pjodron Hace 19 horas
6:26 rule question As a fellow that only follow motorsport in yt clips like this some questions popups. what would happen if person x would get on bike y in the confusion. What if x then goes to, lets say win? And finaly, what if bike y belonged to a stallmate(if they use that system)
Loti_RL Hace 19 horas
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood Hace 19 horas
The Trendwave logo practically right in the middle of the screen is really distracting.
Sanjib Bhaumik
Sanjib Bhaumik Hace 19 horas
Leo elrahman official
Leo elrahman official Hace 19 horas
MotoGP 😍
linus sextips
linus sextips Hace 19 horas
that thumbnail brought me, it also brought the other 7,000,000
Matheo Hace 19 horas
Everyone clicked because of the thumbnail
Buster G
Buster G Hace 19 horas
Bunch of balls going into holes, there saved you from watching
Kain DaBadguy
Kain DaBadguy Hace 19 horas
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Hace 19 horas
7:05 the motorcyclist's realization hit
midcasp1 Hace 19 horas
What's the name of the music?
C1 Majesty
C1 Majesty Hace 19 horas
i love how one person laughed at him at 6:10 and he still made it
Dreyden Hace 19 horas
The motorcycle on auto was good. It's like mixing bull riding with a dirtbike race.
TenDeuChen Hace 19 horas
Physics says, you're welcome.
C1 Majesty
C1 Majesty Hace 19 horas
it's at 4:20, no need to thank me guys
[ bLacK AnGel ]
[ bLacK AnGel ] Hace 19 horas
4:46 *No one's talking about that Legend* 💥
Creative Mac
Creative Mac Hace 19 horas
But for Curry it's not one in a million by a long shot (pun intended).
Dreyden Hace 19 horas
What was so great about the ladies pool shot?
Half-Fast Reviews
Half-Fast Reviews Hace 19 horas
1-in-a-million .... because 1-in-a-100 just doesn't sound as interesting.
Abdul Khoir
Abdul Khoir Hace 19 horas
I'm here gara2 gunung..
Ashley Kwok
Ashley Kwok Hace 19 horas
Imagine one direction walked straight right in your house everyday 😳 that be insane except now that they're apart...sadly
Firefighting Guy
Firefighting Guy Hace 19 horas
Of all of those the last one was basically a close shave and crazy to see the slow-mo of
sam vaz
sam vaz Hace 19 horas
2:51 “I have calculated it right “
Max Towers
Max Towers Hace 19 horas
4:24 yes?
Gisela Bellido
Gisela Bellido Hace 19 horas
Que ser más hermoso que es el animal!!!🇦🇷
Péter Veress
Péter Veress Hace 19 horas
4:22 Thanks me later...
unknown1023 Hace 19 horas
4:23 is what you came looking for
John Doe
John Doe Hace 20 horas
Only the soccer playing Elk is worth the title.
In sane
In sane Hace 20 horas
WTF is so special in 4:20?! Apart from the OP being a simp, obviously...
Wigg1y Scott
Wigg1y Scott Hace 20 horas
0:47 Voodoo!
Владимир Hace 20 horas
Удивительно, животные, птицы и насекомые тянуться к определённым людям, но люди как брёвна....
Ontario Andrews
Ontario Andrews Hace 20 horas
At the 7:33 mark - I hope she reported this and that guy got fined or something. I hate it when guys in those positions think the women are there for them to play with. He had no right to do that to her in public. Basically she is at work and so was he for that matter. And this is how he treats women in their work place.
Mr. Bison
Mr. Bison Hace 20 horas
Most of us men know why we really clicked on this.
Aniket Anand
Aniket Anand Hace 20 horas
I mean where is the thumbnail
Thanya Soke-Fonkel
Thanya Soke-Fonkel Hace 20 horas
SSD Durdan
SSD Durdan Hace 20 horas
2:33 😍 when her boyfriend realized no other woman was Worthy.
Michael Dicks
Michael Dicks Hace 20 horas
4:45 :D :D epic
Blackfox_Youtube Hace 20 horas
Where is Robin van Persie his goal in 2014?
