Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter Hace 2 minutos
The disrespect for Justin Fields is amazing. The man played 2 bad games and that drops him under Wilson?!?!? Get out of here bruh
Kenneth Faison
Kenneth Faison Hace 2 minutos
He is not an Nick Saban assistant and he came from a winning program. He will do well. Just be patient.
Zach Hicks
Zach Hicks Hace 2 minutos
Dude has loss more games every year he has been a head coach
DeathGrinder B
DeathGrinder B Hace 5 minutos
lol omg tn is done.
Crypt _YT
Crypt _YT Hace 8 minutos
I'm a clemson fan and ohio state fans rlly thought they were gonna win it all😂😂
Delta Zulu
Delta Zulu Hace 10 minutos
I remember all the non bama fans used to say that bama was boring because of their dominant defense every year. Can’t really say that now.
Christopher Morales
Christopher Morales Hace 11 minutos
Crazy to think anyone would take this job. It’s a recipe for utter failure unless you have a 10 year contract.
KC Cast
KC Cast Hace 15 minutos
Mizzou is the best
Fox Noel
Fox Noel Hace 16 minutos
Ucf is a better job than UT there the largest university in the country in a major recruiting state and in a big city I would be shocked if Ucf wasn’t a power five team come next realignment and they’ve gotten closer to a natty than UT in the last decade kinda sorta winning one in 2017 Edit: and I forgot UT got sanctions 😭😭😭
Tyvon Toles
Tyvon Toles Hace 17 minutos
The goat
nolen1957 Hace 19 minutos
The problem at Tennessee is the rogue boosters paying recruits to sign. Until they disassociate the boosters from the program nothing will change. PS. Look for the NCAA to be sniffing around UCF next.
Ahmad Langford
Ahmad Langford Hace 23 minutos
I might be done listening to Keyshawn after this statement about Tyreek not dropping for off the field but because of size. Like foo he punched his pregnant gf in the stomach??? Being 5’9 & running a 4.1 doesn’t drop you in the draft stupid
Charles Schaum
Charles Schaum Hace 25 minutos
Low is a joke
minister kev
minister kev Hace 29 minutos
Let Justin. Fall to my Lions. He will be best quarterback on the board. At 7th pick after Trevor.
WILLIAM MORRISON Hace 30 minutos
DeVonta Smith takes a lot of big hits, so durability could be an issue.
Neal Borganelli
Neal Borganelli Hace 32 minutos
McKenzie Milton is on his way .... there’s your QB
xt-Zane-boi Hace 26 minutos
He transfered to Florida State.
Bob White
Bob White Hace 32 minutos
Heupel could've been the best one available that would come to ut.
rhrh2025 Hace 32 minutos
He addressed the importance of the "locker room." I've long felt that Tennessee's problems were coming from dissassociation and a lack of togetherness (60%)! 20% from administrative incompitence, and 20% from bad coaching. Pruitt cant coach unless he has the very best players. He doesn't/didn't develop players! We'll see what happens!
LonghornsLegend Hace 35 minutos
He had the top G5 program off an undefeated season and 1 of the best QBs and he's only made that program worse. But somehow he's ready for a bigger program with tougher recruiting? They'll be doing this again in 3 years.
xt-Zane-boi Hace 25 minutos
Well IDK. Tennessee will put up 40 PPG but the defense will give up 35 PPG
Jordan McEvoy
Jordan McEvoy Hace 35 minutos
Remember when Mitch went over deshaun? Yeah me too
LonghornsLegend Hace 37 minutos
Heupel was getting worse and worse at UCF after being handed the keys to an undefeated program and the top G5 program with one of the best QBs in CFB. He just hasn't done anything but make them worse so what's he shown to handle a bigger program in more difficult recruiting environments.
Mike Baker
Mike Baker Hace 37 minutos
I hope the Lions get a first rounder for Stafford. Draft Fields and get an offensive lineman with the other pick.
Steve Huskey
Steve Huskey Hace 39 minutos
Tennessee fans need to TEMPORARILY lower their SHORT TERM expectations. Tennessee needs to get to being a decent team before they start luring Big Fish type players. Then they can be a good team. Build some depth , then they can talk about being a great team. It will take time. But ALL OF US UT FANS EXPECT TO SEE CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. That is NOT an unrealistic expectation. No , this wasn't a splash hire. Yes , I have some questions I'd love to know the answer to about other candidates and who.was and wasn't contacted. But - as Tennessee fans - we just have to hope for the best. He HONESTLY can't do worse than Ole' Cornbread.
Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan Hace 33 minutos
TN shouldn't even worry about wins and losses for the next two years. They should worry about running a clean program and re-establishing recruiting contacts.
