Shin Jeneul
Shin Jeneul Hace 54 minutos
ما قدروا يترجموها 😂😂
Nick Yates
Nick Yates Hace 57 minutos
I thought this was the police singing with Bruno Mars
sadhana ramesh
sadhana ramesh Hace 57 minutos
Who are watching this yet in 2021!.....
Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett Hace 57 minutos
Yayay it me fine one I love it
the diah
the diah Hace 58 minutos
who reading my comment on 2021? Give me some like 😃
Gita PS
Gita PS Hace 58 minutos
Aamiiin, i like this song :)
Raimina Lucman
Raimina Lucman Hace un hora
Bakit ninyo pa sinasama yung "Fasting parang Ramadan"
Meraline Sagang
Meraline Sagang Hace un hora
Ang sakit Wala na sya parang iglap NASA kabilang buhay na sya nasagasaan sya ng sasakyan di nya kinaya 😭😭
Skyler Fortunato
Skyler Fortunato Hace un hora
I was today years old when I found out that Teddy from good luck Charlie sings this song.
Sonny May P. Resol
Sonny May P. Resol Hace un hora
Comeback JoLai💚
Tiffany Dioso
Tiffany Dioso Hace un hora
Ashish Pradhan
Ashish Pradhan Hace un hora
After a years ... I listen you in today memes
Heal You - Relaxing Music
Heal You - Relaxing Music Hace un hora
wow your channel such an amazing one ❤️️
Shytify Hace un hora
Everytime im listening to this i smile
SlimTurtles Hace un hora
4:47 Mga hinihintay nyo
precious czar torres
precious czar torres Hace un hora
me; trying hard to get the pich me be like;ElEcTrIc looOOOooovvvvveeeee
Sakura Unicorn
Sakura Unicorn Hace un hora
Clean bandit and Anne Marie?
Aslihan Dayan
Aslihan Dayan Hace un hora
The song is in roblox in the game cotton tower
hamoodi gamer
hamoodi gamer Hace un hora
احس صاحب القناه عربي بس يسوي نفسه اجنبي يمكن يمكن 🙂🙂😂😂
Zonuni Tuallawt
Zonuni Tuallawt Hace un hora
Who else listen in 2021🌋
Jing Boran
Jing Boran Hace un hora
This song makes me remember my cousin sister who attempt suicide at the age of 16 because of her father ...🤧🤧.. We both were BTS ARMY ..She loved herself but because of her father she did suicide 🤧🤧
Heal You - Relaxing Music
Heal You - Relaxing Music Hace un hora
Yes, In the end it doesn't even matter 😪
The Nexus
The Nexus Hace un hora
Who came from tik tok
Angela Dawn Martin
Angela Dawn Martin Hace un hora
I love this song so much
arif Billa
arif Billa Hace un hora
I want my girlfriend back i can't live without her it is painful she is dead I loved her so much when she was her last breath she said to me that smile don't cry so I can be happy too
May Hwa
May Hwa Hace un hora
Reminds me of bella n edward ...
Jozz Del Rosario
Jozz Del Rosario Hace un hora
Change the playback speed to 0.75×. Instant slowed version
Haven Hace un hora
I think this is weird cause when I play this, I always think of him. :<
Gufran Khan
Gufran Khan Hace un hora
Savage love did somebody did somebody
ItsMeLaras Hace un hora
mY dAdDy'S gOt A gUn
Rika Az-zahra
Rika Az-zahra Hace un hora
imagining you and your partner in car sing this song together, lol that's so romantic
Sarita Yadav
Sarita Yadav Hace un hora
When I saw 10k dislikes Me: so you have chosen death
lalilulelo 1510
lalilulelo 1510 Hace un hora
855 jt
Lenx Hace un hora
Who’s listening to this on 2021
Yash Hace un hora
1:47 voice is Fabolous........... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alexavier Pfeffer
Alexavier Pfeffer Hace un hora
this makes me so sad because i have not seen my girlfriend for a while i have had to wait afew months BUT i can see her in a few days at my first day at high school i cant wait, if you like this comment it will help me get through the first day :)