Juseman Hace 20 horas
I mean I wouldn't call Steph's free throw 1 in a million but still cool
Wigg1y Scott
Wigg1y Scott Hace 20 horas
7:45 Mooo!
Lucas Hace 20 horas
anyone flinch at 7:13?
Bro diq
Bro diq Hace 20 horas
4.29 Toretto smiled watching this
Brazy Beast
Brazy Beast Hace 20 horas
currys shot is a 1 in 5
Chief 717
Chief 717 Hace 20 horas
1:10 the irony of a man with that last name being unphased by that......
OmBadar67 Hace 20 horas
I hope some have some attention to us here, vanilla plant
Bearer of Bad News
Bearer of Bad News Hace 20 horas
6:51....12 year old me riding my new bike I got for Christmas.
Nelames21 Hace 20 horas
R.I.P Kobe
soheil soheil
soheil soheil Hace 20 horas
47 Buddhists
47 Buddhists Hace 20 horas
*You know why you’re all here…* 4:20
Sebi Gordan
Sebi Gordan Hace 20 horas
I'm here just to learn snooker.
Max Dimes
Max Dimes Hace 21 un hora
Dope video, update your playlist though, Steph Curry makes those shots often enough.
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Hace 21 un hora
Jonhy dep🥺😍💖❣️love him
Eddie Winquist
Eddie Winquist Hace 21 un hora
4:31 harry potter and the chamber of secrets. When Ron and Harry went flying with the car
onlysatire Hace 21 un hora
Wat was so great in that snooker shot ?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tr3vor1 Hace 21 un hora
That dude that dances has the most punchable face. So fucken annoying
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Hace 21 un hora
*7:00* _shot that's nice_ 😎
user 9
user 9 Hace 21 un hora
6:11 name of the dude?
Naman Nandan
Naman Nandan Hace 21 un hora
4:20 I see what you did there
Blue Hace 21 un hora
4:23 I have no idea why this is here.
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Hace 21 un hora
6:15 when your village people don't want you to progress 😂
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Hace 21 un hora
*5:00* the greatest dunk of all time ☑️
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Hace 21 un hora
Вор за Куни
Вор за Куни Hace 21 un hora
M. G.
M. G. Hace 21 un hora
Need to know this song 😟 Nice Video 👍
Mohammad Nawazish
Mohammad Nawazish Hace 21 un hora
4:45 what is that Reincarnation?
Bilal Altun
Bilal Altun Hace 21 un hora
4:22 the best moment
李維 Hace 21 un hora
ONE LEMON Hace 21 un hora
I think everyone clicked for this: 4:21
Secret Dreamer
Secret Dreamer Hace 21 un hora
BAD KINGS Hace 21 un hora
Blackbird 111
Blackbird 111 Hace 21 un hora
This is stupid lol
ثواب من فضل الله
ثواب من فضل الله Hace 21 un hora
لا إله إلا الله. محمد رسول الله. La elah ela Allah. Mohamed rasol Allah
Brandon Caswell
Brandon Caswell Hace 21 un hora
This is literally your top 10 sportscenter segments on the daily. This hardly 1 in a million. Edit: I take that back after watching a puck get netted off a refs D
Zahid Shabir
Zahid Shabir Hace 21 un hora
4:20 why was that snooker shot here that was nothing special for a snooker player I have seen hundreds of crazier shots in snooker
Christophe Gabriëls
Christophe Gabriëls Hace 21 un hora
3:14 Epic moment of human skill
YOE Hace 21 un hora
6:52 is that allowed?
Afra Gafoor
Afra Gafoor Hace 21 un hora
Which one is your favourite ? If you like everything do this 👇
Michael Airley
Michael Airley Hace 22 horas
What was the snooker one? That was just a normal shot.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hace 22 horas
When the runner helped his exhausted friend across the finish line, that got me right in the feels.
D GR Hace 22 horas
4:30 when your girlfriend says she's alone at home