David Beck
David Beck Hace 40 minutos
Saban is the best. Just to add another twist, another famous person came from the same area where Saban grew up. A small little lady named Mary Lou Retton.
Anders Conk
Anders Conk Hace 47 minutos
Fields will be a bust
Sam M
Sam M Hace 49 minutos
So, they have hired a coach who took over a group of five team three years ago and that team has proceeded to post a worse record with each year of his time there. Ohhhhh Vols, you do make me laugh. Roll Tide Roll
Sam M
Sam M Hace 50 minutos
So, they have hired a coach who took over a group of five team three years ago and that team has proceeded to post a worse record with each year of his time there. Ohhhhh Vols, you do make me laugh. Roll Tide Roll
chris ramus
chris ramus Hace 54 minutos
Why don't talk takld about Chad Wheeler how he beat his black girlfriend,
RomanCaesar47 Hace un hora
Roasted McElroy
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez Hace un hora
Tbh as a Vols fan idk what to make of this hire. Just need to wait and see what happens I guess.
trusoldier77 Hace un hora
The Greatest!!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!!
llamawizard Hace un hora
None of these guys better than Mac jokes. Dude was perfect all year long
William Santiago
William Santiago Hace 57 minutos
He also had the best play caller in the game the best head coach of all time two top ten picks at WR a 1st rounder at RB and the best offensive line possibly of all time
da314pcdon Hace un hora
The upcoming NCAA sanctions scared everyone away. If he can't get to 7 wins by year 3 I think he'll be gone, especially with half the fan base not on board with the hire.
da314pcdon Hace 22 minutos
@Randy Jordan lmao
Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan Hace 36 minutos
So, same old same old.
Diesel 80
Diesel 80 Hace un hora
Definitely will improve on Offense. Curious how the Defense will look
DeathGrinder B
DeathGrinder B Hace 5 minutos
group of 5 coach to the sec lol. i hope ur right.
Josh G
Josh G Hace 17 minutos
We definitely have to get a good DC.
ScootMagoot46 Hace un hora
Same as Texas in Austin. They got turned down by 6 head coaches before landing on Sark. Then he got turned down by 6 defensive coordinators before landing on whoever they got.
Renegade80 Hace un hora
Lmfao. Heupel you idiot. First time ive seen someone throw thier career away. Noone in thier right mind would go to Tenn right now.
Sadat Alam
Sadat Alam Hace un hora
Jeff Saturday is the best person on ESPN
Samuel Fink
Samuel Fink Hace un hora
Face it, we were a five looking for a ten. Any Tennessee fan who can’t admit that is delusional. At one point we were the hot popular girl in school, now we are the divorcee with three kids and fading looks.
DeathGrinder B
DeathGrinder B Hace 6 minutos
all because the morons at tennessee.
2bigbufords Hace 10 minutos
perfect analogy
Sam M
Sam M Hace 20 minutos
naaaah, no one ever married Tennessee, they just knocked her up and bolted.
Bob White
Bob White Hace 25 minutos
@Samuel ditto, great analogy on your part. you could've added no child support, paying alimony to her former husband and having her wages garnished for prior violations.
Trey Referee 100%
Trey Referee 100% Hace 57 minutos
Great analogy
Happy Gilmore706GA
Happy Gilmore706GA Hace un hora
Roll mf'n tide
David trueslayor
David trueslayor Hace un hora
all a fan wants is hope
Scott Hace un hora
Coach G.O.A.T saban
:. Hace un hora
As a Ucf fan I'm glad Hes gone....
Phillup ondz
Phillup ondz Hace 14 minutos
@Magic Sam 6-4 during an unpredictable season? 😆
Magic Sam
Magic Sam Hace 18 minutos
22trem all good, you guys enjoy Heup! We all wish him nothing but the best and are grateful for the opportunity for a fresh start
Magic Sam
Magic Sam Hace 22 minutos
Diesel 80 it’s the trend downward for us, esp how we lost. But as a fan base we are overall glad to see him go & wish him the best. This is a HUGE constellation prize for stealing our beloved AD. Thank you Tennessee
Magic Sam
Magic Sam Hace 26 minutos
Matt Baines Guess that’s the difference between UT and UCF
Magic Sam
Magic Sam Hace 28 minutos
Preston McKinney trust weve had had bad seasons,. I’ve been UCF since the O’Leary years BEFORE we won the fiesta bowl with Bortles. Heup was just not it for us. He has zero emotion, or maybe he just didn’t care to be @ UCF. Either way I’m elated to see him go and wish him the best
Nick Collins
Nick Collins Hace un hora
As a stat fine I hope Wilson goes before him much better qb. In a better system as well. I hope fields comes back
Thomas Whalen
Thomas Whalen Hace un hora
If any of these drop to outside the top 10 the Packers need to trade up for them. Fact!!
Bryan Jackson
Bryan Jackson Hace un hora
Of course they got a lot of "NO F'N Way" from coaches!!!!!!!
Yo Go
Yo Go Hace un hora
If I’m Justin I don’t care I hope I fall to the patriots
Big D
Big D Hace un hora
It's going to take a good coach and coaching staff many yrs to get Tennessee good again. I wish them all the luck. I believe they were better off with Pruitt and maybe 2 or 3 more yrs.
Colin Clifton
Colin Clifton Hace un hora
Stricklind took Dan Mullin away from Miss State to Florida. How short are peoples memories ????
Brian BayJ0nes Gosselin
Brian BayJ0nes Gosselin Hace un hora
Thank god he’s gone. UCF will be better without him
xt-Zane-boi Hace un hora
William Brightman
William Brightman Hace un hora
About the best UT could do under the circumstances with Probation around the corner and scholarship reductions for at 3 years. No name coach wants to inherit that situation.
Chase Hace 2 horas
BurgerSmooth Highlights
BurgerSmooth Highlights Hace 2 horas
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Hace 2 horas
Trey Referee 100%
Trey Referee 100% Hace 2 horas
Cronyism at its finest 🤷‍♂️😏
theocratickingdom30 Hace 33 minutos
@LaCrux Not when White was turned down by numerous other candidates. Eventually, you hire a guy you know.
LaCrux Hace 45 minutos
@Terry Williams What do you mean bad take? What Danny White did is the text book definition of cronyism. Lol
Terry Williams
Terry Williams Hace un hora
This is a bad take. Be best
starstryker1 Hace 2 horas
Tennessee is the 2020 of college football teams
starstryker1 Hace 56 minutos
@ScootMagoot46 Texas at least finished in the top 10 only a couple of years ago, and their program isn't facing sanctions. Last time Tennessee finished in the top 10 was *checks notes* TWO DECADES ago. If Texas is a dumpster fire, Tennessee is a freaking landfill fire lol
ScootMagoot46 Hace un hora
Don’t forge the dumpster fire in Austin. About 6 head coaches turned them down. And then 6 defensive coordinators turned them down. Lol
Unleashed Gamez
Unleashed Gamez Hace 2 horas
Just wasn’t our year
Christian England
Christian England Hace 2 horas
I think Mel is smoking something
Abrar Nasser
Abrar Nasser Hace 2 horas
Heupel inherited an undefeated team and made it mediocre. Same old Tennessee coaching hires
22trem Hace 36 minutos
@Renegade80 Nah. If anything he just landed financial security for the rest of his life. Even if he gets canned down the road, he'll get a buyout. UCF type of jobs will always be there to go back to.
NRam Hace un hora
@Renegade80 if anything he made it better cuz now he is gonna be a bigger name but is gonna be terrible
Renegade80 Hace un hora
Yup and heupel just threw away his career.
xt-Zane-boi Hace un hora
NRam Hace 2 horas
Yes. Sadly
cooldudecs Hace 2 horas
I think he fall all the way to the second round
Rinnegan Phil
Rinnegan Phil Hace 2 horas
Why would the jets pass on Sewell? 🤨 even if Darnold isn’t the guy which i think he’s a good QB you’ll have Becton and Sewell on the same line. That’s scary
Peter Keigwin
Peter Keigwin Hace 2 horas
Tennessee will still never be elite. They better be grateful if they get to 8-4
Lord Leviathan
Lord Leviathan Hace 4 minutos
will never? They have been though.
David Cole
David Cole Hace 2 horas
They are going to talk Positive. But the fact is Huepel took over a team that was undefeated. Last 2 Years his teams record has gone down. He was winning with Scott Frost Players. Tennessee will be looking to make a change in 3 Years.
Oreo Puppy dawg
Oreo Puppy dawg Hace 2 horas
Remember, this is TENNESSEE!
tj byrd
tj byrd Hace 3 horas
Will he help Tennessee because they have talent
John Paul Rodriguez
John Paul Rodriguez Hace 3 horas
James Lane
James Lane Hace 3 horas
It is weird how year in and year out this guy comes out of left field with these qb's that for the most part don't pan out. It is equally weird that is generally only happens when the higher QB is darker.
Shortstop 643
Shortstop 643 Hace 3 horas
First let me start by saying, i think zach wilson will be better then fields & lawrence but mcshay really needs 2 lay off on the high praise on an individual player cuz mcshay is the same nfl analyst (which 95% were) that said charlie tuna i mean charlie tua was this can’t miss “generational talent” that was MILES & MILES better then herbert (which i NEVER believed & said herbert had every physical tool & mental tool & a higher ceiling then tua & miami would regret their decision)....i am convinced miami caved 2 the peer pressure that tua was a can’t miss star....mark my words tua will be out of miami by the end of year 3.....bama made tua...btw, how did a guy by the name of mac jones do in replacing tua in his first season as a starter at bama....somebody remind me...oh yeah he won the national championship & was a finalist as a heisman & won top college qb this past season so was it really tua as a “generational talent” or is it just the bama system....a generational talent make guys around them better, they don’t need excuses....i have NEVER seen a player get soooo many excuses as 2 why he was terrible as i’ve seen with tua & that will end next year after the dolphins enjoy a losing season after coming off their surprising season this year
Motivated T
Motivated T Hace 3 horas
Zach Wilson is Trubisky. One good yr, small school, no competition
Chris Fish
Chris Fish Hace 51 un minuto
Wilson is way better on film than Trubisky was.
Motivated T
Motivated T Hace 54 minutos
@William Santiago he has the best O-line in that weak conference with terrible defenses throwing to open receivers. And his other previous years he was terrible 2020 is his only good year.
William Santiago
William Santiago Hace 59 minutos
I think he will be a bit better but still overrated not better than Fields. People talk about how advanced his passing is because he looks off safeties and goes through progressions well but that’s not really the case his big play are usually busted plays where the other team just leaves someone open and it’s not like he’s looking off good safeties
Dre Kirk
Dre Kirk Hace 3 horas
Fax he overrated
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Hace 3 horas
Why do they keep asking this dumb BS about why he picked Zach Wilson over Justin?...they keep forcing this guy down our throats to make us believe he's that good. Justin will be a star....just watch..
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Hace 36 minutos
Oh yeah he will be a star just like all those other Ohio state qbs. 😂😂😂😂😂
Motivated T
Motivated T Hace 2 horas
@Kendrick McMichael I agree he's a play maker
Motivated T
Motivated T Hace 2 horas
@Jay Brown 😂😂😂😂
Kendrick McMichael
Kendrick McMichael Hace 2 horas
If Justin fields can go to a team like the falcons or panthers he will most definitely succeed
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Hace 3 horas
@Motivated T ..he should be working at K-mart...him and Todd Mcshaybutter🤣🤣
trung nguyen
trung nguyen Hace 3 horas
Mac jones is not a first round quarterback. Please remind me which early first round pick qb has had success lately besides Mahomes? Wentz, trubisky, Goff, etc not really sure about this many QBs
John Cohn
John Cohn Hace 3 horas
Herbert if he didn’t have a defense play like trash and Josh Allen and Mayfield were both top 10 picks and improved a lot but they both need to play more consistently for me to be sold on them
Boothy Hace 3 horas
Peyton Manning Dan marino Andrew Luck
anthony James
anthony James Hace 3 horas
Fields will be a bust.
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Hace 3 horas
But fields will be like winston,bridgewater, haskins,cam they're not good enough for ten yrs why waste money
Dom-Kennedy Harris
Dom-Kennedy Harris Hace 3 horas
Mel’s trippin smh. There’s no way those wr’s go 2-3.
Bennie Boy
Bennie Boy Hace 3 horas
How is Elijah Moore not in the 1st round?
Depress Bears fan
Depress Bears fan Hace 3 horas
Mel Kiper had Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson And even Worst Kizer over Mahomes 😂😂
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Hace 3 horas
It's wild that they're even considering Wilson over Justin Field. Blasphemous
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Hace 3 horas
STOP drafting QBs in first Rd
Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter Hace 5 minutos
This aint fantasy football
Harry Larkin
Harry Larkin Hace 3 horas
bad take
John Cohn
John Cohn Hace 3 horas
Well they are cheaper than signing FAs and sure there are tons of misses but you still got players like Watson and Mahomes from 2017 only Trubisky was trash and in 2018 Lamar was great pick at 32 and Allen and Mayfield look like they are both going to be good for a while
EO Hace 3 horas
Who Dey Nation Fanatic Member
Who Dey Nation Fanatic Member Hace 3 horas
I think Zach Wilson will be the most successful QB out of this draft just bcoz of his off platform throws which reminds me of Mahomes and Rodgers
Dread Head
Dread Head Hace 3 horas
I want him in ATL so bad
Reallhoxhoes Hace 3 horas
Baltimore needs to trade up inna draft and take one😭
Heru In Exile
Heru In Exile Hace 3 horas
Every year they try to destroy a BLACK player to lower his value. Been going on a long time. The media need to STFU. Has he McShay played QB? No only a scout-team quarterback.
R E Hace 4 horas
No one does less with more than Texas.